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Ace Reviews UFC Undisputed 2010

Producer Woman | 22:36 UK time, Sunday, 13 June 2010


S'up bloggers, its your boy Ace, (thats right other half of the dynamic duo Ace n' Vis). I've been bugging Mike and Trebs to let off some games to me to review for ages, and now I've finally managed to get my hands on one. UFC Undisputed 2010.

UFC/MMA fighting is popping off right now!! Slowly going away are the days when professional wrestlers are the dons of TV fighting. Now instead of dudes in tights and masks jumping off of ropes and hitting each other with chairs its all about 2 very insane looking fighters squaring off in an Octagon. Yeah UFC ain't as drama filled as the WWE but the difference is UFC fighters can't be messed with!! So can the same be said about this game??


Well okay although I'm not the biggest UFC fan (I like the pro wrestling drama) I was a fan of the 2009 UFC Undisputed game. It was one of them beat em ups that had me on the Xbox for hours. My only issue with it was it was quite difficult. Once you got to a certain level it was hard to progress any further in the game cos the bigger names on the game would just twist you up and put you in some kinda off key submission move which was impossible to counter. Much like them moves your older cousins would do to you when you were little.

Anyway I was extremely excited about the 2010 version of the games and was looking forward to seeing what they had done to the game to make it better. The first and most obvious difference is the much bigger roster. You can now select MMA fighters of all sizes from all of the world. Even Kimbo Slice made the game although he's been cut from UFC in real life (back to youtube fighting for him). Also the Career mode is alot more in depth than the 1st game. You can create your fighter to look as scary as Lady Gaga or as criss as me. Your choice. Its very deep.

More training camps and more attention to detail with each fighters out of ring preparation. For example too much training will make your fighter tired for forth coming matches. Not enough training makes them lazy and weaker. There are also new Tournament and Gauntlet features. Although they have made some changes, they have kept the core things about Undisputed that made it great. I was also happy to find out they've kept the same game play but have a few extra gems. They've added a sway system so you can dodge and counter punches. Plus the thing I'm most happy about they have made it alot easier to power out of and counter submission moves. Another great addition is you can now use the cage as a weapon. Try smashing your opponent against the side of the cage!! Great stuff. The sound is on point, the announcer the commentry and the crowd give you the feeling like your really there so please don't get gassed up and think your the next Brock Lesnar and start performing MMA moves on people in your household (Strongly not advised).

Overall I think this a REALLY good sequel, a great improvement on an already good game! Can't wait for next year.

Available: XBox & PS3
Rated: 15

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