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Tom's Top Tales - Whisky "Experts"

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 14:48 UK time, Friday, 26 August 2011

On Thursday I spoke to Doug Johnstone, former nuclear physicist, missile guidance system designer, now rock musician, author and whisky connoisseur. He was appearing at the Embra Bookfeast on the publication in wee paperback of his latest tome, Smokeheads. This is an excellent, thrilling and very funny book set amid the distilleries of Islay. But it's also full of swearing, ultraviolence, peat and sex, so be warned.

Anyway, Doug's not one to mince his words when it comes to whisky and so-called 'experts'. So he didn't. But it's only fair to point out that not all whisky connoisseurs have red noses. Only me...

This email came from Ruairidh Macdonald in Muir of Ord, and I'm including it on the blog for its...forthrightness!

"Good interview anent the Uisge Beatha, Tom. Couldn't agree more about those effete, middle-class, professional bletherers' whisky jargon. I was brought up in the real culture of whisky. Blends, malt and the "clearuck". I've never heard any of the men I played the pipes or Shinty with talking about seaweed, almonds, cinnamon notes or hints of freshly mown grass. Who the hello are these monkeys and what metropolitan zoo do they come from?"

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