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Tom's Top Tales, week of 13 Sept.

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 18:14 UK time, Thursday, 16 September 2010

The story of the granny who suddenly decided to set off on a trip round the world on her Harley Davidson motorbike sparked off some amazing tales of 'spur of the moment journeys', some of them romantic. There was this one from Nicky Stevens:

"Listening to you for the first time today, on internet - heard your topic and thought I would add my story.

11 years ago I was busy working, in an industry where holidays in the summer were pretty unheard of, a good friend of mine went to Shetland to see the Tall Ships (we had seen them together elsewhere before) and said there would be room in her rented accommodation for me if I could get away - which I very much doubted.

However at last minute my work had a slight lull, everything I could do was done in advance so I asked my boss if I could have two days off to get a long weekend. He said yes! There were no flights left, but I got one of the last reclining seats on the P & O ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick. The weekend in Shetland was great, but the best bit was that on that ferry journey I met a lovely man, and 11 years later here I am married to him. Due to him being in the army I have travelled a lot further than Shetland - I'm currently living in the Falkland Islands...!"

Then there was this extraordinary text from Steve in Edinburgh:

"Hi Tom, 20 years ago I owned a pub in the South Side of Edinburgh, I opened up at 6am one Thursday morning and a group of vague aquaintances arrived about 8 am. They were off to Dublin, after a whole 10 mins they persuaded me to go with them. Flight was at 1, I had to rush to the shops for bag and clothes. I returned the following Tuesday, having arranged pub cover. Did I say I was married?? I never told her, when I returned home my wife (ex) had cleared the house..."

By Thursday, the visit of Pope Benedict was exercising many. What should he eat while here? As it turned out, he allegedly had haggis, neeps and tatties with Cardinal Keith O'Brien, which was suggested by several listeners to the show...


...and then there was Aidan, who was hoping for a miracle:

"For the Pope! One slice of Lorne Sausage, with butter and tomato sauce on a bread roll from the Broadford bakery on the Isle of Skye...or it would have been...if the bakery in question hadn't closed down. They were the best bread rolls in the Highlands! I'm sure that if the Pope asked though they would open up again. Wishful thinking?"

Meanwhile, the availability of popeseye steak seemed a problem, until Bryce, a former butcher from Maybole, got in touch:

"A popeseye steak is the scottish name for a rump steak, but now the supermarkets have dominated, we know it by its English name. It is more course than sirloin and the fillet."

But, as a Landward investigation proved last year, the tastiest of the lot!


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