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Eddie Mair | 13:01 UK time, Thursday, 18 September 2008

This photo comes from Bill Gordon...and we owe Bill an apology. We couldn't get it to save when he first sent it. Then he kindly sent a pdf which didn't help. In the end I asked Jennifer from iPM who is very clever, and she said the original file was ENORMOUS but she was able to squish it.


Obviously in the process, we have cut off someone's head. Please forgive us Bill...but at least we managed to keep in the "Sausages, Mashed Potatoes (with gravy), Peas, Corgets with onions and tap water with a slice of fresh lemon." Sorry Bill.

Nicola Watson sent this: "a photo of our supper (or tea according to by other half who said it would have been dinner, except it was cold - which qualified it as tea apparently). We are off to Green Party Conference tomorrow morning, so it was leftovers from the fridge. Looks nice, though, doesn't it?

Nick Fletcher in North Yorkshire sends us "my tea on Thursday night, which was a big plate of Fish & Chips. Ps: I shared the bread :)"

"Dinner Thursday 4th September.Grilled lamb chop, baked potato,cauliflower,cabbage,runner beans,gravy. A typical dinner for Eileen / Les Britton (retired)."

And howsabout this from Hugh L'Estrange in London:
"This is a typical dinner (or lunch) for me. I am following the Gerson Therapy to heal my cancer. 'Hippocrates soup' (strained potato, leek, onion, tomato, celery and parsley) in the yellow bowl. Raw salad items (lettuce, celery, tomatoes, kohlrabi, cauliflower, cold boiled potato and beetroot) on the right-hand plate. Baked and boiled potatoes, onion, garlic, swede and red pepper/onion sauce on the left-hand plate. Fresh fruit for desert. Carrot and apple juice in the glass. Everything organic of course."

Michael Phelps sent is this:
Well, no he didn't. This is from Matthew Jones in Surrey, who writes: "A couple of weeks ago during the Olympics I tried the Michael Phelps diet for a day to see how I fared. I started with a bowl of porridge with raisins on top at 3am, whilst watching the swimming, and this was followed throughout the day with three fried egg sandwiches, a five-egg omlette, 500g pasta, a chicken pizza, two ham sandwiches and three chocolate-chip pancakes (see attached photos). All of this was washed down with four 500ml bottles of Lucozade and two cups of coffee. I mixed this up with some off-road biking, a gym session and a run to try to burn off the kilo cals! I have a large appetite usually and keep fit but I'll admit it was a struggle and it got the better of me the end (as I didn't manage the final 500g of pasta). I do not recommend it!" Yes but are you a slim swimmer now?

Haggis and couscous with lots of vegetables - for Lesley Mclaren in Stow in the Scottish Borders: thg.JPG

From Philip R Kirkland - "Tonight's dinner for 2. Calabrese, potatoes and broad beans from the garden. Fish cakes from the local fishmonger. Strawberry dessert - Our own strawberries, Greek style yoghurt and Scottish shortbread. (plus a little sugar) Yum!"

Jonnie sends "Couscous salad with some roast chicken - and rather too many M&S chocolates for dessert."


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