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Listed below are comments made by Richard Sambrook (BBC) between Thursday, 13th November 2008 and Thursday, 13th November 2008.

  • Reinventing news 12:03pm on 13 Nov 2008 Lordbeddgelert, we certainly don’t assume the BBC is immune - far from it. We are subject to the same pressures as everyone else, including, in BBC World News TV and, commercial pressures.

    Sirjohnwood, I of course agree serious journalism has a social responsibility and must have values and accountability. I have spoken and written often about this - but this particular presentation was about the "business of news".
    "Storytelling" is a term often used in journalism to describe putting together a clear and engaging narrative about a news event - in other words most printed and broadcast news items. I apologise because I recognise it is not a term understood in this context outside of most newsrooms and journalism courses. Analysis surely has to follow an account of the basic events.

    Meacoalpit, The public own the news - particularly in these days of interactivity.
    Through initiatives like the creative archive, and allowing some BBC video to be embedded on other sites, the BBC is allowing others to make use of our material.
    See my colleague Helen Boaden's latest blog post on citizen journalism and BBC News.

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