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Eddie Mair | 12:53 UK time, Tuesday, 23 September 2008

"Here is my dinner on Friday night, sardines, rice, mushrooms, peppers and cashew nuts with a very nice glass of slightly chilled white wine, mmmm...Dave and Jane Pugh from Halifax"

"Here is the supper I prepared for my husband last night: poached salmon with a sauce that I made by adding mustard and crème fraiche to the pan juice, beans from the garden, carrots and new potatoes. To follow I served a tarte Tatin (with home made pastry) and cream. Helena"

"Attached is my dinner from Friday night; sausage roll, baked beans and two Yorkshire puddings. Regards, Peter Kazmierczak, Wimborne, Dorset."

"Hi PM Peeps. Those of you that know me will know I spend most of my time on the road so I try to eat real proper healthy meals! This is dinner last night from a Chinese take away in Frome. Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken in Szechuan Sauce and Singapore Fried Rice. All this washed down with a pint of proper Scrumpy, ohh arr. DiY:-)"

"Hi Eddie, Nouvelle cuisine it's not, delicious it is !! English food best in the world Eddie !!
Richard in sunny France"

"Took this on Thursday evening but forgot to email it. 'Scottish' smoked salmon. Doesn't look like much but the plate is large! Might've looked more appetizing with the dollop of Hollandaise I plastered all over it after taking the pic...Peter Yates"

"If the outside world didn't already think PM bloggers were a strange breed (a fanclub for a Radio 4 news programme, that regularly post off-topic messages, AND occasionally meet up in real life!), then goodness knows what they'll make of us all taking photos of our dinner and emailing them in...Anyway, here's what I tucked into on Friday (meal1) and Saturday (meal2)...Benjamin Norwood"

"Dear PM, If you are still collecting pictures of people's tea, here is what we had today (Monday, September 8th): homegrown courgette/marrow stuffed with red onion and tomato, with a cheese sauce, and homegrown runner beans and calabrese, followed by homegrown raspberries (two varieties). Ann Williams, Wanstead"

"Here's my dinner -and jolly nice it was too! ;-) Jacqueline (Glasgow)"

"Eddie, A gourmet snack; slugs on lettuce and homemade apple wine. David McNickle, St Albans"

"Tea time. Chicken, onions, tomatoes (from the garden), chinese garlic, ooops forgot the beansprouts. No photo of the rice, well , rice is not very photogenic, is it ? Eddie Punch, Web listener in Freiburg, in the Black Forest, Germany."

"I only heard about this invitation for photos of evening meals on Friday 5th September, so this is ours for that day (already planned and shopped for, so it's not a cheat). It's homemade cheesy fish and potato pie with carrots and peas - and you have before and after shots. Catherine - North Yorkshire"

"I admit this was taken earlier this year - the Sunday Times gives it away - but I so want to be part of the food silliness I thought I'd submit it anyway. Breakfast al fresco of Eggs Florentine, grilled tomato and mushrooms with a pot of tea. Yummy, Lady Sue"

"I realise I'm woefully late sending in my food photo. This is Chicken In Lemon, Paprika & Soy Sauce, with New Potatoes, Fresh Peas and Runer Beans (It's also been called Fearless Fred's Fabulous Fowl on the blog). Well worth trying. (Oh yes, and a small glass of Chardonnay :-) ) Fearless Fred"

"Chips in Scarborough, eaten on Sunday on the prom in sunshine. Yumm! Fifi ;0)"

AND FINALLY - and this is the last pic of the series, this from Nick Barnard in Windsor - "5pm Risotto".


  • 1. At 1:32pm on 23 Sep 2008, Aggie wrote:



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  • 2. At 1:37pm on 23 Sep 2008, Lady_Sue wrote:

    Hilarious. What a bunch of nutters - or should that be nut-burgers, lightly sauteed with boiled new potatoes, carrots, broccoli served with a Hollandaise sauce...

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  • 3. At 1:39pm on 23 Sep 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    David McN: I know it's unlikely, but please don't ever invite me to supper chez Nickle!

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  • 4. At 1:51pm on 23 Sep 2008, gossipmistress wrote:

    Nice sausage, Feefs!!

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  • 5. At 3:48pm on 23 Sep 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    I think a Blog cook-book is definitely called for!

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  • 6. At 4:34pm on 23 Sep 2008, mittfh wrote:

    Note to self: when emailing PM, sign off using nom-de-frog, not the standard ever-so-formal signature...

    Meanwhile, I echo Big Sis's sentiments over DMcN's dinner - I hope he was having a laugh at our expense and wasn't seriously planning to eat those slugs...

    As for Dorset Peter - I hope he wasn't planning on meeting anyone that night, given the quantity of baked beans on his plate...

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  • 7. At 5:30pm on 23 Sep 2008, David_McNickle wrote:

    aggrav8tor 1, I agree.

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  • 8. At 5:32pm on 23 Sep 2008, David_McNickle wrote:

    BS 3, mittfh 6, I think I put a recipe for slug fritters on The Beach that I found on Google.

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  • 9. At 8:24pm on 23 Sep 2008, Fifi wrote:

    At last, my sausage supper made it ... although only just it seems!

    Alas, the motorbike broke down on the way back from Scarborough, just south of the Humber Bridge. I eventually made it home, by tow truck, on the very dot of midnight, starving because those chips were the last thing I'd had to eat all day.

    So much for my lovely day trip eh? Ended up spending more than 14 hours squeezed into the leathers, with helmet hair, hungry and tired.


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  • 10. At 9:16pm on 23 Sep 2008, Humph wrote:

    GM (4) Do not let the camels hear you say that!



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  • 11. At 11:30am on 24 Sep 2008, David_McNickle wrote:

    Ff 9, Big deal, so are my slugs.

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  • 12. At 1:23pm on 24 Sep 2008, theotherdaughter wrote:

    You all eat so well! And all these bottles of wine too.

    David in Wimborne and Fifi - thanks for making me feel less inferiour than all these healthy eaters.


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  • 13. At 4:07pm on 24 Sep 2008, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    aggrav8or @ 1, I think Eddie is trying to get people to prove that it is possible to listen to PM and still eat. I did ask a while ago why we had all these pictures of other people's food being posted, and he told me that there was an explanation, but when I went to the place he suggested and looked for it, I didn't find one.

    I think that it is now fairly clear that PM listeners do also eat...

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