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Eddie Mair | 10:01 UK time, Tuesday, 9 January 2007

In order to sort everything out, please make sure you send in your Window on Your World picture (from December 5th) by January 24th. By the end of January we hope to have them all posted.

Please don't send duplicates of photos you've sent but not seen - it only causes confusion (and we've caused enough of our own thank you very much!)


  1. At 10:07 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Public Service Broadcasting at its finest.


  2. At 10:11 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Dear Eddie,

    I think it must be one of those latte moments. You sound rather disillusioned in today's posting. So I'm taking it upon myself to reassure you of the following.

    Windows on your World was, and still is, a fabulous idea. It has produced a strange, but touching, collection of random, mundane (in the true sense) images from all over Britain and even beyond.

    It has clearly been a success, but perhaps, looking at it from your end of things, too much of a success. But only because the technology couldn't keep pace with the idea and the enthusiasm generated by that idea.

    Everybody on the Blog (and there are many of us) have shared this opinion, so it isn't just one frogger who thinks this.

    The exercise has, furthermore, given us out here an opportunity to see just how very committed you and your team are to try to do the very best for us.

    We know it has been extremely challenging for you, but please be assured that we are all extremely grateful for the way in which you have risen to that challenge.

    With grateful thanks from one humble, but long serving, frogger.

  3. At 10:49 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Are there plans to be able to search through the galleries at all, Eddie? It'd be fun to be able to look up other froggers' photos to see what, say, Annasee, Dr. H, Whisht, Aperitif, and all the others were doing at the time...

  4. At 11:37 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    Well done Big Sister, I can add nothing!

  5. At 11:40 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Just repeating previous plea for a CD or bulk download option...

  6. At 12:07 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    I imagine you hoped most of us missed the original version of the deadline which chivvied us along to get the pictures in some 5 days (day's? days'? daisies?) ago??

    Now I am stuck in a comment timewarp that won't let me post random inane comments until an unspecified time period has elapsed. A great time to test run my new tea pot, I think.

  7. At 01:04 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    WOYW has been fantastic and a real eye opener.

    Especially for a naturally nosy person like me!

    It is public service broadcasting at its best and my kind of interactive media!!

    It is amazing the number of responses you've had and frankly bearing in mind how many private companies screw up at this sort of stuff when they have pots of cash to throw at and unexpected workload, I think you've done great!!

    carry on......

  8. At 01:39 PM on 09 Jan 2007, gossipmistress wrote:

    Can only echo the others in saying I think WOYW has been a really interesting project - so many little snippets of other peoples' days. Funny, moving, mundane, fascinating, sad, some excellent photos, some very repetitive themes, some unusual. And the comments often make an ordinary snap extraordinary.

    I wonder if anyone will study is as a social project?

    Can only imagine the (?)chaos that that many photos arriving all at once created in the office...

    (If by end Jan our photo is not displayed, will we still be able to re-send it then? Not that you need another cat in the gallery....!)

  9. At 02:34 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Belinda wrote:

    What are people's favourite photos and why? I tend to gravitate towards a photo which shows a home scene, usually with a log fire or wood-burning stove as it just looks so homely.

  10. At 03:03 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Yes, I like the home scenes. I really like the ones with animals as well.

    I'm freelance so in December I was on assignment working, so all I got to take a photo was a pc monitor (that wasn't even mine). However, I'm currently 'resting' and am generally quite used to working from home and I know how important my dog is in keeping me company during the day and how he follows me around all day! Hence I look longingly of everybody who got to take photos of their pets!!

  11. At 03:15 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Belinda (9) I like those photos too, but my favourites are of people doing unusual (to me) jobs, like the boatbuilder and other craftsmen. They really do show me another world.....as do the ones where there's something exotic cooking for tea when I was making spag bol AGAIN!

  12. At 03:37 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Humph wrote:

    Belinda (9)

    Certainly not my own one as it reminds me too much of work. Basically because it was work. My favorites are the ones where people have used slow shutter speeds to increase the amount of light and thus the amount that we could see.


  13. At 03:43 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Valery P wrote:

    Good job mine never appeared - it wouldn't have fitted into any category I don't think. TD in a fitting room wearing Potential Ball Gown Number 89!

  14. At 03:57 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    I have to say I most like the ones which weren't meant to be sent - those with the people in them. It's reassuring that so many youthful looking people are PM listeners.

    If there is hope it is in the polls.

  15. At 05:33 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Stewart wrote:


    Thanks for setting the deadline of the end of January, but please note the WEB link from Gallery 33 is still broken.

  16. At 05:48 PM on 09 Jan 2007, madmary wrote:

    It's been great. My favourites are what people are cooking for tea.

    I love cosy pictures but get jealous of folk who have lovely woodburning stoves as I can't have one in my flat. I get extremely jealous of people who work from home but I can at least aim to try to cook some of those lovely meals.


  17. At 06:11 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Are we going to vote for an overall winner ? After nominations sent in from those we've seen, you (I suppose I mean "Marc"!) could draw up a shortlist. Or you could just count the votes we sent in (maths & statistics not my strongpoint here...)

    I bet the rabbit wins. He was the best as far as I'm concerned. No contest really, although the cute kitten reading the monitor screen was also funny.

    It's been a really interesting experiment, & I'm sure there's absolutely no connection between WOYW and Lissa's departure. None whatsoever. Don't feel bad Eddie. I'm sure it wasn't your fault. Not at all. She was going to leave anyway. Really.

  18. At 02:45 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Katharine (Kate) wrote:

    Thrilled to bits that my photo is on the Window on Your World.

    What a collection!!

    You have had such a wide variety of photos - such a lot to look at!!

    Gallery 33 is still down 02.42 10/01.

    Thanks for such a good prog.

  19. At 11:07 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    I am astonished at how fascinating I find the WOYWs. However, I find peering at them on a computer screen quite tiring (O my dears, the fading eyesight ect ect).
    I would like to see them in uniform - 10x10cm size, pref not framed, at eye level round one vast gallery.
    Now how impossible is that?
    Since I have been spurned or lost every time I post you may never learn of this banal concept....

  20. At 11:34 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Little weed wrote:

    I've loved looking at the WOYW piccies. I tend to gravitate towards the ones where people are working although I'm not too keen on pictures of someones evening meal in the pan.
    There seem to be a lot of infants getting there tea too. awwww! Sweet!

    When will the next batch be published?

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