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December the 12th

Eddie Mair | 10:11 UK time, Tuesday, 12 December 2006

and Yvonne Holder has this lovely scene for us...



  1. At 10:36 AM on 12 Dec 2006, valery p (Tumbleflump Holly-Hippoface) wrote:

    Lovely picture - and a double-headed strapline I see? That's intriguing?

  2. At 10:45 AM on 12 Dec 2006, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    Lovely scene...

    My last PM newsletter was dated the 7th Dec, and arrived over the weekend. The Friday and Monday editions are still lost. Am I the only one, and is (the wonderful) Lissa avoiding acknowledging my complaints on this?

  3. At 10:49 AM on 12 Dec 2006, Mark Intime wrote:

    The story so far: one of Santa's elves, having attended a rather riotous party, fell from the sleigh and bumped his head. He had no recollection of the landing but on waking found he was being stalked by a large, possibly hungry feline creature.
    To be continued....

  4. At 10:54 AM on 12 Dec 2006, Mrs Trellis wrote:

    Dr H. Not sure if you are the only one but my newsletters have been arriving without any problems. It appears worryingly arbitrary.

  5. At 11:07 AM on 12 Dec 2006, Fifi (and I'm still not Fiona!) wrote:

    Mine seems to be getting in all right .. but I have to be honest .. December is getting so frantic I wouldn't notice if it didn't.

    Oh dear. I need a wife to do all this Christmas stuff for me! Waaaaaaah!


  6. At 12:08 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    I am in a mad spin, hence procrastination of sitting on the beach, just as it should be really for someone who woke up on Sunday and realised Christmas was nearly here. Someone could have mentioned it sooner...!

  7. At 12:24 PM on 12 Dec 2006, LadySnorkPenMaiden wrote:

    ValP (1) - yes, isn't it?


  8. At 12:33 PM on 12 Dec 2006, valery p (Tumbleflump Holly-Hippoface) wrote:

    LadySPM, you're in the dark too then?

  9. At 12:51 PM on 12 Dec 2006, LadySnorkPenMaiden wrote:

    Yes, ValP. But I don't think it's anything to worry about :-) Without Mrs N's support, the strapline would probably have fallen over . . .


  10. At 12:58 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Stewart M wrote:

    Helen (6) Your picture is there in set 13!!

    You probably know by now!!

    Its only 13 days till Christmas.

    Be orthodox and celebrate at Epiphany instead. you have an extra 12 days to get ready then!!


  11. At 02:05 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    Thanks Stewart (10) (-: Fifi just emailed me, otherwise I might have missed it. I am stupidly excited, especially having really given up hope of it ever appearing, shame on me! I can't believe they published my loooong description, it must have been easier than editing me, I always do have too many worlds & it is generally easier to listen to them all... OH I love PM, the blog, froggers & WOTW!

  12. At 04:22 PM on 12 Dec 2006, gossipmistress wrote:

    Yvonne I really like your photo! There is a sense of excitement as the cat sets off into the snow - will he/she end up following a Heffalump's footprints?

  13. At 05:03 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Fifi wrote:

    Oh lordy. Have you heard? Another 2 bodies found in Suffolk.

    That's a little too close for comfort.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible....

  14. At 06:19 PM on 12 Dec 2006, LadySnorkPenMaiden wrote:

    Fifi (13): yes, it truly is. There are sad weirdos everywhere, apparently, but don't let them stop you dancing . . .


  15. At 11:33 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Annasee wrote:

    Is the cat in the picture on its way to visit Eddie's friend's garden? Looks pretty purposeful to me. Plodding with intent...

  16. At 11:43 PM on 12 Dec 2006, LadySnorkPenMaiden wrote:

    Annasee (15) - did you hear the R4 programme today at 1.30pm about harpies? I did, and thought of you.


  17. At 07:13 AM on 13 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    I did too LadyP, & I thought of Annasee, it was lovely & I bet she can 'listen again', I think I will anyway, even if I was listening properly the first time!

  18. At 09:33 AM on 13 Dec 2006, Annasee wrote:

    Helen & Lady SPM (I'm not typing all that -time is short!) thanks for the info about the programme. I didn't hear it, but will certainly try to listen again at some point. Been spending far too much time travelling & playing these last few days. Interfering with the blog terribly!

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