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Planet Earth Under Threat

Jan Castle joins PEuT

  • Julian Hector
  • 15 May 06, 12:37 PM

Hello world. We have Jan Castle doing some specific research for this big series. She has a lot of cred. She's made radio programmes for us on many occasions and has worked for countless years in wildlife television - both for the BBC and the "inde" sector. Her native tongue is English, but she's fluent in French and Spanish - And this means we can really start probing into South America, Europe and Africa for stories. Her first major job is to sort our Howard out and get him into the field. From my end, Gabrielle and I have a trip to one of Britains most important wetlands - And actually our first official nature reserve. We're off to Wicken Fen to record a dawn chorus and learn about one of the most ambitious conservation projects in recent times, with a projected end game in 100 years time! Wicken Fen is near Cambridge - part of the "soft counties" of the UK and much is on or below sea level. These great flatlands are a Mecca for wildlife, but are vulnerable to sea level rises. Some have written "Cambridge-on-Sea by 2050" I'll tell you more next week when we go. Oh yes - we're also off to the Antarctic, to the HQ of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge to hear about their amazing work in the southern oceans. Keep blogging - talk to us.

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  • 1.
  • At 11:17 AM on 16 May 2006,
  • Johnsmith wrote:

Planet under threat: not exactly news is it! It has been apparent from the beginning of the industrial revolution for those with eyes to see.
It is no good whinging about it now, everybody has been far too content to fiddle while the earth burned

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