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Shereen Sunday interview: Jay Bahadur

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Shereen Nanjiani Shereen Nanjiani | 12:30 UK time, Monday, 6 June 2011

This week's show very nearly got an X rating. There were some pretty heavy topics up for discussion and some pretty close to the edge stuff too.

My guests this week were Iain MacWhirter, Jane Graham, and Martin Raymond. It seems they couldn't agree on anything. I had thought the story about the SNP's row with the Supreme Court might be a bit dry and was thinking I'd wind it up quickly and move on. Chance would be a fine thing. Jane and Iain were at each other's throats and neither would back down.

Sparks flew again later when the discussion turned to the government's plans to tackle the early sexualisation of young girls. I never thought I'd hear Iain MacWhirter quoting word for word from Rhianna but as the father of a twelve year old he was outraged that his daughter is singing along to such explicit imagery. At nine am on a Sunday morning I was getting a bit nervous about explicit imagery too. Martin was more relaxed about it all. You can tell his kids are grown.

It was one of those programmes where every story had us sailing pretty close to the wind, from a joke about the C word (always risky on a live show), to Rhianna's lyrics, to an American politician called Weiner caught on Twitter in his underpants. Oh, and I forgot, MORE allegations about Ryan Giggs. A minefield.

This week's special guest was a young Canadian journalist called Jay Bahadur who decided to make a name for himself by taking off to Somalia and entering the dangerous world of Somali pirates. It's a fascinating insider's account, not bad for his first journalistic assignment. My first assignment was a local council meeting. Maybe that's where I went wrong.


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