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Trevor Eve on Front Row

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Paul Murphy Paul Murphy 12:30, Thursday, 30 June 2011

Trevor Eve and Mark Lawson

Actor Trevor Eve came into Broadcasting House yesterday to chat to Mark Lawson about his life and career and how age (Eve's 60 later this week) changes the roles you can plausibly play:

Eve: "How old is Clint Eastwood?"
Lawson: "Oh, he's far older than you! He's 82."
Eve: "I'm still 59 until this Friday!"

You can hear the interview on the Front Row website.

Like many people my first encounter with Trevor Eve was TV drama Shoestring from 1979. For me and my school friends Eddie Shoestring, computer expert turned local radio private eye, was the epitome of cool and we would attempt and fail in emulating Eve's casual intensity - the only bit we'd get right is the tightly knotted tie worn at half-mast and the unbuttoned collar. Here's a picture from the first series of Shoestring:

Doran Godwin as Erica and Trevor Eve as Eddie Shoestring

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