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The weekend

Eddie Mair | 08:55 UK time, Monday, 4 December 2006

was without postings, but not through a lack of will. Many of the lovely Christmas pictures that we've been sent are "too large" for our download thingy. We're working on sorting that. Thanks for all that we've received.

Will get onto the various other things I need to do. A new beach is coming!


  1. At 09:26 AM on 04 Dec 2006, Fearless Fred wrote:

    I think this could be another of those "multi-thread" days... Two threads so far, and it's not even 9:30!

  2. At 09:55 AM on 04 Dec 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Okay, Aperitif, RJD, and others of little faith,Time to put paid to those 'imposter' poster theories.

    I think you owe Lord Mair an apology for doubting him. And for comments about his comments .... Enough to give the poor man an inferiority complex!

    And, Eddie, you can see for yourself that I will always stick up for you, as a Big Sister should.

  3. At 10:51 AM on 04 Dec 2006, valery p wrote:

    I apologised already at 45 on December 1st - however I'm sure Eddieddie's sense of humour will have been tickled rather than his sensibilities, no?

  4. At 10:57 AM on 04 Dec 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Big Sis, I don't know why I should take any notice of him whatsoever - he pretends I don't exist. I am now waiting for Mr Enos Knibbs to begin posting. Eddie who?

  5. At 11:02 AM on 04 Dec 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Valery P - I know you did. Appy and RJD, however, continued to doubt. And they should be ashamed.

    I agree, I'm sure Lord M will have had a few chuckles.

  6. At 11:18 AM on 04 Dec 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Oh Appy! I think you're being a bit hard on Eddie. He does care, I'm sure. And he didn't reply to me either. But he might have been just a teensy bit surprised to think you doubted him?

    Look on the bright side: he might be saving something special for you for Xmas Eve. And Robbie's very frisky at the moment in his exchanges with you .... And as for your naughty dream about James Nesbitt ..... And you've met the real PM ...... And we all love you, in our different ways.

    But I agree, Mr. Enos Knibbs would make a great posting.

    Lissa ....?

  7. At 11:50 AM on 04 Dec 2006, valery p wrote:

    Big Sis - we were only being protective of our Leader, not critical, unless I'm speaking for myself on that one?

    I can't get into the Cat hysteria though, they really don't do it for me - no offence, Mr Knibbs?Give me a dog anytime!

  8. At 12:04 PM on 04 Dec 2006, eddie mair wrote:

    My tongue has been firmly in my cheek. And I felt slightly smug, I'll confess, at not having doubted.

    I quite understand that we need to be on the lookout for personators and pranksters, and we know this has already happened.

    As an experiment, I've just tried to post as eddie mair. But I've made it clear that I'm not him. I've done this to see if the system would let it through, as I'm hoping that the system may be set up to block anyone who isn't Eddie from posting.

    I'll post on the latest posting once I see what's happened.

  9. At 12:10 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Oh my, this is getting difficult.

    If a posting just came through under Eddie's name, it was actually from me.

    The automatic 'thingey' changed it from Big Sis to EM without my realising....

    The posting referred to ValP's posting/the EM postings controversy.

  10. At 12:58 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Mr. I. Kew wrote:

    I thought to try that,
    Being male, I lost my nerve.
    "Good Work" Big Sister.

  11. At 02:04 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Big Sis, thank you for your lovely words at 6.

    Re the rest of it - um, what are you on today?

  12. At 02:27 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Oh, Appy, it's been one of those days! And all the confusions over the multiple Eddies, etc.......

    But, if you pop down to the beach, you'll see I've posted a link to Sean Bean. If you like that sort of thing (which I do).

    BTW, you're a bit elusive at the moment. Is life in the real world a bit hectic for you?

  13. At 04:03 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Big Sis (12), yes, fairly, but also I keep expending all of my frogging energy on earlier threads (smoking, heroin...)

  14. At 06:34 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Heroin? Smoking? And I thought you were such a nice gal, m'dear!

  15. At 10:13 PM on 04 Dec 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Oh dear. Yes. Silly me...

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