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Producer Woman | 10:00 UK time, Thursday, 14 October 2010

"What's going on everybody this is Ne-Yo and this is week 2 as I told you I have officially taken over the blog, sorry Rampage, had to do it to you. Last week if you caught my blog was talking about things like, my most embarrassing defeat, the worst game I've ever played and celebrity I'd most like to battle in a game, if you didn't catch it check it here. As I said you'll be hearing me talking about what it is I do, how it is that I get down with the gaming. Keep it right here! This week its all about .....



Alright and Number 5 would be anything that you could play on the Wiii. Yeh, I gotta say that its one of those systems that I have not quite mastered yet. I don't know what it is about it that I personally just can't do, I love it, it's fun as hell but I'm continually being beaten by somebody on the damn Wiii Bowling, Tennis or the Boxing, I just can't so much get down with it and its very very aggravating, cos I'm a very passionate game player, I will throw a controller and in that the Wiii is made like that, I've broken a few TV screens by accident or by or on purpose depending on the situation and how you look at it.


When Sega came out with Sonic The Hedgehog it was like a kick in the face to the Super Mario Brothers and all of that type of stuff. He was faster than them, he was stronger than him, it was faster game play, it was more exciting game play and I dug it and I still dig it to this day. It's one of those games to where you could possibly have a seizure, just watching all the colours and flashing lights and everything but it's a very very entertaining game if you wanna step away from blood and guts and gore for a second and just play something fun, the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise never disappoints.


The God Of War Franchise. I told you before how I feel like Kratos is the most gangster person on the face of the planet. I was a little disappointed at the ending of the lastest, God Of War 3. The game itself was incredible as I knew it would be just from the graphics to the game play was hands down one of the best games of the year, except for the ending, I hated the ending. To anybody who hasn't played it before I'm not going to spoil it for you but just be prepared to be slightly disappointed at the end of the game, should you be man enough to get to the end of the game, because not many are.


Another game that is very very difficult to beat me at, I've been beaten all of twice ever in life at Tekken, once I told you in the first week by the little Chinese girl. Who I'm still looking for by the way, you know who you are ok, come out of hiding, I want my rematch! I know it was about 10 years ago but still, you're not a little girl anymore you're probably a grown woman with kids and all of that but at one point you beat me at Tekken and I need my rematch I need my redemption! But anyway, the Tekken franchise has always been satisfying for me, they came with the 3D thing and made it just really like, its one of those games where you can really, literally feel the punches when my buddy Paul does it, that hammer punch, it slams you to the ground its something about the way that they do the animation that just makes it look very very real and its very very satisfying. So that would be Number 2.

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Let me see, Number 1 would have to be Street Fighter there's something about it....I don't know what it is about this particular game but it just makes every other fighting game on the face of the planet look stupid. The first Street Fighter came out and that was when you could only pick Ken or Ryu, actually that wasn't even the first Street Fighter there was one way way before that one that I didn't really care for, but when this one happened, that was the one that you know just kinda sparked a frenzy. Then it came with another one where you could get Guile, who was one of my favourite characters, and Blanka and Dhalsim and all those guys and they just recently breathed new life into the franchise, so I love love Street Fighter, love the new one, they got the whole 3D thing going with it and it's an incredible game. And it's another one of those games that nobody can seem to beat me at often enough. I'm sorry just me and Ryu are linked at the soul and nobody can stop us, but that's neither here nor there. So that would be Number 1.

So there you go Wiii is Number 5, Sonic The Hedgehog, Number 4, God Of War Number 3, Tekken is Number 2 and Street Fighter is Number 1.

Alright so there you have it my Top 5 games of all time, hope you enjoyed that, tune in next week for Borrow it or Bin It - I will tell you 5 games that you should either buy, borrow or just not have anything to do with whatsoever. Alright see you all then peace and love.


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