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Blitz spirit ....

Sequin | 09:43 UK time, Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fine example of it on London Underground westbound out of the city last night.

Making our way home - it was about 11.30pm - the lights suddenly went out and the train ground to a halt. We sat there for nearly an hour and a half in the dark - with various updates from the driver: "power failure" "I can't do anything till the signalman tells me to" " don't try and jump out of the train because they might put the power back on and you'd disappear in a puff of smoke" - that sort of thing. The train was pretty crowded. One man tried to jump out but couldn't scale the wall on either side of the tracks, so he got back on . But no-one got bad-tempered even though frustration was clearly building up as the minutes ticked by.

Makes you proud doesn't it?!

Best moment: Driver: " If anyone feels the need for er..er... please make your way to the last carriage where you can relieve yourself out of the back door".

Please don't try this in daylight.


  • 1. At 09:53am on 14 Oct 2008, jonnie wrote:

    Well things can only get better.

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  • 2. At 10:02am on 14 Oct 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Initially I read that as Blithe Spirit!

    Jonnie, I didn't know you were a Blairite? ;o)

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  • 3. At 10:08am on 14 Oct 2008, annasee wrote:

    Oh dear, Sequin. Not that it's not lovely to see you here again. But you must be dreading the early-morning phone calls...

    I'm feeling a bit blitz-spirit myself. Last night played for an award ceremony which featured fountains onstage, massive catherine wheels, flaming torches waved around by dancers, and gas burners which threw huge flames up into the air. It felt like the aftermath of a blitz raid by the time we got off stage. My chest still hasn't recovered from all that smoke. Fascinating though. How the other half lives and all that. I think the orchestra were most excited about the fact we had a hot meal provided before the show. And given sweets at the interval. Simple pleasures!

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  • 4. At 10:12am on 14 Oct 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Sequin, in that post you've answered a question that I've often thought but never voiced, about the toileting arrangements in such circumstances ....

    Given the rat population down in the underground, I'm not sure I'd want to stick my extremities out in the dark like that!

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  • 5. At 10:12am on 14 Oct 2008, mittfh wrote:

    [quote="Chicken Licken"]

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


    Or, alternatively...

    # Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Banker,
    # If you think you need more dough?

    (Feel free to add more lyrics)

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  • 6. At 12:41pm on 14 Oct 2008, Charlie wrote:


    You might be right. At least the fellow in this link wasn't on the train.

    Presumably, the train in question didn't have a red-carpet. Maybe the windows would have been sleuced-off..?!


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  • 7. At 1:08pm on 14 Oct 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Sequin - I've got a problem.

    I understand the advice "don't try and jump out of the train because they might put the power back on and you'd disappear in a puff of smoke."

    But I'd be equally concerned about relieving myself out of the back door in case power was suddenly restored. Water is a very good conductor isn't it?

    My eyes are watering just thinking about it.

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  • 8. At 11:22pm on 14 Oct 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Charlie, I only got a 404 error message; perhaps it was too rude and got modded?

    Horsey, since when were gee-gees so fussy about where they relieved themselves?

    Sequin, at least you can laugh about it. Now.

    90 minutes does seem a rather long time, though...

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  • 9. At 11:46pm on 14 Oct 2008, mittfh wrote:

    Frances - the 404 is due to the blog corrupting the URL. Click the link, then look for <br /> and delete it. The resulting link should work.

    But I wouldn't bother this time - it's just a publicity stunt for a film sequel consisting of a bunch of young men attempting various stunts without safety equipment, thereby presumably competing for a Darwin Award nomination...

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