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Taking over

Eddie Mair | 12:22 UK time, Friday, 23 November 2007

Andrew Bomford writes:

"Today 5,000 children in England got the chance to see if they could do a job better than the adults. Take Over Day was organised by the Children's Commissioner for England Sir Al Aynsley Green, and children have been working on jobs as diverse as coaching at Manchester United, being journalists, and becoming MP's for the day. One 17 year old, Charlotte Pridham, who won an award as an anti-bullying campaigner, took over from the Education Secretary Ed Balls... visiting Osset Holy Trinity Primary School in West Yorkshire...The photo shows Charlotte Pridham, Ed Balls, and children in the library at the school.


Eddie writes: I am told you might have a terrible time trying to use the blog at the moment. As ever, on behalf of those people who have the word Blog in their job title, please accept my apologies.


  1. At 05:57 PM on 23 Nov 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    can we find some that will take over the PM Blog?

    perhaps they could solve the 502 problem!


  2. At 05:05 PM on 27 Nov 2007, katie oliver wrote:

    I have renewed admiration for you, Eddie, and the rest of the PM team who brave the streets of London to get to and from the studio and possibly live in London. I've just spent the weekend in London as a celebration of my daughter Emilys'8th birthday - it was her first trip to the big smoke. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and we had a wonderful time - I can thouroughly reccomend the MOMIX show at the Peacock Theatre. However the massive crowds everywhere were just overwhelming. Having lived in London for 4 years before moving back up to the Dales 12 years ago I thought I knew what I was in for but no,blimey what you people go through to give us our daily radio. Well Done!

  3. At 05:40 PM on 27 Nov 2007, jojo wrote:

    Never mind if kids can do adults' jobs- they'll have to soon enough anyway. My question is, is Ed Balls capable of doing Charlotte's homework?

  4. At 05:40 PM on 30 Nov 2007, Andrew Duke wrote:

    Do the parents of this wretched eight year old have no responsibility for their child's problems. CAN THEY NOT READ!! What is the matter with people nowadays. Trick or treat is a dispicable american habit which has been imported and distorted into an excuse for legalised vandalism. It should be stopped. At the very least possible if people put up no trick or treat signs others should have the common coeurtsy to take notice of them !!!
    yours sincerely Andrew Duke

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