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Pellegrini's future still in the balance

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Phil Minshull | 19:19 UK time, Monday, 2 November 2009

Real Madrid won their first game in four on Saturday - a 2-0 victory over modest Getafe -to put them just one point behind league leaders Barcelona, but it would be naive to think that The Sword of Damocles no longer hangs over the head of coach Manuel Pellegrini.

The Chilean got the dreaded vote of confidence from Real president Florentino Perez on Sunday and while it doesn't have the same connotations in Spain that it does in Britain, Pellegrini will be hoping and praying that his men produce a good performance in Milan on Tuesday after they went down 3-2 to the Rossoneri in the Santiago Bernabeu two weeks ago.

Speculation about Pellegrini's future was doing the rounds even before the Champions League loss to Milan.

Unappealing football, uncharacteristic mistakes by the top players, people asking just how €270 million's worth of talent could be so boring, all contributed to the cultured but uncharismatic Pellegrini being under the cosh from the Spanish public and the media.

pellegrini_san_siro_afp.jpgPellegrini's Real are a point behind leaders Barcelona in the Spanish league

Since then, the noise has reached a crescendo. The Milan loss was followed by a dismal 0-0 draw at Sporting Gijon in La Liga and then the catastrophic 4-0 drubbing by third tier Alcorcon in a Spanish Cup first leg tie.

By last Friday, the Spanish sports newspaper Marca had got nearly 70,000 responses to the question, "If Real Madrid sack Pellegrini, who do you think should be his substitute?"

Michael Laudrup lead the way with 27% of the people plumping for the Dane, his profile and appeal having been boosted by the fact that he'd turned down the Atletico Madrid job the week before and was available to start work straight away. Former Spain boss Luis Aragones came in second with 24%.

The rumour mill went into overdrive later on Friday with the additional news that former Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini had stopped taking his salary from the Italian club, leaving him free to take up another job.

Spanish betting firm Sportium contributed to Pellegrini's potential paranoia by opening a book on who would be the next Real coach.

"There have appeared the names of great coaches in the papers, but we are happy with Pellegrini and we are sure that he will finish the season positively," said Perez, speaking on Italian television in an interview.

"There needs to be patience. I'm sure we are going to experience a great season."

Can Perez be believed and will Pellegrini be breathing a sigh of relief?

Probably not, on both counts.

Perez, after all, was the man who went through six coaches in three years during the latter half of his previous stint as Real Madrid president, which ended in 2006.

Coincidently, less than four years ago in December 2005, Perez still gave Wanderley Luxemburgo the heave-ho after a 1-0 win at home to Getafe, although on that occasion Real were lying in fourth place.

At the moment, all the fingers point to November 29 as being the day which will decide Pellegrini's future, when Real visit Barcelona for El Clasico.

The match is looking like it will be a top-of-the-table clash despite the consistent piling up of points by third-placed Sevilla.

real_ap.jpgReal's defeat by minnows Alcarcon was a huge embarrassment to the nine-time European Cup winners

A good result in the Camp Nou and qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League could mean that Pellegrini still has a job a Christmas.

However, if Real suffer a meltdown in the San Siro stadium similar to the one that occurred in Alcorcon, then all bets are off about even whether he will be in charge for the Barcelona game.

Pellegrini is possibly unfamiliar with Brian Clough, but he might soon appreciate one of Old Big 'Ead's better known sayings.

"If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well," said Clough, sentiments that Pellegrini could have some thoughts about in weeks to come.

And finally...Last week, I wrote about Mallorca's Borja Valero and many of you took me to task for my suggestion that he might be, "the next great European midfielder".

In my further defence, after responding to various comments last week, I hope some people saw Mallorca's 1-0 win over Racing Santander on Sunday. The former West Brom flop was outstanding.

Valero's deft chip set up the only goal of the game and he displayed many of the qualities which I eulogised about last week.

The two main Spanish sports newspapers Marca and As both gave him three stars, the only player on either side to get top marks, and many other media made him their Man Of The Match.

Marca wrote, "Borja Valero was the rudder. His great play contributed decisively to the host's win." As added, "Immense. He's come back from the Premier (League) with more tenacity, quality and strength. He was a total nuisance (to the opposition)."

OK, that's my last words on him for quite a while as there are another 499 La Liga players to write about.


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  • 1. At 9:04pm on 02 Nov 2009, cheesesausage wrote:

    Rafa Benitez must be quite high on the next managerlist eh?

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  • 2. At 9:15pm on 02 Nov 2009, Virtuet wrote:

    You mention Real's win over Getafe but you did not mention they did it after a rediculous sending off and that they were inspired once down to 10 men. And that Higuain is still their best player in terms of turning in a performance when the chips are down, no big name but for me their best player after Ronaldo. i hope Perex appreciates this guy even if he is not a big shirt seller.

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  • 3. At 10:38pm on 02 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    Thought I'd let you know, you have a spelling mistake "barcelona gme".

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  • 4. At 10:43pm on 02 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    Now now, Mr. Minshull, you should now that one game doesn't really provide proof that he will become a great player.

    A comment on Real Madrid, I think that Pelligrini is a great coach but he need's time to shape the squad like he wants to. Sacking him would be, in my opinion, premature and unfair. Success is not always instant.

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  • 5. At 00:52am on 03 Nov 2009, Retirethenumber17shirt wrote:

    Phil, whilst I agree that Pelligrini's a decent coach, Perez isn't going to give him time. This team was supposed to waltz through La Liga and become the new Galacticos straight from the off. People will look at the fact that they're only a point behind Barca and wonder how you can contemplate getting rid off the manager, but Perez isn't thinking like that. Don't be fooled either by the Laudrup or Aragones links - there's only one man that Perez wants and he's mighty close to making the jump. A poor result against Lyon and a loss to City in the coming 2 weeks will see the noose tighten on Rafa. A Champions League exit and out of the title race, in a season that promised so much for the Reds, now looks odds on. The Americans won't take that and one call from Real could see Rafa jump ship. Hicks and Gillette get their man, Dalglish, in place. As a Blue I want Rafa to stay, if only for the entertainment value, but his stock's good in Spain and he'd walk into the Bernabeu. As for Dalglish - the man's broken my heart more times than any woman could!

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  • 6. At 05:53am on 03 Nov 2009, Jaimito7 wrote:

    Some criticism of Pellegrini regarding his inability to find his best XI, failing to adjust his tactics to fit the players at his disposition, etc. may well be justified. However, there is no way he will be given the sack four months in to the season. While Mr Minshull correctly points out that Perez went oversaw six different managers in the last three years of his first spell as president (although two were only ever going to be care takers and one resigned) he fails to mention that in the first three years Perez sustained only one manager - Vicente Del Bosque. Marca and AS are the primary culprits behind all of the rumours surrounding Pellegrini's continuity as Real Madrid manager and frankly it is disgraceful. With so many new players and a new manager this project was always going to require time to come to fruition. Pellegrini is a top manager, proven in the Spanish league and in Europe. If given the time he will mold the current Real Madrid into an excellent team. Of this I am convinced.

    And for anyone who thinks that Rafa Benitez would be in Florentino's list of replacements should he actually have the nerve to sack Pellegrini, they clearly have no idea about Florentino. There is no way that Perez would bring such a pragmatic manager to the Bernabeu. Perez has a completely different concept of football than managers like Benitez. I can promise you that Benitez would be the last manager Florentino would call. Well, maybe second to last...only before Mourinho.

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  • 7. At 08:52am on 03 Nov 2009, Chris wrote:

    When will you Liverpool fans finally admit that Kenny Dalglish has RETIRED from football management.

    He doesn't want to do it anymore. He tried to revive his carrer at Celtic a few years back after they sacked John Barnes (which was a setup anyway to get Dalglish in) and didn't get very far.

    Leave the man alone to sit in his warm office as an advisor and when Rafa leaves or gets the sack (unlikly as he will cost too much money to go) get in someone a bit younger with more hunger.

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  • 8. At 08:56am on 03 Nov 2009, boomshakalak wrote:


    It makes you look like a complete muppet when you decide to post about a spelling mistake with the following...

    "Now now, Mr. Minshull, you should now that one game doesn't really provide proof that he will become a great player."

    well played

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  • 9. At 09:06am on 03 Nov 2009, boomshakalak wrote:

    I am pretty sure that Pellegrini will be sacked by the end of the season.

    I have no idea about his coaching methods... however the Real Madrid job is always such a poisoned chalice - and there is no worse time to be in the job than now. Barca are simply incredible at the moment (based on last few years), have just enjoyed their best season ever - and then Real, who were in a bad way compared to their own lofty standards, have just spent a trillion pounds on Kaka, Ronaldo, Huntelaar, Alonso, etc. The level of expectation is as high (if not higher) than ever - and the returning Perez will not be patient (unless he changes the pattern of his entire life). It will clearly take time to blend a new side together - and then there is the big challenge of trying to overhaul Barcelona - who are considered by many very knowledgeable observers to be one of the best sides of all time.

    Good luck to Pellegrini - he will need it.... but i think even if he is the right man it is at the wrong time, and possibly the wrong club.

    No doubt that is why Wenger continually refuses to take the Real job - as he knows he will not be given the time he would want to develop the club his way.

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  • 10. At 11:39am on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:

    Real could do Liverpool a great, great favour by taking Rafa off their hands but it would be greatly to their detriment in trying to win the Spanish championship.

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  • 11. At 11:42am on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:

    Don't suppose Rafa could do Real too much damage if he was taken on as kit man?

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  • 12. At 12:56pm on 03 Nov 2009, Pauly Mac wrote:


    I think you are placing blind faith in Florentino Perez - Del Bosque lasted three seasons because he won 2 Champions Leagues and 2 La Liga's, yet was still given the boot.

    Jorge Valdano, not Perez, appointed Pellegrini, and it was an area of conflict between the two. He is only there because Wenger chose Arsenal and Ancelotti chose Chelsea.

    Frankly, I'd be astounded to see him in charge come the end of the season, and the only reason he will still be there is because it will cost in excess of 10m Euros to sack him - they have spent enough this summer.

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  • 13. At 1:06pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:

    Man this talk of Rafa Benitez is boring. If you don't know anything outside the world of the 'top 4' English clubs can you stop diverting articles about leagues across the continent to your limited knowledge of Premiership football. If you are going to talk about him, stop talking about him being in relation to him being sacked by Liverpool and totally ignoring what he could bring to Real.

    And anyway should Pellegrini be sacked (which is likely considering the conveyor belt of Real Madrid managers) Benitez would be a good choice. He won the under-19 league and cup for them, so he has a head start there, yet more importantly won the league with Valencia. You could argue league has moved on a bit since he achieved that feat, and maybe the attacking approach he took on with an already good defensive team may not work with one that isn't. However when you consider some of the jokers Real have taken on in the past that would not be a bad appointment.

    Moving to the more relevant and immediate point about Pellegrini. He has been unlucky with Ronaldo not being available, however obviously the loss of the key player is not an excuse when there are still about 5 others. However the signing of so many players, a new manager, even the return of that tyrant Perez himself, things to time to settle (especially being in a league with the best team in Europe by far). Sadly in Spanish football this is not going to be the case and I do fear for the manager.

    Marca really is the most manipulative publication out there and you only need to look at what happened to Del Bosque as to realise that if you become Madrid manager you are basically temping.

    Phil, as for Valero. I would not write off your theory that he could be the next great European midefielder (as difficult as it is to believe), because there is a tendency for Spanish players to do badly in England then shine in their homeland. At the same time though does a player not being able to cut it in a different country give him the right to be called great. I will take the theory as just a bit of a wager. However my guess is he will follow the career of another Baggies midfielder Enzo Maresca and do reasonably well yet get nowhere the accolade of being a generation defining player.

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  • 14. At 1:40pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    You're clearly deranged if you think Benitez would be a good choice for Real Madrid. They need someone with joined up thinking such as SAF, Wenger, Mourinho, Capello, Ancelloti or even Trappatoni. Certainly not a second-rater such as Benitez!

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  • 15. At 2:01pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    Man this talk of Rafa Benitez is boring. If you don't know anything outside the world of the 'top 4' English clubs can you stop diverting articles about leagues across the continent to your limited knowledge of Premiership football.

    Well said. He might be a good coach for them because their main goal is the Champions League, enough said.

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  • 16. At 2:13pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:

    Groovygoalmachine. You are exactly the kind of person I am targetting. Knows nothing about football at all. Yes you've named a lot of good managers there, however what is the likelihood of any of them being available. Mourinho and Ancelotti are the only ones under the age of 60 (very relevant for a club that needs stability, unless you want retirements to continue they managerial conveyor belt trend). Capello is the only one to have managed in Spain before, and despite winning the league was sacked, so he wouldn't return.

    Real obviously would like to have Wenger yet the likelihood of him leaving Arsenal is low. Look what Barca have found in Guardiola. Sometimes adaptability can offset previous success in another league. For examply Hiddink has done brilliantly everywhere except Spain.

    And anyway I said Benitez would be a good choice, not my first choice, especially as I believe they should stay with Pellegrini.

    Return to with me some names of managers likely to be available, or have done something in that league and then I can resume this extremely poor debate. It is arguing with a 12-year-old.

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  • 17. At 2:16pm on 03 Nov 2009, Teiam - problem solved wrote:

    Great blog, I agree with Clough, if the manager gets sacked so should the person who appointed him, Madrid are a disgrace in the way they treat their managers, you'd have to either think you're the greatest manager ever to take over that club or that you're in it for the money because after less than a year you know you'll be sacked, with no consistency they'll never match the success of what Barce had last year, no matter how good their team is on papaer, the Barce team have come through their youths and have close ties to the club instead of a fabricated dream of wanting to play for Madrid and when they finally do, they don't bother putting in the effort.

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  • 18. At 2:46pm on 03 Nov 2009, SaoPaulista wrote:

    RMFC is notorious in firing coaches! Especially when the board fired del Bosque and then Capello after winning the major trophies! The club's activities may excite football fans but I wonder why the club wanted to hire Arsene Wenger knowing his style of managing is unsuitable to the firing squad of the board! I would not want Wenger in that club! He is too good to be there!

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  • 19. At 4:23pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    Get into the real world, man. This is modern-day football we're talking about! They can all be bought if the money's right. They may trot out the usual cliches about a 'fresh challenge' or 'gaining wider experience' along with the usual tripe like 'I can do a job for the club', 'couldn't turn down the chance to run a club that is a world institution'. But basically, they are only football managers with all the limited intellect that implies and, so, they do it, for the money or for the chance of even greater fame to enable them to earn even more money. Simple as that!

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  • 20. At 4:31pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    I should have added that you sound like one of those anoraks who consider themselves, despite an obvious limited intelligence quotient, to be expert without realising that it is JUST a game and, in the greater scheme of things, it really is NOT THAT IMPORTANT! Get a life.

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  • 21. At 4:44pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    They can't all be bought. Look at Wenger, for instance, he was offered the Real job before Pellegrini, but did not take it. He is already an old man but he is wise and for me, personally, he is the top manager in the world. He has a philosophy at Arsenal and he must win a title (Champions league or Prem) in order to be satisfied at a personal level. For him, money is not his top priority. He his already making plenty of it, anyhow. BTW in case of any confusions, I am not an Arsenal fan.

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  • 22. At 4:49pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    How the hell do you know Wenger can't be bought? You got inside information? Do you know if anyone has actually tried to? Bet your bottom dollar that Arsene can be bought like any of the rest if the money's right - for Arsene!

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  • 23. At 5:02pm on 03 Nov 2009, Phil Minshull wrote:

    It's just about three hours before the kick off of Milan v Real Madrid, the game that potentially could decide Manuel Pellegrini's future.

    Just out of interest, here are the extended results from the Marca poll last Friday, that I refered to (about who should take over from Pellegrini).

    Michael Laudrup 27%
    Luis Aragones 24%
    Jorge Valdano 22%
    Victor Fernandez 15%
    Others 12%

    And here is the betting from Sportium, as also given by Marca last Friday.
    Michael Laudrup 3.5-1
    Luis Aragones 6-1
    Jorge Valdano6-1
    Victor Fernandez 8-1
    Jose Mourinho 9-1
    Roberto Mancini 9-1
    Luciano Spalletti 9-1
    Arsene Wenger 11-1
    Roberto Donadoni 15-1
    Sven Goran Eriksson 15-1

    It's interesting that with all the comments about Rafa Benitez being a possibility to coach Madrid (cheesesausage, Wolvespur etc) is that he didn't feature in either list.

    Nor did Juande Ramos, who did so well with Real in half a season last year, although re-employing him would be tantamount to Perez admitting he made a mistake in getting rid of him, and that's conceding that he was wrong is not hsi style.,

    I'm not going to get into the debate about who should succeed Manuel Pellegrini purely because I believe that any coach should be given at least a season to prove himself (unless a team is in the relegation zone) but all the runes suggest time is much more limited than that for Pellegrini.

    SaoPaulista and GroovyGoalmachine made comments about Arsene Wenger and Real. If the stories (some of which have been substantiated) are to be believed, various approaches have been made for Wenger over the years, in one form or another, formal or informal, but Wenger seems to be wise to the hire-and-fire culture of the majority Spanish football presidents including, in my estimation, the last five Real Madrid presidents who have held the post for longer than a few months.

    It would not surprise me if Wenger ends his career without ever coaching in Spain.

    More tomorrow morning after the match....

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  • 24. At 5:05pm on 03 Nov 2009, Stevat wrote:

    In some ways the groovy fellow is correct, for a manager there can be no greater challenge than managing the biggest football club in the world. All the pressure and expectation that comes with it is a great test of character and ability. I don't think it's necessarily all about money with some of the coaches, but I will do all I can to further my career - and to be the coach of Real Madrid is to be at the very pinnacle of European football management.

    I like Pellegrini, and rate him as a coach. Only time will tell whether or not he can convince the Madrid fans of his worth, I guess you only know how you'll handle a high pressured job once you've attempted it. Steve Coppell for instance said he didn't want the public scrutiny that comes with bigger club's top jobs. I also think Benitez would be a good shout as their manager, has previous there, knows the club and what comes with it. I don't think anybody would disagree that Liverpool have improved under him, and his track record prior to his current job is exemplary.

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  • 25. At 5:07pm on 03 Nov 2009, Redthemadsheep2001 - LUHG wrote:


    How the hell do you know Wenger can't be bought? You got inside information? Do you know if anyone has actually tried to? Bet your bottom dollar that Arsene can be bought like any of the rest if the money's right - for Arsene!

    clearly you dont follow football enough, or maybe you are just too cynical, to realise that there are some managers who cant be bought. arsene wenger has built something very special as arsenal, somethung which i as a united fan have total respect for, regardless of the rivalry. if you're talking about the top managers likely to be available, you are really looking at two managers, benitez and mancini, who has just stopped taking his salary from inter milan (due to them not being able to agree severance, they were paying his contract till its end in 2012, as long he didnt take another job) despite only taking 20 million of his 60 million euro contract (he was making 8.8 million a year AFTER tax), something he was allowed to do if he wanted to find a new job

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  • 26. At 5:08pm on 03 Nov 2009, Redthemadsheep2001 - LUHG wrote:

    to the mods, i'd like to point out im not a new member!!

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  • 27. At 5:08pm on 03 Nov 2009, captainmatt_williams wrote:

    I did a blog on this topic, I think that Pelligrini will ultimately end up being sacked. I thought that when he was given the Madrid job he lacked the character and experience to handle the heavy expectations that Real would come under this season. I wonder if he regrets leaving Villarreal.

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  • 28. At 5:08pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:

    Groovygoalmachine. For the sake of a blog about Spanish football and not continuing this really nonsence debate that you have moved completely away from the subject in hand I am going to say a final comment and you can continue to embarrass yourself and your tabloid views as much as you want.

    The fact that you continue to go on about elite managers when no one has even been sacked, when the debate should really be about Pellegrini really does show your limitations and a get-out-clause for your lack of knowledge on not just Spanish football, not just football, however analysis on anything.

    Somewhere along the line your own limited intellect has somehow brought to the conclusion that I actually said none of those managers wanted that job, rather than the reality of them simply not being feasable options. And also you seem to think I actually care about the talk of Benitez, and possible replacements, when all I was basically saying was, 'this talk Benitez is boring and anyway he isn't all that bad'. And then I moved onto the blog.

    However your relentless attempt to hold one statement of mine that was not what my original response was even about, then move it completely away from the subject matter has led me to this.

    You talk about the usual cliches that managers bring out when moving abroad, however your take on it all is one big cliche on its own. You talk about this being modern football, most of the managers you have named are over 60, and unlike the likes of Eriksson etc, are very respected and old-school, so their opinions on things are not going to change. Why go from a club where you are a legend and secure in a job as can be, to go to a club where managers are sacked for fun? What a horrible mark on the CV at the end of a career. However at the same time if these managers would even decide to go there, is it really the best option for Real and club that needs stability?

    The talk about Real Madrid having a limitless supply of money is also nonsence. And you can make it seem so easy by saying, 'lets get Ferguson, Wenger etc', because there are so many reasons why this is not feasible, otherwise why had they not moved before?

    Now as fun as it is trying to communicate with someone whose knowledge is based on Sun headlines, I am going to leave it and not dominate the responses section with something I started by saying a long time ago, ALL THIS TALK OF BENITEZ IS BORING. Quite why you read this blog when you clearly don't care about it is beyond me.

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  • 29. At 5:10pm on 03 Nov 2009, Stevat wrote:

    Oh and in response to the poll in Marca, Michael Laudrup is one of the greatest players I've ever had the pleasure to watch. So talented, he read the game so well he seemed to have as long on the ball as he wanted, and he never misplaced a pass in any game I ever saw.

    I saw his Getafe side a few times as well, and they played good free flowing attacking football under him. He would be a great shout as Real's manager, and again knows the club and what it entails. Here's hoping that Pellegrini turns it round though, he's a likeable guy and worked wonders at Villareal.

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  • 30. At 5:13pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:


    It's not inside information, not at all, look it up at most newspapers (which are public, ever since i can recall). He refused a 40m Pound offer from Real Madrid. I would say that's a good indication he is not easily bought. I know you have a very materialistic way of looking at life, but not everything is money, specially when you already have lots of it. Think about the fact that he has been living in England since 1996. Would he really want to move? He is already very famous in football terms, I assure you. He has to think about his family and friends. I think some of these things I mentioned would be more important than money.

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  • 31. At 5:19pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    "I also think Benitez would be a good shout as their manager" I think most Liverpool fans would agree with you as they seem to be tearing their hair out, rightly wanting rid of him. Rafa has previous with Real Madrid. I believe he was third team coach cum kit-man. About his stretch! Liverpool should give the job to wee Sammy 'the troll' Lee. Despite the fact that his face looks like it was sat on while it was still hot, he has much more nous than Rafa and really, really knows about Liverpool FC and what it means to the supporters. Incidentally I am neither a Liverpool nor an Arsenal supporter.

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  • 32. At 5:25pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    You are clearly one of those anoraks who believe everything he reads or is told. Think for yourself man. How many newspapers did you read that told that Wenger turned down a £40m deal to Real - Sun, Mirror, Boliermakers Gazette? And you have the nerve to accuse me of being a Sun reader! Get real!

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  • 33. At 5:26pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    Just think if they'd offered him £50m!

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  • 34. At 5:38pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:

    Groovygoalmachine. Take another look. It was someone else who said Wenger was offered £40m, not me.

    I just accused you of believing Sun headlines, and somehow you have merged my comment with someone elses in a poor attempt to make me look stupid, when the only person who you have made look stupid is yourself. This really is quite ridiculous.

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  • 35. At 5:42pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    #32. groovyGoalmachine

    I think this argument has gone mad with you. In a lame attempt to defend yourself, I think you are beginning to confuse me with Wolvespur. Get a grip, man!

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  • 36. At 5:42pm on 03 Nov 2009, Stevat wrote:

    groovy, you're a Man U fan aren't you?

    Rafa still has support in Liverpool, he's crafted a good side there though he seems to like to tinker a little too much, we'll see how he goes this season. That's for another thread though, sure McNulty did this a week or two ago?

    What is Luciano Spalletti up to these days? I know he can't manage in Italy again this season. Their's a coach who knows how to play football the right way, made Roma great to watch.

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  • 37. At 5:45pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:

    Anyway, moving away from that little circus.

    Phil, do you reckon it would be fair to say this is the game that could decide Pellegrini's future, as opposed to the Madrid derby this weekend? I know the Champions League seems to be the priority, however more fans would most definitely side with Perez if they lost against their under-performing rivals.

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  • 38. At 5:50pm on 03 Nov 2009, Dazz0r wrote:

    groovyGoalmachine, you really should stop talking now.

    Wenger is not interest in Real Madrid, he is not solely motivated by money and is very happy in England. He loves London and even eats roast beef and Yorkshire puddings every Sunday, but of course you already knew this.

    The same goes for Mourinho, Capello and Ancelloti, they all have their personal goals and wouldn't do it for all the money in the World. Even if you doubled the wages of these managers it wouldn't change their lifestyles, they are all very wealthy already.

    You have to bear in mind not everything in this world and football is about money. For example, why do you think Kaka said no to Man City? Stop judging people by your own standards.

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  • 39. At 6:48pm on 03 Nov 2009, wazeer wrote:

    Groovy keep going man, they all love the little show you put up.

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  • 40. At 6:54pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:


    Thanks for coining the term "village idiot". While today "idiot" is generally considered synonymous with the equally derogatory "moron" and "imbecile," around 1910 there was an attempt to distinguish these three terms as actual scientific categories of mental retardation. The IQ of a "moron" was decreed to be between 50 and 69, that of an "imbecile" between 20 and 49, and an "idiot" below 20.

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  • 41. At 7:03pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    Sincere apologies for mixing you up. But, I'm still right!


    With all yhou apparently know about the legislation relating to insanity your honorary title should be idiot! Keep on trolling!

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  • 42. At 7:05pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:

    And I'n not a Man Utd fan although I did live around the corner from SAF in 1980.

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  • 43. At 7:12pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:

    GroovyGoalMachine. You confused me with thehonrarytitle not Stevat. Really dude, take a hint off dazzauk12345 and save whats left off your dignity.

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  • 44. At 7:12pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:


    Insanity is not the same as mental retardation. One may have a high level of intelligence (IQ or what not) but still be insane. And it was I, the one you "mixed up".

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  • 45. At 7:13pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    You seem irritated that topic of the blog is being lost. In 3 comments - one of around 500 words, one of around 200 words and one of around 350 words, you have blethedred on just over 1,000 words with little relation to the topic and also as if you knew something about football - which you patently don't - Do you just like the sound of your own voice or are you unable to write concisely?

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  • 46. At 7:28pm on 03 Nov 2009, wolvespur wrote:


    My job is about writing concisely, however this is a blog that creates debate not just a one-line statement of narcassism with no substance of analysis or depth (aka twitter). Usually what comes out of that is a generalised opinion on things without having any information to back it up, ala you. You have not explained why Benitez is a bad manager, why the managers you have named are good ones and then you have rubbished everyone elses opinions on their footballing knowledge when you have done nothing other detriment everyone elses opinions on your own.

    The only correct thing you have said is that I have spent too much time responding to you, however I refuse to let a grade A fool like you actually try and get in the last word while rubbishing my own opinions.

    I am more than happy for educate me on my supposed lack of knowledge on football if you can do it in an intelligent way.

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  • 47. At 7:30pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:

    Come on guys, if you are all of higher intelligence, so expert, well-informed and professional football pundits, tell us who is going to sell his soul to Real Madrid and save Phil Minshull the trouble.

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  • 48. At 7:34pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    That's about another 150 words of drivel. Now google 'trolling' because that's obviously what you're doing. Like to get back to the topic of the blog?

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  • 49. At 7:43pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    Noting in your last piece of tripe that your grammar is going all to hell. You've clearly lost it! Gotcha and goodnight!! Off to watch some european football. Leave the chat to Phil, after all its his blog, isn't it?

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  • 50. At 7:47pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:


    I don't think intelligence will tell us who will "sell his soul to Real Madrid". Personally, as I have said before, think that Pelligrini is the right man for the job. Hopefully, Real Madrid won't be too trigger happy (which is almost impossible). And I think the 'real' (non-intentional) soul of the blog is that Pelligrini's job is unsafe and whether he will keep his job or not, not who should replace him (although its easy to go down that road).

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  • 51. At 7:48pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    It was fun, but..m'off to see the Champions League eh.

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  • 52. At 7:58pm on 03 Nov 2009, bell00lled wrote:

    # 3&4 thehonorarytitle - perhaps you should concentrate on your own spelling before pointing out mistakes by others!!

    Pelligrini should be given time but Real Madrid are unique, Perez is No 1. What self respecting manager would take the role with such little control to do their job, Ferguson has said it, the manager has to be number 1!

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  • 53. At 8:17pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    Bit of a philosopher eh? You watch the game once your homework's done then you sit on the sofa with mum with your jim jams on. Maybe a nice glass of warm milk. But not too late! You'll have school in the morning!

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  • 54. At 8:19pm on 03 Nov 2009, lobby wrote:


    Don't you go worrying your wee head with Pellegrini. It'll only give you nightmares. Nighty night!

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  • 55. At 10:15pm on 03 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    # 52. bell00lled,

    I don't get payed to write for the BBC, mind you. I was just trying to help, anyhow.

    # 53. I'm actually not in school right now because I have an internship. Sitting on a sofa drinking warm milk, watching the champions league. But that notion doesn't seem horrible to me. Somehow you give that as an insult, I take it as a complement. I enjoy footy, thanks. I used to do that as a teenager but I no longer live with my mum. Bless her.

    Oh, I don't sleep much, but nighty

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  • 56. At 09:29am on 04 Nov 2009, Phil Minshull wrote:

    Well, it looks as though Manuel Pellegrini has retained the Real Madrid hot seat for a few more weeks yet after last night's result in Milan.

    Indeed, I think he was even slightly disappointed not to have come away from there with a win, judging from his port-match comments.

    “We scored a point on an important ground but it's a shame we didn't leave with the victory because we could have won. I think today we deserve to seal qualification (for the last 16),” he said.

    From my perspective, Real were slightly lucky to have Pato's goal disallowed but there's no doubt that, overall, they were a much improved side from recent performances, especially in the first half.

    I'm not going to get into a detailed analysis, there are plenty of match reports and I'm sure some of you will have seen the match for yourselves.

    However, one issue I think Pellegrini still has to address is how to get Benzema to stay focussed for 90 minutes. He had his moments in the first half, his quick reactions got Real their only goal, but then he hardly contributed after the break. Any thoughts?

    Nor do I believe Pellegrini is out of the woods yet. I think the odds of him seeing out the season haven't significantly shortened despite last night's draw.

    He's got a derby match at Atletico on Saturday, followed by an apparently easier La Liga outing at home to Racing Santander, before Real face Barcelona on November 28 or 29.

    I'm still of the mind that last night's match may ultimately prove to be a stay of execution rather than a turning point in Pellegini's fortunes.

    Hopefully that answers the question wolvespur posed in comment 37.

    Nevertheless, they should hammer Zurich in their next Champions League match (obviously, everyone, including myself also thought that was going to happen against Alcorcon in the Spanish Cup two weeks ago) and that might well put them through to the last 16, depending on how Milan do at home to Marseille, with one match still remaining.

    I'll probably now leave the issue of Manuel Pellegrini's future now for at least a month, although let's see how things progress for him during the next few weeks.

    Europe is a big place and there's plenty more to talk about than just what goes on inside Florentino Perez's head and office.

    However, I have the feeling I'll be returning to the subject of Real Madrid, and their capricious attitude to coaches, sooner or later this season.

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  • 57. At 2:00pm on 04 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    Phil, I think that do to Perez past records, the only thing that might save his job is winning the Champions League. I think we have previous evidence that winning La Liga is not enough. I still fancy Real winning all their matches leading into the 'Clasico'. It's the biggest game of the year that doesn't include a final. We are going to see (arguably) the 2 best players on the planet play against each other. I think this game is the perfect opportunity for Ronaldo to establish himself once more as the best player in the world atm (likewise for Messi).

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  • 58. At 3:58pm on 04 Nov 2009, james wrote:

    At 10:43pm on 02 Nov 2009, thehonorarytitle wrote:
    in the interests of fairness a spelling mistake sir -
    ' Now now, Mr. Minshull, you should now that one game doesn't really provide proof that he will become a great player ' its KNOW.

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  • 59. At 4:08pm on 04 Nov 2009, james wrote:

    also winning CL might save him. true but see vincete del bosgue CV for evidence that isnt always the case at the madrid circus.

    Complain about this comment

  • 60. At 4:20pm on 04 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    58. james,

    KNOW.? No, I am sure I was "now" the adverb is correct. Where you got "know" or what relevance it has, I have no clue. You must have never been good at reading comprehension.

    As for pointing out the spelling mistake, I have already mentioned that I was just trying to help. Anyhow, I don't get payed to write in blogs, and Mr. Minshull surely is compensated.

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  • 61. At 10:49pm on 04 Nov 2009, Retirethenumber17shirt wrote:

    So there we have it. A draw against Milan is enough to save Pellegrini for now. A draw in Lyon moves Rafa closer to a one way trip through the Shankly Gates. Let's see what the betting looks like tomorrow morning. Question - would Pellegrini hang his future on a dead leg like Voronin rather than Babel?

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  • 62. At 09:58am on 05 Nov 2009, james wrote:

    An adverb is a word that adds information to a verb, an adjective or an adverb. The commonest way to form an adverb is to add the letters 'ly' to the adjective. NOW is not an adverb.
    NOW are you still happy with #4 ? ? ? ?

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  • 63. At 8:11pm on 06 Nov 2009, bringmethehorizon wrote:

    62. james

    I'm glad to see you missed out on elementary/primary school. Yes, most of what you wrote is true. But now maybe used as an adverb, noun, conjunction, or adjective.

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