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It's 5 of the best all-singing, all-dancing, live action jazz hands musicals!

James King | 15:08 UK time, Wednesday, 12 August 2009


1. Grease - it's been so popular for so long it's hard to imagine a time without this legendary movie. It may be a simple boy-meets-girl tale but there's a grittiness to the story (check out the character of Rizzo) that gives it some welly. The wedding disco tunes ain't bad either. In short, a cultural phenomenon. Starring John Travolta and Edith Bowman...sorry, I mean Olivia Newton-John.

2. Moulin Rouge! - the movie that brought the musical back to the Hollywood mainstream, thanks to its music video visuals and breathtaking selection of tunes. It'll make you blub too.

3. The Sound Of Music - the biggest musical ever continues to be on tellys and stages around the world, 44 years since its release. Dame Julie Andrews is an old-skool musical legend and this is a glossy epic 'like they used to make 'em'.

4. Mamma Mia! - any film that's been seen by this many people is gonna divide opinions. But even haters can't deny that this sun-kissed Abba tribute scores big on escapism, even if logic goes headfirst out of the window. And it's a record-breaker...

5. Hairspray - it's not quite a classic yet but this extravaganza about a girl fighting segregation and sizism in 60s Balitimore is infectiously entertaining. It's big, brassy and bloomin' hilarious. One that'll run and run...


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