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Radio Four and Blogs

Paddy O'Connell | 15:59 UK time, Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Thank you for having me here on this blog. Carolyn's back on Thursday, and Eddie returns a week or so later. Here's my closing statement posted with thanks.

The PM straplines will appear in coming weeks, and to our friend in Florida, if you click on the US map state by state you will find your other candidates!

After your tips on blogging, here's 1./ mine and 2/. a photo.

For BH this year, I've been to several big meetings of R4 listeners. There was a session at Hay where people woke up early, and walked in the rain to a meeting to tell us what should be on the Radio. BH has sent me to about 50 different parts of the country in the last year or so for those reports we like to do from outside London. But in all that time, I've never blogged.

It seems that the BH listener who sends an email to us or a letter or a photo does not get their view aired for other listeners. This is the case for the criticisms as well as all the other thoughts. I don't see how a weekly programme can have a daily blog, but I do think that PM listeners who care about their feedback are better-served.

There should not be a BH blog, but what do I tell BH listeners who want to get their message out in the way that the PM blogger can?

Anyway, here is a good time to send this from Liz Arundell. It's a spot the bee competition. The bee was spotted yesterday at Powys Castle. Bye for now.



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