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You know when we talk about the "team"?

Eddie Mair | 16:20 UK time, Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Here are two more members of it, pausing for breath in Brighton, Lucy and Juliette.



  • 1. At 5:03pm on 29 Sep 2009, MrRoderickLouis wrote:


    G Brown's statements today that 'Labour supports nuclear power' are disingenuous and quite contradictory to facts...

    In 2006- due to pressure from then then Chancellor- in an absurdly short-sighted attempt to balance the UK's then comparatively very healthy economic books, Labour forced British Nuclear Fuels to sell its nuclear power unit: nuclear power station designer/builder Westinghouse- to Japan's Toshiba- destroying the UK's best chance of at having an 'exportable nuclear power industry' and wrecking possibilities of the UK 'building its own' nuclear reactors to produce power for the country...

    Then, 2 years later, once the petroleum market and international energy-security situation changed, the Labour govt facilitated contracts with France's part-French-govt-owned AREVA and EDF companies to build new reactors for the UK...

    Is this 'looking out for the UK's national or economic interests'??

    Today, Toshiba is bidding for and winning huge contracts to build nuclear reactors across the world- using Westinghouse's designs and technology:




    'Labour supports UK business'- where is Rover/Land Rover and where will Vauxhaul be in the future under Labour??

    'Business needs morals'... 'Big business' practices were just fine with Labour for over 8-years: until the international banking industry self destructed!!

    The UK needs a political party in govt that understands business and that will legitimately 'look out for the country's interests'!!

    Roderick V. Louis
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

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