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The Prime Minister

Paddy O'Connell | 15:35 UK time, Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Is going to speak to the BBC's Nick Robinson. We're expecting the interview for part two of PM. The Irish Government's guaranteeing all deposits in the country's banks and all money borrowed by those banks from other financial institutions. What's the UK's position on that?


  • 1. At 3:44pm on 30 Sep 2008, lordBeddGelert wrote:

    Gosh, that is handy PM talking to the PM !

    He could come up with a few extra straplines.. Or should that be 'strapped for cash' lines..

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  • 2. At 3:59pm on 30 Sep 2008, justfloating wrote:

    I thought UK rules of up to 6 months delay paying the 35,000 were poor. It seems the Irish rules could be over a year in "wholly exceptional circumstances".

    When is the failing of a bank not "wholly exceptional". Is it sort of mundane now?

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  • 3. At 4:21pm on 30 Sep 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Will he be smiling? Please check with Nick for us, will you, Paddy?

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  • 4. At 4:27pm on 30 Sep 2008, Nigel_N wrote:

    Will the PM explain to PM as to what is going on if this is not the "bust" in "no more boom and bust"?

    And can someone ask the Chancellor to explain how nationalisation of a bank just a few weeks after it has had a rights issue is supposed to bring stability to the stock market.

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  • 5. At 4:45pm on 30 Sep 2008, lordBeddGelert wrote:

    "When is the failing of a bank not "wholly exceptional". Is it sort of mundane now?"

    One suspects it is rather like those 'data disasters'.. Initially one of those was guaranteed to make the news - now they need to involve a development like 'being charged under the Official Secrets Act' to be moved up the news batting order..

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  • 6. At 4:56pm on 30 Sep 2008, thenicecatlady wrote:

    Please ask invisible Gordie if the fat cats who have caused this debacle be penalised. Or will they sail off into the sunset in their yachts or fly off in their jets and leave the rest of us to try and pick up the pieces? As we always do. Because if they do that they may well find that when they try to snuffle back into our world there welcome will be very cold indeed.

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  • 7. At 4:58pm on 30 Sep 2008, thenicecatlady wrote:

    Just thought of something else.

    Please ask him what use are all the financeers, analysts, accountants, auditors who are paid exorbitant amounts if they couldn't see this coming?

    Answer - I think we've been stitched up good and proper!

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  • 8. At 5:02pm on 30 Sep 2008, Fifi wrote:


    ...er, who?

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  • 9. At 5:16pm on 30 Sep 2008, Stewart_M wrote:

    An economist patient told me back in March that we were Doooomed!

    Do we start bartering now?

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  • 10. At 5:32pm on 30 Sep 2008, Thunderbird wrote:

    Cat-Lady(6) If only that were true.

    We will spend the next two years paying for what they did while they sit on a beach on the Cayman Islands. Then when it is all sorted out, they will come back, wave some cash at whoever is in number 10 and need I say more?

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  • 11. At 5:48pm on 30 Sep 2008, steelpulse wrote:

    Paddy O'Connell - The Prime Minister.

    Thank you. About that.

    Something else happining? Nothing to hinder you - or get in your way. Or rather Nick Robinson's way - him talking to Mister Brown then?

    Nick, nick?

    A few days back - someone on the FiveLive Breakfast blog suggested Gordon Brown may be more difficult to speak to by the BBC because of an allegedly rude interview by young Nicholas Campbell. lol

    Nicky Campbell must be in the semi-curtained off area that our Carolyn is lurking Inn.

    He is supposedly at that Conservative Party shindig in Brum.

    Please ask Sequin to have a word - with Campo - about his interviewing technique.

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  • 12. At 5:54pm on 30 Sep 2008, lordBeddGelert wrote:

    What on earth is Gordon talking about - he is blathering away in a language only vaguely related to English..

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  • 13. At 6:07pm on 30 Sep 2008, johnsPMblog wrote:

    may I just make a simple comment about the "bank savers guarantee". It is not the banks money - all of it. If they do down I should get ALL of it back. i did not ask them to start loanig out on any venture that takes their fancy, I asked them to hold it SAFELY for me until I want to use it. If that means them not loaning it out and it costs them to hold it I'm perfectly willing to pay a sensible fee. However, I repeat - it is not theirs and when I ask for it back I should get ALL of it back.

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  • 14. At 7:39pm on 30 Sep 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    The French and Irish give a 100% water tight(ish) guarantee...so I recommend moving yer groats off shore!

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  • 15. At 8:09pm on 30 Sep 2008, mittfh wrote:

    Just out of curiosity, what proportion of the population:

    a) have over 35,000 UKP deposited in a single bank?
    b) have over 50,000 UKP deposited in a single bank?

    Then judging by the way the banks are merging and consolidating, AFIAK these aren't likely to be taken over...yet!

    NS&I - before the nationalisation of Northern Rock, this was the only place where your savings were 100% guaranteed.
    HSBC - According to Forbes, it's the world's largest company - larger than the Bank of America. I'd be seriously worried if this went to the wall.
    Santander - Europe's second biggest bank. Owner of several European and Latin American banks, has been trying to get a foothold in the USA.
    Lloyds TSB - now proud owners of HBOS. Were 54th largest company, but have now swallowed 44th largest company.
    RBS - 10th largest company, according to Forbes.
    Barclays - 25th largest company, according to Forbes.

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  • 16. At 9:00pm on 30 Sep 2008, justfloating wrote:

    (15) mittfh - for 2002

    Of all households 14% have more than 20,000 in savings.

    25,000 of all households have more than 10,000 in savings.

    Of the pensioners living together 30% have more than 20,000 in savings.

    The total pensioners with greater than 20,000 in savings is: approx 3 million people

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  • 17. At 9:02pm on 30 Sep 2008, justfloating wrote:

    Sorry I was having trouble with the language filter. Should have read:

    25% of all households have more than 10,000 in savings

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  • 18. At 9:42pm on 30 Sep 2008, Stewart_M wrote:

    Mittfh, Its 35000 in a bank group so if you were lucky enough to have 100000 split between alliance and leicester and abbey. If they went belly up you would only get 35000. So watch which bank groups you split your millions between ;-)

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  • 19. At 10:46pm on 30 Sep 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    "The Prime Minister Is going to speak to the BBC's Nick Robinson"

    Sounds like the perfect cure for insomnia.

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  • 20. At 11:02pm on 30 Sep 2008, U11204129 wrote:


    Personally, I think someone should have had a quiet word with him, ages ago.

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  • 21. At 07:31am on 01 Oct 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    'as e gone yet? is it safe to come out?

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  • 22. At 12:22pm on 01 Oct 2008, Paddy Briggs wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 23. At 10:22am on 23 Jul 2009, Big Sister wrote:

    Wot's Paddy doing here? - Where's Eddie?

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  • 24. At 10:25am on 23 Jul 2009, U14079256 wrote:

    He's fixing the time alternator.

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