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Janice Forsyth at the RHS

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 14:31 UK time, Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 3, and there was considerably more activity at the BBC Scotland pavilion. Raven was entertaining children and the Landward rephotography exhibition was getting a lot of interest.

I however was focusing on the Janice Forsyth Show, two hours packed with live music, a comedian, an author and a food expert.

The first live band were Pearl and The Puppets, who hail from Kirkintilloch and are lead by Katie Sutherland. They've had a fair amount of success already and Elton John champions their music. Sounded great.

Pearl and the Puppets

Pearl and The Puppets

The other live band were L'Acoustica (I'm afraid I can't find any mention of them on the web to link to) who feature Bryan Tolland, a former member of Del Amitri, and identical twins on vocals and double bass. The double bass player sat astride his instrument and wore a kilt. They performed a cover of David Bowie's Oh You Pretty Things and an original. No album as yet, but one on the way. Worth checking out.



Janice also chatted to comedian Bruce Devlin, and author Karen Campbell. The audience were treated to an oxtail stew prepared by Mr Snax in his slow cooker. I didn't get to sample it, but it smelt wonderful - much better than the over-priced burger I had for lunch!

Karen Campbell, Janice Forsyth, Bruce Devlin and Mr Snax

Karen Campbell, Janice Forsyth, Bruce Devlin and Mr Snax

You can see many more photographs and now also videos (including the Quack Commandos) at BBC Scotland at the Royal Highland Show.

I'll be back tomorrow for Shereen, The Business and a Classics Unwrapped pre-record. Oh and I might find time to do a little shopping at the show too - the craft and design area has some gorgeous things.


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