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The Beach. Fresh and new for the weekend

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Eddie Mair | 05:52 UK time, Friday, 27 April 2007

What is the Beach?

It’s a place to go when the stresses of your real life need relieving. Sometimes it is fairly quiet and you might feel like you’re the only one around, but you can leave your ‘footprints’ for others to find later on. Othertimes it is the home for a real party, with constant gossip, leg-pulling, rumour, innuendo, chit-chat and weirdness. If this were a forum (and it sort of is because we post responses to each other, not just to Eddie, hence our term for ourselves 'Froggers', a combination of forum and blogger) then the beach would be the off-topic area.
It's a tropical location, no matter the time of year it's always warm and pleasant there.

Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular, the evenings balmy. It has a number of different locations; the Nick Clarke waterfront bar; the smokers corner; Fido's Run for the dog-walkers; the Naughty Step and many others.
How do you find your way around? There is no direct answer to the question. The beach is a moveable feast, literally. It will be renewed by our Lord and master Mr. Edward de Mair each Friday morning. This is because we have found in the past that when the number of posts exceeds about 600 the entire thing becomes unwieldy and unstable. A case of the beach turning to quicksand.

Froggers often leave bottles / glasses / trays of their favourite tipple on the bar for others to sample, not to mention big / small eats.

There is a herd of camels who frequent the sands, which froggers are very fond of. There are sun-loungers, so you can take it easy and catch some rays. Quite often the late-night attendees will have a barbie.
It's a fun place, with only one real rule; Be nice to each other; we are ALL chums here. New Froggers are ALWAYS welcome.

The real debate happens on the other threads. The beach is a place for banter, whimsy, relaxation and friendship, where jarring comments are not particularly welcome. There are certain very mild protocols, which you tend to pick up as you go along. So slip your shoes off, feel the sand between your toes, relax and enjoy yourself.


  1. At 06:22 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    *YAWN* Oh! I fell asleep in a hammock last night, and everything seems to have moved. Ah well, I'll switch the coffee maker on so the camels can help themselves when they wake up. Can someone nidge me awake when it's time to leave for April?

  2. At 06:36 AM on 27 Apr 2007, LadyPen wrote:

    . . . and here is LadyP, fresh and clean for Friday (at least she will be as soon as she's had a shower) . . .

    (And proving that the Lord Mair isn't the only one who is up and thinking at this hour.)

    I know you all are only too willing to offer help when it's asked for, so I'm wondering if you have any ideas on this: I want to put together an activity programme for the summer hols that will

    (1) involve both parents and children (ages 1 - 18 but not necessarily all at the same time. Though some families may have a number of children under 10, say, and might need to bring them all . . .)

    (2) not cost much because funds are limited

    (3) consist of half-day or one-day self-contained activities, though these could combine into a series leading up to an end-product (eg an art work or something similar)

    (4) be fun rather than worthy.

    I know a lot of you are teachers or ex-teachers, and many are parents, so if you can think of anything you've been involved with that worked well and was enjoyed, I'd love to hear about it.

    The people I'm planning for are on low incomes - even a trip to the beach (and there are many within easy reach of K*ng's L*nn, which is where we're based) would be an adventure. And their number includes many overactive boys, so ideas for runny-abouty or other kinds of physical stuff would be speshly useful.

    Anything spring to mind? Other than knee-high leather boots for all??


  3. At 06:53 AM on 27 Apr 2007, LadyPen wrote:

    Nidge, nidge, FFred :-)


  4. At 07:23 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Already, Lady P? :(

  5. At 07:55 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    What a glorious sunrise over Fido's Run this morning - and you're still snuggling in your hammocks?

    All this travelling's not doing you any good, is it, Fred? Race you round the dunes .......

  6. At 08:01 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Meanwhile, on another thread, the fight to save the Savidge appears to have petered (or should that be 'vaughaned'?) out.

    Does this mean he's finally 'saved', or 'listed', or given heritage status, or whatever?

    Eddie, you were 'in the pink' last night on the web - Are you off for a jolly today? If so, don't forget to join us at the bar tonight. xx

  7. At 08:41 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Karen wrote:

    I'm a bit worried that we campaigned to save Vaughan and he hasn't been heard since. This is bad news

  8. At 08:46 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Molly wrote:

    That's a good strapline!

    Te-he- he!....;-)


  9. At 08:47 AM on 27 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Morning - Molly I have a recipe for low fat flapjacks somewhere. May have it somewhere on this pc otherwise will did out over the weekend and post monday!

    In the meantime - fresh pot of tea on the bar and coffee maker warming up if any one fancies something frothy; can I tempt anyone to a giant latte (was a cafe kitchen harpy in a former life!). And some lovely raisin and hazelnut biccies.

  10. At 08:58 AM on 27 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Lady Pen - will get my thinking cap on! Have something about making a self propelled plane with corks and laccy bands; maybe make then race/see which goes furthest. I have a soft spot for making salt dough things as well!

    Treasure hunts perhaps? If beaching could do a comb along the tide line then make a collage with all the bits collected?

    I think you may opened a can or worms....!

  11. At 08:58 AM on 27 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    morning all

  12. At 09:23 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Lee Vitout wrote:

    Morning Jonnie, morning Eddie,

    This is a most beautiful beach don't you think? It's very clean and appealing. The water is pure and at just the right temperature. The wave height, if you are looking for waves, is just right too. Look at the marine birds floating in the sky overhead, they're great to watch. I was up at the lagoon earlier - there wasn't a soul about. The beautiful scenery is just amazing! I may send a picture home.

    Morning Big Sister...morning Appy...:-)

  13. At 09:30 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Ooooh, morning all.

    All right, who buried me in sand overnight? I don't know, you have a snooze on the sands and someone does this to you. Can someone dig me out?



    Hey, where are you all going?


  14. At 09:32 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Perky wrote:

    Lady Pen - drat!! I won't be able to work all day now because I'll be busy dreaming up things for you to do! It sounds like a wonderful project - I'll think on and come back to you after a couple of WW's frothy lattes - I really do need to wake up first.

    It's coming to the end of a busy week - and I have an even busier weekend ahead, so I've indulged in some pain au chocolat, which are warmed and waiting for you on the bar.

    FFred - you really ought to get up now ;-)

  15. At 09:48 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Lady Pen the first thing that comes to mind is visiting a forest.....orienteering for the older ones, following a waymarked trail for younger ones, collecting natural materials as you go along. Take binoculars and magnifying lenses?

    Also, pond or river-dipping. Wellies for all, cheap fishing nets, shallow dishes to put ''finds''in. Magnifying lenses again.

    I'll have this on my mind all day now!

  16. At 09:51 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Orange Herbert. wrote:

    Sorry I'm late.

  17. At 09:55 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Something big is happening in Belinda's world meaning that I desperately need cheering up. Please help a lady in need!

  18. At 10:00 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Fiona wrote:

    LadyPen - me too! will get my thinking cap on and pop back later with whatever I can think of. Its a splendid idea and I wish you tons of success with it.

    Now I have a dilemma, big boss lady is in town (as in big boss, not big lady!), she just asked if anyone wanted to get a coffee (we get tea/coffee etc from the little coffee shop in the centre of the building), rather than having to do the "making small talk" walk to and from I said I was fine - but I am actually DESPERATE for a cup of tea. So how long can I leave it before I go get a cuppa without appearing rude? And as I am only a contractor and leaving in a month why does this matter???

  19. At 10:06 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Morning all! Already made 2 important phone calls and it's only just gone 10. So quick nip down to the Beach for late breakfast/early elevenses as a reward seems appropriate.

    I have a question you might be able to help with (this is turning into the Advice Beach):

    I try to avoid caffeine, but I like my cups of tea as well as coffee.

    I heard/read that decaf tea has had nasty chemicals added to decaf it. So, since I try to be healthy (organic ordinary tea/coffee), does anyone know if this is true?

    I also heard/read that you can decaf ordinary tea by pouring a little water onto it, throwing that water away and then proceeding as usual because, apparently, the caffeine all comes out at the beginning. Is this true?

    All sounds a bit doubtful, but I know that froggers are the source of much wisdom, so...

    any ideas?

  20. At 10:33 AM on 27 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Should Eddie Mair present:- Have I got news for you?

    15 of 19 total votes (78.9%)

    4 of 19 total votes (21.1%)
    Click here to zero the votes for this option.

    Looks pretty sewed up to me:

    To vote go to:-


  21. At 10:36 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Mornin' folks,

    Sorry I'm late. I was here earlier, but the mods were feeling grotty.

    Local bacon and butcher's sausage on the grill. With supermarket bagels, I'm afraid.


  22. At 10:44 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Dozy Parker wrote:

    "Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea".

    Henry Fielding.

  23. At 10:50 AM on 27 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Belinda - you ok babe?? What kind of cheering up - biccies, tea and Pride and Prejudice or large glass of vino and a paddle in the sun with a listening ear (attached to a frogger of course!)

    Frances O - no idea about the decaf thing. I tend to have one cuppa a day and then stick hot water so think I probably flush it all out anyway!! Surely if you went for organic decaf that should be safe??

  24. At 10:51 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Rachel wrote:

    Lady Pen,

    The Dangerous Book for Boys has some ideas for project type things. The one I fancy doing with my children this summer is building a go-kart. Sourcing enough materials (ie wheels) might be difficult for a large group, though.

    Kite-making and (competitive?) flying is another one you might try, combined with a trip to the beach at Holkham where there is masses of space to fly. There are lots of web sites with ideas for this. I did a search and found this one that looked quite useful.


  25. At 11:03 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Know that you are valued

  26. At 11:21 AM on 27 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Where's Stewart - how can we have a birthday party when the Birthday Boy isn't around!!

    Have a great day Sir :)

  27. At 11:45 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Belinda - you ok honey? Having been on the receiving end of a few hugs here lately I am more than happy to reciprocate to those in need.

    The activity thing is really getting some good ideas going. Thanks for the reminder about that book Rachel, I saw that when Christmas shopping and remember thinking must get it for my little lad. Love the idea of a beach based treasure hunt. My two love Peter Pan and my son is obsessed with pirates so they could be looking for lost pirate treasure with the girls as fairies? This all reminds of a programme from years ago called Why Don't You? Does anyone remember it? From an age where children really had to use their imagination and resourcefulness instead of relying on the latest electronic gadget for entertainment - wish we could back to those days sometimes.

    thanks for the bacon bagel Ed - went down a treat. Off for another cup of tea now to wash it down... (fully caffeinated I'm afraid - I am a tea addict)

  28. At 11:47 AM on 27 Apr 2007, Belinda wrote:

    witchiwoman and Mr Iglehart:

    Thank you for your messages -

    Witchiwoman, this is serious cheering-up, so biscuits, something strongly alcoholic and preferably a huge mallet as well.
    Ed - That's part of the problem!

  29. At 12:06 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Hiya Lee (12) Fancy a swim? ;-)

    Orange (12), Late for what?

    Belinda (17) What do you need? Here's a frug (frog hug) to start with. We all love you, so tell us all about it, and we'll try to help.

    Um, Lee, friends in need and all that, perhaps the swim will have to wait. I'll look out my best bikini and we'll go later. Deal? For now, will you do the suncream honours while I have a chat with a Belinda?

  30. At 12:21 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:


    Over valued, but under-rewarded?
    I hope not.

  31. At 12:25 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Perky wrote:

    Belinda - there are always people on the beach willing to listen to your problems and to help to drown your sorrows. Count me in.

    I have a sledgehammer, but I might need some help dragging it over the sand-dunes.

  32. At 01:05 PM on 27 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Belinda - have raided the bar and I'm sure we can come up with soem great cocktails. Have also found a large of cache of blunt instruments. And have another hug ((( ))).

    I'll be in that extra large hammock with a large jug full of margarita should anyone wish to climb and share, had enough of April for today.

  33. At 01:15 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Mark wrote:

    Hello everyone! I'm just passing through, doing the coastal footpath, phew its hot.. are those camels for hire?

  34. At 01:28 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Lady Pen....save and beg lots of large cardboard boxes, parcel tape, string, lengths of fabric (old sheets, curtains, etc) and clothes airers. Find a big open space and use your stuff to build shelters......or sculptures, or models, or whatever.

    Add paint and /or bingo pens and collage materials, and make a totem pole. Set a challenge.....which one is tallest, strongest, etc

    Both are great fun to make, and even greater fun to demolish!

  35. At 01:32 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Mustafa wrote:

    Mark (33) - For sure my friend. How many and how long you want?

  36. At 01:46 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Daisy, Windermere wrote:

    For Belinda,

    Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter, ten men and one woman. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one had to leave, because otherwise they were all going to fall.They were not able to name that person, until the woman held a very touching speech.

    She said that she will voluntarily let go off the rope, because as a woman she is used to giving up everything for her husband and children, or for that matter, men in general, without ever getting anything in return.

    As soon as she finished her speech, all the men started clapping their hands........

  37. At 01:58 PM on 27 Apr 2007, whisky-joe wrote:


    When did you last see...


  38. At 02:01 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Daisy, Daisy,

    (big grin)

  39. At 02:39 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    Write and enact an OPERA - well, a musical, do the book, everybody has a part, parents do costumes, enormous fun for all - all aimed at final night production to which you invite everybody.

  40. At 04:07 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Rip Van Winkle wrote:


  41. At 04:19 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Ah, Belinda. Send me your email address via my website link, and join the ranks of froggers receiving Fifi's Appalling Jokes! (rude or not, up to you)

    Or would you like an off-the-record chat over at the webcam?

    Sorry to hear you're having an 'interesting time' ... what can we do to help?



  42. At 04:39 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Roberto ... are you here?

    Your Order has been received at Fifi's Place -- thank you!

    As soon as I have another copy of the CD, I'll post it to Miami for you, Airmail.

    Fifi x

  43. At 04:48 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Fiona - I remember Why Don't You, it started off many a project for my two, thank goodness!

    Belinda - I'm over here in the Maroon hammock if you want to talk. I like to listen :o). Frugs to you.

    Stewart M's Birthday did you say? Hope he drops by later for his birthday dumps (hmmm, that really doesn't look right written down, maybe it's just a Scottish expression, you know what I mean though, where we whack him on the back once for each year and once for luck etc etc?)

    busy, busy back in April, I promised something for the end of the week, but someone pinched the middle out of the week so it's not finished yet.......RJD did you check your Inbox?

  44. At 05:11 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Val P - they're gentle with their birthday dumps where you come from then?

    When I was a Girl Guide they used to grab your arms and legs and throw you bodily in the air, once for each year and once for luck. If they liked you, they wouldn't drop you after the last one.....!

    I was absolutely dreading it when my turn came. But actually it was good fun.



  45. At 05:15 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    WW - thanks for inviting me to play on the new beach... was getting lonely... Great cocktail, by the way, thanks. Must find a way of reminding myelf to go to the new beach each Monday. Sunday. Hang on - it's Friday. What gives??

    Belinda, honey, sounds cruelly horrible. Want to talk about it? Massive hug
    Hope Daisy's fab joke made you smile a bit.
    I have well stocked tool kit, everything you could want for stress relief / exacting slow & painful revenge / making a loud noise... just name it.

    AnnaR xxx

  46. At 05:37 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Perky wrote:

    Belinda - hope that getting your post read out on air has gone a little way to cheering you up ;-)

    If not, here are some extra hugs to keep you going.



  47. At 07:12 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I've left a pot of the famous non-meat chilli bubbling gently at the back of the barbie, and there are spuds baking in foil among the coals.

    Also a huge tub of soured cream on the end of the Nick Clarke bar.

    All dig in, while I pop out to host a folk night. I'll toast you from there, and again (and probably again) when I get back.



  48. At 07:24 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Fifi - ohmigollygoshyes - I had SO forgotten about that kind. Oh, as I was always the smallest in the class that's what used to happen on schoolday birthdays. How could I have forgotten? I can feel that sinking feeling in my tummy as I'm typing. I think that's why I hate lifts.......

    Wanders off feeling like she's been hypnotised back to childhood or something

  49. At 08:46 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Birthday dumps Fifi (44)?! They were known to me as "the bumps". "Birthday dumps" soudns like the result of too much jelly and ice cream... eewww!... :-)

  50. At 09:36 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Thank you all for your hugs and hearts and jokes and advice - I am currently in the maroon hammock with Val P finsihing off an empty jug of margherita...or four.
    I won't bore you all with the details, except to say that this 'thing' has the potential to negatively affect my life for the next twenty years or so (if I get that far!). Which isn't all that much in the run of things...is it? Hmm. On the plus side, I'll still be here (the rest of you can start drinking now).
    And my crappy comment was read out tonight as well, so things are looking up.

  51. At 10:25 PM on 27 Apr 2007, stewart M wrote:

    Its not my birthday till Tuesday! I don't think I'll get 40 bumps (northumberland did bumps not dumps) but you never know.

    Been too busy in April to do much frogging today. Had a quick look at the weather thread but could not think of anything much. I don't often see the weather working in a dark room all day.

    The BBQ is next saturday but lets start now. Left it late so it'll be a see who turns up do! I'm drinking Kwak at the mo. SO is on the fruit beer. Magnum of champagne chilling.

    Fundus Camera all ordered and so looking forward to my new toy. Real birthday gift is a new bicycle. ALso looking forward to using. I get finish work early on Tuesday as I have a meeting to attend and thought "I'm not going back to work at 3.30 its my birthday" So I will get home walk to the bike shop and cycle home (with helmet on) oooo its exciting!!!!

  52. At 12:47 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Stew M - have fun with the Fundus (oh that's excruciating, even for me), but have even more fun with the bike. Remember to watch out for those other awful car-owning road-users!

    Belinda - good hammock eh? Makes everything a bit fuzzier round the edges. That's all I need most days, a bit of fuzziness instead of all the pointy, jaggy bits.

    It's been a quiet evening on the beach? Well I don't mind just gently swaying in the breeze over here until I nod off. Breakfast in hammock would be superb - who's offering?

  53. At 12:57 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Oooh look Annasee - look at the strapline, it's Mr Annasee!

  54. At 01:09 AM on 28 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Well ! Nice for me to able to stumble _ a bit tipsy - out on the beach! It's normally too busy to unwind properly!

    I have to video the wedding fot the two boys we went on holiday for tomorrow! It'll probably work out fine - done a bit already at the party - spelling will give the game away.

    Re: belinda - have finished the Margerhita :-()(

    And Fifi - Don't even ask :-(

    Re: perky :- If I knew what a post being read out on air was I'd agree - I'm sure :-)

    Heavy night :-( will be an interesting videio :- ?

  55. At 08:11 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:


    Not only spelling bit missing prepositions! Never mind...


  56. At 08:35 AM on 28 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Just popped in to remind myself if what I posted last night was as bad as I recall -

    Oh Dear, Can I complain about myself and have it removed ? I think it was down to a lack of food, however that export gin is strong.

    Have you heard the news about laptops?

    What a load of rubbish.

    They are saying that youngsters shouldn't have them on their laps due to the harm that the radio signals may do. The power of a Laptop is peanuts in comparison to that of a mobile. Must be a bad news day.

    Off for a quick dip and then on with the suit.

  57. At 08:41 AM on 28 Apr 2007, LadyPen wrote:

    You lot are AMAZING. In a single day you have (apart from all the other things you've been doing back in April - is it still April?) hugged Belinda through her bad news, helped celebrate a birthday and come up with a wikkid joke . . . though when I read the first line I was still thinking about my holiday thingy and wasn't sure that 'Eleven people hanging on a rope under a helicopter' met the 'low-cost' requirement . . .

    Teehee :-)

    So far we've got (heartfelt thanks and bravos and large ones of their choice to the originators):

    1 Inventing self-propelled aeroplanes + race/endurance test (Witchi)

    2 Salt dough (Witchi) - perhaps we could make up a theme/story, too, so that everybody's working towards a joint end/display/permanent record?

    3 Beachcombing + memory collage (Witchi). Apparently if we've got parents with their children we don't need a lifeguard, so that's a goer

    4 Opening cans of worms (Witchi) - couldn't resist the picture this conjured up :-)

    5 Forest trails/orienteering + collecting things to collage (Gillian) - especially good as HM Qu**ns woods aren't far away and the idea of taking people from an area with some of the highest scores in England on the government's index-of-deprivation into her back garden appeals to me (can't think why)

    6 Pond/river-dipping + whatever you call those little magnifying bugbox thingies - what DO you call them? Do the ELC still sell them? (Gillian). Will have to ring up HM and see if she has ponds/rivers too :-)

    7 Go-karts (Rachel) - speshly good as this would interest hard-to-involve dads (with any luck). Am member of local Fr*ecycle group on well-known ISP Yah*o, so that might be a good source of parts

    8 'Dangerous Book for Boys' (Rachel) - good idea. Will find

    9 Kite-making/flying (Rachel) and Holkham beach (anyone seen it in the opening titles to the new Stephen Fry series on Sun nights? Lovely). The website is brill, Rachel - thanks

    10 Themed beach-based treasure hunt (Rachel)

    11 Cardboard City (Gillian) - LOVE this! Design, build and demolish - something for everybody :-)

    12 Write + produce an opera/musical (Aunt Dahlia - wow!

    Have already linked up with local youth worker who's a whiz at finding free transport, and will be working next week on getting families involved in the preparations - so thank you thank you thank you for helping me kick this off.

    And as a footnote: not many people know - though you do, now - that, despite its wealthy shire-county, Chelsea-on-Sea image, N*rfolk has some pockets of isolation/deprivation/poverty that are as brutally horrific as any inner-city environment. Praps I'll email the programme - might make an interesting story during the run-up to the local elections . . .

    Ooops. Apols for introducing a non-beach moment there :-)

    Heartfelt thanks again - further ideas more than welcome.

    Now de-luxe 10-star champagne breakfasts all round!

    and a special hug for (((((((((Belinda))))))))


  58. At 09:25 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Bacon butties on the counter and some more local sausages. Why anyone ever buys the plastic-skinned *alls type, I can't imagine.

    Eat up, 'cause it's a great day for the garden! Yaffle calling all morning so far.

    See y'all later

  59. At 10:26 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Karen wrote:

    Found it!


  60. At 10:29 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Karen wrote:

    Frances O (19)

    Have asked my friend about the decaffeinating Q - she did a university project extracting caffeine from Cola and RB, etc. She reckoned that she was boiling things away for hours to extract the caffeine (it was several years ago and we were at Uni so our memories aren't that solid on it).

    There used to be a website where you could get an idea of the caffeine content of various brands. I seem to recall Mellow Birds having the highest caffeine content of the instant coffees but cannot remember the tea contents. I can't remember where the website was either.

    On reflection, this probably hasn't helped you at all. I'd have a cup of normal tea and not worry!


  61. At 10:53 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Jonnie, I'm disappointed in you! Why didn't you tell us what time you were getting dresed up? We Super-snoopers would have loved to see you in your best attire, and we could have waved you off.
    BTW, when are you and SO tying the knot? I seem to remember you mentioning it here a while ago. ;o)
    Anyway, have a geat day.

  62. At 11:38 AM on 28 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Good Morning/Afternoon Gorgeous

  63. At 01:48 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Re Daisy (36)

    Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter, ten women and one man. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one had to leave, because otherwise they were all going to fall. They were not able to name that person, until the man held gave a very touching speech.
    He said that he would voluntarily let go of the rope, because although the age of chivalry was over, as a man he felt honour bound to make a sacrifice and would do so willingly.
    As soon as he finished his speech, all the women started nodding agreement (no, really! I know it is very rare for a man to get even one woman to agree with him but on this they were unanimous). What a shame that he was the one holding onto the helicopter as well as the rope . . . ;-)


  64. At 02:04 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Cammelia, Lady Dromedary wrote:

    Ahem, I think 62 was for me girls.....

  65. At 03:06 PM on 28 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:


    ...have just dragged myself under a palm tree for shade, its a bit warm out there!!

    What an amazing lot the froggers are!!! I have missed you all this last week! Cracking list of ideas Lady P: A few years ago, wasnt there a massive sand whale-building thing on the beach? involving lots of marking out, several spades, and about 5 hours of sand shifting!!

    B: I think there is a saying from somewhere "life is suffering" - something as big as a twenty year problem may have some small recompence, if you give it a lot of time. In my experience, a death is totally devastating, and can have no relief, not even after years. But in life, tomorrow is another day...with another possibity.

    All that comes with heartfelt good wishes, and in no way trying to make light of all you said. All the froggers are on your side!!

    And i am now going to make up a fresh batch of cocktails in the NCM bar, as I feel in the need for a Singapore Sling, and then a Long Cold Twist, and a double Warsaw Wilt with ice, and then I might try a Manhattan in tandem wiht a Shlightly Shlurd can't read this....eh?! anyone joining me?!

    nikki noodle

  66. At 03:50 PM on 28 Apr 2007, LadyPen wrote:

    On what basis, o fragrant ship of the desert (64)?


  67. At 03:53 PM on 28 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Afternoon Graham (62) -- were you talking to me ?

  68. At 03:56 PM on 28 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    I'll leave my suit on for a bit and parade up and down Gillian :-)

  69. At 04:59 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    n-n - my don't you know lots about cocktails? take some over to the Cransley! I've been having a look for the "parade" Jonnie, but nothing doing. Perhaps you are all out in the back garden?

    We are going out for tapas tonight in April, so I'll take a doggy bag along with me and see what I can bring back to the Beach tonight.

  70. At 05:08 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Spent yet another gorgeous Saturday locked indoors in a conference.... Still, ratio of time spent eating/drinking to time spent in session was v healthy (ie high) :-) And some AWESOME speakers, so not complaining.

    I dragged a load of food from the conf buffet back to the beach with me - they massively over catered. The lasagne's particularly good, and there's a huge bowl of fresh fruit salad. If Nikki could just accidentally topple a bit of cocktail in to the latter... Hey presto: Punch!

    AnnaR xxx

  71. At 06:04 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Cammelia, Lady Dromedary (64) and
    LadyPen(66). I say, that's a good start. Only just said "Hello" and already two Ladies have noticed me. Is it always this friendly here?

    Jonnie (67). I am sure that you are gorgeous, but sorry, no, I was not addressing you.

  72. At 07:20 PM on 28 Apr 2007, The Face of Bo wrote:

    Is it safe to come out from behind the sofa yet?

  73. At 08:13 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Cassandra wrote:

    Bo, only if you promise to moisturise me - at once.

  74. At 09:00 PM on 28 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Val P: yumpsk! I think i've got the munchies after all those cocktails this afternoon, and tapas leftovers sounds great!

    also, i think i must have caught the sun, as my head is, er, ooooh, too fast....

    [btw, thanks for your comments on the previous beach: it's all go in April!]

    Anna R: I think I;ve toppled over quite a bit, unless there;s been a surfit of spriits sloshing around the NCM bar!

    I'm just popping out for a stroll along the strand, and going to see if any of the stars are out yet...



  75. At 09:48 PM on 28 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Another froggers' meeting has taken place!

    Humph, the dear man, fetched up at the acoustic night I was hosting yesterday. Alas, he has now seen me in my true colours: awash with red wine, shamelessly schmoozing old folkies to give us a song, and at one point banging a drum for which I have no noticeable musical aptitude.

    I can now reveal that Humph is:
    - a drunk, a slut and in his cups a very loud singer
    - an effete fop with a penchant for a nicely-turned cravat
    - a dab hand at re-stringing a mandolin

    Oh, and I tell lies as well.

    Before I left for the train in which I am sitting to type this nonsense (Lord knows when I'll be near a network to send it) I lobbed a pile of hastily-constructed bacon rolls on to the bar for you all.

    (Humph won't want one, he's B&B-ing at the pub.)

    I hope you enjoyed the last 5 verses of the Hedgehog Song last night by the way. I sang them extra loud so the din would carry over the dunes. Apologies to Lady Camellia; I saw you clamping your hooves over your ears during the verse about the sheep.

    (An ever so slightly hung-over) Fifi ;o)

  76. At 10:58 PM on 28 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Oh what a beautiful evening !

    I think i might croon a lilting melody as I open a small wee bottle of malt and may even put a finger or two on one of those bacon butties...thanks fifi

    Humph's a what and a what?!


  77. At 12:00 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Fifi (75) Please say you have photographic evidence!

  78. At 12:59 AM on 29 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Well !
    Re : Humph and Fifi -

    Just got back from the 'Doo' earlier and guess which two regulars were getting on 'very well together' in the cam chatroom ?

    Fifi seemed to have had one too many glass of red and Humph was giving her updated cricket scores (I believe Humph also had a glass of white in the hand) --

    Well - as you know know - I'm not one to pry or indeed gossip - so left them both to it and had an early night.

    Night all xx

  79. At 01:30 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Karen - re caffeine - thanks for getting in touch! Much appreciated.

    It's time for a cup of sleepy herb tea now. See you all tomorrow!

  80. At 01:37 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Sheila Fotherington wrote:

    I my experience PMS varies a great deal from woman to woman, so there is no 'typical' set of symptoms. I think it can often be partly psychological because my own symptoms worsened after my divorce and it was almost a year before things settled down again, although I do still suffer most months.

  81. At 08:00 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Fifi (75) wrote:

    Oh, and I tell lies as well.

    The trouble is that only you and I know which of those are lies, and which are true. I hope that all Froggers will forgive me if I do not admit to the truth. "Effete fop" indeed!


  82. At 08:36 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Another froggers' meeting has taken place!

    Humph, the dear man, fetched up at the acoustic night I was hosting on Friday. Alas, he has now seen me in my true colours: awash with red wine, shamelessly schmoozing old folkies to give us a song, and at one point banging a drum for which I have no noticeable musical aptitude.

    I can now reveal that Humph is:
    - a drunk, a slut and in his cups a very loud singer
    - an effete fop with a penchant for a nicely-turned cravat
    - a dab hand at re-stringing a mandolin

    (Oh, and I tell lies as well.)

    Before I left for the train in which I am sitting to type this nonsense (Lord knows when I'll be near a network to send it) I lobbed a pile of hastily-constructed bacon rolls on to the bar for you all.

    (Humph won't want one, he's B&B-ing at the pub.)

    I hope you enjoyed the last 5 verses of the Hedgehog Song on Friday by the way. I sang them extra loud so the din would carry over the dunes. Apologies to Lady Camellia; I saw you clamping your hooves over your ears during the verse about the sheep.

    (An ever so slightly hung-over) Fifi ;o)

    PS have posted this on Sunday morning ... and am now on my way back to bed for the much needed lie-in...................

  83. At 08:53 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Is it always this quiet or has somebody organised a weekend away?

  84. At 09:34 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Sheila, welcome to the beach, we hope you'll stay, even if you found it by accident. It has healing properties :-)

    I've left fresh coffee, fairtrade of course, and freshly baked bread - still warm. Marmite for those who love it. I'm off to make music all day, big Russian orchestral stuff. My fave.

    Will someone make sure Nikki drinks plenty of water and stay in the shade today please ;-)

    Anna xx

  85. At 10:00 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Hello, Graham! I'm another gurly.

    Morning all! It's sunshiny in April.

    I've nearly run out of tea (caffeine-full), so here's a big pot of coffee.

    Fifi, Humph, how are your heads this morning? I'll whisper, not SHOUT!!!!!!!

  86. At 10:48 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Hello Frances. Hello Everyone.
    On a Sunday morning in April I'd usually be playing golf but I'm laid up with a broken leg and with only the internet to keep me occupied.

    I must say it is very nice here. Are the camels domesticated?

  87. At 11:51 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Appy .... completely forgot! But then, I didn't know I was going to want a camera.

    Jonnie .... Humph and I have always got on well, you naughty stirrer you!


    Just going to have a quick shower now and some lunch, before heading out to a shambolic meeting about Belvoir Castle folk weekend and possibly a bit more singing afterwards.

    Cumberland sausages sizzling on the barbie if anyone fancies them, and some finger-rolls to put them in.


  88. At 11:53 AM on 29 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    How odd. Humph is now responding to my email BEFORE I sent it!

    I think the moderators must have also been 'at' the alcofrolic sauce this weekend.

    Humph, your secret's safe with me. As long as the payments come in regularly, nobody will ever know about the ...... you know.

    * Heh! heh! heh! *

    Personally, I find Russell Brand's hairstyle a touch over done, but on you.....



  89. At 12:15 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Hi Graham and Sheila!

    Graham, I hope the internet helps you through your 'confinement', and Sheila, that the wound continues to heal. Of course, the internet beach can become addictive and lead to considerable displacement activity. Beware!

    Meantime, there's fresh clay-oven bread on the bar, along with some Liffey Water if you're tempted. It's wise not to be too offstanding, as froggers aren't.

    Houb Salaam
    29/04/2007 at 12:18:08 GMT

  90. At 12:17 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Sheila Fotherington wrote:

    Thankyou Ms Rex. I was suffering quite badly during the night and so didn't really take in this 'beach' business and what you had all been talking about. A lot of this seems a long way from PMS but if you are all friendly and support each other then the advice to come here was good advice (it came from my local support group). There do seem to be quite a few men contributing here which surprises me but I have to say is great. I am feeling much better today but will keep checking in because you never know when someone might need to talk, me included!

  91. At 12:30 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Welcome to the Beach, Graham. Sorry to hear about the leg. Help yourself to a drink from the bar :-) As for it being quiet, I think it's down to April being warm and sunny, so some froggers are outside doing gardening and the liek. They'll be along later, no doubt...

  92. At 12:47 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:


    Maybe some of us are New Men?

  93. At 12:55 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Sheila (89) If you are having a laugh, then Hahahahaha!
    If you are for real, then your support group's been having a laugh!
    Anyway, the Beach is certainly the place for it....I'm sure the men would have a few experiences to relate....... ;o)

  94. At 01:14 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Welcome Fred, welcome Sheila. Sorry to hear you're both suffering in your different ways.

    The Beach is indeed the perfect place to while away the blues. The only rule is that we're all kind to each other, so just kick off your flip-flops and join in!

    I'm thrilled to think that a support group would recommend us!

    The camels, by the way, are friendly but a little unpredictable. Lady Cammelia is particularly umpty at times and you have to watch your plate especially if you're having sausages. ;o)

    Talking of which ... mine are now ready on the barbie. Pass the mustard, someone?

    Fifi xxx

  95. At 01:47 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Welcome Fred, welcome Sheila. Sorry to hear you're both suffering in your different ways.

    The Beach is indeed the perfect place to while away the blues. The only rule is that we're all kind to each other, so just kick off your flip-flops and join in!

    I'm thrilled to think that a support group would recommend us!

    The camels, by the way, are friendly but a little unpredictable. Lady Cammelia is particularly umpty at times and you have to watch your plate especially if you're having sausages. ;o)

    Talking of which ... mine are now ready on the barbie. Pass the mustard, someone?

    Fifi xxx

  96. At 01:52 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Erm, Fifi? I don't think you meant to welcome me just then. I think I've been here long enough by now:-p Good to hear you and Humph had fun at the acoustic night :)

  97. At 03:05 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Frances (85) Are you trying to suggest that Fifi's singing would induce a headache? Or were you thinking about her drumming, for which I must say, she has great talent.

    Oh, it was my singing you thinking of. Good point! :-O Laaaahhhhh


  98. At 03:28 PM on 29 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    thanks Anna R!

    Do you remember you went round to the other side to get some fruit, Fred?

    Can you recommend any direction to start off in?!!


  99. At 04:03 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Hi n-n! If you see where Lady Cammelia is standing, just to the right you'll find a path. Follow that to the first open grove, and you'll find a whole panoply of fruit to indulge in:-)

    Oh, I see the stone oven is warming up. Does anyone want some food? I'm going to rustle up some coriander, coconut, and milk lamb steaks, so just let me know if you want one....

  100. At 04:04 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Re Fifi (88) I thought that the payments were meant to protect me from any comments about my style (for want of a better word; and it does want for a better word) of hair and where! What is that? Oh, I see. No, of course I do not want you to mention THAT!!! The next payment will be in the post tomorrow. This trip to see someone who I thought of as a friend could become very expensive. :-(


  101. At 06:02 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Hello, Sheila. We're a bunch of disparate, but seldom desperate, women and men united by the enjoyment of

    1. the PM programme on Radio 4

    2. Good conversation

    3. Fun

    4. Lots of other good things.

    Maybe you were directed here because of the PM bit of PMS. I hate having it! But here on the Beach we can have a fantasy life that doesn't usuallly include zapping aliens or engaging in unseemly activities with the sex/species of our preference. Except I'm a bit worried about that camel.

    We can be serious, we can be silly, we can be what we want; but mostly we just enjoy the company of others.

    As for you, Graham, golf? Golf??? On a sunny day like this? Far better to be indoors and on the Beach with the rest of us beachbvms. The sunshine's UV-free and you never find Firth of Forth floaters in the sea.

  102. At 06:18 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:


  103. At 06:30 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Wow, that was good!

  104. At 06:36 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Cammelia, Lady Dromedary wrote:

    Domesticated? DOMESTICATED?
    A little naive, and possibly presumptuous, but never domesticated......

  105. At 06:46 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Fearless Fred. Thanks for the welcome and the drink. As it happens the leg is feeling not too bad today. Much improved by the news that I sold my beloved 5 Series BMW today and got the top book price (a bit above actually). Not allowed to drive for another 6 months, what with the old leg, so didn't seem any point having it garaged for that time.

    Fifi. Lady Cammelia is a camel???

  106. At 06:47 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    So long as what happened to Bill n'Ben doesn't happen to you Humph... and when did we last hear from Mrs Trellis?, that Fifi should have a health warning I reckon...

  107. At 06:49 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    Since it's quiet, a toast ( and tea) to absent friends - Rosalind, hope the puppy is OK, Sparkles, MadMary, Dr H, Deeptought, hope you're lurking, we miss you, well, I do.

  108. At 07:07 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Sara wrote:

    Hi everyone - great to welcome Sheila and Graham (sorry about the leg, Gray) but I was sad to hear things not going so well for Belinda and hope life is looking cheerier now. While I was away we had scrummy Pimms with loads of fruit and I've brought some back for you all, and especially for Belinda.

    It might help Fifi and Humph's headaches too. Hair of the dog and all that...

    Was away for three days visiting daughter and son in law who took us to see Spamalot on Friday night. I wasn't sure quite what to expect from Monty Python on stage - but it was truly brilliant and Simon Russell-Beale superb as King Arthur. The whole thing had me laughing from beginning to end. And of course we all sang The Froggers Song (though everyone sang the old fashioned words except me). So even though I was away from you all, you were in my thoughts!

  109. At 07:07 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Whoops! My (99) should of course hsve read as "coriander, coconut milk and mint lamb steaks. I got it right while making the things, honest....

  110. At 07:27 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Ed Iglehart @89 Hello Ed, I didn't see your message the last time I looked, so thanks for the welcome.

    Sheila @90 Are you new here too?

  111. At 07:40 PM on 29 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Thank f-fred (99)!

    I've brought back a whole load of fruit - help yourselves!!! I'm all gorged out!

    What a lovely tune !!! wow, i wonder who's singing?!

    I think I might just pause and listen a mo...



  112. At 08:07 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Graham. Welcome GRAHAM!!!

    (Sorry Fred, my brain slipped.)

    Fifi ;o)

    PS Humph, an IOU for red wine will always do!

  113. At 08:26 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    FFred (109) - aaah, in that case, I'd love some, thanks. Was keeping quite after the original description ;-)

    Anna xxx

    ps that really WAS good.....

  114. At 08:57 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Welcome Graham & Sheila. Sorry to hear you are incapacitated at the moment Graham, but this is a great place to spend some time...

    Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days, what with a rush of weddings, concerts etc. Tomorrow we're going on holiday for a few days. This morning when Miss Pooh Bear (as some of you will know her) deigned to arise from her bed, we found she had a hideous swelling under her big toe, very painful. When I'd last seen it on Friday night, it looked like a tiny verrucca. But this was something else! There could have been an alien in there, it looked so horrible.

    Of course it would be Sunday, wouldn't it? And we are leaving the country first thing tomorrow. Feeling rather apologetic ("a sore toe" hardly sounds like an emergency, does it?) I phoned the local out of hours centre. They were brilliant, & we were in and out after a gruesome (but painless ) lancing & prescription within an hour of my phone call. I will really miss the NHS!!!

  115. At 09:36 PM on 29 Apr 2007, stewart M wrote:

    Nice to have some new folk wandering in to the beach. Graham, having six months to decide on your next car... or will it just be another BMW?

    Being a man I can make no comments on PMS. None that will be of any help any way!

    The hammock appears to be a good place to lie. Just get there early as other seem to hog it!

    Practice BBQ for tea. Sweet potato parcels, Aubergine slice gently charcoled, Burgers, Ostrich sausages and Pork and apple sausages. Ate inside though! Now must do some work.

  116. At 10:11 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Evening all, I am a bit fed up but it's probably late-onset hangover. Does anyone have any cures other than hair of the dog? (What a horrid expression!)

    Fifi, As you didn't have a camera perhaps you could draw portrait of Humph and email it to Eddie so it can be posted here?

    Humph, you could do the same for Fifi?

    Or am I just being really silly now?

  117. At 10:15 PM on 29 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Aunt D - wow, you must have been reading my mind last night. I was just going through a mental list of 'those we have loved, and where are they now?' You all know who you are, and so, where are you?

    Graham and Sheila (though separate, but always together now, having arrived on the beach on the same day!) welcome.

    Graham - hope it wasn't the BMW which broke your leg?

    Sheila - every bit of assistance in this regard is welcome, in my opinion, so however you got here, you've found a place where we do our best to alleviate all ills, male, female and inbetween!

    RJD - where are you? Did you notice it was far from Hearts Nil today??

  118. At 10:26 PM on 29 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    Good Evening Froggers

    Nice to see some new people on the beach. I'm just going for a trawl through the past few days.

    Some Bombay Sapphire and John Jameson on the bar for those who like that sort of thing.

  119. At 11:45 PM on 29 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Well Appy you could try the following :-

    If you have a hangover, consider the following for relief:

    Consume foods and drinks that contain fructose (such as fruit juice or honey). There is some evidence that fructose will help your body burn the alcohol faster -- that is, get the alcohol out of your body faster.
    Eat well, if possible. Bouillon soup is good for replacing salt and potassium depleted by drinking alcohol.
    Most hangovers are gone within 24 hours. Rest is recommended.

  120. At 11:51 PM on 29 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    Val P - You just scored 5/5 on the recent comments!

  121. At 12:24 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Now, Appy, you know that froggers never reveal what they actually find each other to look like.

    You have to be there. And then you are sworn to the vow of secrecy. Humph is nothing like I've painted him. And sadly, anyone who visits my band website can find out what I look like! There are no shortcuts here!

    However if anyone wants to know what Humph is REALLY like... you are welcome to attempt to bribe me, and then decide if what I've described sounds believable.

    It will all be lies but I guarantee it'll be entertaining!

    (Humph .. trust me .. unless you hand someone a business card they will never find you!)

    Fifi ;o)

  122. At 06:42 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    I am first up? Coffee and cereal this morning - (overdid it a bit on the cakes yesterday) - help yoursleves :-)

    Hey - that camel's going for the full fat milk. Shoo! (please....)

  123. At 06:44 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:


    n-n I love the strapline :-)

    Anna xx

  124. At 09:00 AM on 30 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Morning all! What a busy weekend - hello to new Froggers!

    I see Anna has supplied a few bits - heres some strawbs to go with the cereal!

    Belinda - how are you doing? Has the weekend helped at all??

    Sara - glad you enjoyed and represented we Froggers! really wanted to see Tim Curry in the lead but sadly didn't make it....he was great in Rocky Horror but his turn in Muppets Treasure Island really hooked me!

    Right off to April; not really ready fro it but here goes x

  125. At 09:19 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Mornin' All.

    Welcome, Graham and Sheila. Lovely to meet you both, and I hope that leg starts to heal soon Graham, otherwise the camels will start to charge at you.

    Troubles: I've decided to take a leaf out of climate-change naysayers books and bury my head into the sand, while having a stiff-upper lip (thank you, you lovely British people for teaching me that trick). I didn't want to speak in specifics on here (makes it more real), but it seems I'll be setting up the first PM Beach Hospital, with myself and Graham as patients. Who wants to play doctor? ;-)

    How exciting that there is a Fifi-Humph double-act in the works!

  126. At 09:49 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I need a couple of days off to get over the weekend.


    Sadly, tonight I need to be in 3 places at once ... so, not very relaxing either.

    What's this poking out of the sand? sort of a bit shiny? Hello, it's a knackered old oil lamp! Very dirty though. Can I be bothered giving it a clean?

    Oh --- doorbell.


  127. At 10:36 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    RJD - well, of course typically, I missed that! D'you know I never look at the Recent Comments, too busy looking for recent comments.

    n-n - nice strapline, is it your first?

    Gillian - enjoyed the chat. After I had admired the rotovator, I then had to go out and buy oil for it. I may just change my name to Gofor.

    Aperitif - TD doubled her target yesterday and opened 2 accounts and she's convinced she sold a pair of Ch*rch's to a pimp/drugdealer (well she knows she sold the shoes, the speculation is about the poor "oldie" in full k*ppa sportswear with 16yr old hanging off his arm who bought them). Whoever he was, he didn't do himself any favours, mind you, when he shouted at her for lacing the shoes up incorrectly. "not my fault" she said to me when relating Today's Tales from R & B "you never taught me to lace shoes".
    In my defence m'lud, I don't think she's ever had lace-ups :o), and, come to think of it, shouldn't they be training her in that sort of thing, in addition to how to sell shoe-trees?

    Fif - I'll stand guard over the lamp 'til you get back, although erm, hmm, now that I come to think of it, I could give it a bit of a buff up meself :o)

  128. At 10:59 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Gloriana wrote:

    Bringing mango sorbet and elderflower cordial to the beach. Graham, sorry to hear your leg's broken. Is it a shareable story? Have to have an observed lesson this afternoon but would much rather be here on the beach. Thank goodness for warm sand and bacon butties.

    Hello to all Froggers!


  129. At 11:31 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Sheila Fotherington wrote:

    Hello to everbody who has greeted me and I'm sorry, I'm really quite embarrassed. I was told that the BBC had a special PMS support group at www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/pms but it seems I came to something called "PM" by mistake. I think maybe I was being toyed with because I was told to look for the 'beach section' as the friendliest place to start. I was really upset when I looked in yesterday and realised I had been tricked. I was tempted to just go away but today I am feeling better physically and so I can be more objective and see that people were so kind here that I at least had to come and say thankyou. To answer Graham, yes, what a coincidence! I hope your leg is better soon. I work afternoons so have to get going soon but thankyou again to everybody who had kind things to say and sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick.

    Shelia Fotherington.

  130. At 11:43 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    ... I'm sure it was here that I found it....

    * peers anxiously around *

    ... it was dead scruffy but there was a bit of wick left ...

    * pokes in sand with toe *

    ...those footprints look new ....

    Oh --- phone!


  131. At 11:45 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    I can't believe they allow pimps in to R&B Valery! I'm most upset! But also somewhat intrigued :-)

    Thanks for the hangover cure suggestions Jonnie. It doesn't take much to make me feel that way -- I am quite the amateur! I'm off caffeine today so I have a different kind of headache!

  132. At 11:48 AM on 30 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Hello Gloriana, and welcome, I once read a book about you, I'm sure.

    It's just too lovely on the Beach this morning to prise myself back to April. Well, it's either the loveliness, or the fact that I have about a foot of filing to do :o(.

    Somebody please incentivise me?

  133. At 12:01 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Made some more of Molly's lovely fruit scones - on the bar with homemade plum jam.

    Graham and Belinda - thinking of you both.

  134. At 12:09 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Val P. I'm shocked - a pedant of your calibre using 'incentivise' :-)

    (rushes off to check OED....)

  135. At 12:48 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Graham, welcome to the beach and sorry to hear about your leg.
    I've had a word with our Life-saver, the 18-year-old Macallan. He has agreed that if you manage to hobble to the beach any time today and make yourself comfortable, he will attend to your every need.
    Belinda, I'm sure he would extend the same service to you, as long as you sit close by Graham and co-ordinate your requests.
    Sheila (129) I apologise for casting aspertions on your presence on the beach. To make amends, I will personally serve you breakfast- in- hammock tomorrow morning. What would you like?
    Now I'm going to find the Young Macallan and fulfil my obligation to him.....he can be bought, but oh, what a price......;o)

  136. At 12:50 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    OK what's going on. We are 600 feet up, in what the electricity board (whatever!) call a'metreological mixing bowl', my aquilegias are out, at the same time as the hellebores, two roses are in full bloom and we've eaten outdoors as often as in over the last two weekends. Lovely, lovely, but are we all going to be spit roasted and deserted by June?
    Carpe Diem.
    Now where are those bacon butties, no sauce please, regardless of FF's disgust.
    Graham, are you itching yet - get in supply of knitting needles, now.
    Off to do work, unwillingly as per, what is that metal thing gleaming in the sand..........

  137. At 12:52 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Needs must Anne P!

    Sheila F - I hope you don't just rush off, as whoever made the suggestion were imo being wiser than they knew. My experience of this 'syndrome' is long and unpleasant, and on this Beach a problem shared is usually then divided up into many tiny little pieces and washed out to sea - if not permanently, then often long enough to change your perspective :o) Pick a sun lounger, make a sprightly leap into a hammock, or come for a tramp along Fido's Run with me and we'll swop notes!

    Appy - Oooh I know, not their usual style. The funny thing is that his parting shot to the cashier was " I hope you've not been taking photos of me or you'll regret it". Weirder and weirder eh?

    Fifi - I stowed it for safe-keeping over behind Cammy,Lady D, while she was having her morning siesta and I had to pop back to April. D'you mean some other bounder has filched it?

  138. At 01:05 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Aunt D (135) "are we all going to be spit roasted and deserted by June?" I have just choked on my lunch. I'm very worried about what RJD will make of that one!

  139. At 01:10 PM on 30 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Sheila - you don't have to apologise! You're more than welcome any time, with any problems, you'd be surprised what we Froggers can contend with!

    Belinda - a Beach Hospital...you know thats asking for trouble! Doctors on the Beach, it could get messy. On a serious note big hugs (((((((( )))))))) and a sqquuuuuueeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee too.

    Right, am off to sit under this tree as am feeling a little queasy and April isn't helping.

  140. At 01:10 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Gloriana wrote:

    Val P, you're right you did read a book about me once. The description's pretty accurate as well.

    Right, off to teach now. Despite the fact that it's a gorgeous day at the beach. Argh, teaching in this weather, whatever happened to Hitzerfrei?

    Love to all, and get well soon Grahame,


  141. At 01:35 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Gloriana, welcome, and thank you for the goodies. Delicious!
    I'll leave a big bowl of fresh fruit salad in the fridge behind the NC bar, and a selection of liqueurs for those who want to pep it up a bit. Help yourself the next time you pop in.

  142. At 02:02 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    And, as well as all the delicious comestibles, there's a wee stash of combustibles in the lounger shed.


    P.S. it seems a simple prefix can fool the robo-spam czar:

  143. At 03:50 PM on 30 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    Ap (138) - You know I think you are worse than anybody else. Why is it that everybody tries to palm off their own innuendo or inappropriate comment by immediately referring to me? I read Aunt Dahlia’s remarks and drew no other meaning than the innocent one she obviously intended.

    Graham & Sheila – welcome.

    Sheila - don’t listen too carefully to what is said here – we’re all mostly bonkers - especially the women. I’m joking! I’M JOKING! But seriously though, watch out for Aperitif!

    Graham – six months off driving – must be a bad break. By the way, why the compulsion to tell us you are from Surrey?

    Val P – Hearts Three as a name sounds much better!

  144. At 04:01 PM on 30 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Yey!!! A strap-line !!!

    My first I think, Val P!!

    I'll crack open the bubbly and put it on ice for later (that'll be bubbly spring water for you, Appy!), and p'raps there'll be something from stewart's practice bbq left?!

    Welcome new froggers from me too! Oh what a good monday, must buy a diary, and then highlight today!



  145. At 04:46 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Thank you WW (139), I am squeezing right back.

  146. At 04:50 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    Nikki (144) I always have some left over. Nothing to do with my cooking skills just overcatering. Honest.

    Its leftover curry (Chicken MAsala I think) for tea tonight as I have to nip out quick and borrow a data projector for wednesday.

    So I'll be Mr Garlic breath tomorow. Perhaps SO is trying to tell me something!

  147. At 04:54 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Thanks to all for the continuing welcomes,

    I’m just back from hospital, with the good news that they will not after all have to re-break and reset the bones. But I was also told that the leg may end up shorter than the other. I asked the consultant if it will have any effect on my ability to play golf. He said it might actually be of help when playing using a long iron off a downward lie. So, not all bad news.

    RJD re the Surrey. Force of habit - there are 3 Graham Barkers in sales throughout the country and this just identifies me from Cleveland and Cardiff.

    Sheila. How are things going today?

  148. At 05:16 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Sheila Fotherington wrote:

    I am well today thankyou Graham and thankyou everybody who has said kind things. I know a Graham Barker who recently moved to the Cleveland area from here! I wonder if it could be the same one as you know. He does something in a large office equipment firm, but I'm not sure exactly what. I suppose it's probably a common enough name but what a coincidence!

  149. At 06:08 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Evening all! Glorious evening for a stroll, anyone fancy coming with me? Glass in hand, of course.

    Graham - it's true, my Dad has one leg shorter than t'other and plays very well on a hilly golf course. No, really! Bummer, all the same. Hope the beach can provide some relief (RJDstopit - I'll come to you later).

    Shiela - shame on whoever tried to get one over you, but you have the last laugh: you've met a bunch of new friends on the beach who (try to) support you. And/or feed you liberal food & booze :-))))

    WW - how ya doing? Could use a few of your 'extra reserve' vibes :-% Maybe you could run beach-yoga....?

    RJD (143) - now, are you just trying to see how far you can push it? You know EXACTLY what I'm referring to, and frankly it's upsetting the camels. You should pay penance. Could you come over here and give me a hand?

    Anna xx

    ps I'm going to do a buffet - any requests?

  150. At 06:53 PM on 30 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    Anna Rex (149) - Oh Yes, that's likely!. Nope, staying here. I don't trust you!

  151. At 07:33 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:


  152. At 08:01 PM on 30 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    Anna Rex - Hahahaha

    OK, you made me laugh, so I can't refuse. Right, what can I help you with?

  153. At 08:56 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    RJD :-) Good sport!

    Well, first there's something I need to get off my chest, then I need some penetrating insight into a long-standing problem, then there are a few little jobs I could do with palming off. You up for that?

  154. At 09:07 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    RJD - Hearts Three has a kind of a ring to it, but perhaps sounds a little too much like a mob of miscreants who are claiming not to be guilty as charged. Oh, mind you.......

    Witchi - If you do fancy running some beach-yoga, I'll go back to April and fetch a mat!

    Stewie M - I left a comment for you on a later thread today, but it's blasted off into the ether. Something about you getting the bumps, I don't think it was tasteless but perhaps the mods did?

    Appy - get some of that fruit salad down you before they adulterate it with al-cohol. You must still be dehydrated? or is it the caffeine withdrawal?

  155. At 10:03 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Miss Creant wrote:

    Anna's been naughty and has been sent to the Naughty Step to consider her actions.
    She won't be allowed out to play again tonight.

  156. At 10:17 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Sheila [148] I don’t think it can be the same Graham Barker that you know unless he moved to Cleveland about two years ago. As matter of fact Graham (Cleveland) is related to me but I don’t know him that well – second cousin / once removed or something, I don’t understand that stuff. I haven’t met him since he joined the company. It caused a bit of confusion at the time as Head Office at first thought I had applied for a transfer!

    I’m not sure where exactly he was living before he moved but it was somewhere around Guildford. Does “large office equipment firm” mean a large firm selling office equipment or a firm selling large equipment for offices? Anyway, it’s not us because although we are a multi-national company we only sell paper – lots of it!

    I still haven’t seen a camel – have you?

  157. At 11:11 PM on 30 Apr 2007, stewart M wrote:

    Val P, Yes I did mention bumps somewhere, Cant remember why now. Cant been have as bad as Anna is being very naughthy. I won't tell her about the firemans pole I put on the climbing frame. She may want to go down it :-o

    Did I say that. I'll be on the naughty step with her.

  158. At 11:28 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Cammelia, Lady Dromedary was last seen trying to buff up the lamp Fifi found this morning, with her tongue. Don't know what happened after that.......

    Miss Creant - you do well to send Anna Rex to the Naughty Corner, but do check out who else is there, there could be fireworks I suspect? Tears before bedtime I'll be bound.

    Btw, anticipate the arrival of Eddie any minute now, bearing magnums of champagne, and alighting behind the dunes from the BBC helicopter! Well done those hard-working PM People. I do hope Sequin gets a Magnum to herself though! (Wow that's grammatically hopeless, but I can't be bothered unravelling it due to keyboard fatigue after explaining Scotland's Voting System(s) for this Thursday, on another thread.)

    Froggers, please charge your glasses and let's hear it for PM!

  159. At 11:33 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Well, I really don't know what happened to that old lamp I found.

    There was a wisp of purple smoke near the Bar when I got here, but other than the smell of incense and a lot of very confused footprints in the sand no clues.

    I'll just light this citronella candle to discourage the midges, and then settle back in the purple hammock with this glass of .. er .. Stamps.



  160. At 11:38 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Well Stew - not long 'til you are the Birthday Boy, so if you fancy your chances with AR in the Naughty Corner I think it's a Gentleman's Excuse Me!

  161. At 11:49 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Perky wrote:

    A quick stroll down to the beach for me to deposit some bubbly so that we can celebrate PM's wonderful Sony wins. It's chilled, so get stuck in.

    What a lot I've missed over the weekend - mostly due to hangover-induced inactivity, I'm afraid.

    Welcome Sheila and Graham, it's good to have some new footprints on the beach - although in Graham's case, that was probably the wrong thing to say ;-(. I'm moving to Surrey in the summer, Graham, tell me five good reasons why I'll love it there!!!

    As for the rest of you, I hope you're all happy and healthy, even those of you in the naughty corner. Yes, I can see you peeking.

    Oh, I almost forgot, I've brought down some chocolate fudge cake, with lots of thick gooey icing. I'll only eat it all if I keep it in April.

    Sleep well y'all.

  162. At 11:58 PM on 30 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Happy Birthday to stewart M. Some of the other Froggers have decided to join together with me to give you forty bumps:

    \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/ /¬\ \_/

    And of course the usual “one for luck”

    \_/ /¬\ \_/

    As it is quite early you may get some more bumps from others later. Whatever! I hope that you have a great birthday.


  163. At 01:28 AM on 01 May 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Champers and fruit juices chilling for a toast to PM and all who sail in her.

    Happy Birthday, Stewart!

    Oh, and white rabbits

  164. At 08:29 AM on 01 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    I've only got a minute - Happy Birthday to all those with birthdays (how did you do that Humph!) and Congratulations, Champers etc to PM and all on the Frog!

    Am BT-less at the mo so can only frog at work, so sorry for not being around!

  165. At 08:39 AM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Bright Beltane Blessings to all and congrats to...everyone!! Birthdays, awards What a day! Have erected a maypole at the other end of the beach - hopefully the camels won't chew the ribbons - and there are honey biscuits and strawbs on th bar, with some very nice fizz for later (and some mead for those who wish to really get in to the spirit of things).

    And yes AnnaR - yoga on the beach not a prob, I'll be down by the waters edge if you want to join me....and anyone else for that matter.

    Right - will go and read everyones posts properly now, just wanted to get this all out of my system first.

    Tra la la!! I love May Day!

  166. At 08:50 AM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Val P - yep, get that mat! :)

  167. At 09:32 AM on 01 May 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Happy Birthday Stewart! Here's a picnic hamper full of all your favourite nibbles, to dip into during the day.
    Champagne is chilling for Stewart and all the PM team.
    I've also arranged for a delivery of May Morning Dew, in handy squirty bottles.......excellent for the complexion. It is also good for weak limbs, so Graham, apply it liberally!

  168. At 09:34 AM on 01 May 2007, RJD wrote:

    Is it safe to come out yet?

  169. At 10:11 AM on 01 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Stewart!

    Altogether now:

    "Things can only get better
    Can only get better
    Can only get better (dodedodo-dodedodododo ...)"

    How many of us stayed awake ten years ago, with the radio on all night, hearing the counts? Then that song .....

    Such high hopes we had.

  170. At 10:41 AM on 01 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Morning all, just a quick visit from me, so much to do and so little time to do it as usual. Brought down some champers to toast the PM wins but it seems others beat me to it - not that you can ever have too much champagne so I will just pop it on ice over at the bar and we can open it when the others are finished.

    Happy birthday Stewart (is it actually today? - it seems like we have been talking about your birthday for a wee while now). Anyway have a good one whenever it is.

    Right better dash big hugs and m'wah, m'wah kisses to all ..... x

  171. At 10:54 AM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Fiona - you're right, theres no such thing as too much champagne! The time to stop is when you end up tied to a random May-er (no pun intended) and can't get your hands free to drink another glass!

  172. At 11:22 AM on 01 May 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Bonjour, mon petit froggeurs et froggettes! I come bearing coffee and fruit teas for all those nursing a sore head this morning after the celebratory fireworks of last night :-)

  173. At 11:43 AM on 01 May 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Stewart. One of my special chocolate birthday cakes in the fridge.

  174. At 11:58 AM on 01 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Morning all - I'm just popping down for some of FFred's coffee, because I need waking up this morning - although I'm sure I feel a lot better than the PM team who were clearly out late last night deservedly celebrating.

    Beautiful May day back home, so I'm off to enjoy it ;-)

  175. At 12:09 PM on 01 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Fiona- you did make me smile- I'd had the same wee thought too...

    Stewart-have we met ? good to see you here and happy birthday from me too!

    Surely RJD can come off the naughty step now- it's too nice to be in and I miss his funny bits....


  176. At 12:30 PM on 01 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Stewart- my apologies- I've just spotted you earlier up the beach- the chap with the fundus camera . Now, who was I thinking about?....
    An extra Happpy Birthday for me bieng so silly!!
    Did you get your bike?
    must be the late night- I'm all confused.

    AnnaR- do you still want my you-know whats?
    (dont want people too think I"m only interested in f--d!))
    (Blimey- have i got the right Stewart?)


  177. At 12:33 PM on 01 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Molly: There's no need to be rude about RJD's anatomy.

  178. At 12:55 PM on 01 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Big Sis- are you suggesting I.......

    RJD- I never did so!!!!! Honest!


  179. At 12:59 PM on 01 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Bonjour Le Fred qui est sans fear.

    Merci buckets pour le café.

  180. At 01:08 PM on 01 May 2007, Val P wrote:

    Big Sis - ha, ha , ha. Now you'll be in trouble!

    So has Lady C come back with the lamp yet Fifi?

    Gossipmistress - only just last night I was browsing through fl*kr and wondering where on earth you'd got to? Ah, BT, that explains it all, say no more.

    Stewie - have you recovered from the Bumps yet? You're very quiet over there?

    Witchi - here's my mat, though it's been rolled up for more years than I care to remember. How do I stop it from wrapping itself round me. Anyone got a heavy statuette or 4 to put on the corners?

  181. At 01:37 PM on 01 May 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    humph. Ow my back!

    Big Sis I was humminhg "things can only get better" were you listening when I had my shower?

    Everyone else. Bike is being collected my self at 4.00 pm. Also Got a cafetiere coffee mug (not for use on the bike) and a water bottle for the bike.

    Only four cards so far. Post had not been when I left for work.

    Anne P chocolate cake is yummmmy.

    Molly,I don't know, have we met?

    Fiona don't blame me about the birthday stuff. I put a comment on Jonnies Blog extra site and I think big sis then took the lead.

    Thanks for all the greetings. They are most appreciated and entirely unnecessary. Off to my meeting now. May call in later but help yourselves there is a big float at the bar.

  182. At 02:15 PM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Stewart - unnecessary? certainly not! Enjoy the bike and the rest of your day - you may be needing that water bottle :)

  183. At 02:25 PM on 01 May 2007, RJD wrote:

    Molly (175) Which particular bits of me are funny? Should I forget the Speedos and go back to Bermuda Shorts?

    Big Sis (177) - Thank you for your support. How are things going? An action picture of Robbie on Flick'r if you're interested.

  184. At 02:38 PM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Val - am sure there must be some floating around somewhere, or we could use some coconuts?

  185. At 02:39 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Hi Froggers...
    Just popping to say I haven't been abducted by aliens (or...have I.....?...?). Still busy with this *B-L-E-E-P* coursework that I can't seem to break the back of.

    I've been wilfing a lot instead of doing my work HELP! I need someone to teach me self-discipline, and FAST!!!

    Anyway, hope everyone is fine and happy and enjoying the luvverly weather both here and in May!

    I realise no-one's noticed I've been gone, but that's ok :o)

    Going back in my hole now...


  186. At 03:06 PM on 01 May 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Val P (160) Wow, if I'd know the naughty corner was that much fun, I'd have misbehaved ages ago! Plenty of gentlemen, plenty of 'excuse me' :-P

    Molly - yes please!!

    Happy birthday to all concerned xx

  187. At 03:12 PM on 01 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    RJD: Lovely to see Robbie in action. When will he join the other pooches in Fido's Corner (hint hint)?

  188. At 03:13 PM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Chris - just because we don't comment doesn't mean an absence isn't noticed! If you do a good few hours you can some of the celebratory fizz....self discipline is all well and good but self bribery is better :)

  189. At 03:20 PM on 01 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Chris-the -P- I was JUST thinking ''Where's Chris T. P-bet s/ he's doing her/ his course work"-honest!
    So, get on with it- no more displacement activities. I KNOW about these things- I have a huge piece of work to finish and what am I doing? This!!!!

    Now, RJD's speedos or shorts? Hmmmm...


  190. At 03:28 PM on 01 May 2007, Val P wrote:

    Chris the P -"I've been wilfing a lot instead of doing my work HELP!"
    Wilfing? can I try that? would I like it? might I end up back in the Naughty Corner?

  191. At 03:42 PM on 01 May 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    I've been trawling. (Is that the right word?)

    Here seems as good a place as any to ask. What is the Newsletter? How do I get one? Is it worth it?


  192. At 03:45 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Witchi & Molly - Thanks for the offer of fizz (yes please, when I've stopped being unproductive!!), and for the empathy...

    Val - WILF = What am I Looking For... you know, when you sit at the PC G**gling something specific, and find yourself absent-mindedly surfing everything else that comes to mind. You might well already like it without even realising you were doing it!!
    And in my case it should be a case of going to the Naughty Corner for sure, as I should be doing the aforementioned work!!

    Btw Molly - I'm a girlie... well a forty-something old hag (according to TD) :O)


  193. At 03:48 PM on 01 May 2007, RJD wrote:

    Anna Rex (186) - ". . . .I'd have misbehaved ages ago" Ha ha ha ha !!!

    Oh, I think you've had a bit of practice!

  194. At 04:12 PM on 01 May 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    Graham, let me be the ninth to tell you
    a) allegedly forewarning of what will be, or has been in the programme
    b) go to the PM page as advertised immediately under the blue bar at the top of the page - somewhere in the jumble you will be able to sign up
    c)up to a point. The main interest is in when, and if, it actually turns up, but it does help decode some of the postings on the frog, as people respond to whatever whim is expressed within it.
    GM where are you????

  195. At 04:17 PM on 01 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Graham (191) - on the homepage, below Eddies headphone pic (on the right) theres a little 'subscribe here' doohicky. Its a little missive that arrives, generally, at lunchtime telling us what the programme will feature that evening. To me its worth it as it raises a smile each day. And if you don't like it you can always ask them to stop!

    PS Good news about the non rebreakage

  196. At 04:19 PM on 01 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    What is the Newsletter? How do I get one? Is it worth it?

    Oh graham, what a bag of monkeys you have opened. You can subscribe to the newsletter by following the link on the main PM BBC page - or click below:


    As to whether it is worth it, well, it is rather like an unreliable bus service: When it finally turns up, you are immensely grateful.

    Although to be fair, it has been somewhat consistant of late.

  197. At 04:19 PM on 01 May 2007, RJD wrote:

    Graham (191( to answer your comments in order.

    " ...trawling. Is that the right word?" Well it depends what you were doing obviously!

    "What is the Newsletter? " Pearls of wisdom from Mr Mair regarding the content of the day's PM (usually). If he remembers to send it!

    "How do I get one? " Talk to Anna Rex. Sorry no, I mean subscribe via the PM Website

    "Is it worth it?" Absolutely no comment!

  198. At 04:58 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Graham -
    " ...trawling. Is that the right word?" - Yes, it sounds good to me! Who knows what undesirable stuff you might get in your net, though...

    "What is the Newsletter? " - What indeed... I ask myself that most days, well on the days it arrives, that is... To be fair to Mr Marvellous Mair, it always contains several or more laugh-out-loud sentences that brighten my day!

    "How do I get one? " - Subscribe by visiting the PM website... And it might only be ONE!!!! Sorry, Eddy!

    "Is it worth it?" - Absolutely, to me anyway. And Mr Mair will stop sending it if you don't like it...

    Now, back to work - I'm just going to spend 10 minutes in the Naughty Corner first to make up for the time I've spent doing this!

    I'm boring myself now.


  199. At 05:12 PM on 01 May 2007, Graham Barker (Surrey) wrote:

    Aunt Dahlia, Witchiwoman & RJD (and anybody else). Thank you. Found it!

  200. At 05:18 PM on 01 May 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    RJD (193 & 197)


    You're not too old to be put over my knee, you know.

    Oooh, I've gone all pink.

  201. At 05:32 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    To whomever it was who asked for Decaff Info (sorry, can't remember) a few days ago... this is the reply from Tetley earlier today -


    I fully understand how rumours and half-truths can circulate and am grateful you have given us a chance to let you know the facts so you can make your own decision.

    At Tetley we decaffeinate our blend with dichloromethane. We then remove the dichloromethane using heat. This leaves a residue of less than 5 parts per million, which is under the Government recommended level. We use this method because it removes 99.8% of the caffeine without affecting flavour.

    Kind regards,


    Hope this is useful!!

  202. At 05:46 PM on 01 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Christ the P - Sorry, don't look at me for any lessons in self discipline! I have almost achieved professional status in wilfing - it doesn't help that I have peaks and troughs at work so when I do get a new project to work on, well its just unwelcome intrusion into my surfing time :) Oh and don't listen to your TD - you are in your prime in your forties, we are fine, empowered women - I should know I am in the decade with you.

    Have I missed much anyway? Had to pop out to take my son for his hospital appt and it only took 3 hours!

  203. At 06:00 PM on 01 May 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Greetings all. Like CtheP, I am just popping in from course work/revision and shouldn't really be here. But I haven't been for a while and thought I'd come and wave at you all before sticking my head back in something or other.

    Hope everyone's ok and getting over their ails, hangovers, people problems etc.

    Hey, the froggers got a mention at the awards - just heard it now - hoorah!!

    Glad you enjoyed the fizz - I've brought some nice soothing blueberry smoothies for any tums that might be a little dicky today. They're on the bar over there.

    Just going for a quick run round the dunes, a splash in the surf and then back in to housing practice or epidemiology or some other exciting subject - ho hum.....

    I've just got to say it (although it might not be necessary now, I'm sure it will be soon enough), RJD - Stop it!


  204. At 06:16 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Thanks for the elevated status to the Son of God, Fiona!!! Hee hee...
    Yes, you're right about being in our prime, but my self-discipline levels haven't risen since I was in my teens! (Surprised I can remember them actually.) I'm like a naughty child who says the dog ate their homework; my assessor is beginning to wonder what she's dealing with! I don't even want to do the course... it was a case of the boss saying "You do want to do it, don't you??"... "Yes, Miss, I'd find it of great benefit, Your Mightiship". Yeuch.

    Funny, I had to pop into Bath earlier to buy TD some "essential equipment" for her dance-show all this week... It took 4.5 (how do you do a 1/2?) hours, and cost me an arm, a leg, a lunch and half of M&S!!!!


  205. At 09:43 PM on 01 May 2007, Val P wrote:

    Humph - speak for yourself, I however, am extremely worthy!

    Newsletters, yes well, that's what started all this isn't it? The step beyond letters, phone calls and emails, towards true, award-winning Interactivity!

    Yay, is that a bottle of fizz i've just found steeping in that rock pool, must be left over from last night. C'mon all, let's start again :o)
    Conga anyone?

  206. At 10:08 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Have I landed on the set of a Monty Python film?


  207. At 10:53 PM on 01 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Nighty-night all Froggy Friends...

    Brain's fried now so have to rest it til tomorrow!!

    Sleep tight

  208. At 11:27 PM on 01 May 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Anna *You* have gone all pink?

    Surely it'd be RJD who would have the pink parts if you had hime over your knee !!!!!!

  209. At 08:35 AM on 02 May 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Morning everyone...

    I've just been for a run around the island. It looks like another nice day on the beach:-) coffee, teas, fruit juices, croissants, pastries and other sundries are on the bar...


  210. At 08:48 AM on 02 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Chris T Pickle: (208) : I should read more carefully.

    I thought you said BRIAN was fried...

    I too needed a lie-down at that point, but for entirely different reasons!

    Buying a new battery for the elderly car today. If it doesn't put new life into the dear old thing, the battery will be worth more than the vehicle.



  211. At 08:58 AM on 02 May 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Mornin' all

    I got modded last night for the first time, and it was utterly utterly innocent. No, really it was. Especially compared to
    jonnie (209) ;-)
    Totally benign. Don't know whether to be put out, or celebrate this milestone. I'll celebrate - much more fun! So, fizz for brekkers, help yourselves. Also chelsea buns. Random, I know, but it's what I fancied.

    Anna xx

  212. At 09:06 AM on 02 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    jonnie- please! i'm trying to get on with my work- like everyone else!
    The mind boggles....
    Hey ho!
    RJD- what have you done to deserve this?
    May madness, or what.....


  213. At 09:21 AM on 02 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Despite everything going on, I am in an alarmingly good mood today. The celebrations from the Sonys must have reached the froggers by aural osmosis or something.

  214. At 09:26 AM on 02 May 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Fifi (210) we must be on the same wavelength, I had exact the same double take and wondered what on earth Brian had done!

    Hasty visit to beach as it's a bit cool in May compared with yesterday. Just wanted to toast myself in the sun here before going back to tackle weeds baked into the garden. Huge cracks in our clay soil already - oh for some rain. Worrying that we may have another 1976 when we had no rain at all from May to September - at which point you may recall they appointed a minister for drought and it rained immediately!

    Selection of teas with croissants and danish pastries next to the coffee on the bar.

  215. At 09:51 AM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Morning all!!

    FF - wow, you are spoiling us!

    AnnaR - random is always good!

    Ah, much calmer after yesterdays May Day madness (madness in a good way). Gearing up for babysitting my 8 month old step nephew tonight, wish me luck!

    CtP - how's the brain?

  216. At 10:19 AM on 02 May 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Hello W-W: methinks you'll have no trouble with an 8 month old - can see you being good at that :-)
    How's the potential-job-move situation? I've brought this mat and am in loose clothing (RJDstopit) - could you practise your teaching skills by giving me some basic yoga tips? Free massage in return, of course!

  217. At 11:21 AM on 02 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Ooops typo - sorry Chris the P! Note to self: really must read what I write before I hit the submit button... And I hope Brian is ok and not fried?

    Anyhoo how are you all this morning? Its nearly lunchtime but have a fairly hectic day so have made some nice homely cheese on toast for lunch (crusty white bread, good mature cheddar - Scottish of course, with a splash of Lea and Perrins) , yummy. There's a big pile on the bar, help yourself.

    Good luck with the babysitting Witchi - trust me 8 months old is a doddle!!

  218. At 11:45 AM on 02 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    No worries Fiona... was Brian a typo too???!!!! Hee hee :o)

    The brain is mashed Witchi, I think I'll have to check the local charity shops to see if I can replace it... maybe with a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing... no, that would be too similar to the brain... How about a nice glass vase, that would be an improvement, much more useful!

    This "working from home" lark is good, it means I can catch up with you guys without having to keep an eye out for the office sneak reporting my non-worklike activities to Her Mightiship!!


  219. At 12:52 PM on 02 May 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:


  220. At 01:05 PM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Hi Anna and Fiona - thanks for the votes of confidence!

    Yoga tips....oh so many! I tend to think the breath is key; if the breath ever becomes ragged or strained (except when doing a particularly energetic few rounds of the Sun Saluation) then somethings wrong!

    I also like to bear in my two sanskrit wods (scuse spelling) Sthira Sukha, sthira meaning alert, strong, concentrated and sukha being relaxed and gentle. Their should be focus and ease in each posture, so in strong back bend there is work in the spine but the face/jaw/shoulders are relaxed.

    Sorry, that was a bit long winded; if there is anything more specific please ask!

  221. At 01:53 PM on 02 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I am feeling lucky today, because the helicopter that crashed near us last night/early morning managed to avoid hitting our house!

    Judging by the line of flight, it was a possibility.

    To take my mind off it, I'm going to paddle in the shallows with my jeans rolled up. See ya!


  222. At 02:01 PM on 02 May 2007, Sara wrote:

    Well hello, one and all. I've collected up all the glasses in Clare's 2007 self-portrait and brought them down here - well, it doesn't look as though she wants to drink them all, does it! And when they're empty, here's another couple of bottles for refills.

    Happy birthday to Stewart for yesterday - sorry I missed it. It looks as though you all had a very jolly time.

    Belinda- how are things now? Looking better than a few days ago, I hope.

  223. At 02:11 PM on 02 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Ooo Fifi... Try not to think about it any more, it isn't good for you.


    I'll join you in the shallows shortly in my quest to find the highest number of avoidance tactics in the history of *B-L-E-E-P* coursework. Nearly there...


  224. At 02:11 PM on 02 May 2007, Rachel wrote:

    I tried to post this link yesterday, but it must have found its way into the virtual waste paper basket that sits under Marc's desk. Anyway, someone on Guardian Media's Organ Grinder blog has accused us of being childish. I can't think what gave them that idea ...


  225. At 02:32 PM on 02 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Aunt D (194) yoohoo I'm here! A nice (sic!) BT man shimmied up a pole and fixed the landline (finally!!) It's lovely to be back - have I missed any more Maypole dancing or have we moved on?

    Fifi (211) I read that as getting a battery for an elderly cat......

    What a fantastic day - anyone coming for a swim? Race you to the sea......

  226. At 02:37 PM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    CtP - keep going!!

    Fifi - blimey...sounds a little traumatic? (the helicopter, not the paddling) Have the media descended on you?

    Rachel - if I read that am I going to get defensive and fight back??

  227. At 02:39 PM on 02 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Guardian Media's Organ Grinder blog has accused us of being childish.,/i>

    Yes, but it is award-winning childishness, unlike the Organ Grinder.

  228. At 03:08 PM on 02 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Thanks Witchi, I'll try!

    *Holds back of hand up to forehead in overly-dramatic fashion...*

    Re: "someone on Guardian Media's Organ Grinder blog has accused us of being childish. I can't think what gave them that idea ..."

    I like being childish - it's who I am! I don't like being grown-up and sensible because it doesn't suit me and I'm really not good at it. Yes, I tried it once and that was enough, I had to lie down in a dark room until it went away.

    Whoever made this comment on Organ Grinder should Grow Up and Be Childish!!! It's fun, and we have quite enough stress in life without self-infliciting seriousness... so there... nah nah nah nah nah.

    Rant over.

  229. At 03:11 PM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    GM - pole is still up, thought I'd leave in situ for a bit just in case people feel the need. Seems a shame to limit it to one day! Nice to have you back x

  230. At 03:15 PM on 02 May 2007, Humph wrote:

    GM (226) If you think that installing a battery into a cat is a way of putting new life into the poor old thing then I pity your patients (do vets call them that?). I hope that none of their owners/guardians read this blog or, if they do, that they do not connect your nom-de-keyboard with the person they trust to help their sick animals. ;-).


  231. At 03:47 PM on 02 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    WW thank you! Glad to hear the maypole's still up, although it does get a bit difficult skipping in the sand....

    Humph - finding the compartment is the tricky bit ;-0)

  232. At 04:04 PM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    GM - it is a little challenging but far softer to fall when over enthusiastic mayers get you round the shins!

  233. At 04:13 PM on 02 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Hello, am in need of a hug. In fact I could use an actual hug right now. Just been out to my son's school - we have been having some behaviour issues with him. On the whole he is an adorable very loving little boy, very smiley and happy. But his behaviour at times has been demanding to say the least, bordering on hyper active. School picked up on it and suggested they get someone in to assess him and work with us and them on strategies to deal with him.... Well anyway we had another session with the lady today and to cut a long story short the stark reality that hit me is that its our relationship that is really the problem (SO and I). I ended up walking out in tears and coming back later. I am on the whole a very positive person and generally am really happy with my lot but we have had problems for a while now and I realised today that while we have some really good happy days, those pesky little problems just aren't going away and maybe never will and well, its made me kinda sad to say the least (stopped off for a glass of wine before coming back to work so am very sorry for rambling). Just dont know what to do really. That's why I struggle to deal with my sister as well.

    Sorry again folks, there is some ice-cold Reisling on the bar. If anyone wants to pull up a sun-lounger and share a bottle please feel free.

  234. At 04:30 PM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Oh Fiona - sweety! Big big hug xxx not much I can say at the moment as I'm guessing its all still a bit raw. Are the problems solvable, I knwo you said they won't go away but can they be tackled at all?

    Don't mean to pry and you know you have full frogger support at all times, even when we're not online!

  235. At 04:36 PM on 02 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Fiona: I know where you're at, though that's no consolation. Was SO with you at the meeting?

    If he wasn't, you obviously need to share this with him, and work out where to go next. Perhaps you need a third party - Relate, or whatever? - just to help talk things through?

    Believe me, I'm with you on this one, and am sending you a huge hug. But also saying, don't give up on it, not yet anyway.

    Fifi knows how to put people in touch.

  236. At 04:46 PM on 02 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    I may be contravening a huge unwritten rule here but is there anyway of swapping email addresses for other froggers without posting in a message (just in case any nasty trolls/lurkers pinch them!)

  237. At 04:50 PM on 02 May 2007, Anna Rex wrote:

    Belinda (228) Quite!

    Fiona, you poor thing, you must be feeling overwhelmed - feels like problems on all fronts.
    First, massive hug

    I've brought some more vino, can I take this lounger near you? I have very soft & absorbent shoulders you know. You do seem to be a positive, happy person, but you're allowed to feel utterly cr*p at times like this. Only try to take one step at a time.

    I'm going to try WW's yoga tips later on (thanks WW!) - you want to join me, or just laugh at me as I fall over? Either is fine.

    Hang in there Fiona, you'll find a way through somehow.


  238. At 05:15 PM on 02 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Fiona - you poor thing, have another
    > (That's a bit of a bizarre hug sorry!). I hope you can sort things out. Can I pull up this lounger and share a glass with you? Here - I've even got tissues. xx

  239. At 05:22 PM on 02 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Good job I dropped by, on my way between jobs in April. Looks to me as if Fiona and some other friendly froggers should be talking off-lilypad!

    Fiona, if you click on my name above this message you can find my band's website. You can contact me there, either by clicking on 'contact us' or by leaving your details on the Guestbook.

    Either way, it makes the bass player (who hosts the website) insanely jealous!

    If you do that, Fiona, we can then talk about how people can contact you ... they don't actually need to have your email address, if you don't want them to. (But you would have to entrust it to me, that's all!)

    We're all very good around here at protecting privacy and respecting boundaries. (Aren't we!) But when offers of support off-piste are made, we do mean it.

    I'll leave it to you, m'dear. If I don't hear from you, I promise I won't nag!

    Big hugs from Aunty Fifi anyway, and congratulations on at least achieving the horrible realisation that you have. Imagine if everyone had carried on assuming it was just a matter of persuading the child to 'modify his behaviour'?

    Fifi ((((( hughughug )))))

  240. At 05:38 PM on 02 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Fiona - You're touching a lot of nerves which is good as it means there are a lot of Froggers who know where you're at...

    Following on from the others, here's a big hug:


    sent with love and big ears for listening with. Yes, I'm actually a very caring bunny rabbit.

    Let's all huddle together for a Big Frug and then discuss how we've overcome similar cr*p to this; whilst no two people resolve problems in exactly the same way, at least it usually helps to spark some useful ideas to take away and try.

    I'll gladly give my email address if someone (Fifi?) can figure how to do it safely...


  241. At 05:52 PM on 02 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Chris the Pickle : If Fiona decides to start a private lilypad with me, I'll come back and explain how to take part.

    We've done this several times now, and each time it works slightly differently.

    (Is it too early to have a beer, I wonder?)


  242. At 06:08 PM on 02 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Fiona - sounds like you've had a rotten day. Hugs coming your way from me...


    I hope that you and SO can work things out. I've had friends who've used Relate with success, but you may not even have to go that far. Happy to join your private lilypad if you want to set one up.

    Take care love - the Green & Blacks chocolate in the fridge behind the bar is just for you - I've even put your name on it.

    I'll be thinking of you.


  243. At 06:09 PM on 02 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    You are too wonderful for words folks. Fifi - I will do that tomorrow, am just about to clock off for the night and wind my weary way home..... Yes Big Sis he was with me - hence the reason it all got a bit fraught and emotional, Lots of "You do/say this all the time", followed by retaliation of "ah but YOU say THAT" etc. I think what got me was when discussing little one's behaviour and how much better it had been this last weekend compared to the stressfest of the one before we realised that it was because this weekend we had spent very little time together. So its not an unruly child we have, rather our child has unruly parents :) Anyway would love to hear from anyone so will take you up on that offer Fifi

    ....and is too early for a beer? Good grief most certainly not! The pubs have been open for hours already....

  244. At 06:15 PM on 02 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Oh, Fiona, and if you use the Flickr mail address for me, it's totally private. Here's my link:

    You'll need to sign onto Flickr, but your details stay with them, not with any individual using the site. Then the rest's for you to decide.

    My link:

    Hope you're okay.

  245. At 06:28 PM on 02 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Fifi (242) I have one in my hand..... would you like one?

    BTW Having been absent for a few days, have I missed the final version of the Froggers' Song, or is it still a work in progress?

    I was listening to a Monty Python 'Sings' CD while driving up form Bucks on sunday night, and when 'Always look on the bright side' came on, I thought 'They're singing the wrong words'!!

  246. At 06:28 PM on 02 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Fifi, I've emailed you via the Lying Scotsman website, hope that's ok!


  247. At 08:27 PM on 02 May 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Fiona, thinking of you all. Bringing up small children is exhausting, work is tiring at very least and relationships are hard. Put the three together and it's no wonder it's difficult. Hang in there.

  248. At 08:39 PM on 02 May 2007, Val P wrote:

    Fifi - I'll have one of your beers with you, if you haven't drunk them already?

    Fiona - Fifi has my contact details and I have broad shoulders (well metaphorical ones that is), so feel free. (rjdstopit, feels are NOT free for you......)

    Now about that breathing Witchiwo?

  249. At 08:41 PM on 02 May 2007, Val P wrote:

    Fiona - and these fell off the bottom of my last post ((((((((x)))))))).

    Just a general point, which we could all do with remembering in extremis. Don't be too hard on yourself, things happen because they happen, and it's too easy to jump on the first "reason" and presume that that's what it's all about. Be kind to yourself.


  250. At 09:37 PM on 02 May 2007, RJD wrote:

    Adios froggers. I'm off to do a bit of walking in Spain. See you all in 10 days!

  251. At 09:55 PM on 02 May 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Just a quick hello and goodbye for a few days -- I'm off on holiday at the weekend and am so busy that I won't have much frogging time before I go. Love to all on the beach.

    A, x.

  252. At 10:13 PM on 02 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Just caught up on things.what a rotten day you've had.
    I'll just echo Val P- be kind to yourself and don't forget that children are really resillient.Just take one day at a time .
    Take care.


  253. At 12:14 AM on 03 May 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    For Fiona: ((((♡♡♡♡))))
    And a group one for all y'all Gals.
    (♡♡♡♡) I won't butt in unless y'all start slagging men in general.
    I Promise.

  254. At 08:45 AM on 03 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Fiona - I won't ask how things are but theres fresh coffee and some lovely teas on the bar along with fresh scones, jam and some lovely (proper) clotted cream. Oh, and have another hug ((((( )))))

    ValP - breathing, can't stress how important that is! :D In breath to energise, out breath to calm - I may need to bear that in mind today!


  255. At 09:31 AM on 03 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Ed - thanks for the group hug!!

  256. At 10:09 AM on 03 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Good morning all, I won't say much because I have said too much on here already - its a place to relax not to listen to me and my woes so am going to hop over to Fifi's place to leave my details there - if anyone wants to chat off the lilypad I would be very happy to hear from you. All I will say is this is my second visit to the beach this morning but couldn't write anything first time as all your wonderful kind thoughts and hugs made me cry.

    And Ed ((((x))))) back to you - you are true gent and a honey (I can't do hearts!)

    Bon voyage to Appy and RJD - hope you both a good holiday (not that I am implying that you are together of course, all though you may well be???? :))

    Thanks for the scones ww - they were yummy x

    Right better hop back to April to do some work. See y'all later xx

  257. At 10:24 AM on 03 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    OK folks, so we're just waiting for my overworked webmeister to forward Fiona's email from the website.

    I'll have a quick chat with her to decide how this latest lilypad will work, and then we're off.

    You guys. The best.



  258. At 10:29 AM on 03 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    RJD: Happy walking! May the blisters be few and the weather pleasant.

  259. At 10:37 AM on 03 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Did anyone watch the Apprentice - You're Fired on BBC2 last night? I only ask because they used "Always look on the bright side of life" over one of the clips. That darn song's getting everywhere all of a sudden ;-)

    Fiona - bleary-eyed morning hugs and some Earl Grey tea with lemon slices on the bar. Just the thing if you've come in from a grey May morning.

    Appy & RJD - have wonderful times and memorable experiences.

    Ed - lovely group hug; I feel better already, so here's one from me to you (()) xx

  260. At 11:34 AM on 03 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Huge big hugs for Fiona, and deep wishes that you can work everything out as needed.

    I guess my only lame advice I can give is to communicate to all involved as much as possible and see what transpires. However, it is always a very painful process, so we'll be here for you if you need us. And the Frog is perfect for problems - which is why I blurted out my bad news last week and still haven't told some members of my family...

  261. At 11:47 AM on 03 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    From 'Recent comments'

    Perky on the beach. Fresh and new for the weekend

    Sorry Perky that made me giggle!! ;-)

  262. At 11:53 AM on 03 May 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Greetings Froggers! New Frogger visiting the Beach for the first time, though I have peeked over the dunes from time to time.

    Just leaving a bottle of Ardbeg 17 at the bar as a welcome gift before going for a paddle (with trousers rolled up and knotted handkerchief, naturally).

    ;o) []

  263. At 12:02 PM on 03 May 2007, Rachel wrote:

    Is it just me, or has this thread gone all peculiar. It seems to have exploded all over the screen with comments appearing in the most random places. How odd.

    Fiona, poor you. It's a horrible, complicated, stressful, guilt-ridden place to be. We had our own parenting crisis with our boy during his early school career, and survived. But it was scary while it lasted.

  264. At 12:02 PM on 03 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    GM - made me smile too! Fresh, new and perky - just the thing for the end of the week :-)

  265. At 12:25 PM on 03 May 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Wonko (263) Welcome! You will fit in very well here, especially with your spotted hankie. Glad to see you've colour-co-ordinated it with the hammocks. We do appreciate a sense of style....and a tot of whisky! Thank you. ;o)

  266. At 12:32 PM on 03 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Wonko - hello and thanks for the gift!

    Belinda - how are things? you seem a bit chirpier?

    Fifi - thanks for liliypad. Will keep eyes peeled!

    Lunch, btw, is served. Tortilla wraps, fresh salad, guacamole, salsa, cheese (incl soya based for vegans), prawns on the bar. Dig in.

  267. At 12:48 PM on 03 May 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Thanks for the kind welcome guys, nice to finally make it here. Is this hammock available?

    Gillian (266) thanks for the nice comment about the hanky, as Jeeves would say "I endeavour to give satisfaction." I'm switching to my Panama Hat for the purposes of face covering while woozling in the sun.

    witchiwoman (267) you're very welcome! I have a significant collection of the usige beatha, always happy to share.

    Just been back reading about Fiona's situation, although you don't know me, may I add a discreet hug of my own? {{{ }}}

    ;o) []

  268. At 12:58 PM on 03 May 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Whose spreading romours about RJD and Appy??!!!

    Actually, i wont be blogging either over the bank holiday...but I'm just staying home, an have no connection at present!

    What a lovely beach this is, I am so glad Fiona that you posted such a message, and I realise what a difficult set of emotions it has raised; we seem to be very good at dishing out hugs at *just* the right time here on the beach, and you are definitely not alone!!!!

    Who knows who they really are?

    How often it is only when seen in a 'mirror' that we can truely see ourselves, and the reflected image another person gives us, can sometimes bring us up short.

    So come on down to the beach, and bask in the shared glory of the brilliant sunlight, the camaradery (?!), the inanities and silliness, and the wonderful world we have here: all in the same boat together!!!!

    [gosh and golly-gosh; what a ramble!!!]


  269. At 01:07 PM on 03 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Wonko - welcome to the Beach! Your Ardbeg will disappear pretty rapidly down the throats of those of us who like a good Islay malt!

    Actually, I am assuming that's you under the hat. If you're hiding in the sand-dunes or fetching ice for the bar, I do apologise ;-)

    Witchi - thanks for lunch - you're always bringing lovely eats to the beach. The sunshine in May has inspired me to bring fruit kebabs with some natural yoghurt for dipping. Oh, alright - and chocolate sauce.

    n-n - congrats on the strapline!

  270. At 01:23 PM on 03 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    NN - it was a lovely ramble. Am off for a swim, water is so clear and warm...and was that a dolphin I just spied?

    Wonko - sure you'll fit right in with that attitude! :)

  271. At 01:41 PM on 03 May 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Cheers, Wonko! Just what I need after a bout of hayfever-induced sneezing back in May...

    Fiona, I can't really comment or offer advice. All I can do is add a hug to the long list (((((♡)))))

    Now, has anyone seen where the icecream scoop went? I come bearing assorted flavours from B*n & J*rrys...

  272. At 01:57 PM on 03 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Fiona- time for an early bucks-fizz on me.
    And eveyone else too who are here instead of working! Hello, Wonko- great name!

    Fifi- you are great!

    Hey- ho! bank holiday soon (for some!)


  273. At 02:00 PM on 03 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Molly - shhhh - I'm supposed to be working ;-D

  274. At 02:18 PM on 03 May 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Perky (270) and Molly (272) thank you for your kind words.

    Do you think it's sensible to mix Single Malt with Bucks Fizz? What the hey, I'll give it a go! Actually, there's not much left in that bottle of Ardbeg is there? I'll have to bring another in, any requests?

    Time for a wander among the dunes I think...

    ;o) []

    PS Yes, that was me under the hat.

  275. At 02:30 PM on 03 May 2007, Val P wrote:

    Happy holidays to all concerned!

    I guess we should be doing some celebrating at Val P Towers, as it's our silver wedding anniversary on Monday (thanks goodness you don't get the bumps for that, eh Stew M?). We might have planned a bbq, but apparently the rain is to arrive by then, so....

    Fiona - sending good vibes to you.

    Perky - yup I saw/heard the Frogger's Song last night, and I did smile too, from ear to ear! Which reminds me, I've still never mastered the technology to send my contribution into it :o(

    Belinda - there's something kind of cathartic about sharing with the Virtuals down here on the beach isn't there?

    Wonko - welcome to you, and watch out for the camels. Sometimes they like to perform a kinda intitiation ceremony, it they find a new frogger to their liking :o)

  276. At 02:39 PM on 03 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Hello again you lovely lovely froggers, all these hugs are helping me so much. Am definitely an "Always look on the bright side" kind of person so am determined not to let this get me down - whatever happens. There's enough misery and sadness in the world - but there's also loads of laughs if you look hard enough..

    Welcome Wonko! What a great name and thanks for the hug x

    Thanks for lunch witchi - and the fruit kebabs were yummy Perky. To wash it all down I have brought some ice cold beers, and jugs of cranberry, blackcurrant & apple juice. Cheers x

  277. At 02:52 PM on 03 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Beeeeeeeeer!!!!!! Thanks, Fiona, it's so lovely of you to still be thinking of us..... ;)

  278. At 02:58 PM on 03 May 2007, Wonko wrote:

    That was weird...

    I could have sworn Molly's footprint was at number 272, but Fearless Fred seems to be there now... I'm confused, though that's not necessarily a novel sensation for me. Anyway FF glad you liked the whisky, phish food for me please if there is any.

    Hi Fiona, glad you seem to be feeling better now, the hugs are obviously working. Best thing about hugs is that they're completely green and non-fattening! Delighted you approve of my name.

    Any fruit left?

    ;o) []

  279. At 03:16 PM on 03 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Wonko (278) - ah, the shifting sand phenomenon! Don't worry, we seem to match up replies quite easily.

  280. At 03:45 PM on 03 May 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Bearing gifts like that you are most surely welcome. have a front-row hammock.

    Fresh and, well, perky for the weekend? What's your secret? Can I have some please?

    Who's spreading rumours? Everyone....

    Big hug from me too honey. If I might add a note of caution though. You're contemplating life in France, if I recall rightly? Only do that if you are absolutely together. Too many people make that move without having their lives, work and so on completely sorted out. The stress of upheaval into a different country is one that you may not withstand if there are already strains in place. Get through it all, then make the move.

    Anyway, another big hug from me.


  281. At 03:50 PM on 03 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Goodness me, what a lot of hugging! Imagine if we were actually all on the same stretch of beach, behaving like this ... it would look like either an orgy or some sort of happy-clappy religious sect!

    Nothing wrong with that, I say.

    Webmeister is very very busy so the lilypad might take a day or two to get going. Bear with me....

    Fifi xx

  282. At 04:13 PM on 03 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Belinda - how are things? you seem a bit chirpier?

    Well, the big news hasn't changed (I'll be away for most of next week in hostipoo, the beginning of the long-haul!) and much of my mood last week was due to the non-reaction from my beloved one(s), who made up for it at the weekend. Hence a better mood. Well that and vast quantities of chocolate which are helping enormously.
    Thank you for asking though!

  283. At 04:32 PM on 03 May 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    RJD walking in Spain, are we to expect a book? and poyums?
    Wonko, I was rather expecting you to be bearing chocolate, for some reason, and probably a good job Appy is off frolicking (with or without RJD) as we might have experienced some Depp related spasms..........
    GM - love the photo's, particularly the boar. Rather warthoggy, and I rather like warthogs. Perhaps we could import a few to liven the place up since the camels all shot off on that old carpet.
    Have a lovely weekend, I ain't going nowhere, but I'll bet there's only one mod on, so expect a beach seizure.

  284. At 04:47 PM on 03 May 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Hello all.

    Big hugs to those in need ((((())))). Fifi - was that a proposal? Just as well RJD is away on holiday!!

    Congrats to Val P - watch out for people saying "you get longer than that for murder" - they think they're funny for some reason! Why don't you have an indoor bbq, using oven and grill (not suggesting one with coals!!)?

    Pre (or post) parandial (what is a parandial?) drinks on the bar for everyone - some of my very special ones that become your fav when you drink them. There's also some rather fine cocktail mixed nuts to go with them - enjoy!

  285. At 04:57 PM on 03 May 2007, Molly wrote:

    Do hope things go well. Needless to say we'll be keeping everyything crossed for you.
    Be a good girl and do EXACTLY what you're told.
    Take care.


  286. At 05:11 PM on 03 May 2007, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Hi Froggies!

    Welcome Wonko - I want to be called Wonko too!! Or perhaps Plonko would suit me better...hmmm...

    Fiona - you sound a mite happier which is great and shows that even virtual hugs work!

    Belinda - lots of hugs to you too (((((((((((()))))))))))) as you head off to "hostipoo"... take some hugs with you to last until you can come back to the beach.

    Val P & SO - Congrats on your big silver one! I hope you DO celebrate, and in a very big way, it's a great achievement! Ours isn't until October. We'll celebrate by going to NZ for 3 weeks next year, so as to incorporate Hubby's and my 50ths too (not that I'm 50 til March 2009, but it seems a good idea to pile lots of celebrations into one huge holiday!).

    Hi to everyone I've missed :O)

    I've put some iced coconut milk on the bar, and lots of nibbly bits to munch on.


  287. At 05:17 PM on 03 May 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Thanks again for the fresh words of welcome, such a warm rosy feeling they bring to me. Or is that the alcohol and sun?

    Just a note on the name seeing as Aunt Dahlia mentioned it. No connection to the famous book on the subject of chocolate by Roald Dahl, or either of the films (Wilder or Depp in lead role). Allow me to explain; Wonko is actual short for Wonko-the-Sane. I'm from the fourth part of the World's most famous five part trilogy. If I mention the initials HHGTTG...

    Just don't get me started about the dolphins. Or the angels who wear sandals.
    Or goldfish bowls and wheatgerm.

    Anyway, I have to return to Outside the Asylum, so good night all, see you tomorrow.


  288. At 05:33 PM on 03 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Hello Si (281) - Indeed! Don't worry one of my best friends has already said exactly the very same thing to me, it is definitely something we need to work through...

    Any of those beers left? Am just trying to listen to the programme on my mobile phone (as I have had to all week) but my ears are the wrong shape for those fiddly little earphones! How to people manage to jog with ipod earphones in? I can't move my head or they fall out.

    Anyway while we are in hugging mode big hugs back to you Belinda - hope your situation is rectified soon x

  289. At 05:36 PM on 03 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Belinda, we'll all be wobbling about next week, with everything crossable crossed for you.

    Wonko, it feels as if you've been here forever. Amazing what arriving with a bottle of whisky can do!

    Fiona, still no news from the LS website. You are welcome to leave a contact link via our guestbook, which is quicker but a tad less private. (Only a tad though, as nobody visits it except me and the bass player!)

    Izzy, how could you think such a thing of me? I'm the only person I know who's never even seen Debbie Does Dallas.....!

    *coy snigger*

    Fifi xxx

  290. At 05:49 PM on 03 May 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    Dear Wonko, now you have worried me, as I thought I could recite most of that particular work of literature verbatim. Ho hum, back to the library.

  291. At 06:12 PM on 03 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I can't believe I got that past the pixies!


  292. At 06:20 PM on 03 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Oops, hit a wrong button. Hope THAT doesn't appear!

    I was trying to say to Nikki Noodle: well done on a fine and worthy strapline! Will you be printing it out to hang above the mantlepiece?

    Fifi ;o)


  293. At 07:14 PM on 03 May 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Fifi - actually, you and me both! ;o)

  294. At 07:58 PM on 03 May 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Belinda, all good wishes for next week. Will be thinking of you.

  295. At 08:12 PM on 03 May 2007, Perky wrote:

    Belinda - we'll be thinking of you next week. In fact, we should probably start and end each day at the beach with thoughts for you and a sip of your favourite libation - so let us know your favourite breakfast and evening tipples! In my case, obviously, it would be gin for both . . . . ;-)

  296. At 11:50 PM on 03 May 2007, Deepthought (John W) wrote:

    Wonko (288),

    Welcome, and definatly the right place here, this is definately outside the asylum, and of course a beach, from which you can see if any dolphins turn up in the bay.

    I know, a rare visit to the beach/blog/frog, but things are not that good - some major diodes are complaining.

  297. At 11:57 PM on 03 May 2007, admin annie wrote:

    hi guys, I'm sort of back. Which means that I have arrived home but am still jet lagged. Not helped by teh fact that we had to go and see 300 tonight as it was only here for 3 days and I was away for one and got back too late for the second. The way things are my first free time is Monday morning - don;t ever any of you move to the country for a quiet life.

    Now I've been away for far too long to read everythign I've missed - is there some kind soul out there who can do me a precis of important stuff I've missed. I have gathered PM won two (well deserved) Sonys so congrats to the team a bit belatedly. Now I'm going to fall asleep in that gorgeous blue hammock over there to the sound of waves gently coming up the beach and I hope to have time to partake of breakfast in the morning before dashing out for volunteer day at CAB, followed by book launch and buffet/lecture do in the evening.

    I will try to get back to frog sometime tomorrow although sadly will miss the prog. I'm looking ofrward to hearing Scottish Parliament results though...!

    Night night all.

  298. At 12:20 AM on 04 May 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Deepthought - nice to see you back, if only for a short time. Sorry about your diodes - they really are a b*gg*r aren't they?

    Perky - fine idea - fizzy wine for me (pref without orange, but in the morning I can see the point!!)

    Goodnight all - hugs again to those who need them most ((((()))))


    P.S. Hugs may be needed in this direction after/during the exams - will keep you updated!

  299. At 12:31 AM on 04 May 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    Flipp'en 'eck, it all seems to be about me at the moment (recent comments and all that) - sorry chaps and chapesses, perhaps you're actually doing something interesting!!

    Off to bed now, revision calling in the morning (and afternoon, evening, weekend etc.)

    Have a good weekend - here, working, holidaying etc, etc. will pop in when I can (or am bored!!).

    Lots of late night treats left on the NC bar - brandy, cocoa or water and some nibbles to go with - have fun (watch out for the camels though!!).

    Regards, Izzy xx

  300. At 09:22 AM on 04 May 2007, Belinda wrote:

    Thank you all for your crossed-wobbling, but please do not hurt yourselves by falling over.

    Favourite drinks: Guinness in the morning, brandy for lunch and then a combination of the two in the evening. Wassail!

  301. At 01:47 PM on 08 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Witchiwoman!!! Calling Witchiwoman!

    If you (or anyone else) wants to join Fiona's lilypad off-frog you'll need to send me your email address.

    Click on my name above this message, and either sign the Guestbook (remembering to fill in your email address) or use the website to send me an email.

    Big Sister and Chris the Pickle, you're already on Fifi's radar so you just need to stand by.

    Have I missed anyone?


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