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DJ Star Review - Guest Reviewer: DJ Semtex

Producer Woman | 15:58 UK time, Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Easy its DJ Semtex here, now as well as playing the biggest, sickest hip hop joints on the station, I also enjoy gaming, (My console game is strong, I've got all of them!). So when Rampage asked me if I wanted review the game DJ Star for them I was involved!!

Now the art of deejaying is a craft, it requires dedication, passion for music, the ability to comunicate with a crowd. To be a super star DJ, you've got to bring even more to the table. It isn't an experience that you can buy on a cartridge for £17.83. (thats the cheapest I found it for after hunting on the net).

With Singstar, or Guitar Hero, I get it. Its a fun experience that you can draw for at parties. DJ star isn't the same its like a micro miniature version of the bedroom DJ set up, except you can't record the mix, play it loud, or experiment with different sounds, etc.

The playability is limited and reaches a peaked interest point after 3 minutes.

This game isn't very good, its a waste of silicon.
Buy a couple of albums instead, or save up for a basic DJ starter kit.

DJ star??? More like DJ Parr!

Available on : DS only
Rated :

Half a joystick


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