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The Springsteen Alphabet

  • Stuart Bailie
  • 14 Sep 07, 01:47 PM

Stuart Bailie.jpgThanks for all the top suggestions for my ‘Numbers Racket’ radio programme. This is going out on Friday, September 28.

I’ve got another interesting show on the schedules, an A-Z of Bruce Springsteen. From Asbury Park to Robert Zimmerman. Two hours worth, on December 14. Here are some early ideas, put together with the help of my pal, Mark Keown. Any other suggestions?

A for Asbury Park, New Jersey
A for Adam Raised A Cain

B for Born To Run and Born In The USA
B for Gary US Bonds

C for Courtney Cox who danced with him in the vid for "Dancing in the Dark".
C for Clarence Clemons, sax player.

D for Darkness At TheEdge Of Town

E for E Street Band
F for Freehold, New Jersey, place of birth
F for Future of rock 'n' roll - famous John Landau article

G for Woody Guthrie

H for Hungtry Heart
H for John Hammond

I for 'Independence Day'.'

J for Julianne Phillips, the first Mrs S
J for Tom Joad
J for 'Jungleland'

K for John Kerry

L for legal battles with Mike Appel; ‘The Promise’ is considered an oblique response to that period
L for John Landau

M for Magic

N for "No Nukes" - great "Detroit Medley" on soundtrack
N for Nebraska and New Jersey

O for Roy Orbison

P for Patti Smith and Patti Scialfa
P for Philadelphia
P for 'Paradise'

Q for Mary, Queen Of Arkansas

R for Rosalita
R for Ronald Regan
R for The River
R for The Rising

S for Pete Seeger
S for Sept 11
S for Stone Pony

T for Tunnel Of Love
T for Fender Telecaster

U for U2

V for Viva Las Vegas
V for Van Morrison
V for Vote For Change

W for The Wild The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
w for 'We Shall Overcome'



Z for ‘Zero and Blind Terry’, recorded between the first two albums and released much later on Tracks
Z for Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan.
Z for Steve Van Zandt

Any more suggestions?

Stu Bailie presents The Late show on Radio Ulster, every Friday from 10pm until midnight. See his playlist here.

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  • 1.
  • At 10:46 AM on 18 Sep 2007,
  • Patrick McKeown wrote:

Love your blog, Stu, great stuff!
Re. Bruce, how about:

B for big business getting all T
D for disappointment, disgust re T
E for e-bay where T were at 9.01
I for innocence lost re T
M for feeling like mug re T
for money spent on next CD
N for nine o'clock when T were sold
R for rip-off
for regret at not getting T
S for sadness re I and T
T for tickets
for true fan
W for wasting time trying for T

  • 2.
  • At 11:02 AM on 27 Sep 2007,
  • Rich wrote:

The alaphabet of Bruce is interesting. coming from New Jersey myself and having seen him many times in concert I tend toward the Jersey theme:

Oviously J for Jersey Boy

B for Boardwalk
R for Route 9
R for Redbank and Redbank Rockers
T for Turnpike(as in NJ Turnpike)
R for Rutgers (Univ.)
W for working class hero
C for Cape May (where Nebraska was recorded in a rented house)
B for bulking up his muscles since Greetings
L for legendary concerts
F for family (band, fans and personal)
P for poet laureate of NJ
U for Under the boardwalk
C for commitment
D for denims
C for cars
G for girls
G for guitar
B for baseball; bandana(however cheesy and out of character(too much miami steve influence)
R for Reagan disaffection
U for usurping by Reagan of Born in the USA
Q for quality
and finally,
S for 'the Screen-door Slams......mary's dress waves'...pure poetic screenwriting for the imagination;

much more, but only a comment the 'true fan' understand his disappointment...sorry...i did get a that B for boasting or R for rubbing it in or simply N for nah nah na nah na! ?


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