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Tom's top tales: spillages

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 14:48 UK time, Wednesday, 29 February 2012

After Angela Merkel was drenched in beer (accidentally) by a waiter, the TM Show on Wednesday was looking for tales of spillage. This came in from Murray Nix:

Years ago, I took to the innocent pastime of building model cars to while away the weekend/keep me from visiting the pub. With my ex-wife away to bed, I placed a tray on my lap and started to glue various painted parts together using a fast contact adhesive that had the viscosity of water. In the wee sma' hours said adhesive was knocked over spilling the entire contents of the bottle directly onto my crotch area. Before I had even reached the bathroom my groin was on fire. All I could think of was "How am I going to explain this at A&E at 3 a.m.?". Luckily, a half hour under the shower and the pain subdued, however it must rank as the most unfortunate spillage that I've entailed.

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