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Is the news getting you down?

Eddie Mair | 16:45 UK time, Thursday, 12 March 2009

Here is a photo to cheer you up


Respected broadcaster and humanitarian, Paddy O'Connell, in the office this afternoon.

Maybe you can think of a caption?


  • 1. At 4:58pm on 12 Mar 2009, madasastickchick wrote:

    a photo of you woukd have cheered us up more, Eddie.

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  • 2. At 5:04pm on 12 Mar 2009, ValeryP wrote:

    "Does my head look big in this?"

    Hmm, sorry, I didn't mean that in a nasty way, I think you're great Paddy - really - and I listen every Sunday morning - well, nearly every Sunday...
    *gibbers incoherently*

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  • 3. At 5:14pm on 12 Mar 2009, U12196018 wrote:

    "Yes, I know the shirt is awful - but with the judicious use a bag, no-one will know it's me!

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  • 4. At 5:15pm on 12 Mar 2009, Fifi wrote:

    "Do you want woofers with that?
    ...And tweeters? ...D'yer want a bag on yer 'ead?"

    All it needs now if for someone to put a Comic Relief red nose on the image.


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  • 5. At 5:32pm on 12 Mar 2009, Mrs Effingham wrote:

    There'll be lots of new faces on many new BBC committees, and Paddy O'Connell has been invited to sit on several of them...

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  • 6. At 5:39pm on 12 Mar 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    What a lovely photo of Mr. Paddy "It's in the Bag" O'Connell.

    Shouldn't somebody tell him, though, that Comic Relief begins tomorrow? ;o)

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  • 7. At 6:09pm on 12 Mar 2009, Sid wrote:

    "I used to be a social worker, you know ..."

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  • 8. At 6:19pm on 12 Mar 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Due to cut-backs, BBC anounce the combining of comedy and a red paper bag.

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  • 9. At 6:22pm on 12 Mar 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    The BBC reveal that Paddy O,connell is really a Tibetan Llama.

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  • 10. At 6:37pm on 12 Mar 2009, PerfectlyPerky wrote:

    "If I can just hook these handles round my ears, I'll have both hands free to slap you with!"

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  • 11. At 6:41pm on 12 Mar 2009, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Doesn't he look young!!

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  • 12. At 7:00pm on 12 Mar 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Paddy can't decide whether to disguise himself as a lumberjack or a chocolate for comic relief, so opts for a combination look.

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  • 13. At 7:30pm on 12 Mar 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    (or) Paddy mimes 'lumberjack flavoured chocolate' for a face off with Newsnight.

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  • 14. At 8:57pm on 12 Mar 2009, SeriousSoundBiter wrote:

    Is the news getting me down?

    Yes, it is.

    It seems that we are letting capitalism recover, as if we are fascinated as to whether it can or not.

    And all this on our money. Trillions of it.

    Whether it can recover or not is irrelevant. It should be replaced, recovered or not.
    Its inefficiencies and its injustices need to be replaced by a planned economy espousing efficiency and justice, in the capital and labour markets.

    We seem to be standing idl6y by watching an ER job being done on a system that should die.

    Can no one, none of our democratically elected politicians wake us from our seeming lethargy and turn our minds and our history towards a socialist future.

    This widening gyre of monetary help after monetary help, and news and hints of the next speculative bubble in the stock markets, like a dissipating whirl pool in reverse saps our energies and our souls.
    Comrades the time has surely come to tell our leaders, the best of whom seem to lack all conviction, whether Green or Lib Dem or Labour that we want no more of these financial massage parlour policies.

    We want socialism. Not just three banks here. Every thing that we ever owned in common, back publicly owned.

    That cry of a whole people would be good news. It would be bliss to hear.
    Our leaders carrying out the tasks would make it heaven to be alive.

    Then Paddy could take his head out of the carrier bag and the rest of us could take our fingers out of our ears.

    We need to turn things round like sailors hauling an unforgiving rudder out of its wrongly determined course.

    Hear us, we cry out to hear that news that the changes are coming.

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  • 15. At 10:23pm on 12 Mar 2009, Sid wrote:

    SSB - has what you want ever worked, anywhere? Don't just say yes - tell me where.

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  • 16. At 10:27pm on 12 Mar 2009, SeriousSoundBiter wrote:

    In Rayleigh, 1939 to 1951.

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  • 17. At 11:05pm on 12 Mar 2009, U12196018 wrote:

    Summary of some of the major responsibilities for Rayleigh Town Council:

    -Consultee on Planning applications in Rayleigh

    -Christmas Lights and organisation of switch on event in Town Centre

    -King George V Playing Field in Eastwood Road

    -Floral Displays in Town Centre and entry to Annual Anglia in Bloom competition

    -CCTV in Town Centre

    -Benches, salt bins, litter bins, bus shelters, some street lighting, heritage and memorial plaques and Town Centre clock.

    -Four Allotment sites within Rayleigh with over 100 plots

    -Consultee on crime and disorder reduction strategy within Rochford District

    -Member of Rayleigh Windmill management committee

    snigger, snigger.

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  • 18. At 11:28pm on 12 Mar 2009, Thunderbird wrote:

    Paddy to Eddie, "how can I shoe-horn in yet another tenuous climate change story with the only evidence being the wearing of this hat"

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  • 19. At 11:36pm on 12 Mar 2009, Fifi wrote:

    Oh, I get it now...

    That's not Paddy O'Connell at all is it.

    It's really what SeriousSoundBiter looks like, and all that drivel about nationalising everything in sight is a bright red herring!

    Thank you, BBC. At last we have a context and will treat all future rants with the level of seriousness they deserve.

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  • 20. At 00:21am on 13 Mar 2009, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    Thank you, TIH @ 17 -- I was wondering what that was about, and sort-of assuming they'd declared the revolution and nobody noticed.

    Fifi @ 19, how seriously would that be? And should we start taking bets now as to how your name can be mis-spelled?

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  • 21. At 04:43am on 13 Mar 2009, dennisjunior1 wrote:

    Yes, the news is getting me down
    very much...

    But the picture of Paddy, is somewhat brings a smile...

    ~Dennis Junior~

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  • 22. At 06:11am on 13 Mar 2009, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Eddie to Paddy: "No, I said, 'Wear the fox hat.'"

    The news *is* depressing me, but - at the risk of seeming a grumpy sort, Red Nose Day is depressing me more. It just all seems so contrived and unfunny.

    Sorry all, I know there's a lot of work going into it and it's for a very good cause, but even so... meh.

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  • 23. At 06:13am on 13 Mar 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    TIH @ 17: you forgot 'construction of soap boxes for every street corner'

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  • 24. At 08:23am on 13 Mar 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    Paddy reveals his new strategy for coping with incipient male pattern alopecia.

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  • 25. At 09:23am on 13 Mar 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Actually, he does look vaguely like a young Michael Palin - hes a lumber jack and hes ok.....

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  • 26. At 10:05am on 13 Mar 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    Joe, I thought the same. Perhaps Paddy is Michael's long lost love child?

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  • 27. At 10:18am on 13 Mar 2009, funnyJoedunn wrote:

    Paddy, Big sis has found him!

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  • 28. At 11:01am on 13 Mar 2009, Humph wrote:

    "Sadly Paddy's guess about which part of his anatomy was his nose, whilst being close, was not close enough."


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  • 29. At 11:44am on 13 Mar 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    More to the point, Humph,

    Where is the picture of the PM team wearing their red noses?


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  • 30. At 11:47am on 13 Mar 2009, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Paddy illustrating the use of a "red nose day" condom for real men and Boeing 747s?

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  • 31. At 12:34pm on 13 Mar 2009, Charlie wrote:

    The news was getting me down and, I thought that maybe only my cat , who supposedly, has nine-lives would make-it through the World's various dilemmas.

    Until I saw this story and picture about a young fellow who in a way, has managed to "dodge" a very nasty "bullet". Now, I have more hope...


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  • 32. At 1:08pm on 13 Mar 2009, vainly_here wrote:

    SSC (22) I'm with you there.

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  • 33. At 1:20pm on 13 Mar 2009, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    SSC @ 22 (and VH @ 32) I was listening just now while somebody tried to read out the weather forecast, but who was interrupted throughout by somebody else who was presumably supposed to be funny and who eventually said something about "This continuity thing isn't as easy as it looks" (very true!) before the pips mercifully cut him off in mid-remark.

    I don't see quite how this was meant to raise money, unless it was an invitation for us all to contribute lots and lots next year to keep it from happening again.

    Perhaps somebody could point out to these clowns (word used deliberately, because that presumably is what they are) that continuity happens in between items, but shouldn't involve constant interruption of the items thmselves? Ideally tell them now, so that the people who actually want to hear the weather forecast later today are allowed to do so. Being given a web address and told to go there if they want to know what the weather may be going to be will be of no use to people without a computer, or with poor vision.

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  • 34. At 1:50pm on 13 Mar 2009, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Chris (33):

    Aargh! I hadn't realized they were doing that again this year. Last time, they had Keith Chegwin "supporting" jeremy Vine on his programme and I had to stop listening.

    Please PM don't do this!

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  • 35. At 2:10pm on 13 Mar 2009, Charlie wrote:

    C_G 33

    "I don't see quite how this was meant to raise money, unless it was an invitation for us all to contribute lots and lots next year to keep it from happening again..."

    My guess is, a Substantial contribution might stop it all now...

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  • 36. At 5:21pm on 13 Mar 2009, Little Red wrote:

    Paddy - it didn't work for McQueen's models on the catwalk and it sure ain't working for you...

    nice shirt though ;o)

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