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R&DTV - New project from RAD and BBC Backstage/ R&D

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George Wright George Wright | 13:00 UK time, Thursday, 9 April 2009

Today we launch a new trial aimed at exploring new ways to create, edit and distribute online video. It's called R&DTV. We've done this in collaboration with colleagues in BBC Backstage, part of BBC R&D.

It's a pilot show, designed to be sharable, remixable and redistributable. It's released under a Creative Commons Attribution (Non-Commercial) licence, and looks at interesting tech stories inside and outside the BBC. The first episode features Nicholas Negroponte (talking about the OLPC project), Kevin Rose from digg.com, Graham Thomas from BBC Research and Ant Miller / George Auckland from the BBC discussing the BBC Micro. Hemmy Cho and Rain Ashford were the producers.

To quote from the FTP site -'R&DTV is a monthly technology programme made up of interviews from knowledgeable BBC developers, project experts and experts from around the world.

The programming comes in 3 forms.

1. A brief 5 minute video, containing all the very best bits
2. A longer 30 minute video, containing deeper conversations
3. The Asset Bundle, containing everything we used and didn't use to make the videos above'

Releasing the assets as well as the 5" and 30" versions is something that's new for us. We think this is an interesting and possibly important experiement in creating video and audio specifically to be shared and remixed, from a professional content provider's viewpoint.

We want this to help shape how the BBC makes and encodes content - but this is early days. We've learnt a lot during the making of it ( eg don't include background music, even in passing, if you want to grant rights for reuse, etc) and are interested to hear thoughts about what works and doesn't work.

We plan to release another of these next month (in May) and maybe some more, depending on how this goes. We've deliberately tried to take a semi-pro approach to some of this. Doing it in a BBC edit suite with 'proper' TV cameras/ facilities would have made it much easier for us to make, but more expensive, and less interesting for other people. We'll be collating our thoughts and your feedback here and on the Backstage blog.

The 5 minute Quicktime version is here, the Flash file lives here, and here's the 5 minute Ogg version.
It's up on YouTube here and Blip here

More formats are available. See the file list for R&DTV, select one of the R&DTV asset bundles to remix, or look at the R&DTV readme

Please watch, share, remix, and feedback - rdtv@bbc.co.uk


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