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The World Of Gaming According to Aggros Santos: Week 2

Producer Woman | 11:18 UK time, Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Alright everyone, what's going on people this is my 2nd week on the Rampage blog. Just to recap last week I looked at my Worst games, longest games and my most embarrassing loss in a game If you missed last week, check it out here. Lets get into this week..


1) This is especially for fighting games, button bashing!! I know a lot of people say it doesn't work, but trust me it does. When you're playing a fighting game just press ALL the buttons and press forward, you'll get some good combos, you'll knock out you're opponent quick, trust me I watch these kids all day they're just button bashing! Triangle / XXX/ Square / Square / Triangle / Circle....

2) Make sure you've had enough to eat. Playing games on an empty stomach isn't good, it's not the one. Make sure you get some chicken in your system, have a drink by your side. Food & games go well together.

3) I know gaming can get quite addictive make sure you take a break; rest you're eyes especially if you have a big TV you're eyes will get tired.


Now the topic of this week is gonna be Buy it Beg it or Bin, lets see what i would do with these games:

Modern War Fare 2
Bin It - As you may know from my 1st post last week, i have no patience with these games

Mario Bros
Beg It - what a classic game


Tomb Raider
I would actually buy this game, haven't played it for awhile, such a classic.

Buy it - Any sports games especially football I would buy any day

I haven't even played this before but i would bin it, it looks like a long and complicated game.


So there you have it, this is me signing out for another week, don't forget to keep checking this blog, I will be back next week for more games, games & games. Rampage I'm taking over, stand back....



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