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Eddie Mair | 08:10 UK time, Wednesday, 25 November 2009

adventb.jpg Hello. I'm keeping Carolyn's seat warm till she gets in. (insert Carry-on style remark/sound effect here).

And I've been wondering about Advent this year. I always enjoy doing our annual photo thing. Are you up for it this year? If there's demand, we'll do it...but don't want to burden you if you'd rather not. Leave a comment to let me know.


  • 1. At 08:52am on 25 Nov 2009, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Oh, I think we can all take enough photos to keep you going, Eddie!

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  • 2. At 08:52am on 25 Nov 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    I'm up for it, Eddie. Would Paddy O'Connell qualify for the Twelfth Day, do you think?

    Good luck with AQ this week!

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  • 3. At 09:35am on 25 Nov 2009, GiulioNapolitani wrote:

    What is the 'annual photo thing'?

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  • 4. At 09:46am on 25 Nov 2009, davmcn wrote:

    Eddie, Keep your hands off Carolyn's seat!

    Must look at my old photos so as not to repeat.

    GN 3, See advent 2007, 2008 below under Categories.

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  • 5. At 10:24am on 25 Nov 2009, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Guilio, there's also photos back in December '05 if you go to the bottom of the page, click on the Complete Archives in the Archive column, and go to December '06. It's all pointless, but fun nonetheless :-)

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  • 6. At 11:14am on 25 Nov 2009, Lord Nathan wrote:

    • "Good luck with AQ this week!"

    Is Eddie going to visit Hugh?

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  • 7. At 11:24am on 25 Nov 2009, Richard_SM wrote:

    #6 Lord Nathan,

    No, they're doing a job-swap. Osama is hosting PM prog on Friday. I'm looking forward to Upscares, Downscares.

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  • 8. At 11:30am on 25 Nov 2009, gossipmistress wrote:

    Oh Yes I'm sure we can keep your inbox full Eddie!

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  • 9. At 11:55am on 25 Nov 2009, Lord Nathan wrote:


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  • 10. At 12:30pm on 25 Nov 2009, ValeryP wrote:

    Yup - I'm game for that Eddie. *hastens to put camera on charge, have to remember to do that anyway for ceremony fotos*

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  • 11. At 12:37pm on 25 Nov 2009, Fifi wrote:

    On the working assumption that the best pictures are on radio ... why not?

    But to make it a bit more interesting, how about a theme? Not everyone either celebrates the festival that Advent leads up to. Not everyone who does, likes it that much. And every year it is a hard season for those whose lives are not going according to plan...

    Suggestions anyone?

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  • 12. At 12:38pm on 25 Nov 2009, Fifi wrote:

    (I'll just take home with me that spare 'either' that fell out of my pocket during that last comment....)

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  • 13. At 12:51pm on 25 Nov 2009, mittfh wrote:

    How coincidental...

    The Christmas lights in two of my local towns have already been switched on, and over the past two days I've sauntered around taking photos, which I'll colour correct and upload later on today. Tomorrow marks Warwick's switch-on and Coventry do theirs at the weekend...I might also leg it down to Stratford and take some shots of their effort.

    Then it'll be a case of eeney meeney miney mo to work out the best ones to resize and forward onto Eddie. In the meantime, feel free to take a stroll around last year's sets - it's a Picasa gallery, so if you search that term and my nickname you should find it.

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  • 14. At 12:54pm on 25 Nov 2009, Gillianian wrote:

    Are we up for it?! You know how happy we are to oblige, Eddie ;o)

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  • 15. At 1:24pm on 25 Nov 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Me too, me too!

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  • 16. At 1:57pm on 25 Nov 2009, jonnie wrote:

    Oh Yes, Is it that time of year already? Seems to come around so quickly these days.

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  • 17. At 2:35pm on 25 Nov 2009, ValeryP wrote:

    Jonnie - I think that's a sign of something ;o)

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  • 18. At 4:21pm on 25 Nov 2009, davmcn wrote:

    Fifi 11, Not doing an Advent script for The Archers, then?

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  • 19. At 4:28pm on 25 Nov 2009, RxKaren wrote:

    Thelma and Louise have gone missing from under the sink! We're left with just a broken snowflake as our departmental decoration stash. Please do the advent thing.

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  • 20. At 4:31pm on 25 Nov 2009, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Eric! You know you love to burden us.

    Everything round here is decidedly un-Christmassy. Except in the shops, when Xmas began the morning after they cleared out the Hallowe'en stuff.

    Do we get a prize for spotting the first hot cross bun or Easter choccy of winter?

    The last roses of autumn are blooming still. Blooming luvverly, of course.

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  • 21. At 5:24pm on 25 Nov 2009, mittfh wrote:

    The shops have had their Christmas displays out for ages. But have any started the annual practice of playing Christmas music incessantly over the tannoy, regardless of whether they have any background music on at all over the preceeding year or not?

    A couple of weeks ago, the Cannon Park branch of Wilkos was alternating a couple of Christmas songs with a couple of non-Christmas songs, but I don't know if they've started 100% Christmas tunes yet...

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  • 22. At 5:37pm on 25 Nov 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    RxKaren: I did warn you!

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