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Wimbledon semi final glass box

Sequin | 15:25 UK time, Friday, 3 July 2009


It may well be still going on in our time, as the Murray/Roddick match got underway at 3.30pm. But we'll be covering other stories as well, so tell us what you think of the programme. Roger Sawyer is editing, so he'll read your thoughts and respond.


  • 1. At 4:20pm on 03 Jul 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    Hope this isn't deemed off topic, but I've been trying to catch up with yesterday's PM as I had to go out part way through. The link on the blog doesn't seem to work. As today's programme is due to start in 40 minutes, does anyone know how I may be able to catch up with yesterday's programme at another time?

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  • 2. At 4:31pm on 03 Jul 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    Re my 1 (and I post this in case others find the same problem). I've just done an experiment and it would appear that the problem lies with the 'normal' version (which was what I was trying to do). There is a lower bandwith option (you have to click on the normal version button first), and once you are offered this option, clicking on it will allow you to listen to PM.

    I've never had this problem before, and am wondering if it is related to the way the new Blog is set up.

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  • 3. At 4:41pm on 03 Jul 2009, U14056635 wrote:

    Big Sister - Can't you pick it up from here?

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  • 4. At 5:12pm on 03 Jul 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    My friend told me that they send the old balls at Wimbledon to the over 45's mens doubles.

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  • 5. At 5:38pm on 03 Jul 2009, mazzaoc wrote:

    Why have we changed Henman Hill to Murray Mound
    I think this is wrong, it was named after him when he
    represented England at Wimbledon and beening English it
    should stay as Henman Hill. cheering for Federer.

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  • 6. At 5:51pm on 03 Jul 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Welfare reform;

    Gosh, a middle class sounding unemployed single parent! They do exist then!?

    Obviously I realise. The interview with the single mother; Doesn't it just put paid to that stereotypical image of the advert of the mother taking in ironing trying to make ends meet. Oh, we know they exist but where are is the hard number crunching evidence that breaks down individuals into real entities? oh, I forgot, you don't do this when all you want to do is oppress and coerce. Well done to that brave women

    Why only the people in receipt of benefits getting vilified in government propaganda adverts. I guess its down to the level of the threat they are seen as. More than crooked bankers, MPs and gold pensioned lackey civil servants.

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  • 7. At 6:02pm on 03 Jul 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    How many claims for expenses by MPs would have been deemed fraudulent under DWP benefit rules?

    C'mon, c'mon then!

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  • 8. At 6:31pm on 03 Jul 2009, oldnat wrote:

    #5 mazzaoc

    "Henman Hill ...... named after him when he represented England at Wimbledon"

    Funny that. And I always thought that the Wimbledon Championships were open to individuals - not national representatives.

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  • 9. At 7:09pm on 03 Jul 2009, PeterD20 wrote:

    2 things about Wimbledon. First it is on too much and why dosen`t the BBC show some horse-racing instead. Second, please get rid of Gary Richardson and his awful fawning interviews which make your toes curl.

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  • 10. At 7:23pm on 03 Jul 2009, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Henman Hill. At times renamed as Rusedski Rise, I think, for Greg Rusedski, the Canadian who represented... well, Britain or the UK - please correct me here.

    btw, the tartan rug underneath the Glass Box has been noted...

    It's all academic now, anyway (sob).

    Come on, Tim!

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  • 11. At 7:24pm on 03 Jul 2009, needsanewnickname wrote:

    The women's final will be good, with Venus Williams representing the Williams family of the USA playing Serena Williams representing the Williams family of the USA

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  • 12. At 7:34pm on 03 Jul 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Frances, not only a tartan rug but looks like real 'Scotch thistles'.

    Carolyn, I was really enjoying PM but you made the tennis sound so exciting I just had to go and watch it!

    Such a pity about Andy Murray but Roddick seems a decent guy and I'm sure the final will be exciting - though perhaps not quite as exciting as the game this afternoon.

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  • 13. At 8:22pm on 03 Jul 2009, oldnat wrote:

    #12 Lady_Sue

    Agreed. Very close match between Roddick and Murray. Federer looked much stronger than either.

    As with the Ryder Cup, I'm happy to support a European against an Amwerican.

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  • 14. At 8:41pm on 03 Jul 2009, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Oh well, there is always next year, maybe!


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  • 15. At 9:36pm on 03 Jul 2009, nthomas00 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 16. At 11:27pm on 03 Jul 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Hey, Don't feel too bad he made 175,000 for less than a fornights work. not bad if you can get it eh!

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  • 17. At 11:28pm on 03 Jul 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    alright less than two weeks then.

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  • 18. At 11:32pm on 03 Jul 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Oh forgot to say, plus sponsorship from private entities.

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  • 19. At 09:58am on 04 Jul 2009, T8-eh-T8 wrote:

    The biggest loser at Wombledon is surely Gordon B and his crew.

    A British winner would have masked a load of the nafarious incompetancies which seem to arrive on a daily basis.

    Although one does wonder just what is next, just what can top the ridiculous state the government are in?

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  • 20. At 10:00am on 04 Jul 2009, Roger Sawyer wrote:

    Morning All...

    Thanks for posting.

    Shame about Andy Murray... would have been nice to watch him take on Federer in the final. But there you go... still, the British and Irish Lions are in action today and it's Tour de France time too.

    Not a lot to say about the programme really. I was pleased we got Carl Bildt... though we didn't know that would happen until about 4.45pm,so that was a bit squeaky. But I like it squeaky.

    I am sorry we didn't run the Padre from the Welsh Guards, we had a technical problem and then a timing one, so we just could not fit it on.

    I thought Phyllis Self, the 101-year-old still running her own business, was sensational and a real inspiration. Amazing to think she would have been 28 when Fred Perry won Wimbledon. We did ask her about that, but she said she was never that interested in tennis... so we cut that bit out.

    Have good weekends all y'all...


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  • 21. At 10:41am on 04 Jul 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Rog: LOL at the comment on the 101 year old not being that interested in tennis!

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  • 22. At 7:19pm on 04 Jul 2009, needsanewnickname wrote:

    She was great. An inspired piece, and what a find.

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  • 23. At 11:09am on 06 Jul 2009, invisibleatheist wrote:

    Is Roger Federer Quentin Rarantino's love child? Look at photographs of them both!

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  • 24. At 11:41am on 06 Jul 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    Phyllis Self - I agree, she was great! I think I now know what my own retirement plan might look like, particularly involving plants.

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