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Reporting from the Synod...

Sequin | 15:55 UK time, Monday, 7 July 2008

...on the programme tonight will be Christopher Landau.

Here's a sneak preview of the introduction into his report

We'll know by the end of today just how the Church of England plans to proceed with the vexed question of women bishops. They're voting at their General Synod in York.

But you'll have to listen to find out the very latest.

They're not only voting, but they're also queuing to get in...


And if any photo was ever deserving of a caption competition, it's this one:



  • 1. At 4:32pm on 07 Jul 2008, vagueofgodalming wrote:

    The church unveils PETER (Pearly Entrance To Eternity Replacement), its latest efficiency savings measure.

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  • 2. At 4:45pm on 07 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Strewth! Is that Clare Balding with the dog-collar in the first photograph? That woman gets everywhere!

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  • 3. At 4:53pm on 07 Jul 2008, Thunderbird wrote:

    I guess the ones with umbrellas are not true believers......

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  • 4. At 5:14pm on 07 Jul 2008, U11235707 wrote:

    The vexed question of whether the Church of England should open its hard boiled eggs from the thin end or the fat end.

    Does my bishop look big in this?

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  • 5. At 5:45pm on 07 Jul 2008, U11235707 wrote:

    Why aren't there more Jewish bishops in the C of E, are they anti-Semites?

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  • 6. At 5:47pm on 07 Jul 2008, angelicsunday wrote:

    I hope that security gate wasn't set up by a member of the inferior sex - ie a woman, or Synod members will presumably decline to go through it.

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  • 7. At 5:54pm on 07 Jul 2008, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    It is easier for a vicar to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for a camel to... erm, than it is for a camel to.

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  • 8. At 8:24pm on 07 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    I'm getting giddy - if you hit ''previous'' from this thread, you get sent back to today's Glass Box, and start the loop all over again!
    The only way I can access the weather threads is through ''Recent Comments'' - then it all works properly via the ''next '' buttons!

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  • 9. At 8:27pm on 07 Jul 2008, Gillianian wrote:

    Of course, you can still get the weather threads through the ''Main'' page - but it's still an odd little glitch ;o)

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  • 10. At 8:41pm on 07 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    Jimmy (4 and 5) : Ah, you are sharp as a tack today!

    I find this whole debate utterly mystefying. Fascinating but incomprehensible.

    1) People need Other People to help them know what to believe

    2) Some of the Other People already in the job, won't let just-anyone who feels called to do that job and is prepared to work hard to learn how, do it

    The harder part for me to understand is (1).

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  • 11. At 8:58pm on 07 Jul 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    "After standing patiently to allow God the Father to go through, and then God the Son, no one was quite sure how long they should wait for the Holy Ghost...."

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  • 12. At 9:33pm on 07 Jul 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    "Today, the DUP try out their latest papist detector, at the Cof E Synod. It was rapidly withdrawn due to alleged false positives."

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  • 13. At 10:03pm on 07 Jul 2008, Stewart_M wrote:

    Anglicans re introduce the confessional box.

    You choose your penance. If that's okay with you. After all we don't want to upset too many clergy.

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  • 14. At 01:36am on 08 Jul 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    This machine is the world's first "sinnometer." Parishoners walk in one at a time, wait ten seconds, and it will tell them what their coefficient of sin is and how likely they are to go to heaven or the other place if they died at that moment. We don't charge anything for that use but if you insert a five pound note, it will print out an individualized program for the person explaining what steps to take to improve his or her odds of going to heaven. Ain't she a beauty? We think it will easily outperform the collection plate.

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  • 15. At 11:39am on 08 Jul 2008, FifiTheFlatsitter wrote:

    "I don't care if Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen DID specify it during Changing Rooms... I am NOT going to worship it!"

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  • 16. At 12:45pm on 08 Jul 2008, Matholwch - Brythonic Tribal Polytheist wrote:

    As with all doctrines people choose the bits that suit their own prejudices and ignore the rest.
    For example, the evangelicals I know are fond of quoting the following scriptural verses:
    "1 Corinthians 14:34-36
    Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. "
    This speaks much of the Christian view on the place of women, especially in the church. I don't understand how any intelligent woman could accept this bald-faced prejudice.
    "1 Timothy 2:11-15
    Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence...snip "
    So this part tells us that women cannot be teachers or lead men in anything. How does Christianity expect children to learn to walk and talk - as their primary instructors are usually (but not always) women?
    Why do the Christian governors of schools (esp. CofE schools) allow women to teach?
    Any Christian here present have a female teacher in school, or a female boss? Why did you permit them to speak?
    Such pick'n'mix religions should be ignored as irrelevant to the modern world.

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  • 17. At 1:07pm on 08 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Matholwch: Thank you for those words of comfort. I have to say that, until last night's vote, I was starting to feel I had stepped back a century or more .....

    I am so disgusted with the way some male priests are trying to use scriptures written within a context of two millenia ago as justification for treating women as second (or even third) class members of the human race. It is quite appalling.

    Any male priest who cannot tolerate equality within the Church should hide his face in shame. And yes, I know there are women members of the Church who are also against the ordination of women bishops (or priests). They, imho, are traitors to my sex.

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  • 18. At 1:53pm on 08 Jul 2008, U12196018 wrote:

    Preface to the Thirty-Nine Articles of 1562
    "Being by God's Ordinance, according to Our just Title, Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church, within these Our Dominions, We hold it most agreeable to this Our Kingly Office, and Our own religious zeal, to conserve and maintain the Church committed to Our Charge, in Unity of true Religion, and in the Bond of Peace ... We have therefore, upon mature Deliberation, and with the Advice of so many of Our Bishops as might conveniently be called together, thought fit to make this Declaration following ... That We are Supreme Governor of the Church of England ... "

    That would now be the Queen, wouldn't it? All a litlle bit silly isn't it? I wonder what percentage of the population cares.

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  • 19. At 2:00pm on 08 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    I don't know what percentage of the population I comprise, Loon, but I most certainly care - less about whether or not the Queen/King are head of the established church as that the church should treat people equally in terms of their race or gender.

    Oh, and on that topic, it is high time they changed the principle of primogenitur when it comes to the Crown - but I believe that is under discussion already.

    When women are finally truly equal within the Church, it will have a knock on effect in the House of Lords, of course, since at the moment women are precluded by their sex from representing the Church/the bishops.

    Oh - and this is a joke, Loon - is 'litlle' an invention of your own? ;o)

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  • 20. At 2:22pm on 08 Jul 2008, mygloriousleader wrote:

    Dispensing with the stairway to heaven, there was a little reticence to try the new matter transporter...

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  • 21. At 2:34pm on 08 Jul 2008, U12196018 wrote:

    Big Sis - I told you that I was going to start making up my own worms!

    My question about what percentage of the population cares was not so much about who cares about gender discrimination, but about who cares what happens within the The Church of England. They're inexticably linked I know, but I find the whole religion thing just so much nonsense. My daughter once had an invisible friend, but she grew out of it at four.

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  • 22. At 3:48pm on 08 Jul 2008, U10783173 wrote:

    Caption - Another attendee at the General Synod tries out the 'Serene Face" practice mirror before taking his seat.

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  • 23. At 3:52pm on 08 Jul 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    I'm with you on the thrust of your comment, Loon, but, whatever you and I think about religion, it does wield quite a bit of power ....

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  • 24. At 3:59pm on 08 Jul 2008, Joe_Palooka wrote:

    It's Mr and Mrs Eedoowell, and their eclesiastical son, Dean Eedoowell.

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  • 25. At 8:46pm on 08 Jul 2008, Fifi wrote:

    Horse (21) : That's twice I've found myself in agreement with you today.



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