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Tonight's Sound of Summer...

Eddie Mair | 16:14 UK time, Thursday, 23 August 2007

comes from frogger Jonnie. You'll hear it on the programme - here is a photo he sent to go with it..



  1. At 04:51 PM on 23 Aug 2007, mrs-nostalgie wrote:

    Is that the King Hal ferry? What a posh check-in it's acquired. And the sun's out, double gosh.

  2. At 04:53 PM on 23 Aug 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I've finally dredged up an idea for a Sound of Summer.

    If I can pull it off, ie from a technical point of view, I will be recording it on Sunday.

    Chances are that I can't, though.


  3. At 06:16 PM on 23 Aug 2007, admin annie wrote:

    well Fif, there's nothing like a positive attitude!

  4. At 06:16 PM on 23 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    funny...did anyone hear the sound of Das Boot in the background...or was it just me?


  5. At 07:05 PM on 23 Aug 2007, Rachel G wrote:

    Missed the end of the prog tonight due to emergency Waitrose, so have just specially listened again to catch Jonnie's noise. Best I've heard yet, I reckon (apart, p'r'aps from the brass band at Eastbourne). Do you think that I like the ones with accompanying pictures best? Does that mean, sadly, I am really not a radio person at all?

  6. At 09:30 PM on 23 Aug 2007, DI Wyman wrote:

    RG (5)

    yep...it's TV for u my girl!

    DIY (625 lines)

  7. At 11:22 PM on 23 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Rachel, Many thanks ..

    I was a bit annoyed that the BBC turned the stereo contribution into mono! Especially as I took two high quality mic's and a digital taperecorder with me!

    I thought and presumed audio is what the BBC did!

    It was the sandbanks Ferry -from poole across to the Isle of Purbeck.

    The full stereo contribution is here :-


    I was hoping that Amanda or whoever was operating the desk would have back timed the end, with a slight pause, in to the pips.

    But thanks, I'll dream up another next week :-)

  8. At 11:35 PM on 23 Aug 2007, The one that let the Beatles get away :-( wrote:

    I've left three posts here tonight Marc!

    Two with a link to the ferry site - and the stereo audio

    and one a complaint that nothing has got through!

    Started at 19:20 - ish!

  9. At 12:01 AM on 24 Aug 2007, ValP wrote:

    Jonnie - I heard your Sound of Summer moments after I arrived home from a meeting. On my way home I had dropped a colleague off at the airport, and you'll never guess where he lives???

    Go on - guess!

  10. At 12:01 AM on 24 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Blimey - that last contribution from me *did* sound ungrateful - and sorry for that - but I posted very similat at 19:00 only difference being that there was a link to the ferry companies website!

    I was a little angry!

  11. At 09:14 AM on 24 Aug 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:


    Thanks for posting the link to it. There was so much ambient noise about me yesterday as I listened via earplugs, that I failed to enjoy it on the radio.

    Good sound.

  12. At 09:28 AM on 24 Aug 2007, silver fox. wrote:

    SOS. Sounds of summer.

  13. At 10:30 AM on 24 Aug 2007, Robert wrote:

    Jonnie, nice sound, bring back happy times when I was working at Heytesbury Road and having to travel across.

  14. At 10:35 AM on 24 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    err Val - if he was very wealthy I'd say Sandbanks?

    Now there is a daily flight from Prestwick that departs at 13:55 - but that seems a little to early -

    I mean what were you doing for four hours?

    Anyway - I'll say Bournemouth?

    Am I right :-)

  15. At 11:24 AM on 24 Aug 2007, Fifi wrote:

    A Annie (3) : If I were just doubting my own capabilities I'd have had a


    ..but as it happens, I'm depending on others to enable me to carry out my cunning plan. And as their lives are rather chaotic at the moment, I'm not confident they will even remember to bring the recording kit!

    I'm just wondering whether any more clips from 'that' CD will appear today.

    And whether the newly-released 'little somethings' will arrive tomorrow.

    That's my optimistic nature for you!

    Fifi xx

  16. At 02:34 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Markham wrote:

    Enough. When will the bongs be back? I can't stand much more of these twee recordings of summer.

  17. At 03:01 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Update for Admin Annie : my technical person isn't sure my idea is do-able but we'll give it a go. Might have to accept some help from Jonnie making it presentable though....!

    Sara's 'little something' has arrived, so I guess that marks the start of the deliveries. I won't spoil it by telling you what 'it' is. Will mine get here tomorrow?


  18. At 04:01 PM on 24 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Oh well if 'THAT'S' all the thanks we get Markham - you can have your repetitive bongs!

    Too many creatures of habit lurking around ;-)

  19. At 11:58 PM on 24 Aug 2007, Val P wrote:

    Jonnie - Studland Bay! I couldn't believe the coincidence. He said he lived in Dorset and I said I didn't really know it but had a friend in Bournemouth and I might be visiting in October. So he said 'well, have you heard of Corfe Castle, I live nearby at Studland Bay.' I thought you'd made that place up!! :o)

    Actually he was flying to Heathrow, he has a house in Chiswick too, for during the week :o(

  20. At 01:09 AM on 25 Aug 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Wow !

    I'd kill to live there (well not really) but it's lovely around Corfe Castle! - friend James (you know the one) has just taken the stem tarin journey which calls in there and said it was idyllic!

    As for studland - I don't know the history, but I'm sure it's all on the net.

    It's beautiful! - all natural trust - heathland with sandy hideaways, overlooking the most glorious views to the Isle of Wight.

    There is a part of the beach that is reserved for naturists - you know the type:-) let it all hang out -

    Unfortunately some exhibitionists have managed to get it a bad name -

    Personally I wouldn't mind it if they all had your looks and figure Val - but alas they don't. So the tip is - if you are going over there - and don't wish to be hassled by perverts and dirty old men - stay on the beach!

    I do so hope you can make it in October Val -- I really want to meet you all!

    I'm glad you all- mostly - liked the little contribution - please sen Eddie yours!

    I think - as we had the proms tonight - which was nice - we could do with some blog input!

  21. At 03:30 PM on 25 Aug 2007, Val P wrote:

    Naturists eh? Hmm well he did look as if he had a suspiciously all-over tan ;o)

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