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The PM Glass Box.

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Eddie Mair | 16:43 UK time, Monday, 13 July 2009


The Glass Box is where the PM team meets in at 18.00 every weeknight to discuss the content of the programme.

We try to be honest with each other, but not hurtful, as we talk about what worked and what didn't...what met our expectations and what fell short.

This virtual glass box is where you're encouraged to take part in the same spirit. Tonight's editor Ryan Dilley will read your comments and may well add his own.


  • 1. At 5:01pm on 13 Jul 2009, David_McNickle wrote:

    What is Briezh Cola?

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  • 2. At 5:48pm on 13 Jul 2009, steelpulse wrote:

    Breizh? Hmm

    Word play. Mention of that gold hunt all those years back - in a book. Yes his surname was Williams wasn't it? Kit - Masquerade. Never read it though or went searching

    I thought years ago I had found a breadcrumb trail in a piece of fiction but Eddie it seems I was wrong.

    Richard Stilgoe - heard on BH yesterday. Wonderful with word play is Mr Stilgoe.

    I cheat. Like the cola name above and the radio programme title. I use the internet. They - the angrams mean nowt but thinking of the next test match - the latter pleases me no end, David Attenborough! lol

    Subject: the grand masquerade - breizh cola
    Anagram: Anagram quest - herded - belch Oz air

    Mariella Frostrup and mention of possible divorce? Processing.......processing..... Computer does not understand. Not logical.

    Well in my opinion - not from her. lol

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  • 3. At 6:05pm on 13 Jul 2009, travellingsinger wrote:

    Hi I have just listened to your interview about time wasting during the Test Match. What a crass remark was made by the male interviewee stating it would have been better for someone to ring up and claim a bomb threat to stop the match. UG
    Regards Tony

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  • 4. At 6:19pm on 13 Jul 2009, U14056677 wrote:

    How about making the music more interesting.

    Museum music.

    Then modern music fit only for the museum.

    Interesting stories. Nice dancers. Why are they tied up in such dreadful music?

    Hire the Something or Other of Brent.

    The Brit soldiers who heard civilians had died during a Nato attack on an Afghani compound said 'Well, they shouldn't have been there, should they?'

    Could that Oxford academic run it past me again as to why truth is a dominant or even an equilibrium strategy, the way he sees things?

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  • 5. At 6:23pm on 13 Jul 2009, Sid wrote:

    A xylophone has sounding bars made of wood (Gk - xylon + phone)
    A glockenspiel (German - 'bell-play') is the metal equivalent of a xylophone.
    A vibraphone is a percussion instrument (as are the xylophone and glockenspiel); it has metal bars arranged like a xylophone, with the additional feature of a vibrato that can be given to the notes, either by electrically rotated vanes in the tube resonators under the bars or electronically.


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  • 6. At 6:41pm on 13 Jul 2009, gallantSocrates wrote:

    According to Larry Elliott in the Guardian today 'War on the cheap is costing soldiers lives' because now we are only spending 2.9% of GDP on Defence, which is still 42.1 billion pounds...a lot of dosh...especially when on the Letter page (same paper), it says 'We must get out of this Afghan quagmire'...which I agree with completely as we are are not being told the Truth by Politicians or the Mass Media on this issue and many others for that matter...

    The reason being is that last Saturday I re-read the last chapter of Freedom Next Time, by John Pilger...which is called 'Liberating Afghanistan' and like most of his work it is a 'tour de force' about this very sad and complex issue...a must read if you have any active brain cells in the In Box...but guess what, this is what Barack Obama told his Russian host very recently 'In 2009 a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonising other countries. The days when empires could treat sovereign States as pieces on a chess-board are over'...partly paraphrasing what Lord Cuzon had wrote in 1898, if Pilger is correct...

    Brian V Peck

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  • 7. At 7:39pm on 13 Jul 2009, DI_Wyman wrote:

    The Treble Recorder is NOT a percussion instrument...OK

    *'tis if you belt your younger brother round head with it if he doesn't stop practising with his scales*

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  • 8. At 8:21pm on 13 Jul 2009, U14056677 wrote:

    The numbers, the FTSE UP, getting on for 2 per cent. The idea is to run a little boom on the markets, so that we can get our money back from the banks by selling our shareholding.

    'Run a little boom'? Why, yes! By getting the investment arms of the banks to make huge sums available to the hedge funds, to buy bank shares.

    It's a really good deal for the average hedge, because the shares will keep going up until the government broker sells. (A signal as clear as a bell)

    Win - Win - Win eh? Except that the money for this little insulated bubble is from the 125 billion of money printed by the Bank of England.

    This seems like the most stupid policy there is, to recover 10 billion. In the light of the keenly intelligent remarks of one fellow blogger:

    'The papers may moan at the expenses claims of MPs and a few hundred civil servants that earn suspiciously high salaries, but it would take several thousand years of such exorbitancy to get anywhere near the levels of funding of the banks. Local councils are already facing the squeeze, with essential services like social care facing drastic cutbacks (in addition to "efficiency savings" produced by the new Personalisation agenda [in a nutshell, clients get a variable contribution to the cost of their care, and they sort out the care package themselves rather than relying on social services to provide it for them]), as well as other services such as libraries (I know of one council considering closing some branches, and introducing a charge of' [four pounds per hour] 'for internet usage beyond the first half hour)'

    wouldn't it be a better idea to spend that quantitative easing money on a bit of social easing of the pain of this economic depression, and counting the assets we own of the banks as the counterpart to the money we gave them, in a free standing public sector financial division of the Bank of England.

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  • 9. At 9:00pm on 13 Jul 2009, nextoanidiot wrote:

    Dont know if it was covered in PM, but heard on the news that mr Demjanjuk has been charged with 29,000 counts of accessory to murder.
    Heres an idea, take a leaf out of the South African book, and offer him a bit of "truth and reconciliation". He will plead not guilty, as he always has done,but because of his age (89) he will only appear in court for an hour and a half a day. The court case will take an age, cost a fortune, and because of the sixty years that have elapsed, a conviction is far from certain.
    So offer him a deal, spill the beans on the whole sorry tale. What he saw, what he knew. Who did what to how many. In return for freedom from prosecution. Yes OK so he will "get away with it", but it will do humanity a greater service in the long run. And to have living proof of what took place will deflate some of these holocaust denyers that seem to be littering the place more and more. What do you lot think?

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  • 10. At 9:30pm on 13 Jul 2009, Cossackgirl wrote:

    I don't think that he will go for this deal. Not because your suggestion is not good, it's so good that I am posting even though I thought to have said goodbye to this blog.
    I think that he has family and friends to consider: they are standing by him as by an innocent man caught up in a case of "mistaken identity" - the healthy young man in a tiny faded photo on one surviving document looks, even to me, like any number of Ukrainian lads I saw while spending weeks in Kiev and on the Dniepr. And I actually believe he is indeed the wanted man. They don't - I heard their passionate arguments on his behalf.
    He will die soon enough, but if he admits the truth before he goes a/ his family will have to live with the consequences; b/ they may still claim that he is just a very old, sick and confused man and that he has made a false confession just to close the thing and get the world off his back; c/ unless he has kept a stash of detailed diaries from those days, how much do you think a man who has spent 65 years putting it all behind him and living in his new identity could realistically remember? His victims would remember every moment of their suffering and his brutality if they chose to remember. But I had a couple of close shaves with death in my eventful young life and now, decades later, I wouldn't recognise my old enemies if I met them by chance, unless somebody was present and saying, "this is so and so who did that and that to you 40 years ago".
    Personally I would rather he died pursued by justice.

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  • 11. At 05:30am on 14 Jul 2009, eddiemair wrote:

    Good morning. Sorry that there is no AM Glass Box at the moment. Have had two error messages in trying to post. If I'm still unlucky, please add an AM comments in this strand. Sorry for the faff.

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  • 12. At 10:22am on 14 Jul 2009, David_McNickle wrote:

    Breizh: Think the local language in Brittany. It isn't cola, anyhow. I drank it all in France. It is colored water.

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  • 13. At 10:48am on 14 Jul 2009, David_McNickle wrote:

    EM 11, So what was that AM Glass Box I just posted on?

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  • 14. At 1:14pm on 14 Jul 2009, vainly_here wrote:

    GS/BVP (6)
    I am intrigued that the Conservatives are protesting about the inadequate spending on the Defence budget, while at the same time promising unspecified expenditure cuts as soon as they have won the next election.

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  • 15. At 5:51pm on 14 Jul 2009, angelicsunday wrote:

    Re the Govt wanting us all to pay insurance to provide care in old age - we already do. It's called National Insurance. How is the average worker on a salary of less than £20,000 a year supposed to afford this extra insurance along with all the other demands for university education, dental care, council tax, income tax, VAT, pensions...

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