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Photos of yesterday

Eddie Mair | 10:34 UK time, Monday, 4 June 2007

are here thanks to Jason.

And Big Sis sends a snap of an all too common scene.


Jason sends: "Pics of the Froggers meet plus a video of the Froggers Skyping with Jonnie wirelessly... How many Gold Sony's will that win?". The video we can't (yet) post, but look:

Jonnie says "Fifi has just mms'd this to me from her phone. BigSis and Val P having a drink and the 2nd is Eric joining in the party"..


  1. At 10:42 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    May I just make it clear that this is not ME in the picture? I only had one glass .......

    Cheers, Lissa!

  2. At 10:52 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    See, Eddie, we're really all *quite* normal!!!!

  3. At 10:52 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Looks like you all had a fab time.

    So, who's who? That's the burning question!

  4. At 11:01 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    What happened yesterday?

  5. At 11:01 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Izzy (3): I thought "Which witch is which?" was the burning question. Or was that just the Puritans? ValP is in almost every shot and - as a clue - she wasn't wearing sandals.

  6. At 11:16 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    SB 5+4

    ‘Why is it so hot in this room full of flames?’ · that is the burning question...

  7. At 11:28 AM on 04 Jun 2007, ian wrote:

    Speak for yourself, big sister.

  8. At 11:34 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Oh, Dr. H, where to begin?

    But, next time, do join us, please!

  9. At 11:47 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:


    Okay, I'll rephrase that: We're all totally normal.

    But I'm a bit puzzled as I didn't spot you there yesterday .....Or were you posing as Lissa's dog?

  10. At 11:51 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Perky wrote:

    Wow - how lovely to put faces to names! Let's hope that the next frogathon is even more illuminating!

  11. At 11:56 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Annasee wrote:

    I think my head is still reeling after yesterday - can't quite believe that all these "real" people are involved with the blog. Probably "bizarre" and "surreal" were our most over-used adjectives of the day. But it was really nice to meet up with people who didn't feel like strangers at all, even though we'd never met. My neighbours were still trying to get their heads around it late on the day "So what are you celebrating?" and "How did you meet these people?". The answers didn't leave them any the wiser, I'm afraid. "Nothing" & "Never met them in my life" weren't what they were looking for.

    Despite your unkind comment juxtaposed with Lissa's photo, Eddie, we appear to have come out of the day with almost as much food & drink as we had to start with. Either the froggers are particularly abstemious, or particularly generous with their contributions. I leave it to you to decide.

    And the best news of all? Someone fell in love with our cat (in fact the adoration appeared to be mutual, which is even better). And has offered to look after him when we leave. All thanks to the blog/frog. I can rest easy now. Thank you!

  12. At 12:14 PM on 04 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Oh Big Sister - poor ian (posing as Lissa's dog).

    I have to say - I am impressed at what a good looking bunch you all are.

    In a previous life I produced an overnight phone-in (featured on a C4 documentary back in 1990) some of the listeners were - well -

    It's here if anyone is curious in three parts


    - I'm the one smoking the pipe in the control room - haven't times changed.

  13. At 12:18 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Jonnie - you've missed out Annasee! and Big Sis! and Humph! But thanks for yet another compliment ;-)

    Jason - well you know I wasn't wearing sandals. That's why I kept sinking into the grass - or was that the Oyster Bay? Thanks for blurring out the elastic band holding the box brownie digital together though!

    Frantically busy, so more later.....

  14. At 12:31 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Anna - re. the cat. I'm still convinced it was all done with velcro. And not all of us brought something, did we Andy?

  15. At 12:37 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    groan groan, has somebody got some salve for my poor ankles, they're black and blue for not deserting my post and joining you
    Bon Voyage Annasee.

  16. At 12:50 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Jason - rofl! No someone left everything behind in his room ;-)

  17. At 01:02 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Moses wrote:

    My name is Moses and I'm medium sized, black and pointy, with a deliciously fluffy ears and magnificent curly tail. I am unfeasibly hairy with lots of energy. On Sunday I had a dream I'd like to share with you.

    In my dream my owners took me to a house with a lovely garden, where I chased a truly handsome cat — nearly as hairy as me! — and spent a lot of time hunting for mice in a compost heap. Never caught any though, grrrr.

    Meanwhile Mummy was drinking and eating cake with a load of new people I think she called Groggers. They all had funny names, and sticky labels on, and seemed to like hugging a lot. Especially the chap called Candyman, whom I obliged by polishing his shoes with my bottom.

    I knew it must be a dream when they all started talking to one of those funny small computers, and a smart little dog with a great moustache waved at me from inside it. There was a frankly unbelievable story about a pie-man dyeing his eyebrows ... that can't be right though can it? That's dreams for you I s'paws.

    Then somebody's annoying little phone rang and a nice lady called Happy went all pink and giggly for no reason. I gather the Mayor had rung up or summat.

    The lady called Pal (or something else that sounded very like food to me) had made a Grog cake, and nobody offered me any. And another one called Weewee (is that right?) had brought something very garlicky. They all made such a fuss about it, I guarded the food with all my skills, till Mummy ordered me to leave it. Very trusting of her I thought. Anyone might have come along and eaten it!

    People kept telling each other to miss poo bare, which seemed odd. And someone was definitely taking the humph, when not chasin' people. I did say it was a dream, didn't I?

    I'm glad it was that tall man with the nice voice who kept being sent to the naughty step, and not me, as it was miles from the food.

    Anyway, the lady whose garden it was kept bringing out more and more food for me to guard, which I flatter myself I did rather well. Yet another lady called Blister (?) arrived and everyone seemed to know her already.

    When the rain came on we went indoors and they all sang silly songs about hedgehogs and one about a new sweater (never get to Number One, I thought). Yet another one arrived, who they were calling Rosehip Distress, and there was more singing and quite a lot of chocolate.

    When people were leaving the lady called Thanxamillion gave them each a little frog. Where's mine? I thought, but all I got was a few lousy treats in return for some Olympic-standard sitting and freestyle lying-down.

    There, that was my dream. I hope you liked it.

    - M [wag]

  18. At 01:08 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Gordon wrote:

    On Sunday my 'ome was invaded by a nasty barky dog. No, it's true I tell ya!

    I defended everyone stoutly, before takin' up my on-guard position in the cellar.

    When I came out again nobody seemed that grateful. 'Ardly anyone noticed even. Next time I'll let the rotten thing 'ave 'em, see 'ow they like it.

    Lucky there was one nice person there wot cuddled me properly; I cud live wiv 'her all right if this lot dunt shape up.

    Miaow later.

  19. At 01:16 PM on 04 Jun 2007, The neighbours wrote:

    It has come to our attention that the rowdy bunch of layabouts who trashed the garden next door at the weekend were associated with this BBC blog.

    We would just like to thank them here, because it means the family next door are much less likely to find a buyer and leave, as they've been threatening to do for some time.

  20. At 01:20 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Anne O.T.H.E.R. Grenouilleuse wrote:

    It seems there's been illicit off-piste froggery going on!

    I call upon all other Froggers to take the initiative and organise their own local wayzgooses (wayzgeese? ValP will know) throughout Britain and around the world.

    Seek out other froggers and ply them with tea and scones! By their daft sense of humour and well-informed view of current affairs shall ye know them.

    Or failing that, a sticky label with name on will do nicely.

    Ladles and jellyspoons, I urge you to act. Overact if possible.

    We have to do something to make sure we win next year's Sony as well.


    Other ways of spending a Sunday afternoon are available.

    — A.O.F. (Miss)

  21. At 01:22 PM on 04 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Hrumph! This was the correct link to Night Caller (1 of 3)


  22. At 01:42 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Andy (pic 4) have you got that bit out of your ear yet?

    Thank you Annasee for a lovely evening and for getting everyone together! x

  23. At 02:15 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Wow - thanks Jonnie for explaining.

    What a fantastic time you all seem to have had. Well done you lot.

    I am NOT malicious!!! Grrr

  24. At 02:16 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Roberto Carlos Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR wrote:

    These are great photos.

  25. At 03:09 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Gillian wrote:

    To use Lissa's expression, we ''created loveliness'' What a great day! Thanks Annasee and family.
    I do apologise, on behalf of us all, for convincing your neighbours that you are members of an obscure sect who insist on inflicting their strange ''hymns'' on the entire neighbourhood!

  26. At 03:21 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Oh I wrote a lot of stuff and tried to post it and somehow it's disappeared!

    Mostly it was to do with reeling from the whole Eric-on-speakerphone thing (call me a phone hog, I know...) And, sorry Eric, but I couldn't resist mentioning the Speedoes, even if it did make you rush off to "get something from a shop"...?!...

    Annassee, thank you, you're a star.

    Miss Pooh Bear, thank you for the lovely artwork!

    Gordon, *mwah mwah mwah*

    All present it was wonderful to meet you.

    Shall we do it all again next week?

  27. At 03:39 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Aperitif (27) As far as I'm concerned, that was just the ice-breaker, so next week would work well for me! When do your folks come back.......?

  28. At 03:47 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    At 03:21 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote: ....Shall we do it all again next week?

    Oh, no, please. You'll make me insanely jealous.

  29. At 04:06 PM on 04 Jun 2007, andycroak wrote:

    What fun! And you're all back to frog as quick as a flash, crikey!

    I like the pics of me with my finger in my ear, with ValP apparently showing me how to use a camera ("just push the button dear, no, no, oh let me ...") and with me turning away from the camera chatting to/up Appy. Wouldn't have been my choice of angles, but hey.

    I'll toast you all with my took-there-left-in-hotel room-and-brought-back-home, bottle of wine later ... :)

    Annasee, you're a star!

  30. At 04:10 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    Was this adventure announced on the radio?

    27 - hello.

  31. At 04:41 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Gillian (28) Indeed! And sorry about the semi-deception -- I didn't lie -- I just didn't elaborate upon the grain of truth... ;-) And thanks for the carrying, and the frogs, and for generally being lovely.

    Vyle (29) But surely you could join us next time? No good standing about waiting for a tickle -- just get in there! ;-)

    Doc (30) Hello to you too. And ditto about joining in. :-)

  32. At 04:56 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    (Plaintively) Where's my frog? I was there and I missed it .....

  33. At 05:45 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    AndyCrForgetful (30), Your post wasn't there when I posted my 32 above. Yes, excellent pic of the back of your head and my shoulder, heh? What would have been your choice of angles?

  34. At 06:02 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Sorry, my mistake: Big Sister with Aperitif - not with the equally glamorous Val!

    In my defence, I don't believe in mms so I rarely use it, and it was very sunny when I was peering at the tiny picture to see exactly who it was.

    Apols all round.

    Big Sis, I think I may have your froglet. I'll send it on once I have an address. ;o)

    Finally ... doesn't Eric look svelte? He was, at that point, still warm from being clamped to Appy's ear. You can probably tell from the faintly pink glow about his gills.


  35. At 06:04 PM on 04 Jun 2007, RJD wrote:

    Jonnie (7) _"the distinguished looking Frogger with the glass of red is RJD"

    Distinguished?? - Hahahahaha. And that is not red wine in my hand - it is a small camera. As everyone knows I am almost totally abstemious and only ever imbibe alcohol to pass myself in a social gathering. On the other hand there a few tales that I could tell you about . . .

  36. At 06:37 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    RJD (35) I... only ever imbibe alcohol to pass myself in a social gathering???

    How on Earth do you 'pass yourself' and why didn't I notice???

  37. At 06:38 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Critics (30 & 34): It's called the reportage style. I cannot be held responsibubble for the poses you all chose to strike...

  38. At 07:48 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    That's ok Fifi - I don't mind being mistaken for Appy, after all she is 20 ish years younger! Through the miracle of the Skype lens and a mist of dust on the laptop screen before she arrived, Jonnie did exclaim that I was Gorgeous and that made my day - Simon, get that boy to the optician immediately, never mind his ears growing, get his eyes checked!

  39. At 08:10 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Fiona wrote:

    I didn't know you were having a get together, nobody told me :(
    Next time can I come please?!

  40. At 09:58 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Fiona - yes of course! Let's do it again soon please. Logistics had to prevail this time, but next time the world is our oyster. Or should that be our Oyster Bay?

  41. At 10:26 PM on 04 Jun 2007, whisht wrote:

    hey guys - looked like fun!!

    sorry not been around recently. busy busy busy and not able to access at work currently.

    will try harder - honest!

  42. At 10:41 PM on 04 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Whisht !! :-)

    We have missed you - !

    Welcome back to the fold.

    Yes I'm told great fun was had by all - until Aperitif shocked Eric in to rushing out and doing some late Sunday afternoon shopping ;-)

  43. At 11:06 PM on 04 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Big Sister, I have a froglet that you can have. Have my froglet"

    No. I insist!

    This is in the true spirit of Gillian-ness.

    Fifi xxx

  44. At 12:23 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Whisht - we were speculating about your absence, and hoping that you'd caught your recent strapline.

  45. At 02:01 AM on 05 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Fiona - I blogged you here just after you sent your post!

    It didn't make it :-(

    Go to the refuge site and join in there

    BigSis is on the case.

  46. At 08:12 AM on 05 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Val -

    It was very strange (as said before) yawn :-( for those who have read it!

    But to see so many of you at once - was amazing.

    I think we all have pre conceptions of how others look really.

    I've seen Anna from her website and the CD - beautiful, tall elegant. - what can I add!
    Robert was a bit of a stunner - first person I saw - filled the screen, and the accent and eyes!

    Fifi - of course, we have seen her here and there on the net, don't you just want to go and give her a huge hug :-) (so I knew who she was) another one with a beautiful smile and voice (singing and talking) the one that arranges things - unlike me - is always able to drop things and attend the fun aspects of life - that make it all so worthwhile - and like Gillian - chats away to cheer us all up.

    A big round of applause to Anna and Fifi for arranging it all - even though I wasn't there :-( *sobs*

    BigSister :- Now - for some reason I thought you were older - I don't know why? but what a gourgeous smile and beautiful face. Look at you in pic 4 (what a beamer) !

    Gillian was adorable - reminded of my Mum (40 years ago) I hasten to add! - another one I wanted to hug ;-) I felt I knew Gillian as we chat so often on the picture thingy.

    Lissa - that pic on the blog doesn't do you justice - wow! - can we update it?

    Valery - Err Stunning - what can I add that hasn't been said! apart from your accent and voice are beautiful.

    Aperitif - If I wasn't of a different persuasion I'd be there - knocking on the door - Can I attend the wedding *if* you and Eric get spliced?

    Miss Pooh Bear - both your Mum and Dad combined - another stunner in the making.

    Have I dug myself a hole yet?

    And as for all the boys!

    Jason - you look as if you are approaching 30 - Not 40 - and you do not need to diet! I hardly recognised you from the pic on your blog.

    RJD :- Now that's class - voice and accent that could charm anyone - and a doggy lover to boot. It was nice being able to chat to you - oozing class.

    Humph : Totally the wrong impression about you. I envisaged (due to Fifi) a very shy person - very thin - with a twinkly eye and goaty beard. Well you have the twinkly eye - didn't seem shy, but is that *really* classed as a goaty.

    Andy I've met - in fact we are planning phase two of the 'Andy's Art series hopefully next Saturday. Lovely hansdsome person.

    As indeed all the Radio 4 folk are.

  47. At 09:00 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I see the misdirection with regard to Humph's rather lovely personal appearance was a triumph then Jonnie ... ha!

    And Big Sis - Gillian has a special froggie treat for you, so I can keep my froglet.

    Other peeps - sorry that there couldn't be a general announcement about this thing (which you all must be sick of hearing about now). This was purely due to the size of Anna's house!

    But for our next trick, we're going to try to think of somewhere with elastic walls and either an all-night bar or surrounded by off-licences. Suggestions welcome!

    And everyone is also welcome to arrange their own gathering ... apparently it's not that hard, and people will go!

    Anyone who'd just like to be kept in the loop for future adventures off-lilypad, please contact me via my link (click on my name at the top) and I'll do my stuff.

    So far I've noted Perky and Fiona....?

    Fifi xxx

  48. At 10:03 AM on 05 Jun 2007, witchiwoman wrote:


    A few days away from the lilypad and I miss all this! And I echo Fiona - can I play too next time? :)

  49. At 10:13 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Suddenly remembered yesterday afternoon that I had defrosted an enormous pineapple upside-down cake that I'd made, thinking we could have it for pudding on Sunday. Then of course we had so much other food we didn't get anywhere near it.


    Rest of family - "Completely stuffed - couldn't eat another thing. Don't give me any more cake"

    Solution? Food parcels to the neighbours (only the nice ones of course. Not the ones who row at 4 am & wake us up).

    They were all suitably grateful, & said very nice things about the party - which they couldn't avoid hearing/seeing, including "We liked the singing" (!)

  50. At 10:35 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Witchi - you're on my radar for the NEXT froggie ceilidh!

    Any others?

    Come on now, don't be shy. (Singing isn't compulsory!)

    Fifi xx

  51. At 10:52 AM on 05 Jun 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Ah Fifi - thanks! Just seeing the pics has brightened my bumpy re-entry to work!

  52. At 11:03 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Annasee (50) : They 'liked the singing'????

    This bodes well for the Song then!

    Wonder how Jonnie's getting on with it.....

    Fifi ;o)

  53. At 11:03 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Fifi, ditto for me!

  54. At 11:14 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Thanks, Fifi, Gill and I have 'spoken' already. And I've been on the case with September, too.

    Jonnie: Beamer? Are you accusing me of mooning? ;o)

  55. At 11:36 AM on 05 Jun 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Jonnie (47) Flattery will get you everywhere.

  56. At 12:21 PM on 05 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Jonnie - oh, the boy done well, thank you so kindly sir!

    Yes, onwards and upwards, well in my case probably southwards, for the next one? I can't wait :o)

  57. At 01:02 PM on 05 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    The song is progressing Fifi. I'll continue with it later.

    I've tweaked all the tracks and now trying to line them all up in sync.

    That's the bit that is proving tricky. GReeeaaatttt Bass line by the way -

  58. At 01:20 PM on 05 Jun 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Thank you for putting me on the radar Feefs - look forward to (hopefully) joining in the fun and frolicks next time. Will head over to the refuge in a mo, do I need to do something there?

    Btw, what's going on with Appy and Eric??? (not that I am insanely jealous or anything!)

  59. At 01:51 PM on 05 Jun 2007, Gillianian wrote:

    Jonnie (47) ;o)
    Now you know for sure that Beryl Cooke did in fact use me as one of her models!!
    See you soon, it seems! xx

    Now what's malicious about that, when it's my first comment of the day?!

  60. At 02:42 PM on 05 Jun 2007, RJD wrote:

    Jonnie (47) - Exactly how much do I owe you?

  61. At 05:30 PM on 05 Jun 2007, Molly wrote:

    What a lovely treat to see you all and thanks Jonnie for putting names to faces- actually you all fitted my idea of what you would look like if......
    Except for Humph- for some reason I was sure you were a 'she'.....definitely very wrong!!!!

    You all look as great as you 'sound' on the blog!


  62. At 05:37 PM on 05 Jun 2007, Molly wrote:

    What a lovely treat to see you all and thanks Jonnie for putting names to faces- actually you all fitted my idea of what you would look like if......
    Except for Humph- for some reason I was sure you were a 'she'.....definitely very wrong!!!!

    You all look as great as you 'sound' on the blog!


  63. At 09:22 AM on 06 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Jonnie, you are so lovely making everyone feel good. Don't look too closely -- I for one look squiffy and bleary in every picture I've seen!

    Gordon was, of course, the most gorgeous thing there.

  64. At 10:26 AM on 06 Jun 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Appy - the weird thing is, since your meeting Gordon has been much better at going downstairs - till then he was getting a little bit arthritic, I think, he'd started going downstairs like a rabbit, instead of one foot before the other. Either you have healing hands or that little episode with Moses has freed him up so that he's suddenly much more mobile again. Can't be bad!

    PS My SO thought you were gorgeous. I'd like to think he was channeling Gordon's opinion too...

  65. At 10:42 AM on 06 Jun 2007, Belinda wrote:

    It is lovely to see the photos of everyone, and I wished deeply that I could have been there. I'm glad that you all had a great time though and I'm glad that Edwina made an appearance through the magic of technology.

    I still haven't a clue who was who though. Can someone describe people through their clothing?

  66. At 12:04 PM on 06 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    More photos from Sunday's jollity.

  67. At 12:20 PM on 06 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Describing us through our clothing, Belinda?

    - We were friendly, but not THAT friendly!

  68. At 05:02 PM on 06 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Belinda - we toasted you, did you hear us? In sparkling Pinot Grigio, I put the other bottle behind the NC Bar at the end of last week, if you look very carefully it might still be there?

    The Men had the temerity to look slightly uncomfortable as I opened the bottle too Seemed to think I might not know what I was doing? Huh, I made a great job of opening it, just a pig's ear of making it go round a dozen glasses before it started to get warm!

  69. At 08:54 PM on 06 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Annasee (65), why thank you kind lady, but there really is no need for all the flattery -- I'm quite taken with Gordon as it is! Just let me find somewhere to live!...

  70. At 10:22 PM on 06 Jun 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Appy - it wasn't flattery. I was as surprised as you probably were at SO voicing an opinion- he doesn't usually bother. In fact doesn't usually notice much at all really. Unless it's dressed up as a catalogue from the 7 Day Shop or similar purveyor of software. Maplins, Tools r Us, Gadgets for Boys with Computers - now those are the words to make his eyes light up.

    Think he surprised himself by enjoying our blogfest. From being an unbeliever though tolerant, he's now a - "mildly interested in the people he's met" - type of tolerant.

  71. At 11:43 PM on 06 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Similar vibes from SO here too, at least he's delighted you weren't all a bunch of 18 year olds. Me too.

    We-ell, actually 18 year olds could have been fun? nah, too tiring ;-)

  72. At 09:21 PM on 07 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Well goodness me thank you again -- I've gone all pink (although that could be from humping boxes downstairs all day...)

    That's what I need actually -- a boy who knows what he's doing with computers. Does your SO have any similarly-leaning friends?...

    Meanwhile, back on planet house-move, if I never see another cardboard box...

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