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Value Meals.

Eddie Mair | 14:06 UK time, Monday, 3 December 2007

While we adjust to the news that the blog is probably bloggered again...can I relate a tale from last week?

Went to a garage to get a fizzy drink and a sandwich. Took them to the counter and was asked to grab a bag of cheesy quavers too. I said I didn't really want them. The guy on the till insisted that the whole thing would be cheaper if I let him scan the quaver barcode.

I am familiar with the meal deal thing - that somehow you pay less for the two items you want by pretending to buy a third. But when I said, "look I don't like quavers...why not ring them up and I can put them back so someone else can have them?" he got quite shirty.

In the end I had to "buy" them, and then ask friends if they wanted them. They didn't.

Am I going mad?


  1. At 02:47 PM on 03 Dec 2007, UptheTrossachs wrote:

    ooh no Eddie, you mustn't put them back - his stock count would be all wrong and the computer will have a hissy fit - or get bloggered

  2. At 02:51 PM on 03 Dec 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:


    Any spare Quavers (other delicious cheesy maize snacks are available) should be sent to me to devour. I love them.

  3. At 02:53 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    I think that's two separate questions, Eddie. I agree that the "value meal" idea is sometimes annoying. After all, it's usually unhealthy snacks that are the "bonus" buy. Maybe there should be an option of having a healthy snack instead...

    And yes, you ARE going mad, along with the rest of us!

  4. At 03:20 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Charlie wrote:

    "...Am I going mad?"

    Interesting choice of tense Eddie

    But anyway, let's say MAYBE not, until, that is, you hear of a local, Fish Restaurant.

    There, every meal's (set menu's only) accompanied by a bottle of house wine, red or white (the only wine available). So, two people eating together, get two bottles and so on

    The food's actually good and VERY reasonably priced (even if the so-called wine weren't included). The wine (ugh! even for cooking) could likely qualify as part of Rupert's iPM "Population Count" should he pursue what he calls the "Poo" route...

    The thing is, quite a few people (although not the majority) don't want the "wine", BUT, even if you say no, the bottle/s are delivered un-opened to your table and you're then left trying to palm it-off on someone else, or binning-it outside. Similarly, if you didn't want the, say, peas or chips with your meal, they're trashed. Why? Well...

    It seems, that to "maximise efficiency and costs" the restaurant's "till" system is linked to the fish (pre-prepared), wine and vegetable (pre-prepared) supplier (all one company) who re-stock the restaurant automatically. So, one menu meal sold and "rung-up" requires one replacement of everything... Easy

    And, as many people don't seem to be able to resist downing "plonk", in whatever quantity, the restaurant does a roaring trade (sometimes in more ways than one)

    Madness..? Well, the owners a VERY rich guy now...

  5. At 03:20 PM on 03 Dec 2007, DI Wyman wrote:


    you don't like puffy potato snacks, but at the same time you plump for a fizzy drink and a sandwich from a garage and you ask.....

    Am I going mad?

    probably a yes then!

  6. At 03:27 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    No, you are already quite, quite barking.

  7. At 03:39 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Sally D wrote:

    Cheesy Quaver = Raver
    teenage slang circa 1992

  8. At 04:21 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Seconded, Appy.

    But also quite lovely. :o)

    Now, Eddie, just what was it you were saying about unqualified loons contributing to Blogs?

  9. At 04:24 PM on 03 Dec 2007, madmary wrote:

    I'll have the Cheesy Quavers!

    Never, ever look a gift horse in the mouth, that's what I say. Or in this case a Cheesy Q.


  10. At 05:11 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Queasy Fifi wrote:

    Fizzy drink AND quavers in the same 'meal'?

    Let's cut out the middle stage and just call it a Queasy Meal!

    QF ;o)

  11. At 05:15 PM on 03 Dec 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Breaking News:

    He's spotted wandering Islamabad in his underwear.
    Bush, Maliki Agree on
    Long-Term U.S. Presence in Iraq
    We'll stay as long as there's oil.
    Europe Faces New Wave of Illegal Immigration
    Undocumented Americans taking jobs Europeans won't do, sending euros back to families in U.S.


  12. At 07:34 PM on 03 Dec 2007, stewart M wrote:

    A certain Swedish furniture shop does a Kids Meal.

    Meat balls and chips with free piece of fruit.

    I seem to remember the adult portion (twice the number of meat balls) and no piece of fruit is more than twice the cost of the kids version.

  13. At 08:01 PM on 03 Dec 2007, jonnie wrote:

    B&Q do an outside tap kit, complete with some plastic hosing to interconnect it with a pipe on the inside of the wall - circlips - the whole lot.

    To buy the tap alone is more expensive - quite bizarre!

  14. At 09:52 AM on 04 Dec 2007, UptheTrossachs wrote:

    Ah - Jonnie (13), I believe those deals are what are called in the trade FMTC deals (F**** Me, That's Cheap!)

  15. At 10:11 AM on 04 Dec 2007, UptheTrossachs wrote:

    Eddie - I think you should check out this web-site before making your next meal deal choice. We wouldn't want you to be hyper-active in the afternoon...... er, or would we?


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