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Eddie Mair | 08:25 UK time, Wednesday, 22 September 2010


What ideas, related to today's news, do you have for PM tonight?

This virtual glass box emulates the real glass box we sit in at 11.00 for our main editorial meeting of the day. Your comments can contribute to that meeting.

Please leave your comment before 11, after which time the box will be closed.


  • 1. At 08:47am on 22 Sep 2010, Looternite wrote:

    Perhaps Team PM can report on what Vince Cable actually says at the conference.

    From what has been reported he is going to say, it looks like he is in the wrong party bearing in mind that his leader has already said that the Lib/Dems are not a leftie party.

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  • 2. At 08:48am on 22 Sep 2010, mittfh wrote:

    It looks as though the Scottish government's proposals for minimum drink pricing are likely to be defeated.

    Given that alcohol is effectively a luxury good, and many of the problems with drunken youths in town centres at night are alleged to be associated with them drinking before entering pubs / clubs, why don't politicians think increasing the price of alcohol is a good idea? That particular proposal may have given the profits to the retailers, but would it be unreasonable to reconfigure alcohol duty so that it's based upon the quantity of alcohol in the product rather than the specific product type (wine, beer, cider, spirits), so the excess goes to the Treasury (and from there either back into the NHS budget or into deficit reduction)? Or perhaps the excess could go to HMRC so they can increase spot checks at channel ports to deter booze cruisers.


    Meanwhile, several thousand years ago, it is alleged a temporary land bridge was created across the Red Sea, allowing one group of people through but not their pursuers. A group of scientists have now drawn up a computer simulation of the area, and think they know how it happened. Although surely trying to walk into a 63mph wind must have been a little tough... especially as the simulation indicates they only had a four hour window to do it.

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  • 3. At 08:54am on 22 Sep 2010, Anne P wrote:

    Given the 'Africa at Fifty' celebrations would PM like to do something on why we only ever seem to hear the bad news out of Africa and rarely any good news. Is this post-colonial prejudice or post-colonial guilt?

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  • 4. At 08:56am on 22 Sep 2010, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Its time to stop demonising the bankers and traders...just in Buffy the slayer.

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  • 5. At 08:58am on 22 Sep 2010, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Its time to stop demonising the bankers and traders...Just send in Buffy the slayer.

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  • 6. At 09:14am on 22 Sep 2010, IMOORE wrote:


    Perhaps because there has been little good news to report.

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  • 7. At 09:26am on 22 Sep 2010, IMOORE wrote:


    From what I have heard Cable is going to say I support him. When he says there is a public interest to be considered, what he really means is that there is a national interest to be considered. I am not sure if he has realised that, and that really isn't a left/liberal cause.

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  • 8. At 09:26am on 22 Sep 2010, Alan_N wrote:

    We were talking yesterday afternoon about educational opportunity and where parental responsibility features. This morning this appears on the BBC news site:


    So now we will have a DVD which will teach canine body language to toddlers. Have we as a society emasculated parents in favour of top down direction on how to bring up, educate and protect our children?

    My own children knew it was a good idea to be wary of dogs because I told them that. I wonder who funded this startling piece of research.

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  • 9. At 09:33am on 22 Sep 2010, Anne P wrote:

    Alan - 8 - I think this just reflects how far distanced in a post-industrial world most people now are from the planet in which we evolved, where proximity to animals and an understanding of environment and food production were developed from the cradle onwards. Very few would easily survive if returned to such an environement.

    Which reminds me, did I blink and miss it or did the promised item on sunspots not materialise on yesterdays' PM?

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  • 10. At 09:35am on 22 Sep 2010, IMOORE wrote:


    Well its no surpise the other guilty parties, like the political establishment have made sure the bankers carry all the blame.

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  • 11. At 09:39am on 22 Sep 2010, Looternite wrote:

    2. mittfh

    I have always advocated taxes should be on the harmful part of booze. Which is the actual alcohol. This would mean that stronger drinks would automatically atract a higher price.

    Popping over the channel to load up with cheap alcohol is not illegal and is fully compliant with the single market, as long as French taxes are paid.

    We have an alcohol problem in these islands that the French do not and yet their beer prices are much lower.

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  • 12. At 09:45am on 22 Sep 2010, Alan_N wrote:

    Apparently the French do have a problem it's just that, unlike in the UK, they don't go on about it all the time!


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  • 13. At 09:55am on 22 Sep 2010, Looternite wrote:

    12. Alan_N

    Our problem with alcohol is not just the alcoholics but the drunken behaviour on a Saturday night in our cities and so very visible.

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  • 14. At 10:26am on 22 Sep 2010, mittfh wrote:

    Re: Post 13 (Looternite)

    Unfortunately it's a socio-cultural thing in that a certain segment of society thinks it's OK to drink to excess, and 'uncool' to order a non-alcoholic drink when in a pub / club. I wonder what would happen if a city centre pub / club decided to experiment with a 'happy hour' on non-alcoholic drinks? After all, there's an increasing range of such beverages - especially with the likes of "posh squash" (e.g. J2O / Oasis) providing alternatives to mineral water, pure juice and the soft drinks on tap (e.g. cola, lemonade).

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