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Election Update.

Eddie Mair | 10:52 UK time, Thursday, 29 April 2010


  • 1. At 1:11pm on 29 Apr 2010, GiulioNapolitani wrote:

    Not entirely sure what cats have got to do with anything, but how come David Cameron was campaigning at Birmingham Children's Hospital today? I thought NHS facilities were "haram" for electioneering purposes.

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  • 2. At 1:20pm on 29 Apr 2010, Big Jim wrote:

    1. GiulioNapolitani
    "I thought NHS facilities were "haram" for electioneering purposes."
    Except for viewers in Scotland


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  • 3. At 1:27pm on 29 Apr 2010, Galahad wrote:

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  • 4. At 5:46pm on 29 Apr 2010, cherrytree wrote:

    Just listening to your feature on the North West of England. As usual Cumbria has been completely ignored.(We come under the North West region) Yes I think someone came to Kendal, but nothing further north. When James Naughtie went to the North East, despite most of Cumbria being in that region for news purposes. As usual nothing was mentioned. West Cumbria is quite a crucial issue should there be a hung parliament. Sellafield is the main employer with 13,000 empoyees there alone not to mention the other companies that depend on it with related skills. If there is a hung parliament, then the Liberals with their anti-nuclear policy will be a vital factor for us up here.

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  • 5. At 5:49pm on 29 Apr 2010, skintnick wrote:

    Bigotted because in a boom when jobs are plentiful and nobody from this country wants to do the crappy low-paid work it's ok to have immigrants to do it, but in a bust the racist undercurrent prevalent in this country takes hold and those workers are seen as dispensable at best, and victims of the racists at worst.

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  • 6. At 6:05pm on 29 Apr 2010, Sue wrote:

    I am not a Labour supporter nor probably never will be.
    Howqever your treatment of Gordon Brown is absolutely disgraceful, he made a mistake and it still hits the headlines tonight and as i sit typing this you have brought it up again!
    100 lines:
    we are not a tabloid newspaper and should do some proper balanced reporting.
    Shame on you Eddie though I suppose you are only serving your masters

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  • 7. At 6:18pm on 29 Apr 2010, DevonView wrote:

    Yet more on this Flocking story.

    What you thought I was being rude?

    Perhaps Gordon Brown also misheard this, but then if journalists thought this might have happened it would be a non story rather than a witch hunt.

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  • 8. At 7:01pm on 29 Apr 2010, DevonView wrote:

    The Daily Mail and Migration Watch have encouraged the fear of immigrants around the country, but reality is much more complex.

    In Devon there are major problems with locals unable to buy homes due to the high prices and incomers. These incomers are not immigrants though, but Londoners and other wealthy people moving to the country to retire or in many cases buy second homes. Many villages have become dead in the winter and during the week due to so many properties becoming second homes; in some cases the majority of houses are second homes. Not only is it often almost impossible for young people to buy a home where they grew up, but it affects the viability of schools, Post Offices and pubs.
    In addition, there are people with money to spare who invest in 'Buy to Let' property making it harder still for many to buy their first home.
    Incomers have caused problems in the South West, but because they don't have coloured skin or speak in foreign accents, the bile from the Daily Mail has not driven the anger and fear of the incomers.

    However because of the tabloid obsession with immigration many of the problems are still blamed on immigrants in almost completely white areas.
    This was illustrated recently on PM when the fear of immigration was much worse in largely white Minehead than in multicultural Bristol.

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  • 9. At 7:15pm on 29 Apr 2010, electioneering wrote:

    Very charming, but under this head I was expecting a forum for the Big Issues tonight. That's why I've signed up to this blog..

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  • 10. At 8:08pm on 29 Apr 2010, Lepus_Madidus wrote:

    Gordon can't come to the Leaders' Debate tonight. He's had to stay in to do his diversity training homework.

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  • 11. At 8:16pm on 29 Apr 2010, Big Jim wrote:

    Just watched the Plaid Cymru Party Political Broadcast.

    Simply Brilliant!

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  • 12. At 8:26pm on 29 Apr 2010, Serangoon wrote:

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a bigot is a 'person characterised by obstinate, intolerant, or strongly partisan beliefs'. Does this remind you of any mainstream politicians who refuse to accept that the vast majority of people in the UK have valid concerns about mass immigration?
    The Institute for Public Policy Research, the think-tank which has led the way in backing Labour's open door policy have been brave enough to acknowledge on their website that 'progressives' had taken a pro-immigration stance in part because this was at odds with public support for stricter controls. The article goes on to say there is nothing that convinces a progressive more that they are in the right than finding that most people disagree with them and that a particularly unfortunate element of this syndrome in relation to migration is a tendency to characterise their opponents as nasty, stupid and backward and that this gives them licence to either patronise or ignore them.
    So, who then is the bigot? The person asking a perfectly reasonable, politely worded question, or the person who refuses to discuss things in an open and honest manner and instead reacts with a knee jerk response and calls them a bigot or racist for even daring to talk about it?

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  • 13. At 8:46pm on 29 Apr 2010, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Hang on Serangoon, "the person asking a perfectly reasonable, politely worded question"? We all heard it and, as I've said on other threads, it smacked of "they're coming over here taking all our jobs" mentality.

    Mr. Brown is being unfairly treated by the media attempts to brainwash the populace over this - don't fall for it.

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  • 14. At 11:55pm on 29 Apr 2010, Cossackgirl wrote:

    13. Lady Sue: as I have just posted on AM box for you and BS
    "If I found out that people who have just been charming to my face, started making nasty comments "in private" about me as soon as they were out of my earshot, I wouldn't think of them as polite. I would think of them as two-faced nasties and would never want to see or hear them again.
    Imagining just for a moment that the unfortunately forgotten mike picked up some "private" comments along the lines of "What a pleasant woman! I am proud that she is a Labour supporter. Serving people like her makes my life worthwhile! Who has arranged this meeting - Sue? - Well done, that girl!", would there be any story to report?..."

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  • 15. At 10:05pm on 30 Apr 2010, isaglyn100 wrote:

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  • 16. At 5:40pm on 01 May 2010, rosepoet wrote:

    What a choice set before the electorate. Trying to decide which is the least odious of these political futures...
    Cameron, whose plummy voice reflects a party which would usher in another generation of old-style Tories, who oversaw the beginning of the vast inequalities which plague our country, the ever-increasing gulf between the very rich and the rest of us, getting poorer, which leads to all manner of social ills. Can we forgive the Tories for selling off the 'family silver': all our utilities, and hacking up British Rail...
    Brown, too close to the decision to go into Iraq, not that competent as a chancellor, having sold much of our gold and invested it in the dot.coms, just before their collapse! Capable of sacrificing the living standards of the oldest and poorest members of our society, for a brief political advantage.
    Clegg, already rather too confident of victory in a way that reflects poor political judgement,which reflects a cocksure attitude that can't appeal to the electorate. Self-satisfaction cost Kinnock a previous victory...

    Where ARE the women in this election? We are the most significant part of society voting in the next government, but the PM debates mentioned women ONCE.

    Barely 30% of the candidates for election are women, so the debates have ignored issues that affect the family and national life, care of the elderly,fuel poverty, global warming, educational disadvantage...
    A plague on all of them!
    I may go Green or Independant, to avoid the power plays of the party system, to change the broken electoral system which has produced these candidates, and this almost universal crisis of faith in their system!

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  • 17. At 6:46pm on 01 May 2010, ETERNAL OPTIMIST wrote:

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  • 18. At 6:56pm on 01 May 2010, ETERNAL OPTIMIST wrote:

    A short time ago a local Conservative Councillor came to my home canvasing support. When my husband told him that he would not be voting for the local Conservative MP, what was the first response to this? Not 'Why' or 'Is this because of our policies' but instead and unbelievably 'Is it because he is Asian?'
    My husband politely told the Councillor No, it was because he was a Conservative and a Banker!!
    I quietly spoke to the Councillor outside my home and informed him that I felt insulted that he should have pre judged us in that way and that I didnt care if an MP was green with yellow spots as long as he/she did a good job.
    Likely the insult was not really intended - but it does seem that Gordon Brown is not the only one who should reflect on comments made.
    By the way I am at present, unlike my husband, an 'undecided' voter - except now I know I will not be voting Conservative.

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