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  • 23% Cuts in the arts budget in Northern Ireland 10:09am on 27 Mar 2011 I'm a working photographer living in British Columbia, Canada. As such, I'm very much aware of the importance of funding for the arts...

    Over the past few years of our current government administration, we British Columbians have experienced the worst cuts to arts funding in decades. Although it's been a hotly debated issue here for quite a while, the platitudes and justifications for our now almost non-existent arts funding, were that the money was being diverted to fund the Olympic Games, the long-term positive effects from which the collective 'we' would all benefit.

    Only those not aware that we even have an arts community, or those dropped on their heads as infants, actually believed the justifications to be true.

    As of course - they aren't. In point of fact, the local festivals, arts and entertainment venues, public arts-related events, etc. have all decreased to near invisibility over the past few years.

    This directly affects the tourism industry which we rely upon quite heavily. Tourists come to Vancouver and find very little to do in terms of entertainment or culture.

    In part because we've actually been referred to for some time as the 'No Fun City'. It's an accurate description. Trying to find something interesting and fun to do in this city (that doesn't involve communing with nature) is pretty near impossible. Which is why many of our visitors, never return.

    My long-winded point is that funding for the arts is not just beneficial for those directly involved in arts communities. An artistic and culturally rich city (or town) is one that will flourish economically as well.

    Arts are the reason that London, Paris, Rome, Florence and New York have been the most visited cities in the world for centuries.


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