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On PM tonight: details of how you can buy an Upshares Downshares CD. In the meantime, a word from our editor:

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Eddie Mair | 12:10 UK time, Monday, 18 October 2010

Joanna Carr writes: "It's an exciting day for us at PMHQ. All morning we've been buffing our nails and anxiously waiting for Nils Blythe to call in from the Palace. But I'm aware that listeners often have questions about these kind of projects, so herewith my pathetic effort to pre-empt some of your questions.

1) Why? Why why why why why?
Obviously no-one can truly say, but when the end of the recession signalled the end of the creative outpouring that were your Upshares contributions, it seemed a shame not to use all those wonderful versions in some way. Whilst we were running Upshares, many listeners wrote to suggest making a CD. It was pretty clear we'd sell it for charity, Children in Need seemed an obvious and good choice, et voila, a mere 10 months after the death of Upshares, it has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

2) Is there anything new on the CD?
You bet - we had more submissions than we could play by late January, and so I'm delighted to say that the CD contains literally more than one unheard Upshares version. Solway harpists, you know who you are. And Eddie and Nils have contributed their own version. I can say no more until you send me £10.

3) How much money will go to Children in Need?
At least £5 from each CD goes to CiN. The final amount will depend on how many CDs are sold, because BBC rules mean Licence Fee money can't be spent on producing this kind of thing. Essentially, the total amount of money received minus the production costs (raw materials, the costs of pressing the CDs etc) = the amount that goes to Children in Need. Thus the more we sell, the more goes to CiN.

4) What about copyright?
It's all sorted. I could say more but it's hopelessly complicated.

5) Whose fault is this?
Yours. None of this was our idea.

6) One more time, what do I do to get my hands on this year's must have item?
You send a cheque for £10"

Full details of how to buy a CD are being announced on PM tonight. Then, you'll also find those details here on the blog. And don't worry, the CD you buy will be nicer than the master copy pictured here.


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