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Hi, I'm Ritula Shah.

Marc | 10:43 UK time, Friday, 27 June 2008


Ooh it's familiar but different...I'm normally in this seat on a Saturday but it's a bit bigger today -- so bear with me while I buckle up and settle in -- I'm determined not to slide about once the rollercoaster that is PM gets going -- and there will be NO screaming....well not much anyway. I'll let you know what we're doing in a while


  • 1. At 11:05am on 27 Jun 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    mmmmmm, me thinks all is not well in the kingdom of Mair

    rh2 resized.JPG is wot?


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  • 2. At 11:13am on 27 Jun 2008, marcsettle wrote:

    It's meant to be a photo of Ritula. We're working to fix it. Watch this space. In fact, watch *that* space eventually become a photo.

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  • 3. At 11:17am on 27 Jun 2008, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Welcome Ritula :-) I hope this means you'll come visit the blog on Saturdays when you're on. Anyway, have they left you the keys to Eddie's drinks cabinet? If not, we'll make sure there's a glass of your favourite tipple on the Nick Clarke Memorial Bar on the Beach for after the programme...

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  • 4. At 11:23am on 27 Jun 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Welcome, Ritula. We'll look forward to 'seeing you' once the Frog Prince has 'found' you.

    (Quick wave to Frog Prince Marc, who has been keeping a very low profile for a long time!)

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  • 5. At 11:27am on 27 Jun 2008, marcsettle wrote:

    ta-daaaaaaaaaaa! Someone clearly put another 10p (soon to be increased to 20p) in the meter...

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  • 6. At 11:32am on 27 Jun 2008, jonnie wrote:

    Hi Ritulah,

    Welcome to the weekday version.

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  • 7. At 11:34am on 27 Jun 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    well done Frog Prince Marc and a Frogging Friday welcome to Ritula.......just remeber to PM motto..."We take no prisoners and fools are NOT suffered gladly"

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  • 8. At 11:41am on 27 Jun 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    Marc, here is 50p, just in case!

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  • 9. At 11:58am on 27 Jun 2008, xee123 wrote:

    Well Well Well... A very warm welcome to Ritula We look forward to hearing a weekday version.

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  • 10. At 12:28pm on 27 Jun 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    Are we having fun yet?

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  • 11. At 12:28pm on 27 Jun 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    I am only doing this for one reason!

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  • 12. At 12:31pm on 27 Jun 2008, DI_Wyman wrote:

    and when i have tought of it i will let you all know.

    oohh. thats it, RL IT hell desk is really quiet today, only had 1 call and that was from Mrs Diy!

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  • 13. At 12:39pm on 27 Jun 2008, Deepthought wrote:

    Welcome Ritula,

    Don't forget to keep the keys of the Blog. Try even getting your own set cut, rather than borrowing Marc's

    Will you be blogging from Saturday PM?

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  • 14. At 12:45pm on 27 Jun 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    Weren't you in the Wizard of Oz? I swear I recognize that face. Maybe it was MacBeth. I'll bet no one ever gets the better of you. You look to me like a woman who always gets her way.

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  • 15. At 1:04pm on 27 Jun 2008, Hugh_Z_Hackenbach wrote:

    Hello Ritula,

    Will you post blogs during PM like Eddie does? Don't worry if it doesn't make sense, his don't either.

    I see from the online papers that you have a new BBC director of audio and music. Can you get him on and ask him where Eddie is?

    I know the Mighty Ed is entitled to some privacy and time to himself ... but we're getting worried. He's been out quite a number of nights and the key under flowerpot is still there. He might have left a message on the magnetic fridge letters but I slammed it with my foot at breakfast and I don't understand what’s left!

    Any way, please ask that nice Mr. Tim Davie.

    I'm afraid I miss-read the article headline "Abramsky: End of an era for BBC radio" as the end of an error ... my mistake.

    Oh yes, and can you tell any friends you have at the Guardian that some of consider it unnecessary to mention a lady’s age in a news article. It takes away some mystique.

    Thank you, so much.

    Have a nice PM

    PS Are you doing Saturday as well?

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  • 16. At 1:11pm on 27 Jun 2008, Stewart_M wrote:

    How come the photo has the top of your head in it?

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  • 17. At 1:14pm on 27 Jun 2008, Hugh_Z_Hackenbach wrote:

    Stwart M (16)

    That's way too surreal for me!
    Any takers?

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  • 18. At 1:24pm on 27 Jun 2008, Gladys_Friday wrote:

    Hello it's nice to see you here Ritula.
    I have some fan mail for Eddie. Can you tell him that the Vent Axia Kitchen Extractor removes all unpleasant cooking odours. Ta.

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  • 19. At 1:33pm on 27 Jun 2008, vainly_here wrote:

    Welcome to the Frog. It was high time your picture appeared here. I've been meaning to request it for months. Hope you enjoy the hour-long version of PM.

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  • 20. At 1:38pm on 27 Jun 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Mark Gold: You are rather rude, aren't you? I think you should apologise to Ritula.

    If you look carefully at her photo, you'll see that she was 'cornered' - it is fear you see in her eyes!

    Ritula, in case he doesn't apologise, may I just say that froggers are usually much nicer to the presenters. I'm blushing for him.

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  • 21. At 2:27pm on 27 Jun 2008, Deepthought wrote:


    Don't forget that you have to make Paddy corpse live on air during his slot advertising BH. It's all part of Friday PM.

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  • 22. At 3:06pm on 27 Jun 2008, Thunderbird wrote:

    Good luck, I do hope things go to plan.

    Maybe as a form of baptism we can give you some easy but interesting tasks?

    Let us know and you can find out just how sick we all are….

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  • 23. At 3:51pm on 27 Jun 2008, nikki noodle wrote:

    Welcome to the blog, Ritula!!! It is lovely to see a photo, after all this time listening to you on the radio, and admiring your voice!!


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  • 24. At 00:17am on 28 Jun 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    Big Sister, you are absolutely right. I see she's been cornered after all although I must admit I'm not sure I agree with your interpretation of the message in her eyes. How many times have I read no no on a woman's lips and settled for that when there was yes yes in her eyes? Well if I were on the other side of the pond, I'd offer to make it up to her and buy her a drink. I still say she looks like a woman who knows her own mind. OK, not the Wizard of Oz or MacBeth. How about.....(if I say it, I'll get deleted...) OK, not this time, I'll play it safe :-) Cheers!

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  • 25. At 01:10am on 29 Jun 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    Ever see the Adams Family? Carolyn Jones played Morticia in the TV series, I dont' know who played that role in the movies.

    Anyone remember Ritula Clark? She was very petulant.

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  • 26. At 08:36am on 29 Jun 2008, Big Sister wrote:

    Anjelica Huston, perhaps (for the Addams Family movie)? Though what that has to do with this thread, I'm not sure ...

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  • 27. At 2:22pm on 29 Jun 2008, MarcusAureliusII wrote:

    Well Big Sister, to be perfectly blunt, to me she has uncle Festus' eyes. That gaze is a little scary.

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