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The Beach.

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Eddie Mair | 04:21 UK time, Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Beach, The place to visit for a little rest and relaxation when real life gets too real. Off topic friendly chat.


  • 1. At 05:10am on 03 Jul 2008, U12196018 wrote:

    Whassup. . . new beach . . Friday . . Thursday . . . must be dreami.n.g. . . z z zzzz. . .

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  • 2. At 07:02am on 03 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    QL, well it must be Friday somewhere!

    anyhoo, day off from RL today as we take son #3 to Heathrow T4, kick him aboard a BA flight to Australia and wave bye bye to him for a year!

    SO will be in tears, I wil retain a stiff upper lip, wish him a speedy and safe journey and remind him that I haven't forggoten he didn't mow the lawn whilst i was in Romsey.

    Prior to all that though is breakfast, tea, toast and marmalade will be available at NC's (other breakfasts are available).

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  • 3. At 07:02am on 03 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    ah..that's better, found my reading glasses....oops!

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  • 4. At 07:10am on 03 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Good luck today, DIY.

    So, we've had a Beach on Saturday, now a Beach on a Thursday. Shall we have a whip-round to buy Eddie a calendar? :p Actually, today feels like a Friday to me, as I'm on holiday as of the end of play today for a couple of weeks. I'll bring a crate of assorted vino collapso pronto to the beach this afternoon :-)

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  • 5. At 07:48am on 03 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    Morning all,

    I see Sequin's on PM tomorrow. Perhaps Eddie's going to be held incommunicado, so posted the beach early.

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  • 6. At 07:58am on 03 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Thanks FF and we look forward to the vino. I'll chip in a gallon of Scrumpy when I get back from West Londinium!

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  • 7. At 08:15am on 03 Jul 2008, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Ah! A Thursday Beach! Ideal.

    Sorry all if I was grumpy yesterday; a combination of bad hayfever and a splitting headache really should lead to a lie-down in a darkened room with no 'net access.

    I'll be asleep over in that shady hammock over there. Please only wake me up if Gwen Cooper off Torchwood/Doctor Who appears demanding my body. Or if someone's making a nice cup of tea.

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  • 8. At 08:45am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Was it all the jokes, Eddie? Didn't you like them?

    [I regard it as a new page of an old jokebook ;o)]

    Today I'll be listening to a 60 minute programme about an aging Rolling Stone. Tune in at 10 a.m. for Wyman's Hour.

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  • 9. At 08:48am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Cat: You weren't bad tempered. And sorry to hear about the hayfever - it can make you feel wretched. Hope today's better for you.

    Can I offer you a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice?

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  • 10. At 08:57am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Good luck today, DiY. Remind No. 1 son that hats with corkscrews are okay in the outback, but very uncool back in the UK ;o)

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  • 11. At 08:57am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Deepthought: Do you have psychic powers? I don't see Sequin anywhere ....

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  • 12. At 09:27am on 03 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    DIWyman - good luck to your son. I'll be thinking of you today xx

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  • 13. At 09:40am on 03 Jul 2008, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    *hands Big Sister a hanky*

    Oh, sorry, I thought you said "freshly sneezed orange juice".

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  • 14. At 09:49am on 03 Jul 2008, Hugh_Z_Hackenbach wrote:

    BigSis (11)
    Sequin today at 17:00

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  • 15. At 09:56am on 03 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Sequin seems to be listed going into next week too....

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  • 16. At 10:12am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    So, not very Eddie-fying for a while, eh? He just keeps sneaking off, doesn't he?

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  • 17. At 10:13am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    ... But I'm forgetting my manners. How very kind of Eddie to thoughtfully post up a new Beach before he sets off on his hols/his new ventures/whatever.

    Thank you, Lord Mair.

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  • 18. At 11:37am on 03 Jul 2008, Stephen - Leader of STROP wrote:

    More importantly - what was Mr Mair doing up a 4:21am just to push the new beach into harbour - this man sleeps less than Mrs Thatcher: look what happened to her...

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  • 19. At 11:43am on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Not only that, Stephen, but I detected yesterday that Mr. Mair has again got a touch of the lurgy. He really must be careful (earning his living by his voice) not to keep catching colds, or whatever it is that gives him a scratchy throat.

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  • 20. At 12:15pm on 03 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    Big Sis (19),

    But the R4 schedule is not normally updated so rapidly as to cover for EM catching a lurgy and having Sequin stand in. It's often completely wrong on things like presenters for Today, WatO, PM and World tonight.

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  • 21. At 12:25pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Yes, Deepthought, I take your point - I was replying to Stephen's point about Mr. Mair's activities. I think he may be overdoing it.

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  • 22. At 12:34pm on 03 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Sis (8), that's not our own Wyman, is it? Thought he was busy at the airport.

    DI, is there anything you'd like to tell us? And is the missus younger than your son?

    Never fear; it's probably Friday in Oz, so he's a frog ambassador; we'll all be vicariously antipodean thanks to him.

    Hope all went well, speedo king. He'll have a wonderful time while you're both fretting and worrying. That's what being a teenager is for. Getting back at the aged p's for all those years of going to bed at a sensible time and eating your greens. It's cruel; but that's nature's way.

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  • 23. At 12:34pm on 03 Jul 2008, U11204129 wrote:

    *. Right on, Sister!

    I favour the idea its 'cos your jokes are better than the prole's** jokes.

    Yesterday, pre-Murray, BBC 1, Brucie tells us (J. Tarbuck as strait man (no change there, then)):

    I've played tennis at Wimbledon

    Centre Court?

    No, I think its just singed/bruised/etc

    (Collapse of stout party)

    Must be me! Geddit? I didn't and still don't! (Please supply sense of humour transfusion, with diagrams if necessary)

    I DO get the dreadful one about the woman who fell, on the Surrey country bus (still Green Lines?). The conductor, taking her proffered fare, says 'Ascot, lady?' 'No, I think its only bruced***'

    Your jokes on the previous Beach were great. Witty lines in the sand. I'm glad the tide hasn't washed them away.

    **prole = pro, ole, a witty reference to Brucie's professionalism, dancing talents and his Estuary English.

    *** a witty reference to Brucie's bottom pinching cheeky chappie stage persona and his Estuary English.

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  • 24. At 12:47pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    While flattered by your posting, pmL, in the interests of veracity I should point out that my offerings on the Beach were vastly inferior to those of other froggers.

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  • 25. At 12:53pm on 03 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Are we still playing radio schedules on this beach? Oh, goody.

    I think we need to stock up on brain food.

    Mackerel? Herring? Salmon - farmed or wild? Trout, brown or rainbow? A nice tin of sardines? The frying pan's warming, and there's a saucepan ready.

    New potatoes scrubbed and about to come to the boil for hot or salad guzzling.

    What d'ya fancy?

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  • 26. At 1:12pm on 03 Jul 2008, mygloriousleader wrote:

    Isn't it funny how you skim read sometimes.

    I read the top as ...

    "The place to visit for a little rest and relaxation when real life gets too... Off "
    di di dit
    dah dah dah
    di di dit

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  • 27. At 1:28pm on 03 Jul 2008, Stewart_M wrote:

    Dt (5)

    Not sure if I want MY incommunicados holding.

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  • 28. At 1:29pm on 03 Jul 2008, Stewart_M wrote:

    Hey! Thats my Beach description again. Time we sent some more in I think.

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  • 29. At 1:31pm on 03 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    DIY (27) : What if we warm our hands first?

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  • 30. At 1:57pm on 03 Jul 2008, thenicecatlady wrote:

    Fifi (29) : I think we should wash our hands first!

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  • 31. At 2:32pm on 03 Jul 2008, Matterbooboo wrote:

    Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon II and Mash - Bangers and Mash.

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  • 32. At 2:48pm on 03 Jul 2008, mygloriousleader wrote:

    The only lethal weapon around here is the one I'm sitting on...

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  • 33. At 2:49pm on 03 Jul 2008, mygloriousleader wrote:

    especially after a hot curry

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  • 34. At 2:59pm on 03 Jul 2008, Joe_Palooka wrote:

    Half A Sixpence and The Dirty Dozen and The Exorcist - Half A Dozen Eggs.

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  • 35. At 5:34pm on 03 Jul 2008, RxKaren wrote:

    Isn't it today that Eddie becomes Dr Eddie or have I lost the plot?

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  • 36. At 5:48pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Dr. Eddie? Where? or should I say: Dr. Who?

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  • 37. At 5:50pm on 03 Jul 2008, RxKaren wrote:

    I thought he was getting an honorary Dr of Blogging or something from Abertay.

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  • 38. At 5:51pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    How clever you are, RxKaren! A bit of searching and, indeed, today is the day when Eddie receives an honorary degree from the University of Abertay.

    Their website says:

    On learning he would receive an Honorary Degree from Abertay Eddie said: "It's a surprise and a great honour, and a reminder of what I could have achieved years ago if only I'd worked harder."

    Well done, Eddie! (though not sure if its a doctorate .....)

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  • 39. At 5:52pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Ooops, yes, he'll be an Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt).

    Eddie Mair, DLitt.

    (DLitt - just don't say it in an Italian accent)

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  • 40. At 5:54pm on 03 Jul 2008, RxKaren wrote:

    I hope he doesn't let us all down at the post-ceremony drinking party...

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  • 41. At 6:04pm on 03 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Gahhhh. Glad today's over.

    No takers for my fish fry-up/barbie?

    I'm going to have fresh Cardigan Bay mackerel, lightly dipped in oatmeal and fried in naughty butter, with a thick slab of batch loaf and even more naughty butter, and some boiled new potatoes. Some sort of salad will get made while all that happens.

    Ooh, I'm hungry.

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  • 42. At 6:07pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Raise your glasses to the new Dr. Mair!

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  • 43. At 7:10pm on 03 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    I'm thinking I might do a chippie run tomorrow night Frances... saving myself, as it were.

    And 3xcheers for Dr Mair... very fetching, Big Sister! (Good to know what he's been up to, these past few days.)


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  • 44. At 7:11pm on 03 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    How much longer before I serve my apprenticeship??? Grrrr!


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  • 45. At 7:24pm on 03 Jul 2008, RxKaren wrote:

    Has anyone told him that we'll want photos... of Dundee petrol prices, obviously!

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  • 46. At 8:30pm on 03 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Hi, sorry to butt in BUT ('scuse the pun)

    Grrrr..... Petrol's always cheaper north of the border!!
    Don't know what those Jocks do to deserve it

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  • 47. At 8:41pm on 03 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Does anyone fancy a beer!! I've had a wonderful day at work dealing with morons.
    I'll join you Fifi.t.f.s. for that fish and chip party tomorrow - might get a little out of hand though! perhaps I'd better wear my wet suit and full face mask.


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  • 48. At 8:42pm on 03 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Forgot to post my congrats to the new Dr Mair

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  • 49. At 9:14pm on 03 Jul 2008, ValeryP wrote:

    Congrats Dr Mair! I hope your ceremony was as eddie-fying as Young MasterP's in Aberdeen on Tuesday.

    All in Latin, and with us, the audience, singing Gaudeamus Igitur. So-o moving. I even managed to take one of those wee film things on my digital camera of The Boy being lassooed with his hood!

    Our Doctor Honoris Causa was Ferran Adria - so appropriate to mention to all the foodies here on the beach - named in the running order as the world's greatest chef, and having been profiled on the covers of The New York Times and Time Magazine and listed as one the the 100 most influential people in the world.

    May I mention, in a still small voice, that I hadn't heard of him - and I'd rather we'd had Eddie!

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  • 50. At 10:55pm on 03 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Oh Val ... I can feel the pride in your every perfectly formed syllable!

    Kookey ... glad you found the latest Beach. Some of us got a bit confused, trying to thrash some life out of the old one. Happens every week, don't know why we fall for it so often really!

    I found a beef lasagne in the fridge, which I added some extra mozzarella to, so forgive me if my thththtrbd gmmdaggg

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  • 51. At 10:55pm on 03 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    evenin' all. just back from Heathen Row T4, son #3 has now actually left the country, by himself, with a very big backpack and even bigger grin!

    matched only by an even bigger grin from his proud dad.

    Mrs Diy blubbed and sniffled all the way home!

    i was about to remark, look petal it's not as if it's half way round the .......but thought better of it!

    anyhoo, time for some apple falling down juice and some supper. will leave a flagon of scrumpy along with some bread and cheese at NC's for those fancying a niblet.

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  • 52. At 10:57pm on 03 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Hey, I graduated too! This calls for a celebration!

    Found some bubbly in the fridge... I'll sneak it down the Beach for us all to have some -- it's ages since Val brought any, the meany (!).

    Smoked salmon with cream cheese on oatcakes to go with, anyone?

    Yippeeeee! Mod free at last!!!!!!!!!

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  • 53. At 11:04pm on 03 Jul 2008, BorneoHumph wrote:

    Bang, bang, bang . . . bang, bang, bang, bang, bang . . . BANGGGG

    tncl (30) Actually, I think that we should wash our hands afterwards

    Bang, bang . . . bang, bang, bang BANG!

    I hope that this bush-telegraph thingy is working.


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  • 54. At 11:23pm on 03 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Ooooh, BorneoHumph is trying to communicate with us!

    I wonder what he's about to say?

    Mods, this is our very own Humph, intrepid explorer, from the depths of Borneo ....

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  • 55. At 07:36am on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Humph, glad to hear you are having fin banging away in Borneo!

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  • 56. At 10:50am on 04 Jul 2008, Gladys_Friday wrote:

    Fifi, that fizzy stuff has gone up my nose.

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  • 57. At 11:10am on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Gladys.....friday it may be, but even i know you shouldn't snort Bubbly

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  • 58. At 11:20am on 04 Jul 2008, mittfh wrote:

    After all this talk of Eddie's degree, I decided to Google him. Nothing on the degree, but plenty to relieve any withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing, including WikiQuote, an article from The Indy headlined: "Radio's Mr Mischief still has an answer for everything", and (at the top of page 2) even an appearance on YouTube.

    "Your interest in this programme may go down as well as up."

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  • 59. At 11:22am on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    mittfh: You are lookin in the wrong places. Try g**gling for University of Abertavy, or Eddie Mair + degree

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  • 60. At 11:46am on 04 Jul 2008, Joe_Palooka wrote:

    He's only doing it for the student discount.

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  • 61. At 11:57am on 04 Jul 2008, U11204129 wrote:

    It's the funky Gibbon saying camels are a transport of delight:

    Generations and ages might roll away in silent oblivion, and the helpless savage was restrained from multiplying his race by the wants and pursuits which confined his existence to the narrow margin of the seacoast. But in an early period of antiquity the great body of the Arabs had emerged from this scene of misery; and as the naked wilderness could not maintain a people of hunters, they rose at once to the more secure and plentiful condition of the pastoral life. The same life is uniformly pursued by the roving tribes of the desert; and in the portrait of the modern Bedoweens, we may trace the features of their ancestors, who, in the age of Moses or Mahomet, dwelt under similar tents, and conducted their horses, and camels, and sheep, to the same springs and the same pastures. Our toil is lessened, and our wealth is increased, by our dominion over the useful animals; and the Arabian shepherd had acquired the absolute possession of a faithful friend and a laborious slave. Arabia, in the opinion of the naturalist, is the genuine and original country of the horse; the climate most propitious, not indeed to the size, but to the spirit and swiftness, of that generous animal. The merit of the Barb, the Spanish, and the English breed, is derived from a mixture of Arabian blood: the Bedoweens preserve, with superstitious care, the honors and the memory of the purest race: the males are sold at a high price, but the females are seldom alienated; and the birth of a noble foal was esteemed among the tribes, as a subject of joy and mutual congratulation. These horses are educated in the tents, among the children of the Arabs, with a tender familiarity, which trains them in the habits of gentleness and attachment. They are accustomed only to walk and to gallop: their sensations are not blunted by the incessant abuse of the spur and the whip: their powers are reserved for the moments of flight and pursuit: but no sooner do they feel the touch of the hand or the stirrup, than they dart away with the swiftness of the wind; and if their friend be dismounted in the rapid career, they instantly stop till he has recovered his seat. In the sands of Africa and Arabia, the camel is a sacred and precious gift. That strong and patient beast of burden can perform, without eating or drinking, a journey of several days; and a reservoir of fresh water is preserved in a large bag, a fifth stomach of the animal, whose body is imprinted with the marks of servitude: the larger breed is capable of transporting a weight of a thousand pounds; and the dromedary, of a lighter and more active frame, outstrips the fleetest courser in the race. Alive or dead, almost every part of the camel is serviceable to man: her milk is plentiful and nutritious: the young and tender flesh has the taste of veal: a valuable salt is extracted from the urine: the dung supplies the deficiency of fuel; and the long hair, which falls each year and is renewed, is coarsely manufactured into the garments, the furniture, and the tents of the Bedoweens. In the rainy seasons, they consume the rare and insufficient herbage of the desert: during the heats of summer and the scarcity of winter, they remove their encampments to the sea-coast, the hills of Yemen, or the neighborhood of the Euphrates, and have often extorted the dangerous license of visiting the banks of the Nile, and the villages of Syria and Palestine. The life of a wandering Arab is a life of danger and distress; and though sometimes, by rapine or exchange, he may appropriate the fruits of industry, a private citizen in Europe is in the possession of more solid and pleasing luxury than the proudest emir, who marches in the field at the head of ten thousand horse.

    My goodness, where did our language go?!?

    Make me feel I don't have the lineage for nags or Beach camels either!

    Are ours happy in that sandy and stony place?

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  • 62. At 12:18pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Joe: He's unlikely to get a student discount - he's been awarded the degree, so has technically graduated! ;o)

    Also, of course, there are age restrictions on, for example, student travel cards.

    Too little too late, eh?

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  • 63. At 12:41pm on 04 Jul 2008, Gladys_Friday wrote:

    Liz - thanks for the email.

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  • 64. At 12:42pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Gosh, is Gladys getting emails from the Queen now?

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  • 65. At 12:45pm on 04 Jul 2008, Gladys_Friday wrote:


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  • 66. At 12:46pm on 04 Jul 2008, mittfh wrote:

    Oh dear...


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  • 67. At 12:47pm on 04 Jul 2008, Joe_Palooka wrote:

    Jonnie - have you been sending Gladys emails?

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  • 68. At 12:49pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    mittfh: He looks very fine. Is the other chap there to hold his train, do you think? ;0)

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  • 69. At 12:53pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    According to the news report accompanying that picture, upon receiving his degree Eddie said, “Look at all those hundreds of people who have worked hard to get their degree. My talent is talking and I swan in and get a degree as well, so I am a little embarrassed, but also very honoured.”

    We'll bring him down to size.

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  • 70. At 12:55pm on 04 Jul 2008, mittfh wrote:

    It gets worse - do a Google Images search for "eddie mair degree"...
    Second row down looks interesting :)

    In reality, practically every pic posted on the blog is tagged with the details of the relevant post, i.e. "Eddie Mair, DD MMM YY, HH:MM AM/PM", so it will produce some "interesting" results, not all of which are pics of Eddie himself!

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  • 71. At 1:05pm on 04 Jul 2008, Tom_Harrop wrote:

    Was it a committee that came up with the name Abertay?

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  • 72. At 1:06pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Tom: You presumably know that Aber is the word for river (celtic?)?

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  • 73. At 1:07pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Correction: river mouth

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  • 74. At 1:08pm on 04 Jul 2008, Gladys_Friday wrote:


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  • 75. At 2:34pm on 04 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Trust Humph (53) to get here just as I was swanning off to bed with my teddybear and murder thriller.

    My command of Bush Telegraph is very rusty now, and I certainly can't do bold..

    Bang BANG bang... bang BANG BANG... thud!

    Oops. Mis-hit off the frame of the racket there.

    Fifteen-love to H it is then. ;o)

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  • 76. At 3:44pm on 04 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Hi there, beach bums one and all - I suppose that includes flat sitters (question is: 'What are round or square sitters like??') and anyone who hasn't - like me - managed to blag an early day home from work!!! Yippppeeeeeee!!!!!
    Have managed to lay my hands on s crate of chilled beer - Oh I suppose I'd better add some wine and a pint or two of old scrumpy too!!
    Whose got the FOOD??

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  • 77. At 3:47pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    KookieB: Have you ever visited Sunset Strip?

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  • 78. At 4:13pm on 04 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    ''fraid to say that has not been on my itinery yet, perhaps you can paint me a picture?

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  • 79. At 4:17pm on 04 Jul 2008, mittfh wrote:

    I'll be off to a real beach soon - having a short break at Mullion in Cornwall from Sun - Thur (leaving Fri to recuperate and getting washing sorted / car emptied of sand before hitting Lichfield the following weekend!), taking Mum and Bessie (8 years young yellow lab bitch) with me - as well as my digicam and however many batteries I can rustle up (digicams have a voracious appetite for battery power).

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  • 80. At 4:21pm on 04 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Oh, bang, God (sorry!) is, bang BANG, that guy still, bang, BANG, BANG, BBAAAANNNNNGGGGG. sending morse code from Borneo!!
    He makes my head hurt.

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  • 81. At 4:54pm on 04 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Ah, but Kookie (80) he knows more about the chemical wossnames of atmospheric thiddlydoos than you or I!

    Or so he says. My SO claims to follow quite a bit of the technical stuff he has occasionally regaled us with over at the Cransleycam... me, I just nod and smile and pass the beers over!

    Mittfh... so, off to Lichfield are you?


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  • 82. At 5:13pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:


    Try searching for 77 Sunset Strip

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  • 83. At 5:50pm on 04 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Big Sister,
    now I see where you are coming from - quite uncanny!!
    You won't believe it but my surname has the same letters but in a different order!!
    The nickname Kookie was the name of my horse many years ago!

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  • 84. At 7:19pm on 04 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Having studied the pictures after 'googling' 77 Sunset Strip - he was a bit of a dish! some years ago though.
    No relation as far as I know. Got me thinking!.

    Have just come in from the garden with a large tub of fresh picked raspberries who's got the cream??

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  • 85. At 7:33pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Yes, I suppose he was (though not my type!)

    I did see some episodes as a very young kid, not sure if it was the first time round or if they were repeats - lol! But the theme tune was very snappy, so I'll give you all a quick burst now while somebody finds the cream.

    "Seventy seven Sunset Strip
    Seventy seven Sunset Strip
    (clickclick) ......."

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  • 86. At 7:37pm on 04 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    ..... You'll find the highbrow and the hipster
    The callgirl and the phoney tipster
    All kinds of people come and pass you by
    Including a private eye!

    Seventy seven ......

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  • 87. At 8:20pm on 04 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Blimey the price of fish around here! I had a sausage instead. You can't do better than a nice sausage!

    Is it plonk o'clock yet, anyone?

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  • 88. At 8:36pm on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Feefs mit Flatsitter, yes and have another sausage. this one is wild boar and herb from my fave butcher in north herefordshire. not that i am there, it is one of many wot i purchased earlier in the year and froze.

    v v good with mashed pots, a leek and onion gravy and a really good mustard.

    yum, yum.


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  • 89. At 8:39pm on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    sorry Feefs, forgot to mention a jug of herefordshire apple falling down juice is at NC's......be careful though. it 'tis true it does strange things to your mind and eyesight.............ker........thud........splash

    .....who pusht thasht beasht there..zzzzz.....z......z.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • 90. At 8:47pm on 04 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    PM letters this evening. Very high pitched DIWyman, I thought...something you need to tell us?

    Just recovered from sumburn on my, ahem, thinning locks, which I got earlier this week driving up and down the motorways with the sunroof open. So will be wearing this trilby on the beach for a bit.

    More of this Sem Chard at NC bar for those who like it, I'm about to settle down with this good book.

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  • 91. At 8:57pm on 04 Jul 2008, Izzy_Tme wrote:



    well, after a period of RL enforced quietness, here I am with a crate full of plonk (for plonk o'clock) and a bbq full of tasty stuff (y'know, spesh sausages, spicy prawns, yummy chicken, veggie kebabs and some sort of sticky, teeth rotting pudding) just heaved on to the NCB - fill yer boots fellow froggers! Hopefully, this lot'll take our minds off the RL weather out there - groo!

    Hope everyone's well. DIY - are you sure it wasn't you sniffling and snuffling really?

    I'm off to have a lie down in the purple hammock after carting all that lot down here - give me a call when it's all cooked to perfection......

    Love Izz xx

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  • 92. At 9:41pm on 04 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    DIY (2 fat ladies) : next time you drop by Chez Fifi's you must bring some of those yummy sausages with you. I will whip up a lovely toad-in-the-....

    (stops herself just in time)

    How come that vaguely DIY-shaped heap of old Speedos smells faintly of tweed and apples?

    (attention diverted... dons sunglasses)

    And what the blue blazes is that red-hot glowing dome-let over beyond the Beach Volleyball pitch? (waves)

    Oh sorry, Deep, didn't spot you there. You might want to spray some of this after-sunroof on that slightly over-bronzed bit up top...

    Now, I'll just griddle these sausages, wings, ribs, veggiewotsits etc that someone's left next to the BBQ to perfection, and bang the gong when it's ready. Hope you've all got good appetites tonight!

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  • 93. At 9:46pm on 04 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    This is not mine, but so aposite:

    hangover, n:

    The wrath of grapes.

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  • 94. At 9:46pm on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Feefs, no problemo my little kaftan tent wearing fiend...........that din't come out roight did it?

    *awaits gong*

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  • 95. At 9:53pm on 04 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Obviously too much tea in my system again... my 92 seems to have gone AWOL. OK, I can repeat myself! Ahem......

    DIY (2 fat ladies) : Next time you're passing Chez Fifi's on your travels, you must remember to lob some of those wonderful sausages in my direction. Yum!

    2 questions:

    1) Why does that vaguely frogger-shaped heap of old Speedos smell faintly of tweed and apples?

    2) What is that red-hot dome-let glowing over there beyond the Beach Volleyball pitch?

    Oh sorry, didn't spot you there, Deep. You might like to spray some of this after-sunroof on that slightly griddled bit up top....?

    Now, I will just cook to perfection these sausages, burgers, prawns, chickens etc that some thoughtful person has left by the BBQ ... I hope you've all got good appetites still. The marinade is gorgeous! Did anyone bring booze......?

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  • 96. At 9:55pm on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    look, u lot i woz wearing me best Speedos tonight in honour of 'aving Miss 'C', the Lord Mair stand in, read me out and they woz a bit tight i must admit. 'ow ever, i reserve the right, as a bloke, to say i woz on the wireless and you wosn't, so up.......

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  • 97. At 9:56pm on 04 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:


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  • 98. At 10:03pm on 04 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    DIY (96)

    OK, we believe you, but I too have had my comments read out in the past...usually by the right gender!

    Ukalale Orchestra of Great Britain prog (tuesday - listen again) great value. Their rendition of Damnbuster's March will remain with you....

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  • 99. At 11:40pm on 04 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    (clears throat)


    Form an orderly mob please.

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  • 100. At 00:22am on 05 Jul 2008, ValeryP wrote:

    Orderly Mob, by the left, quick March!

    Oh and I seem to have some MORE prosecco about my person, perhaps all the rest of it got left behind on the last beach? Plenty more where that came from, thank goodness. Glasses at the ready peeps?

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  • 101. At 08:52am on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    morning frogging peeps, well that was a jolly good evening!

    fired up the e-mail thingy this morning to be greeted with one from son #3 in Oz, even via e-mail we can tell he still has a grin from ear to ear!

    Mrs DiY had just about stopped dabbing her eyes but now it has started again!

    anyhoo, tea and toast anyone?

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  • 102. At 09:42am on 05 Jul 2008, annasee wrote:

    D I Wy - you'll be the one dabbing your eyes when you have to start investigating the cost of the two of you flying to Oz!

    I can hear Mrs D I Wy now saying :

    "But darling, we can't possibly let him celebrate Christmas alone in a strange country! We must be there! And I don't trust that nasty foreign food - I insist we bring our own turkey and sprouts, they'll fit in your luggage allowance. You won't need any clothes apart from your speedos anyway, so there'll be plenty of room. In fact, if we bring the potatoes too, you can peel them on the way over. I'm told it's a long flight."

    Just you wait and see - I bet I'm right!

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  • 103. At 10:50am on 05 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    Deepthought (98) I absolutely agree with what you say about the Ukelele Orchestra - I love 'em ;o)
    And.....I'm going to see them (for the second time) tonight!!! Yey!!!
    I feel good just thinking about it ;o)

    I hope they do they Russian(!) version of ''Leaning on a Lamp-post'', as well as the Dambusters....oh, and Miss Dynamite -tee-hee....and ''Anarchy in the UK'', and......

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  • 104. At 10:57am on 05 Jul 2008, Little Red wrote:

    oh dear. what on earth could have made my head feel like this? a nice relax and a cup of coffee should set me right.

    DIY - i bet you'd cut a fine figure on a beach in Oz, dressed in nought but your speedos and pinny, diligently watching over a pot of simmering sprouts

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  • 105. At 11:39am on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    annasee, 102.

    Mrs DiY has already started the 'mind games', we had only just got onto the M25 when that very subject was broached.

    I countered with a "yes dear and then we could nip on over to NZ and meet up with all my long lost cousins". since then there hasn't been another mention.

    The calm before the storm I fear!

    anyhoo, i did my bit of 'mind games' by saying this is the ideal time to get a decent webcam so that we could keep in touch.

    took the bait straight away, hook, line and sinker.......and she is going to pay for it as it will be an 'early christmas present'.....

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  • 106. At 11:41am on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Little Red, I cut a fine figure where ever I go, just ask Feefs and Gillianianian as they have both seen me in the flesh....so to speak!

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  • 107. At 12:11pm on 05 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    DI, that sounds like an eminenty sensible idea.

    Make sure to get one with a tissue-holder, though, for Mrs DI's eyes.

    Morni... oh, no, afternoon, froggers all!

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  • 108. At 12:27pm on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:


    LOL, spot on!


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  • 109. At 1:43pm on 05 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    I can confirm that DIY cuts a very striking figure, dressed in heavy allweather tweeds, thigh boots and with Union Jack Speedos at a jaunty angle on his head.

    Deliberately kept him standing on the doorstep for ages, just to see how the traffic on the A43 slowed down to stare...

    Now... where do they keep the sea around here? I've made my picnic, just need to find my way to the coast, and remember to bring my directions for finding the flat again.

    Oh, and bring a towel for the paddling. Photos, if paddling takes place, will be taken.


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  • 110. At 2:32pm on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    ......thanks for that Feefs, 'praps I will be able to do the same for you some day!


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  • 111. At 3:31pm on 05 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    I can confirm there IS a massive tailback on the A43 - by the time I got to past feefs doorstep, I had heard all of Any Answers, and was well in to Inspector Rebus ( might have to listen again to that, as I think I might have got a couple of the voices muddled up...who dun it?)!!!

    Anyhoo...scrummy bbq last night folks!!! I left my bananas on the ashes, to make some warmed up griddled banana thing but i totally forgot to get them!!!

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  • 112. At 4:02pm on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    n-n, did you see Feefs 'outdoor orifice' at the bottom of 'er garden?

    *that didn't come out right either did it!*

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  • 113. At 4:22pm on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    BALLS, we are having meat balls in a rich tomato sauce for T tonight, with a side order of v v v v garlic bread.
    any left overs will be available at NC's from 19:00 hrs Zulu, fust cum fust served!

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  • 114. At 7:54pm on 05 Jul 2008, Froggersfroat wrote:

    DiY....just in from working in the the outdoor orifice...Always thought I should I should have married a Rich tomato saucepot...any meatballs goin' spare?....

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  • 115. At 8:54pm on 05 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:


    loads me ol' mate. since son #3 went to OZ yesterday we haven't got used to the idea of cooking for 2!

    so dive in and help yerself!

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  • 116. At 8:55pm on 05 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Nicholas Noodelus ... you were past my front door today?? And you didn't drop in to say hi to SO and Daisy T Cat???

    By the way I was at Great Yarmouth today, paddling in the sea and buying a Pointless Postcard. Overindulged in an extra helping of sprouts with lunch before setting out, which had the bonus of clearing the Prom for 20 minutes while the bomb squad tracked down the source of the gaseous outbreak.

    Unfortunately my photos must wait till I get home and my PC can talk to t'interweb directly again. :o(

    I have brought candy floss and Yarmouth Rock, which I've left by the NC bar. Help yourselves!

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  • 117. At 9:08pm on 05 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:


    cor, haven't had them since i dont know when!!! mmmmm!!!

    am popping over to cransley


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  • 118. At 10:03pm on 05 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    (Thinks) Meatballs with rich tomato sauce...

    would go very well with some al dente noodles... watch out, Nikki, and your Italian cousin Alessandro...

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  • 119. At 11:13pm on 05 Jul 2008, poshmissusmac wrote:

    However does one persuade this system that I have not included any HTML in a post I am trying to send?

    There was some in a FB comment I planned. The system objected so I edited it out.

    But the system says I 'had' 'unacceptable' HTML in the message and refuses to post it.

    Please help.

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  • 120. At 11:17pm on 05 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    (119) : I think you might find that it's the ampersand that catches you out.

    Don't expect me to explain or justify it... all I can say is that I have had a similar problem...


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  • 121. At 11:34pm on 05 Jul 2008, poshmissusmac wrote:

    Thank you, FifiTheFlatsitter!

    It worked a treat!!

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  • 122. At 10:58am on 06 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    hey Frances O!! you know Alessandro?? my long-time no-see cousin????

    What a small world!!!

    He could never decide whether he liked his icecream plain or mixed; but then, i guess, he was neapolitan....

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  • 123. At 11:23am on 06 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    nikki (122) Is Alessandro any relation to the child singer Lena Zabaglione?

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  • 124. At 11:38am on 06 Jul 2008, Aperitif wrote:

    Morning all.

    I have decided to reinvent myself. I'd like to be a lightbulb please. Any ideas how to go about achieving this? Anyone?

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  • 125. At 1:13pm on 06 Jul 2008, gossipmistress wrote:

    Aperitif - are you going oldstyle or longlife? Bayonet or screwfit? So many choices..... ;-)

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  • 126. At 1:38pm on 06 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    surely Appy is already shining brightly here already :-)

    Actually, Appy, if you want to be a lightbulb, can I suggest you be an LED-based one? That way you're bright, turn-on immediately (ooh err!) and there's no mercury involved, so you're green as well ;-)

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  • 127. At 6:15pm on 06 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Gillianianian (123) : It's a little known fact that I was born in the same town as Lena Zabaglione, about a year later.

    What's more, Prince Charles is Duke of it.

    There is a fortune teller in Gt Yarmouth called Lena who claims to be able to help with mantramonial issues.


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  • 128. At 7:03pm on 06 Jul 2008, ValeryP wrote:

    According to yesterday's paper Feefs, one of the "stars" of the new Mamma Mia film comes from there too (clue - and it's not Meryl Streep).

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  • 129. At 8:35pm on 06 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Well Val (128) I know it's not me, and I am pretty sure the Marquis isn't in movies as a rule... who else does that leave?

    Vat of Pimms on the NC bar for those watching the Men's Final on the big screen.. just keep scooping yourselves a glassful whenever you need to.

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  • 130. At 9:08pm on 06 Jul 2008, poshmissusmac wrote:

    Goodness, will it never end?
    First one bloke, then the other.
    Serve and return.
    Left hand, right hand, forehand, backhand.
    Deuce, van in, deuce van out.

    Not even rain puts a stop to it. They come back after it's stopped.

    When I was young, watching a 7 inch black and white TV, the thing would obligingly break down during long matches. Modern technology puts paid to even that relief.

    6-0, 6-0, 6-0 is about as far as my toleration goes.

    But Beach tennis, ah, that's another matter!!

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  • 131. At 9:14pm on 06 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    Fearless (126),

    Apart from the shameless flattery...

    I attended a seminar on early development of what became these ultra bright LEDs, and I awoke to hear the end of the talk: "It's cheap, it's safe, it's GaAs"

    That rather dates me :-(

    Am going to the purple hammock, to nurse, and glow with, pride after today's events. Scoop up some Pimms on the way. (Why can I still buy the winter cup in my local supermarket?)

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  • 132. At 9:35pm on 06 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    Deepthought (131) What a tease you are! This is no place for modesty (unless you're thinking of skinny-dipping!)
    Please share your good news - here's a veritable fruit salad to put in your Pimms - budge up in the purple hammock and tell me all about it ;o)

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  • 133. At 9:58pm on 06 Jul 2008, U12196018 wrote:

    Aperitif (124) - Oh dear! Before I can offer any useful advice I'd have to ask a few questions.

    First of all, how bright do you think you are? A dim 25 watt or very bright 500 watt?
    Do you restrict yourself to indoor operation or are you rugged enough for the great outdoors?
    Bayonet or Edison Screw?

    Illuminate me and I'll offer a more definite opinion.

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  • 134. At 10:19pm on 06 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    I see the Pimms has gone to good use then....?

    Aspirins, bloody marys and hair of the dog on that low table near the bar for those who need them in the morning..

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  • 135. At 10:38pm on 06 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    Pimms Ahoy!!

    well, you could knock me down with a Barge pole!!! Who'd have thought it??

    the tennis is all over for another year!!!

    btw, we call our Derek "20 watt"

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  • 136. At 10:53pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Oooh, have I been modded, or is there a go-slow? All I said was about Alessandro, Signore Dente

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  • 137. At 10:56pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    and about P Chas being the Duke of Zabaglione, and was it organic and free-range

    and whether any employee there was in the pudding club

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  • 138. At 11:00pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Right! That's three times I've been not put up about a harmless post about a well-known deli in Marchmont.

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  • 139. At 11:01pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Where I was taught to boil pasta by Mr Alessandro Dente

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  • 140. At 11:03pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Ah - they don't like the word Clorla (anag)

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  • 141. At 11:04pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    or comments about olive oil that hasn't been pressed before

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  • 142. At 11:09pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    I mean, how petty.

    No msg that talking about Italian delis, or olive oil, are unacceptable.

    Woss goin on???????

    Anyway, having got fed up enough to bang on about it I will now leave the topic.

    It was a mild joke, plus a reference to Edinburgh for froggers who used to get good nosh.

    Also I got the unmentionable one muddled up by describing the Italian deli in as being in M'mont; of course it's at the top of Leith Walk. I was thinking of another one.

    I was a bit cross when I posted that. Lost my bearings a bit.


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  • 143. At 11:11pm on 06 Jul 2008, U12196018 wrote:

    Frances O - Calm yourself!

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  • 144. At 11:11pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:


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  • 145. At 11:14pm on 06 Jul 2008, U12196018 wrote:

    Frances O - Did you ever have a drink in The Crown in Great Victoria St?

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  • 146. At 11:15pm on 06 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Loon, you're right. It was just so blimmin silly! Got my goat right riled up.

    C@m0m1le tea brewing. Then bed.

    It's just so flippin daft I wanted to know which bit they thought was obscene or likely to cause a national emergency.

    Last time I discuss p@st@ on the frog, though. Feh!

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  • 147. At 11:26pm on 06 Jul 2008, Sid wrote:

    I'm with you there, Frances_O. I've been modded on another thread for no good purpose. I think some people refer you because they know that in two days' time when the mods get round to checking, everyone will have moved on.

    Anyhow. A case of red wine here - half price, then a further 25% off - how could I resist??? So, help yourselves.

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  • 148. At 06:52am on 07 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Morning all!

    Pot of coffee and pot of tea on the bar. Will try and frog this evening from foreign parts :-)

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  • 149. At 10:14am on 07 Jul 2008, BorneoHumph wrote:

    I have to say, Appy (124), that I think it would be a bad idea. It would lead to a load of jokes along the lines of:

    "How many waiters does it take to change an Aperitif?"


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  • 150. At 11:40am on 07 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Ah, but BorneoHumph, there's a flaw with your logic. Who would ever want to change Appy. :-)

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  • 151. At 12:06pm on 07 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    FF (150) - You shameless silver-tongued ingratiating flatterer!

    Remember when Aunt Dahlia asked Ap if she was an oily prat? I laughed out loud when I worked that one out.

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  • 152. At 12:41pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Prawn stir-fry with spring onions, anyone? I've found a nice Sauvignon Blank in the fridge which would go nicely with it.

    Lemon wedges on the side for those who like their prawns lemony...

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  • 153. At 12:47pm on 07 Jul 2008, Anne P. wrote:

    Fifi, I'll try some of your prawns please - sounds delicious. In return some strawberries and home-made yoghurt.

    By the way how did you change your name? I looked the other day when someone asked the question and I can't find it where I thought it was - don't actually want to change would just like to know how.

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  • 154. At 2:58pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Anne P ... go up to the top of the thread.. where it says Sign Out, and do so. Then sign in as a new user, with a new name and password. Job done!

    I decided to change my name, as I was signing in on a different computer while I'm at my Secret Location. If by any chance some trace remains on the computer once I'm off home (scheduled for tomorrow) then it's not such a big deal for my Frog identity.

    Yummm.... lovely sweet strawberries! TA!

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  • 155. At 6:57pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Aubergine/mozzarella bake in the oven ... don't wear white if you wish to partake, as it has a miraculous ability to slosh tomatoey stains down one's front back and sides.

    I've even known it get into people's hair, though don't ask me why.

    And, to go with it, a nice Aussi shiraz/cab sav ... do dig in! ;o)

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  • 156. At 7:44pm on 07 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    evening all,

    RL has landed me busy week working in Holt, but at least I get to go home each evening.

    FlatSittingFeefs, thanks for dinner, i was struggling to come up with an idea for a quick and easy meal, and hey presto there it was...........fish and chips!



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  • 157. At 7:48pm on 07 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    oh forgot to say, had an ultrasound scan on me liver today, first indications, nothing to worry about.........wot, then why are all my 'bloods' all over the place!

    just make an ointment with your GP and he will discuss wot to do next.

    oh, well back to square one!

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  • 158. At 8:16pm on 07 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    DI Wyman - if you have a stye, does the doc give you oinkment?

    Your liver's okay - so here's a barrel of Scrumpy to celebrate! ;o)

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  • 159. At 8:23pm on 07 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:


    LOL and cheers!

    onwards and upwards. son #3 having much fun in OZ, sent a txt asking me to ask his mum to stop phoning the hostel to find out if he is ok! (she only phoned the once 'cos his 'OZ' mobile would not accept inconing calls yet). he says it is cramping his style.

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  • 160. At 8:34pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Gosh DIY (159) : Mum cramping son's style from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD????? (sorry for shouting)

    That's seriously impressive. I thought mine had been doing well since yesterday morning, reaching all the way from the West of Scotland to my Secret Location in Deepest Englandshire!

    I need to use up the rest of this G and T before tomorrow morning, and the rest of the lemon, so ... who's for a wee snifter at the NC Bar? ;oP

    Off back to Chez Fifi tomorrow in the afternoon, after a couple of hush-hush missions and filling the car up using my 5p-a-litre-off voucher from a local Tesburysons.

    I shall miss the old place... sniff!...

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  • 161. At 8:55pm on 07 Jul 2008, U11204129 wrote:

    154. Goodness, Fifi, it's a good job you are the delectable Fifi and a blog god. Well, aristocracy at the very least.

    Lesser (mere mortal) bloggers would be banned for that. Multiple identities. 'Cos I bet the original 'Fifi' name still works at Sign In.

    PS I've decided you are in fact a blog goddess rather than just a peeress of the blog realm.
    How else could you be entitled to a four letter name when New User insists on 6 characters (in search of an author-isation) Ho, ho.

    PPS Guess why I've been modded at Glass Box.
    On second thoughts don't.
    I'll tell you instead. The post considered the fate of Spanish speakers on work permits, one going to work on the Underground, one jumping into the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

    I'll wear the Modding as a badge of honour if it's permanent. Like my police docket under the Terrorism Acts at Fairford and as many a (much) younger man currently shows off his Asbo.

    'Cos if it's 'Content' and it's upheld, the Mods will have made themselves a laughing stock (were their lack of good judgement, then, less worrying).

    It's probably just a temporary thing.

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  • 162. At 9:08pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    PML (161) : My official name is actually 'FormerlyFifi' ... somehow I managed to figure out how to be known as Fifi on the blog. Can't remember how, but it took me a while at the time.

    No special favours, I assure you!

    Here... have a gin and tonic with me, and let's compare our modding scars...

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  • 163. At 9:13pm on 07 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    Frances O - am sending you a case of freshly unpressed primo Italian Olive Oil to sooothe that furrowd brow!!!!

    Fifi I hopr the rain holds off for your return tomorrow!!!

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  • 164. At 9:25pm on 07 Jul 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Feefs, is it safe to mix your G and T,s with Gilliaianian's Scrumpy?

    answers on a postcard please!

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  • 165. At 9:29pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    DIY (164) : That sounds like a really interesting cocktail ... what shall we call it?

    n-n (163) : I'm a Scot. I was bred in rain! As DIY can testify, I neither rust nor shrink noticeably in the damp weather!


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  • 166. At 9:33pm on 07 Jul 2008, KookieB wrote:

    Hi, guys and girls, just calling in for a quick glass of wine - that Sauv, Blanc of yours sounds just up my street Fifi.
    A quick rock inthe old purple hammock will rest my work weary bones!!

    On my own tonight as the other half is driving home from Gatwick - been through 'monsoon' weather apparently.
    not good!!

    I still have fresh raspberries and cream going begging.


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  • 167. At 10:04pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    I'm up for raspies and creambo, Kookie ... coming home tomorrow, yay!

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  • 168. At 11:13pm on 07 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    pmLeader - If you ain't mac then you are his brother.

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  • 169. At 11:36pm on 07 Jul 2008, ValeryP wrote:

    Frances O - think I know both delis of which you speak, and love them both :-)
    Dinnae fret.

    I like Mrs DIY's style! Having just dropped TD and her mountain of wordly goods into this year's accommodation, it was lovely to see her face (knowing that she and new flatmate had planned a party tomorrow with approx 50 invitees) when those on 'reception' said, " yes, friends coming? sure they just buzz up to you then you just have to come down and sign them in - and out" Hee hee. Watch this space. (Am I a professional spoilsport or a time-served Mum?)

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  • 170. At 01:51am on 08 Jul 2008, U11204129 wrote:

    Quick, check out my bitter comment at the Glass Box before someone complains about that version of it.

    Complain about this comment

  • 171. At 2:03pm on 08 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Horse (168) : I think you're right. Don't let it go to your head, mind...!

    Right -- just got to pack the last of the perishable food, stow away the laptop, unplug every electrical appliance I can find, and then I'm off home.

    Better still, the perishables are by the BBQ for a Tuesday Buffet:

    cold ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cream cheese and oatcakes, and strangely copious quantities of fruit juice.

    Dig in, and I'll see you all from the Summer Branch Office later on!

    Fifi ;o)

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  • 172. At 2:08pm on 08 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    froggers!! peeps!!!

    lend me your hummocks!!
    For I am in sore need of shut eye.

    "now Brutus, however, was an honourable man"

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  • 173. At 2:40pm on 08 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your beers! I come with berry flavoured caesar salad and braised beef!

    Yes, I'm back from Sconny Botland, where a pleasant time was had by all. Could have done without the drive doon sooth yesterday and straight into work today, but there you go. I'll collapse into a heap later...

    I've brought haggis, neeps and tatties for dinner later, lorne sausage and marmalade for breakfast.

    ;o) []

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  • 174. At 3:18pm on 08 Jul 2008, whisky-joe wrote:

    Wonko - sorry - but could you repeat all that? I was in a wee dwam.......

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  • 175. At 4:10pm on 08 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    Certainly whisky-joe:

    "Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your beers! I come with berry flavoured caesar salad and braised beef!

    Yes, I'm back from Sconny Botland, where a pleasant time was had by all. Could have done without the drive doon sooth yesterday and straight into work today, but there you go. I'll collapse into a heap later...

    I've brought haggis, neeps and tatties for dinner later, lorne sausage and marmalade for breakfast.

    ;o) []"

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  • 176. At 8:52pm on 08 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    My name has reverted to the shorter version, so I guess that means my own computer's working OK after its holiday in...

    Goodness me, haggis neeps tatties! Not sure what part the marmalade is supposed to play in this meal, but happy to try anything once.

    I see the purple hammock is taken. May I then baggz the sparkly one next door for forty winks? Just to tide me over till Bonekickers startzzzz... zzzz... zz... zzzz....

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  • 177. At 10:47pm on 08 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Big catch-up. I have recovered from my fit of the vapours, thanks to burnt feathers and sal volatile. (Sounds disgusting, doesn't it?)

    N-n's olive oil was much, much more acceptable. Smoothed it on the brow, put it in the home-made tom sauce. Mmmmmm... if there's any left over I'll bring it in here.

    ValP, oh happy memories of good eating in Embra.

    DI, if your liver's playing up, perhaps you need to avoid the booze for a bit - boring, I know, but it's not good for that particular organ. I'm sure you know that, anyway. (A doctor writes)
    I have a stock of delicious fruit teas I can bung on the counter at Nick's.

    Wonko, oh, yes, please. I won't have the Lorne sausage, but I am one of those strange peeps who enjoys haggis, neeps an tatties, even at this time of year. And as for marmalade, well, I confess to an inherited passion for C00p3r's 0xf0rd*

    * other universities are available

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  • 178. At 10:48pm on 08 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Feefs, welcome back from flatland. I missed Bonecrunchers. Is it worth doing that telly catch-up thingie for?

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  • 179. At 10:52pm on 08 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Oh! DI! Misread your post.

    Have a single malt to go with that scrummy haggis.

    Anyone tried MacSween's veggie one? It's surprisingly yummy.

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  • 180. At 11:48pm on 08 Jul 2008, ValeryP wrote:

    Tis too FrancesO - it's like a much more interesting and easily digestible white pudding. Do you get white pudding in England then?

    Now, I come bearing gifts. This weekend I finally got around to bottling the sloe gin from the back end of last year, and ye gods and little fishes it's a bit tasty! I must have gotten carried away when I made it, probably the second load of sloes that I found at the back of the bushes. Anyways, I got nearly 7 bottles out of what I made - so here are a few for the NC Bar. Form a disorderly queue mesdames et messieurs, although glasses smaller than your average are advised, seems a bit potent.....

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  • 181. At 09:12am on 09 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    Gosh, no-one here yet. All nursing hangovers? Val did say small glasses...

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  • 182. At 11:05am on 09 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    I wonder if the smell of these chocolate brownies will rouse anyone?

    Frances O - I watched Bonecrunchers, and was sorely disappointed. It was a poor man's Indiana Jones, but not as (intentionally) funny. A Childrens' Productions Team would have made a better job of it, I'm sure.

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  • 183. At 11:06am on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Frances (178) : I thought Boneheaders made a surprisingly good start. Thanks to everyone watching Time Team at some point or other, they didn't have to waste time explaining what geophysics (etc) is .. just rattled along with a bonkers plot, great dialogue, and a ridiculous ending.

    We loved it!

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  • 184. At 11:26am on 09 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Gillian and Fifi - Haha! Are you two sure that you were watching the same programme?

    Fifi - I didn't watch it myself, but how can you enjoy something that has 'a bonkers plot' and 'a ridiculous ending'?

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  • 185. At 11:44am on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Horse (184) : I cite Blackadder, any of the 'Alien' films, The Hotel New Hampshire, The World According to Garp ...

    ... episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Mister Benn...

    ... the Matrix trilogy, Animal Farm...


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  • 186. At 11:56am on 09 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Fifi - So a mix of comedy and science fiction then?

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  • 187. At 12:24pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    And (186)... what did you think Bonecrackers would be???

    To celebrate Frances's ace strapline, how about the traditional festive lunch of bacon butties? I've got a production line going, bits and bobs on the side...


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  • 188. At 12:59pm on 09 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    Any bacon left?

    ;o) []

    In case anyone was wondering, I discovered while on holiday that lorne sausage is absolutely delicious with marmalade. Honestly, try it! Speaking of which I've brought some maple syrup (No.1 dark) to go with the bacon. Assuming there's any left.

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  • 189. At 1:01pm on 09 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    PS I caught the end of the nobbly-bits kickers programme yesterday. I have to agree with Feefs, it was piff, but enjoyable piff. I particular enjoyed the older male (didn't catch the names), he seems to have a nice line in alcohol related one-liners!

    ;o) []

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  • 190. At 1:18pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    We did finish it off Wonko (188) .. however, in honour of your modded 189, I'll set some more rashers sizzling for you.

    Drycure smoked do for you?


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  • 191. At 1:53pm on 09 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Why on earth has Wonko's (189) been modded? I read it before it disappeared and there was nothing in it that came near breaking any House Rules!

    Hold that thought! I've just checked and it seems that 'piff' is slang for marijuana - according to the Urban Dictionary.

    Do the mods (or some software) just check for words or do they actually read the posts.

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  • 192. At 2:05pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    (191) : It says '...has been referred...'

    Maybe someone's up to mischief, knowing how long it can take the mods to reinstate a posting.

    Or am I being too cynical?

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  • 193. At 2:40pm on 09 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    Well I have to say if it has been taken in the sense TIH has found in that dictionary I can categorically state that I did not use it in that sense. For a start, until I read TIH's post I'd never heard of the term in that sense! In my house it's an innocent expression of something that is whimsically silly or unimportant.

    I'd love some drycured smoked bacon, thanks Feefs.

    ;o) []

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  • 194. At 2:46pm on 09 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    Froggers all!!

    It being the anniversary of my 21st birthday today, (yes, I realise its been a sloe start....can't beGIN to think why...), I am having delivered to the rear entrance of the NCMBar an virtual distillery sized quantity of the potent liquid...

    ...any help in consuming it, and toasting the day would be, of course, most welcome.

    As you may have guessed, I am starting even now... I have in front of me a rather tasty bottle of organic sschampers from Wait****s, which may not see 4 oclock...

    nick the noodle.

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  • 195. At 2:47pm on 09 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Wonko - I'd never heard of it either until I 'googled' it. Nor had I heard of about 2 dozen other listed words that are apparently slang for marijuana as well!

    I take it that 'your' piff is a contraction of piffle?

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  • 196. At 2:52pm on 09 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    TIH - you are absolutely correct in your assumption!

    NN - I'm holding my glass out, I could do with a drop or two of the good stuff. I love sloe gin! Many congratulations on your anniversary (I tell people I'm 19 for nth time - you should see the frowns when they try to work it out!)

    ;o) []

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  • 197. At 5:08pm on 09 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    Happy Birthday nikki noodle! No champers left?
    Ta-da!! Here's a bottle I hid earlier. Cheers!

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  • 198. At 5:31pm on 09 Jul 2008, Sid wrote:

    I'm over here, Gillianian ... won't be drinking alcohol as I have a stinking cold, so ... oh, all right, go on then. I'll say when ...

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  • 199. At 5:35pm on 09 Jul 2008, Sid wrote:

    192 - I think you're spot on, Fifi. I've had two posts removed lately - and I've reposted them both a couple of days later, and they're still there. As you say, it takes the mods so long to react that it spoils the whole point. Is that what you said? or meant?

    It reminds me of a game of badminton we're having with our neighbour at the moment - we bat the shuttlecock over the fence, three days later it comes back. It sort of lacks ... well, everything.

    Another glass of champers please someone ...

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  • 200. At 5:35pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Hippo bathday, n-n!

    Here;s a rum-soaked cake for you to cut later...

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  • 201. At 5:55pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Hippy burpday, noodle!

    * holds out glass *

    Haven't had sloe gin since the last of the 1998 vintage got finished... mmmm.... somebody has a good recipe!

    I brought a present. Hope you like it....

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  • 202. At 6:46pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Oh, and by special request from SO, I'm cooking Fearless Fred's Magnificent Bird ... it's a delicious chicken recipe, before you all start getting attacks of the vapours!

    Orders, please? ;o)

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  • 203. At 9:41pm on 09 Jul 2008, pmmolly wrote:


    That was lucky- something told me to get to the beach and there you all are-partying and eating and I nearly missed the fun!

    Have you had a good day, n-n?
    Hope so!


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  • 204. At 10:05pm on 09 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Hi Molly... looks like only you and I are still standing!


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  • 205. At 10:32pm on 09 Jul 2008, pmmolly wrote:

    Hi! Yup!
    and I'm on my knees- all that bopping-think I'll just pour one last champers- want one Fif?

    Great- purple hammock's frrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee .......

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - zzzzz- zzzzzzzz

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  • 206. At 10:36am on 10 Jul 2008, Sid wrote:

    Hope you had a good day n-n!

    Time for a little snooze before elevenses, I think ...

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  • 207. At 10:59am on 10 Jul 2008, pmmolly wrote:

    someone's trying to get in the hammock!

    Oi! Sid!
    Watch what you're doing!


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  • 208. At 11:02am on 10 Jul 2008, Sid wrote:

    Ooops ... sorry, Molly ... I'll put some coffee on. And warm some croissants. And make tea.

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  • 209. At 11:59am on 10 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Oooh, I wonder if the mods will censor today's strapline?

    I've made a huge pot of Big Sister's chilli ... anyone want some? Choice of baked spuds or boiled rice to go with it, along with plenty of soured cream.

    The only thing NOT in this recipe is meat -- and I guarantee you won't miss it!

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  • 210. At 1:05pm on 10 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    I'm having a quick picnic here before I resume my guise as domestic goddess back in RL.
    Fi, I'd love some of that chilli please - it'll fire me up for an afternoon of wearing my fingers to the bone ;o)

    Oh - what was that? I'm sure I saw something swinging through the palm trees - something orange and hairy!

    There it is again, and it's swung a bit closer - oh heck.....it's Humph.....he's gone native!! ;o)

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  • 211. At 1:35pm on 10 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Swinging through the trees I can deal with, Gillianianianianian... but are you calling Humph orange and hairy???

    I think I may have to ask you to step outside, young lady!!


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  • 212. At 2:51pm on 10 Jul 2008, needsanewnickname wrote:

    I seem to have a large pallet of choccy digestives to spare. Oh, and where did that tea cake come from? Yikes - it's gone.

    Oooh, what other tea-time yummies shall we have?

    I have a bit of a fancy for flapjacks, but that is just so indulgent.

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  • 213. At 10:07pm on 10 Jul 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Ooh, I notice the beach is rather empty tonight. I'll jut set up the breakfast bits'n'bobs for tomorrow...

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  • 214. At 10:13pm on 10 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:


    I see your latest strapline is under your nom-de-frog, that rather argues against your comments about the PM team ignoring your request re attributions to the strapline.

    But as a multiple strap-liner, you have more experience than this one strap-liner...

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  • 215. At 10:28pm on 10 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:


    and thats just the flapjack....so indulgent, I know, Frances_O, but then that's me to a tee!!!

    Orange and hairy?!!! Gillianian, what *did* you put in your tea?!!

    I rather like the idea of being a strap liner....

    am having a night of nil consumption tonight in a rather vain and futile attempt to get the weekly average down

    Nite all!!

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  • 216. At 10:07am on 11 Jul 2008, Sid wrote:

    Hello? Anybody here? Come on, I've been running round like a mad thing getting coffee and tea ready. There's a stack of toast, some croissants, muesli, fruit salad ... dig in!

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  • 217. At 10:56am on 11 Jul 2008, ValeryP wrote:

    I'll join you Sid - and you didn't even know you were coming apart *boom boom*, copyright circa 1959 when I thought that the most hilarious joke I'd ever heard. And used it to death.....

    A leisurely breakfast in good company will be a wonderful indulgence - a last minute change of plans re travelling to Aberdeen has had to be made. I realised just last night that T in the Park traffic would be thronging up the highway in the same direction - so I'm going to set off early tomorrow instead. Wish me luck.

    Young MasterP has been sending me impressive picture messages of his own attempts to declutter 4 years of student detritus, and I'm impressed beyond belief - perhaps he was shaken into it by the thought of what I might come across that he'd forgotten about!!

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  • 218. At 2:26pm on 11 Jul 2008, Wonko wrote:

    What ho!

    Spent yesterday with Mrs Wonko, Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law at the Hampton Court Flower Show. Despite the mud and the stiff breeze we had a good time. It was a very long day mind! Didn't get home until 12:30am, so I'm rather sleepwalking through work today... We took a big picnic, which did for both lunch and dinner!

    I'll be the one in the Octarine hammock with muddy boots and a carniverous plant.

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  • 219. At 2:50pm on 11 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Wonko: a new Beach has been opened ....

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