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Ask not what PM can do for you....

Joanna Carr Joanna Carr | 10:31 UK time, Friday, 27 November 2009

Eddie wasn't joking*. We get a lot of help from you, our lovely PM listeners- be it when you share your expertise with us, or when you're busy firing up all manner of instruments to play the Upshares theme. You may wonder if it's even possible for us to ask you to do more, but here goes.
There are often days in the PM newsroom when an important report is published, often around mid morning, and we try to bring you a fair representation of the main points. Sometimes the reports are very long, and sometimes they cover specialist areas. Yesterday's Walker Review is a case in point, so we asked for your help. Our theory is that the PM audience have a lot of collective knowledge, of the kind that would augment our coverage, so from time to time, we're going to be asking you to engage the collective PM audience brain, read some or all of these documents, and point us in the direction of what jumps out at you. It's called crowd sourcing in the jargon, though I prefer the term cheap labour. Yesterday, we didn't post the report in time, though I enjoyed your pithy observations. So I'm putting a general priniciple to you: namely, are you up for it?

(*add your own punchline)


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