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Are you offal? We like you.

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Eddie Mair | 10:49 UK time, Monday, 8 December 2008


On Saturday's iPM we heard from a pensioner abroad, having a bit of trouble making ends meet.

Chris Beardshaw (who signed himself "...pensioner!!!!!") wrote: " I was amused to hear the pensioner in France talking about 'having to eat Offal' as their pension is so diminished!! Having eaten Offal dishes all our lives, and made soup on a regular basis, I can assure her that she's in for a treat! Dishes such as 1) Kidneys with Juniper Berries 2) Lambs Liver Italian style 3) Braised Lambs Hearts 4) Tomato Tripe Casserole have had a regular place on the menu in our house for 42 years, perhaps we need to bring back the relationship with the local Butcher who was a fund of knowledge and suggestions and, of course, cookery lessons in School (and I don't mean the theory without the practise!!!)."

We love a challenge - if you have a good offal recipe, or a tip on using offal...please post it by clicking on Comments.


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