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Bayonetta : Is it worth checking out?

Mike Anthony | 14:51 UK time, Thursday, 7 January 2010


What happens when a witch is entrusted to keep the balance of power between Heaven and Hell? A very slick game called Bayonetta! Some of the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil have smacked it with this very original, retro styled game that could quite easily be a movie by Quentin Tarantino. Its Stylishly over the top and sexy, over indulging and cheesy in a cool way.....but it works and works well!

Now let me give you a brief insight into the story of the Witch called Beyonetta. Rising from a tomb originally setup to protect her and humanity, events escalate when she's freed after 500 years (probably hungry) and the battle commences almost immediately. Angelic foes and giants beasts with mechanical joints that have obviously been created from someone's warped but ingenious imagination just add to the crazy world this is set in.

Its almost like the rule book was thrown out the window when they sat down to put this together? I mean "guns in her heals" sexy or what boy! Lets not forget that this is a battle involving Heaven and Hell so supernatural powers are a given.....send them back to hell I tell you! The fact that her hair doubles up as her clothes and as a weapon, it does get a bit sexy at times. (I'm completing this one quick) Her array of fire power is impressive! Its full on action with only one flaw...... too many cut scenes! But that's a minor for a great game to start 2010.

As as game it ticks all the boxes, for audio, graphics, gameplay and if that's not enough an orginal storyline. So for that it gotta be a top score. Big Game!!

(Now where can I find some of those shoes......)

Rated: 15
Available: PS3, Xbox
Five joysticks




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