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Frazey Ford on Another Country

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Ricky Ross Ricky Ross | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm sentimental. So when I came across the music of Frazey Ford (formerly of The Be Good Tanyas) I immediately warmed to it because of her surname.

The Fords are on my mother's side. My Grandpa, Joe Ford was my hero as I grew up.

Ricky with Grandpa Ford

Ricky with Grandpa Ford

My Grandmother, Kitty was a huge influence on me. Her father, Willie Robertson was a hymn writer and I'm guessing that's where the song writing must have come from. My grandmother also wrote poetry and recited verse. So ...I'm well disposed to the Fords.

That aside, I like Frazey. She likes Ann Peebles and Donny Hathaway but she also loves The Rev Al...I guess we all do. But Frazey's taken all these things and made something quite new and charming from them. She's bringing a bunch of musicians in to Studio 1 on Friday and she's going to perform live on the night. Between songs we'll have a blether and find out lots more about her...expect a great cover too.

Frazey Ford

Which brings me to...The Another Country Movie Club. This will be our final Movie Club this year. Next year we will open our movie club in a rootin -tootin down-town vibey venue. Imagine! More news on that in the next few weeks. In the meantime a movie you can all buy (cheap), or hire and watch with your chums as the dark nights and wood smoke gathers in. Bob Dylan's No Direction Home. And this is a Country film Ricky?, I hear you ask. Well, no. But Bob Dylan is at the heart of Americana. All American roots music since the sixties has Dylan in there somewhere. That's nearly 50 years of music and I'd imagine that influence will only grow. So showing where he came from and the hurdles he had to jump (Folk singers don't come out of the movie very well.......) make for a great understanding of where we are now.

Another Country Movie Club - Bob Dylan's No Direction Home

Also.... New music from Bruce Springsteen, Mavis Staples, Po' Girl and Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell. All from 8 on Friday on BBC Radio Scotland.



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