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Modern Warfare 2: The Review

Treble T | 12:10 UK time, Monday, 16 November 2009


It has finally landed..... the biggest release of 2009 "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"
Now we've got past the huge launch, (check the pics here), lets get to the game itself and has it lived up to the hype that had the public queueing for hours?
The answer is YES!

Okay so first things first, if you've been living in the planet Zonk and have no idea what MW2 is: Its one of the most realistic first person shooter war games out. The 6th installment of the Call of Duty series, which is set five years after the conclusion of Call of Duty 4.

Now Treble T being a COD 4 veteran that he is went straight past go to the multiplayer tab, but I on the other hand after seeing the campaign mode on a 50 ft screen wanted to find out if Infinity Ward the developers had managed to take this new version to the next level!

I won't spoil it for those who haven't finished it yet, but take 6-10 hours and you will. There will be the temptation to do it twice which will help the new members to COD. The story is as mad as toast, but to be honest who cares? From coast to coast, snow to sand and land to sea, its got it all. I was immersed in it from start to finish and it didn't matter how ludicrous the story got. The minute you grab that gun on the back of the APC and the turbine starts spinning your INVOLVED! Each scene, level and mission will have you reaching for a glass of water maybe even a stiff drink. It makes you think when you look at some of the characters that they could possibly exist in the world? How frightening is that!?!

The graphics and feel of the game had me thinking there is NO WAY I'm going to war.
Is it better than the first? Absolutely! Should you miss out the campaign mode....NO!
At the beginning they warn you and ask you about disturbing scenes.....the infamous and most debated airport scene being one of them. All I will say is this, that it is an extremely violent and strictly for over 18's only (you have been warned). Now when it come to multiplay.....Treble T, take it away......

Okay so the multiplayer mode is where you pit your wits online against other gamers, this time its been beefed up from the previous edition with tons of new unlockable achievements, new equipment and game scenarios.

There as some brand new features that are lifted from special scenes in MW1 (i.e. thermal imaging). These add to the fun of the game and can help turn missions either way with some strategic usage, the sheer number of achievements in multi player mean players will forever be thinking "just 2 more kills" in order to reach the next rank.

The maps are also well thought out with loads of nooks and crannies to hide in and ambush the opposition. Trust me defending a base in multiplayer with an automated sentry gun (unlockable reward) is too much fun.

So all in all multiplayer is an improvement on MW1 with many enhancements to please any COD fan.

A new mode to COD is Spec ops which is a combination of co-operative play but in a story mode situation where you and your team mates must work together to complete missions against the computer. There are 23 of these missions but you must complete the first few in order to unlock the rest. One of the best is the snowmobile chase which also features in the campaign mode. Trying to better your time is very addictive.
So overall it has to be said that trying to better Modern Warfare 1 was always going to be a big ask and this game manages to do that with flying colours.

This could well live up to all the hype as the title "Game of the year" a big five joysticks for COD.MW2

Rated: 18
Available: Xbox 360 & PS3
Five joysticks


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