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No carping about Kaka coup

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Phil McNulty | 08:54 GMT, Friday, 16 January 2009

Manchester City - at least according to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger - are not living in the real world by pursuing a £107m deal for AC Milan's Brazil superstar Kaka.

He has a point. The real world for Manchester City comes when they continue what may yet become a fight against relegation from the Premier League against Wigan Athletic at Eastlands on Saturday.

And that real world pits them up against a club that has become, under manager Steve Bruce and chairman Dave Whelan, a by-word for the sound and sensible financial management City have been accused of casting aside in their pursuit of Kaka.

Wigan, with careful spending and calculated sales such as that of Leighton Baines to Everton and Wilson Palacios to Spurs, have the stabililty and healthy league position City do not look like achieving any time soon.

But should City be the target for such criticism and churlishness for chasing a dream?

The two sides of the Kaka story could not be more contrasting - the one from inside Eastlands looking out and the other from outside Eastlands looking in.

Manchester City fans, down-trodden by years of failure on their doorstep and success around the corner at Manchester United, have every right to ignore the carping and the accusations of financial insanity.

If I was a Manchester City fan (which I am not), the potential cash considerations would be way down the list of priorities as the prospect of signing arguably the world's finest footballer comes into view.

And the club's owners, the Abu Dhabi United Group, will say paying what may eventually be a reported £230m to sign a footballer is only madness, or not living in the real world, if you cannot afford it

All the evidence suggests they can afford Kaka and a lot more besides.

Manchester United were not accused by all and sundry of living in football's madhouse when they paid £30m to Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand, almost the same for Juan Sebastian Veron from Lazio, £27m to Everton for Wayne Rooney and £30m to Spurs for Dimitar Berbatov.

Manchester City fans deserve their dose of unreality. They will feel the real world has been unpalatable enough for them to last a lifetime.

If you had told a Manchester City fan last May that they would sign Robinho and then agree a fee in excess of £100m for his Brazil team-mate Kaka, they would have laughed (or cried) in your face.

And if any football fan around the country says they would not welcome Kaka at their club, providing the owners could afford it, they may just be telling porkies.

kaka is being chased by Manchester City

Let's face it, there is not a huge amount of bad news in the possibility of Kaka joining the ranks of Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres in the Premier League.

Kaka may still not arrive at Eastlands, and such has been the grim existence of most City fans that many would still not rule out the possibility of relegation even if he does.

But if he does, Manchester City fans should be allowed to celebrate it. You know their counterparts at Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United would.

My own reservations about the deal are purely footballing ones, while at the same time stressing City supporters should be allowed to bask in the new ambition of their club without being lampooned for it.

Even in the unreal world, Kaka and Manchester City does not seem a natural fit. Reliable, hardened defenders and a strengthening of midfield should be the order of the day. The projected, but failed, attempt to sign Lassana Diarra from Portsmouth before he left for Real Madrid made perfect sense.

The attempted capture of Kaka sounds like a case of applying the icing before the cake has even been mixed - but I do not expect City fans to complain about that.

City's current transfer policy also appears to be paying scant regard to the fantastic academy built with loving care at the club. It is to be hoped manager Mark Hughes will remain the guardian of that "project", as things appear to be called these days.

And the arrival of Kaka may test unity inside the dressing room. Cliques must not be allowed to develop between the new Hollywood-style arrivals and the home-grown products.

It is a delicate balancing act and only time will tell if the Abu Dhabi United Group can match ambition with success.

Wenger may, with a measure of justification, claim City are operating in a different world to the rest of the Premier League.

But their fans are not complaining - and why should they?


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  • 1. At 1:04pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ranbir wrote:

    I think maybe Kaka will say no. But I won't be surprised if he says. So much money.

    When will the football bubble burst?

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  • 2. At 1:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, U5378965 wrote:

    I would love to have owners with the financial prowess of Man city. Somehow I think Carlisle might be a bit too much of a challenge for them.

    The sheer scale of the bids is frightening.

    If I was a city fan my one concern would be, what happens when the new owners get bored of their new toy?

    It sounds good in the short term, but if Sheik pulls out of the club, what next? Players on the type of wages being banded around eastlands would kill your club.

    I think i'll stick to real football. A local club with English players and a sound financial footing thank you very much.

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  • 3. At 1:06pm on 16 Jan 2009, aggersforcaptain wrote:

    Come on Phil. He's arriving at his prime age so if he comes to City he's coming for money not medals. The arrival of Robinho has proved that despite one man's talent you nee a balanced team, something that Hughsey is still no where near providing us with. The money and wages are obscene and if the Arabs get fed up in a couple of years whose going to take all the expense on? Signing Kaka to save us from relegation, I thought football couldn't suprise me any more.

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  • 4. At 1:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, rosey05 wrote:

    Afternoon Phil,

    This to me is like a real life version of Champ Mangager! When i used to play and id get a massive transfer budget lets be honest we all did it... i went and looked for the best attacking players about and let the defence sort itself out!

    Im not saying City won't go and improve their defence because they do really need to but it looks like its another case of the Galatico's who we all know fell apart as a major European threat when Makelele left and wasn't replaced!

    To all those who don't like what Man City are doing unfortunately its tough luck and all you can do is sit back and enjoy the likes of Robinho and potentially Kaka.

    If City are successful the major losers are clubs like Villa, Tottenham and Everton. Those are all clubs who havve once harboured thoughts of playing Champions league football. (which applies to Villa this year!) It is hard enough with with the so called big 4 at the moment but throw an even bigger club into the mix and what chance do they have?!

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  • 5. At 1:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, U11748558 wrote:

    Completely Agree with you, maybe not the smartest signing in terms of team balance, however rediculous transfers have been going on alot longer than the Sheikhs have been at city. Man City are just playing a game that others created.

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  • 6. At 1:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, I_wasnt_there_when_they_made_brown_hair wrote:

    Looking forward to the abuse starting for this article as usual Phil

    I actually thought your comment about Icing and Cake was spot on - It's like putting a Ferrari badge on 1972 Ford Cortina.

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  • 7. At 1:09pm on 16 Jan 2009, mightywarrywarry wrote:

    100m though mate come on, even city fans must think that theres better options (financially anyway). If you gave the likes of Everton 100m, david moyes could build a league winning team. Here city are going to blow it on one player.

    Imagine one bad injury to Kaka, thats 100m down the pan. Bad investment.

    In my opinion, City could use that 100m and buy 5 or 6 players to build the squad to challenge for honours. One man doesnt make a team.

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  • 8. At 1:09pm on 16 Jan 2009, Boonting wrote:

    Totally agree with you that this move doesn't make much sense in football terms. Obviously Kaka will improve the team, but attack is not their weakness.

    It's got to be demoralising for the dressing room, massive wage imparity there. Really feel for Shaun Wright-Phillips too, he might as well have stayed at Chelsea.

    Don't really care about the transfer fee it's not my money. (Infact it's probably good for the economy to have these big spenders about)

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  • 9. At 1:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, thinkstuff wrote:

    Phil, I'm curious as to why there's so much debate on this story before any deal happens. The media have given so many sides to the story, so many different figures for fees, wages, and so on that it seems churlish to discuss it until a deal is done.

    City certainly have financial clout, but we already knew that. When they sign Kaka, or someone of his stature, then it's time to debate whether football has gone mad. Until then, I'm with the point of view, expressed well here, that there is far too much speculation through which to wade to start saying anything...

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  • 10. At 1:11pm on 16 Jan 2009, The Realist wrote:

    I would rather Man City spend £107M on a player than our government spending £1.7 Billion on a new type of missile platform!

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  • 11. At 1:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, Roger_the_Pessimist wrote:

    I was disappointed by Wenger's comments on the matter, whinging on about living within their means. I recall FIFA looking into introducing some rule to prevent clubs spending more than they earn too, effectively freezing football as it currently is and ending any hope of meaningful competition.

    That would be terrible. Living within your means is fine if you're an established, successful club with a huge fanbase and plenty of lucrative revenue streams. But if you're a smaller club wanting to challenge the status quo you have to overstretch. Like in any business, you must speculate to accumulate. In football that means spending enormous sums if money.

    One of the fascinating things about football is the rise and fall of clubs. Look at Leeds. Look at Blackburn. Look at Gretna. And on every occasion when the order has been threatened or overturned it has been because someone put their hand in their pocket.

    Football needs to have the uncertainty and pure theatre that these madcap rich owners bring as much as it needs solid, dependable clubs like Wigan. Perhaps more so. They enable the fans of ANY club to dream of one day beating the big boys. Hoffenheim is a great example - a non entity is now challenging for the Bundesliga. Dreams are what football is based on. Take away the silly money and the dreams become impossible.

    I actually hope City fall flat on their face and I do find the levels of money talked about obscene. But I'm still glad it's happening (and am glad a vaguely similar thing happened to my club Hearts recently as the rollercoaster was unforgettable). I will enjoy following this latest football soap opera over the next few years, regardless of the ending.

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  • 12. At 1:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, Brundle Fly wrote:

    Good article, I dont think the money being paid between clubs is that over the top. No one was going over board when the Ronaldo to Real deal was being rumoured for £100m. What is immoral and grotesque is his wage. When people in THIS country live in the streets and die because they can’t afford the electric and yet some one can earn £2million a month then we know we live in world of utter madness. On the other hand assuming he would pay his tax like everyone else £800,000 a month to the local hospital would not go a miss!

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  • 13. At 1:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, theceilican wrote:

    It's crazy to watch all this going on from the red half of Manchester. When the big clubs spend the big cash they're usually buying a player that the selling club is happy to move on, or a player who wants to move. Milan don't want to sell. Kaka doesn't want to move. But City are prepared to write a blank cheque to make it happen. That feels like a different deal somehow.

    I'm amazed at a transfer policy that goes 'oh, we couldn't get Craig Bellamy, lets have Kaka as our second choice'.

    It's going to be a rollercoaster for City fans, but they're used to that. Their blue moon has seen a few false dawns already. I can't see Hughes staying on as manager now though - he's going to be out of his depth coaching and handling the best players in the world.

    Scolari to City? City to unveil a new yellow shirt for 2009/2010 season?

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  • 14. At 1:14pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ali_Don wrote:

    Its not so much the 100 million quid thats the issue here. Its 2 things.

    1. The fact that his salary will be an outragous 500k a week.

    2. The Man City acadamy will go straight out of the window. Kids such as Daniel Sturridge who has a great future ahead of him will never ever make it at Man City cos of the money they will splash out on expensive lavish strikers.

    I dont blame Kaka on bit. In fact, Im on 2k a month salary at my current job, and if someone offered me another job with a salary of 10k a month, then I would jump at it without a doubt. I know footballers and the average Joe cannot be compared but even as a footballer I would have signed for Man City if they truly offered me 500k a week.

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  • 15. At 1:14pm on 16 Jan 2009, lobotics wrote:

    To me it looks like City have got the icing on before they've even bought the flour. They have so much attaccking talent - Robinho, SWP, Elano, Petrov (one of the best left wingers in the country when fit) and Ireland, who has been their best player this season. They don't need another - scoring goals has not been their problem.

    They need a defensive midfielder, and everyone seems to know this except Sparky and the chequebooks.

    If Kaka leaves a world-class team, a stable club and regular Champions League football for, basically, a cartload of cah, I will be bitterly, bitterly disappointed in him. He's always seemed like one of the few footballing superstars with a firm grounding in reality. I really am hoping he'll spare me even more disillusionment by staying at AC Milan. Hopefully he does become captain there and has a long, successful and admirable career in Italy rather than being remembered as the fool who left his principles and ambition behind for money.

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  • 16. At 1:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, RetiredNo6 wrote:

    Just to get in early with a slight defence of Arsene Wenger. I know that you were not directly criticising him Phil, but I'm sure that others will go on to.

    Arsene's point is not a pointless, bitter rant against Manchester City, it is the sensible conclusion of a qualified economist. Wenger has criticised Lazio (in the late 90s), Chelsea and Real Madrid of living beyond their means in the past and will no doubt go on to criticise clubs that follow unsustainable business plans in the future. It is totally alien to his philosophy and methodology, not just on football but on life.

    Wenger is always quick to point out that he is not against the big spending of Manchester United, because the club still makes sizable profits every year. It has such stroing revenue streams that it can afford to spend £30million per season on players and still make a profit.

    Arsenal now have the second highest revenue streams in the Premiership by a small distance, and that only provides around £15million per season to invest in the playing squad.

    So you can see how far out of the sustainable business model a club like Chelsea a few years back, or City now are operating.

    Not that I'm having a go at City or their fans, but Wenger's points are valid. He questions the validity of it when the average football fan is losing his job and still paying £40 per week for a ticket to a game.

    Finally, if anyone even suggests that had the same investment group that purchased City bought Arsenal instead, then Wenger would be making this kind of offer to land arguably the best player in the world.... then they live in a land of such fantasy it is even beyond the wildest dreams of those City fans waking up each morning and wondering if they've dreamt it all......

    Wenger would never push the boat so far beyond what is sustainable. See money can get you so far, but true empires are built on principles.

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  • 17. At 1:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, sirGnev wrote:

    city fans - will Kaka like a relegation battle? i doubt it. if they dont want to concentrate on where they are weak (defence and holding midfield players) they could buy so many good players in those areas for 100m + that will gel together rather than just one player that will break up the team. lets face it kaka will think its his team and it will be like AC milan hierarchy system. not good

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  • 18. At 1:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, citymikeok wrote:


    great post and i agree with every word

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  • 19. At 1:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, Terenceno14 wrote:

    Having Kaka in the premier league would be great.

    But just because City can afford £100m doesn't make it right. Take your blinkers off and see it from a wider perspective - it's an obscene use of money.

    Moves like this will and should precipitate the introduction of FIFA-wide rules on how much revenue can be spent on players

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  • 20. At 1:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, dafonk wrote:

    Pretty much sums it up,Phil. Good piece.It's amusing to see supporters of certain other clubs suddenly develop 'moral' views about football or get concerned about' the future of the game' The zeal of the convert is often very strong and often very entertaining.The reservations regarding the effect on City's immediate future and the possible impact on the other players ,as well as the Academy, are all well-founded and very important. In the end, it's up to the men with the money to make the deal and then Mark Hughes to make it work.Good luck to them .I just have a feeling that if they get him,it may not be enough to solve City's problems if the team isn't strenghtened in defensive midfield and defence.

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  • 21. At 1:17pm on 16 Jan 2009, lightother1 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 22. At 1:19pm on 16 Jan 2009, Danshevik wrote:

    "Manchester United were not accused by all and sundry of sliving in football' madhouse when they paid £30m to Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand, almost the same for Juan Sebastian Veron from Lazio, £27m to Everton for Wayne Rooney and £30m to Spurs for Dimitar Berbatov."

    20m for robbie keane?

    How much for Dossena and Degen?

    16.5m for DARREN BENT!

    21m for SWP

    Any amount of money for marlon marewood?

    The list is endless, and yet you focus on Utd.

    And, you must have a short memory, as we was accused of "sliving in football' madhouse " when we paid that much for Veron.

    Another pro liverpool beeb blog.

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  • 23. At 1:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, jimithy73 wrote:

    Spot on Phil, these kind of things are what makes football amazing, yes kaka may not end up being the right player at the right time for city, but who cares? kaka playing in the prem will be incredible, for both city fans and neutrals. Who would you rather see in the premiership, kaka, or a `safer` option of some journeyman? All of this negativity towards the deal just smacks of jealousy, and in the long run, if the deal goes ahead, it'll create more of the rich folklore which sets football apart from all the other sports.
    Who cares whether its fair, just or sensible? football is meant to be entertaining, kaka for the prem!!

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  • 24. At 1:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, swerdna wrote:

    Without doubt, the money pouring into the Premier League means that the standard of some of the football is truly amazing.

    However, I have concerns regarding the long term including the future of some very famous clubs.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch and these super rich people are not putting up this money because they are true fans of these clubs. They will want a return on their investment.

    What happens when those people putting money in decide to that they no longer wish to be an owner of the club? Will they just walk away? Will they demand (or could they demand) repayment of all this cash that they are pouring in? Will they accept a loss on the sale of the club?

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  • 25. At 1:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, twistedsoul666 wrote:

    I would rather have manchester city sign Messi for that amount....As per gettin "world class" defenders who would you suggest Man City to get Phil.....
    Its like playin Football Fantasy :-)

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  • 26. At 1:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, forlovers1 wrote:

    Why do people keep saying "It's brilliant because the big four will be broken up and we will have excitement". WRONG! Man City will dominate and it will become the big five or even still remain the big four as Arsenal and there traditional ways of running a club could well be cut adrift as they can't compete finacailly with the others. I remember people saying Chelsea would be good for football because people were fed up of Arsenal-United title races. It turns out people were still bored even after Chelsea. Maybe the likes of Arsenal should give in and find there own billionares then we can have a premiership which has evolved into a billionares version of Football Manager. They can go and buy a load of south americains like us regular joe's do on the game. Oh wait.....

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  • 27. At 1:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, CTID_Stuttgart wrote:

    There is one key point to consider. The Premier and Champions League are dominated by an elite number of clubs and it is virtually impossible to break into this ogliopoly, as they themselves drive the rules.
    Unless there are significant changes by the governing bodies to ensure that these "top" clubs cannot always pick up the top players, the only way to break in will be through buying power.
    Villa look good this year, but I am sure that their key players will be picked off at the end of the season, by these so called to clubs.
    As a City fan I am also worried about the implications of taking such huge risks, but I am also tired of taking a back seat. As Alan Shearer said, the goal of every player is to win something - which means that being an also ran, in other words the rest of the Premiership (including Wigan), is not an acceptable goal. Even if City spend 500 million on 10 players and make a sustainable assault to the top, then the investment will be worth it. As you pointed out, our neighbours from Salford have invested heavily to maintain their position. Mind you, if this all works out one of the top 4 will be squealing and very loudly at that !!!

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  • 28. At 1:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, The_Golden_Owl wrote:

    Very similar to Martin Samuel's article in Daily Mail yesterday (not as good though, as you'd expect seeing as he's on £400k per year!).

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  • 29. At 1:23pm on 16 Jan 2009, JMcK wrote:

    I don't think you can compare Man Utd spending big money on Veron, Rooney and co. with City spending all this money on Kaka.

    The big bucks that Man U have spent over the years have mostly come from the money the club generates from gates, sponsorship, merchandise and TV revenue. They are one of the biggest clubs in the world, so they can afford to pay for the best players...the club spent the money it earnt, it didn't get vast sums of cash from oil-barons to get where it is.

    The likes of Man City and Chelsea on the other hand have become billionaire's playthings - their super-rich owners are playing a multi-million pound game of fantasy football! These clubs could never otherwise attract the likes of Kaka.

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  • 30. At 1:23pm on 16 Jan 2009, Sam wrote:

    If David Bentley is worth £15 million and Robbie Keane £20 million, then Kaka is worth £100 million and Messi £200 million. British fans seem to have a threshold of valuation, anything under which is deemed good business, regardless of the player in question.

    There is no difference between paying over the odds for average players - an epidemic in the premier league over recent seasons - and paying over the odds for outstanding players; provided you have the money, which city do in abundance.

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  • 31. At 1:23pm on 16 Jan 2009, alpez1 wrote:

    One thing that every one can agree on (I think) is that the transfer fee of £100+ is ridiculous. At over twice the current record for Zidane it just doesn't represent good business to me.

    I mean, they are not even in a bidding war, and it is not like AC Milan publicly slapped the price tag on him before this story came to light. No wonder Milan have said it is up to the player, they can't turn that money down.

    I believe they think Kaka will turn down the offer, but it could still back fire if Kaka gets the impression that by accepting the bid the club doesn't want him any more. Unlikely I think though.

    It did get me thinking though, about the Real Madrid Galactico era and Perez's theory at the time. He came to the conclusion that the most expensive players actually turned out to be the cheapest, because, with player and club combined, the money they came to generate through sponsors, new fans, shirt sales etc would, over time, repay the inital outlay many times over. Not sure this would work for City though, because, unlike Madrid, they just don't have that romance and mystique about them.

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  • 32. At 1:24pm on 16 Jan 2009, 85truemans wrote:

    The thing is, though, if they do sign Kaka for £100M and pay him £0.5M per week, what's going to happen next time they go after a world class player? One great player doesn't make a great team so dropping Kaka in amongst City's good but unremarkable squad won't get them into the champion's league.

    They're going to have to keep buying and spending on wages. And what is any club going to do if City want to buy their player? Double the price. And what will the player's agent do? Double the salary demands. This sheikh is dizzying wealthy with £15bn in his pocket but once their spending gets over £500M and they're still not winning trophies, what will he do then? Spend more? What happens when he's spent £1bn on his first team. What happens if the recession is a long one and the oil price doesn't recover? Sooner or later he'll get hacked off, bored, whatever and sell the club to Ken Bates for £1.

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  • 33. At 1:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, jimithy73 wrote:

    get over the money thing!! yes there is an economic crisis, and everyone is feeling it, but the sheikh doesnt have any responsibility for that, does he? would people be so annoyed if he instead spent his money on a £400M yacht? or an island? no, instead he's spending his money on something thats causing all of this debate and speculation, which at the end of the day is at least causing just a little bit of excitement in these hard times!

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  • 34. At 1:27pm on 16 Jan 2009, RedBeelzebub wrote:

    30mil for ferdinand, 30mil for berba and 27mil for rooney or 100+mil for kaka i kno what id rather have.

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  • 35. At 1:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, BCChris wrote:

    Phil normaly i agree with you, but this time i cant.

    This will have a largely adverse effect on the Premier League! Look at it this way, with Man City spending this much on players.. how will they ever sell them on? This is the point everyone seems to be missing. If they are paying between 80 - 100 million for players, what happens when they decide to sell?

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  • 36. At 1:30pm on 16 Jan 2009, Maddog wrote:

    if city sign Kaka, it will be the end of Hughes and also will destablize the footballclub. How can they moan about slightly inflated fees for West ham players etc when they are gonna pay 100m for one player! Any club looking at City buying Kaka will not sell players unless double value, I think he will turn it down anyway I would be ashamed to take that sort of money. As well these sheiks have been in football 5 mins, what happens when they get bored and withdraw the financial backing for players? Kaka on 500k a week? will bankrupt the club in the long term.

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  • 37. At 1:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, vertigo_timbo wrote:

    If I'm right doesn't Kaka have strong religious beliefs - the decision therefore to come to city would not be about money

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  • 38. At 1:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, Avmavinator wrote:


    its well annoying to read!!

    considering most of it is old news!

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  • 39. At 1:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, lpooltitlekings wrote:

    he is a top, top player, but do man city really need another attacking player, when they're the second highest premier league scorers, but also have one of the worst back fours to be fielded this season (statistically)? That for me spells investment in defensive areas, not something kaka's famous for. And he's only going to be there for a lengthy and worthwhile period, for £100m you hope he's there to stay for good i should think!, if champions league football is attained forthwith, that ain't gonna happen, not unless the defense is bolstered and their attacking play is sometimes consilidated to play a bit more defensively. They have the quality in abundance, not the organization or confidence or strength in depth though.

    I was also thinking, Kaka looks a bit like Adam Goldberg in the blogs main picture (the one on the football mainpage), anyone else agree?

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  • 40. At 1:33pm on 16 Jan 2009, rebrov_likes wrote:

    Who cares about the real world...?

    In the real world I might have more chance with Kerry Katona than Angelina Jolie, but if the latter was offered on a plate what are you gonna do, moan about life not being fair to others?

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  • 41. At 1:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, another gooner - only one eboue wrote:

    It's interesting that you mention Leeds in the article but fail to consider what happened to them (or Blackburn for that matter) when they tried to buy success. Jam today eh?

    Most City fans I have seen blogging on this subject seem genuinely embarrassed about the whole thing.

    Wenger is, as usual, absolutely right.

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  • 42. At 1:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ryushinku wrote:

    Could be wrong, but I seem to remember there WAS a fair bit of grumbling around the price tags of Ferdinand, Rooney et al when they happened...people thought they were outragous sums.

    This proposed move would certainly raise the bar much higher, but I don't remember people being quiet little lambs beforehand.

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  • 43. At 1:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, lee fett wrote:

    I'm a Spurs fan (obviously from the name) and on a personal note I can't wait to see him gracing the Premier League.

    Admittedly I agree that one player doesn't make a team and City have really got to look at their defensive frailties. But how much of a bargaining chip is it to say to the likes of Terry, Puyol or Vidic, 'sign for us for x amount of money a week and you get to play alongside the likes of Robinho and Kaka as well'. A forward player wasn't their priority but you can bet if they get Kaka on board there'll be a fair few good, solid defensive-minded players who wouldn't mind signing up as well.

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  • 44. At 1:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, Derek Johnson wrote:

    Football fans should be worried, it is terrible for football and makes a mockery of clubs with "normal" budgets and may have taken years to get where they are.
    Football is now a plaything for the super rich and the game will lose it's soul and indeed it's way when the rich kids get bored and move onto ventures new.
    So sad that a players wages can pay for a hospital wing per week, salary caps must be thought about for the sake of the game, as must foreign imports, a club should always have the majority of their team from their own country, this in the longterm would be great as clubs could have a sense of local pride about them again with players brought through the ranks, may even stop the ever so annoying glory hunters pretending they "support" a team because they are successful/rich.

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  • 45. At 1:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, Shinpad05 wrote:

    Spot on Phil. £100m is a naughty amount of money for a player. A quality player i grant you but can he adapt to the physical nature of the premier league, especially when he is going to be targeted by every club he plays against. only time will tell

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  • 46. At 1:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, vinaysuchede wrote:

    LFC supporter from India here.
    i dont understand why fans of any epl club are cribbing over players like kaka coming to epl and competing.
    it would be so great to see the best players competing out in EPL.
    so what if man city gets kaka at prices that dont make sense in the real world. well they can afford it.
    i am infact looking forward to many such players coming in epl.
    and though i dont enjoy seeing manu and chelsea lift the league titles season after season utilizing those strong squads, I would love Liverpool to win the titles against these strong squads and players like c.ronalo, m.essien etc. (i know its going to get more and more difficult to do that)
    thus i infact liked it that ronaldo was not off to madrid last summer.
    think about it.. likes of ronaldo kaka torres robinho gerrard rooney essien competing day in day out in epl. only player left to get would be messi i guess.
    the old school may scoff at this and think epl is becoming a circus..
    but i say .. let the good times roll..

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  • 47. At 1:38pm on 16 Jan 2009, Davidmarrio wrote:

    Hi this is my first comment.

    The thing with this deal as it has been said is 500k is really just too much money for a footballer to be getting a week. It's ridculous in this time of the global recession.
    As you mentioned when Man.Utd spent 30mil on the likes of Rio, Veron, Berbatov they were high spending but 100mil is a bit farfetched.
    Again mentioned is the lack of balance if i was a City fan i think yeah i'd love Kaka in the team but that'd cause a bigger lack of balance. I'd rather spend 100mil on 4 good players to build a solid team than blow it on one player. A defensive midfielder maybe 1 or two defenders is what city needs not another attacking midfielder.
    If Kaka does indeed decide to join i can understand finacially but i think it'd be a backwards step from a title challenging and champions league qualifying team in AC Milan than for a relegation battling Manchester City

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  • 48. At 1:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    Agree totally with the point that if another manager (the example used here was Everton's David Moyes) was given £100m he would use it to buy five or six players.

    This is different in that Manchester City will spend £100m on Kaka - but will then have another £100m to maybe spend on those other five or six players.

    If Hughes only (!) had £100m, he would not spend it on Kaka alone, he would spend it on several players.

    I take the point though.

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  • 49. At 1:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, Chezdon wrote:

    I'd bet a lot of money that this is all hoo-haa and he'll stay at Milan. He's said he wants to grow old there so what's all the fuss about? In fact if you can place a bet at the bookies I will be doing it. If I lose money then I'll lose faith in mankind.

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  • 50. At 1:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, footballandethics wrote:

    football owes something back to the community that builds it.
    has football no soul or ethical responsibility.
    what message does this move promote in our day and age?
    money, power, spin and hype. its just a statement. shame on man city.
    can you imagine how much power this has shifted back into the greedy hands of footballers and their agents.
    every top-class footballer will now be demanding 200k a week.

    sad, sad day.

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  • 51. At 1:42pm on 16 Jan 2009, Riggadon wrote:

    £100m on one player. The world finally went mad.

    No, seriously.

    It makes me laugh. You've got extremists in the middle-east who lambast the west for its "decadence" and here's a group from Abu Dhabi who are ready to spend £100m on one player.

    Talk about hipocrisy.

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  • 52. At 1:42pm on 16 Jan 2009, respectedFrenchAl wrote:

    ok, Phil, but wouldn't it be better for city to develop their own before going abroad? Facilities, staff, a manager that is not cought up in an impossible scheme and that wuold be allowed to be left alone to manage the team? I'm sure that Sparky would rather have 4 or 5 class players at his disposal rather than one...just think of senna, in the middle of the park, mexes at the back and, mandanda in goal and a regular premiership goal scorer like crouch (yes even him) up front...surely this is better than one player who might not adapt and who'll get injured and miss games? realistically, sparky would rather have that...but does he have the choice?

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  • 53. At 1:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, Andrew Garlick wrote:

    Good Blog

    At the end of the day any football fan kinda dreams of having world class players at the club - one reason we all play FM or do the Fantasy football every week.

    But at what cost - Leeds did this - If you went down the list of names (Ok not World Class) of the talent at one stage when Leeds got to the Semi's of the Champions League - Leeds (Or the Chairmen) were living the dream...what happened Failure - and then now about 10th in the 2nd Division.

    Where as I would love for all the best players in the world to strut they stuff in the EPL I dont see the figures working.

    I lived in England 34 years and now live in America and believe me the wages they pay these pounced up NFL, NHL and NBA Stars is stupid - makes kaka's wage look poor. But this is paid for by Advertising - for 30 seconds of TV space in the Super Bowl companies pay Millions and that is filtered down.

    So I have been many blogs - To win the champions league you get 30 Million, and to win the League you get 10 Million and all that goes with it with Sponsership and Branding - so EVEN IF Man City were to win the Champions League and the Prem Title for the next 5 Years they would not get a return on their money and that is for just ONE player.

    Anyhow that being said still nice to see Kaka in the Prem

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  • 54. At 1:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, starsuperjim wrote:

    RetiredNo.6 - excellent post.

    I think the main reason people should stop carping is because ADUG have the money and are therefore not "living beyond their means".

    The Premier League should be celebrating bringing such fantastic talent to the game, adding to the likes of Ronaldo, Robinho, Berbatov, Torres and Kevin Kilbane :o)

    Lap it up folks.

    Try going to Dalymount Park in Dublin on a miserable, freezing, wet Friday night to see Bohs play Drogheda, then you wouldn't be complaining!

    Your league is just getting better and better - just hope it doesn't rub off on your international team - har har!

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  • 55. At 1:46pm on 16 Jan 2009, DoctorBoroLove wrote:

    I suspect that the armchair socialists complaining about "obscene" amounts of money and the plight of the NHS nurses (as if that's the Sheikh's fault) are really supporters of the Smug Four who are about to have their ivory towers rattled.

    I'm looking forward to Boro going to Man City in February and to see them play Kaka*.

    *sadly, they usually do :(

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  • 56. At 1:46pm on 16 Jan 2009, stanistuta wrote:

    Why does everyone keep banging on about it being 'great for the Premier League' if Kaka were to sign for one of it's weakest teams?!

    I took far more pleasure in watching Robinho shine for Real Madrid when he was surrounded by class players than I do watching him score goals against Wigan, Hull and Boro on cold, wet Saturdays in England.

    Surely it is better for the game of football to have it's world class stars spread across the best clubs around Europe instead of all plying their trade for Premiership teams just for the money.

    Contrary to popular belief; The English Premier League is not the best domestic league in the world. La Liga is far superior in terms of quality of football and entertainment for spectators. There are no Stoke's or Bolton's in Spain that spend 90 minutes of every away game (and most home games) with 11 men behind the ball. I know football is a results business but that statement alone makes me cringe because it implies that the game of football is now A BUSINESS.

    Football should be about flair, skill, passion, LOYALTY and entertainment. Money is ruining the English game but a lot of 'experts' seem to be burying their heads in the sand and trotting out the same tired lines about quality players coming into this country being 'good for our game' no matter what the consequences are for everyone else.

    There is more Spanish football than English Premiership games on Sky every week anyway so if you really want to see these stars play, watch them where they are now! You won't regret it!

    Kaka should stay where he is because Milan are a legendary club with an incredible history, brilliant support, amazing players and a wonderful stadium. They made him the name he is and, as such, he owes them his peak years which he is now entering.

    Man City are an oil-rich joke struggling to fight off relegation from England's top division. Why would one of the best players of this generation want to go there aside from £500k per week in the bank?

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  • 57. At 1:48pm on 16 Jan 2009, spleenboy wrote:

    It's one of those very strange circumstances where on the surface, business is business, and it all makes perfect sense.
    Kaka would act as both the catalyst for regeneration of the City team, and act as an incredible magnet for other players to join City. He would become the face of a growing global brand, and be at the heart of the team on the pitch.
    However, even when on the surface it all seems to make sense, it is difficult to remove that nagging feeling that there is something about this deal that is absolutely obscene. The roots upon which the game was built can still be found from the Championship down, but the PL is now an utterly soulless desert of greed. I can't bring myself to contribute to the game any longer, which is a great shame since I have been a season ticket holder for many years. I am now viewed not as a fan, but as a revenue generating mug by the clubs and owners.
    All great empires have fallen in history. They all believed it would never happen, and all slowly lost touch with the people who created that empire in the first place. There were 50,000 people at a club rugby game in London 2-3 weeks agoe.......

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  • 58. At 1:49pm on 16 Jan 2009, JamesRyddel wrote:

    The whole story is quite amazing and I do not see how Milan can turn down the offer, but even so I can see Kaka turning down City on football grounds.

    City have little to offer apart from money, but and if it's a big if, Kaka does sign, then it will be the single most important signing in City's chequered history, because there's every chance that the club will then be able to persuade other big names to sign for them.

    That doesn't alter the fact that everything about this transfer is wrong. People are comparing the events of the Kaka deal with those of Chelsea under Abramovitch, but there is no comparison really given the amounts involved. Let us recall that the Robinho is fee is a British record. The Kaka deal if it goes through, will be three times that amount.

    The most interesting thing about this deal isn't the reaction of the City fans, far from it, because they have every reason to be over their blue moon at the prospect of the third best player in the world signing.

    For me the most interesting thing is what will happen in the advent of Kaka turning down City? It could be potentially hugely damaging for the Blues because every club will now be looking to at least double their asking price for any new targets and we've already seen evidence of that BEFORE the Kaka deal talk erupted...

    IF Kaka turns down City and their Arab owners it will also send out a very important message and embarrassing one at that. Just maybe then the new owners will realise what a huge mistake they've made in buying the Blues - because it will effectively mean that no amount of money can attract the best players in the world to City.

    On a slightly more positive note, I do not see what is happening at City affecting the rest of football, because there will be two prices for prospective new players; one for City and another for the rest.

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  • 59. At 1:49pm on 16 Jan 2009, NOKE2706 wrote:

    why when man u brought ferdinand in those days for 30 million people like Arsen wenger didnt say that they living in another world. Just make the mathematic of wht man u spend on unkown player likes nani and anderson (anyway, i do not complain thay are good players).

    The some outcry happened when abramovich took over Chelsea. Untill now, i still see the premier Leage still in good shape, and even some other big club beating Chelsea on the transfert market.

    I guess to understand why City need somebody like Kaka. The lad have integrity in the football world, and they want him for a long terme to be the selling image of City. And to add on that his talent, wht is wrong with that?

    I am a BIG Chelsea FAN, and i do not complain at all. At least we will not only talk about the BIG 4. Man city will be on board.

    And i think Arsen Wenger just need the premier Leage 2 be a battle betwen 4 club.

    Just think about KOLO TOURE. The lad been brought in Arsenal for less than a million, and look at what is his price on the market.

    who is leaving in the real world???
    If fantasy worl realy existe...

    Welcome KAKA.

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  • 60. At 1:49pm on 16 Jan 2009, Spaced Invader wrote:

    'Manchester United were not accused by all and sundry of living in football's madhouse when they paid £30m to Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand, almost the same for Juan Sebastian Veron from Lazio, £27m to Everton for Wayne Rooney and £30m to Spurs for Dimitar Berbatov'.

    No, there weren't. Perhaps because they signed all those players after years of dominance (on and off the field) and after becoming Champions of Europe again in 1999. Since the early 1990s United's expenditure grew proportionally with their growth and success as a business. City do not have that - they have a very wealthy backer, who unlike even Jack Walker, is not a fan or home-towner - there's simply no guarantee he wont get bored and walk away. That's why City's signings are not comparable to United's.

    Furthermore In the past decade United consistently made significant profit through the sales of youth products (Beckham, Richardson, Rossi, Pique, Bardsley, Butt, P Neville, Eagles, Ebanks-Blake, etc)which is rarely noted in the media, as well as recouping significant elements of the original fees for Veron, Van Nistelrooy, Forlan, Heinze etc. Basically they're run like like the efficient business they are.

    Do you think City will recoup much on Jo?

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  • 61. At 1:50pm on 16 Jan 2009, Essehm wrote:

    I enjoyed this article.

    I believe it's only being done to attract more big players in the summer.
    A big player will be more prepared to go to a nobody club if they'll have "best in the world" colleagues.

    Money was used to snag Robinho
    Robinho (and money) is being used to lure Kaka.
    Who wouldn't want to play with Robinho and Kaka?

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  • 62. At 1:51pm on 16 Jan 2009, fjsm33 wrote:

    This is all so easy to explain.... I don't know why other people haven't noticed it... It's a simple error in translation. As we all know kaka's first language is not English - therefore when he was offered £500k a week to play at a club with guaranteed CHAMPIONSHIP football next season, he thought they meant CHAMPIONS LEAGUE...

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  • 63. At 1:51pm on 16 Jan 2009, quarzazat wrote:

    When a tradgedy strikes, I find it insulting when football commentators say "it puts things into perspective football is only a game" what perspective do they want us to see the present financial fiasco football finds itself in. I and many other people will not take home £1000000 in 49 years of work and we are rewarded with an inadequate state pension. Entertainers(footballers) get these huge sums of money and to rub salt into the wounds will qualify for the same state pension as the rest of us.

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  • 64. At 1:52pm on 16 Jan 2009, RefMinor wrote:

    There are some interesting comments about an ex Monaco manager regarding clubs living within their means.

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  • 65. At 1:53pm on 16 Jan 2009, BoDiddley wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 66. At 1:53pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    One thing City will have to face is the fact that they will now be quoted astronomical prices for every player they go for.

    I suspect each deal they try to do will turn into a game of brinksmanship, as we have seen with Roque Santa Cruz and Blackburn.

    The message I am getting from Manchester City supporters of my acquaintance is that they feel fans of top clubs are squealing because they will not have it their own way any more - suddenly another club has arrived with the power to destroy them financially in the transfer market.

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  • 67. At 1:53pm on 16 Jan 2009, wondergeorge123 wrote:

    I'm not being funny but it all seems to be a bit crazy!
    If you asked Man City fans honestly, would they rather spend £100m on Kaka, or 7 or 8 other good players.
    Kaka is an amazing amazing player but one player doesn't make a team. The laugh will be if they buy him and he gets injured on day one and is out for the rest of the season!

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  • 68. At 1:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kapnag wrote:

    This is ridiculous. £100m for a player. What about their next signing, and next signing.

    If the reports about his wages are to be believed, what's to stop the rest of the players demanding 50% of that? This is short-term in the absolute extreme.

    Manchester City, turned into a gimmick by someone who wants to show off their cash. Nothing great about it, nothing. It can only end in tears

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  • 69. At 1:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, Hargo A Go Go wrote:

    As a United fan I really thought Mark Hughes would be handling this better. It honestly seems to me that right now, palyers are being bought based on name and reputation rather than being brought in to balance the team. Kaka, Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Robinho? where will they all play? What will happen to thos e members that are already there? is Man city bent on trying to win every match 6 goals to 5? It doesn't make any sense and I have not heard them linked to any Defenders. Plus £100, 000 is too much to pay for ANY player even if you do have the money. It is wrong on so many levels and is a danger to football and Manchester City

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  • 70. At 1:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, mccuul wrote:

    well this is a fantastic article but- the only problem i ve with that is that 100 million for on player is quite a waste , when u can buy 2 defensive mid fielders, 2 central back, and a striker with that and city will be able to challenge for champions league next yrs. mark huges have to use his brain and not just look at today but try to be able to save his job cos with the coming of alot of superstars he will loose his job if they have a few bad result . he should build a team and not just buying kaka

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  • 71. At 1:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, 24DarrenFletcher24 wrote:

    The amount of money is insane for one player and cannot for me have a good impact on the team. It is over twice as much as Real Madrid paid for Zidane in his prime and Kaka is simply not as good. Hughes is clearly being undermined as manager and cannot make his own decisions, despite what he says. Where is the motivation for the other members of the squad, Ireland, Elano, SWP if they know that Kaka is coming in and being paid 5 times what they are on. And as for Kaka himself who is only likely to move given pressure from the Milan hierarchy may not relish the prospect of trying to keep a club up who he has no affiliation towards.

    And there is also the fact that City do not need Kaka at all. Their problem has not been the man behind the main striker(s), in fact this has been their greatest strength this season, any manager will tell you to build from the back first and City don't have a back four at the moment capable of providing the base for Kaka and co to work in. The other priorities should be a goalkeeper and a striker but neither of these looks as likely. It is all very well to buy world class players but they need to be the right men. Look at Chelsea, too many players of the same type in midfield, all top players but don't work together. Mourinho brought in the likes of Essien, Carvalho, Makalele (may have been Ranieri's) but the point is he brought players for the team, not just some bizarre, delusional fantasy squad. Hughes should be allowed to get on with his job, sign the right players for the right money, anything else is doomed to failure.

    I'd also like to add that it is somewhat short sighted and irresponsible for supposedly to top BBC sports journalist to be praising such a move on the basis that it will make the fans happy. Manchester United did not win numerous trophies over the years with such signings. The core of the squad was kept in the 90s and it is the work ethic and desire to win and play for each other that sets us apart from the others at the moment. Sven was doing a great job at City, bringing through the likes of Ireland, Johnson, Hart and trying to build a team, the signings were not rash and made sense. To be fair to hughes he would probably do the same given the chance.

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  • 72. At 1:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, Dribble wrote:

    Not to hark on about it...but...

    Now a reported £110 to 120m + another £10m in agents fee's...and £2m for Kaka's Dad...


    Another cool £100m for the players wages say over 4 years...

    Assuming he signs, we are witnessing our first (and possible only)...


    I'm flabergasted! Hope he signs though...just for the pleasure in seeing Jamie Carragher personally introduce himself to Kaka on 22nd Feb!! Lol...

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  • 73. At 1:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, englandcomeon wrote:

    Mr Mc Nulty, I know the EPL and football generally has turned into a right gravy train, but surely even you can see that firstly: this sort of development is not healthy and secondly: that UEFA (messers Blatter and Platini) have got it in for the EPL as it is.

    Thus allowing foreign money to buy out EPL clubs and flood the transfer market with cash has only resulteed in mediocre players costing 12-20 million pounds.

    The smaller clubs having absolutely no chance to compete and other European clubs looking on enviously may well join in a chorus with Blatter to "lock down" these transfer fees.

    Abramowitch has seen that throwing money out of the window doesn't work (Shevchenko) but how long can and will the world governing bodies stand by and watch as the EPL is turned into a millionaires train set.

    I think it might be better given your position to appeal for the FA to get off their haunches and pass some regulations to keep clubs (either in the hands of people from the country) or set a ceiling, based on a coefficient of revenue or stop clubs being able to run up debts that cannot be paid back, like in the Bundesliga.

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  • 74. At 1:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, Davidmarrio wrote:

    I do think the point you make is a good one Phil being a Liverpool fan i was used to at times when we couldn't afford to get certain players but the thing with Man City is the fact that while they may have to pay alot of money for players they can afford it and it affects the whole transfer market for teams that may not have the financial power and teams will be quoting high prices for everyone.

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  • 75. At 2:01pm on 16 Jan 2009, Handsome-Ransom wrote:

    "Manchester United were not accused by all and sundry of living in football's madhouse when they paid £30m to Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand, almost the same for Juan Sebastian Veron from Lazio, £27m to Everton for Wayne Rooney and £30m to Spurs for Dimitar Berbatov."

    Why should they be?

    Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool can spend as much as they like, theyre successful from playing football, building worldwide fan bases and generating their own money..FROM FOOTBALL.
    Its basic economics, supply and demand. If there was no demand for football, Man Utd would not be rich. However Chelsea and Man City would be as their wealth was generated from OIL.

    I cant see how people dont understand this? Its not the amounts, its the principle of the moneys origin.

    I'm sure you'll get it one day Phil

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  • 76. At 2:02pm on 16 Jan 2009, SA-Red wrote:

    I really believe that there is a problem with supply and demand of footballers in this age. There simply arent enough players and this is why the Premier league is so condensed this year. One team does not have ALL the players. Also with the advancement in technology, clubs just dont let go of players for nothing. In South Africa we have a player Teko Modise who is probably the best player we have ever produced, much better than Benni McCarthy. But the chairman of Pirates will not let him go for cheap (He would rather wait until after the World Cup).

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  • 77. At 2:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, ajlovett wrote:

    Not sure why everyone is saying Man City will be a 1 player team... they aren't buying one player and selling all the rest... they already have some cracking players at their disposal, yes a CB & better wingbacks are needed but why not get Kaka if you can afford it... it will entice other quality players to join him, the existing quality players they have and their promising acadamy. Kaka will sell shirts, maybe not like Beckham, but plenty... also at 26 if he leaves in 2-3 years City will be able to sell (maybe not 100m but a decent whack!)

    Lovett...Not a City fan!

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  • 78. At 2:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kapnag wrote:

    As for that "top clubs squeeling" that is rich!!

    Considering for years City fans have been telling all how they are Manchesters "proper football club", how amazingly fast they all sold out that idea

    I mean, come on, £100m for one player. A rumored £243m total package?? That is more than Sir Alex spent assembling his current squad!

    City were supposed to be the route for local lads to make it. They've got no chance now, have they?

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  • 79. At 2:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    Leeds only get a mention in the article re. the sale of Rio Ferdinand.

    I think it is safe to say that the financial backgrounds to the two clubs is completely different.

    The Abu Dhabi Group has the sort of financial firepower Leeds never had.

    I suppose the only danger would be if they decided to walk away from Manchester City - but as they have only just arrived, that looks very unlikely.

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  • 80. At 2:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, RefMinor wrote:

    Why do people say "Why get Kaka instead of defenders/holding midfielders.

    The owners of City have so much cash they dont have to choose between the two options. They can spend as much as they want, in fact there is probably miore limitations in that there is only 15 days left in Jan than the amount of money they have left.

    These are the kind of people who will drop £20M to have the Rolling Stones entertain them for 2 hours. So £100M for Kaka for 5 years is a bargain.

    People on 606 and these boards really dont comprehend the scale of the funding here when they comment.

    If the owners lose a billion over the next 5 years then so what, it makes no material difference to them, they will have pumped millions of gallons more of oil which will only get more expensive in the medium/long term.

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  • 81. At 2:06pm on 16 Jan 2009, sheppy_8 wrote:

    I think that this deal has more to do with the owners wishes than that of Mark Hughes. Bridge and the possible signings of Bellamy and Parker seem more like the type of signings Sparky wants. Proven, reliable premeirship players. Not world class but hardly sunday league.

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  • 82. At 2:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, ALondonDevil wrote:

    Ethically and morally it might not be the best piece of business that a football team has ever done but it must be a fantastic time to be blue (33 years!!)...

    If they actually get Kaka then can you imagnie the players that could follow him to the Council House?

    This all feels very bizarre to be writing Kaka and Manchester City in the saem sentence!!

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  • 83. At 2:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, Hold those Cue Cards wrote:


    I realise you're a football writer, but if you and everyone else spent 5 minutes looking outside of the football goldfish bowl and look at the financial state of your average joe/country/world, then it would take you about 1 second to realise this sort of money is completely obscene.

    The mere fact that "advisors" and "middle men" involved in this deal stand to make millions from the deal for very little work at all shows how bloated the footballing fat cats are.

    Manchester City fans, whilst happy about the transfer, must surely start wondering why they have to pay for their season tickets to watch their team, when their owners have such money to throw at one person.

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  • 84. At 2:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, rockysupernova wrote:

    all Man U transfers (barring Berba) you mentioned were made when Man Utd were still PLc and thus financially prudent. This is not the case with Man City to whom the current owners are effectively lending money. One day they could just make up their mind that they are tired of football at which point Man City would be asked to pay back their owners. I think there's a big difference there.

    Also Man Utd did not pay over twice the world record transfer for any of those players.

    I do not agree with your argument Phil

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  • 85. At 2:14pm on 16 Jan 2009, SA-Red wrote:

    UEFA should only allow clubs to spend money in proportion to the revenue that the clubs make. That way if any investor comes in they first have to build a massive stadium, upgrade the clubs infrastructure before they can actually spend money on players!!

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  • 86. At 2:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, ubahng wrote:

    If you look at this from the point of view that Kaka is purely doing this for money then i think you are wrong.

    If Kaka takes does indeed come to the prem i think that he will do his career a great turn.. as he's played at the highest level in Italy for so long and champions league football has been a given in seasons gone past.. AND with City in their current position he has to work harder on the football field than ever before in order to bring city to the place that the owners want to the club to be... and that is top 4 and champs lge football... Having had experience of playing in all the major club competitions on offer he will no doubt, as a professional (and folks lets not forget this fact, he's a perfect role model for kids all around the world) try his hardest and encourage his team mates (who ever they turn out to be?) to do the same... and also in terms of the youth 'project' ongoing at city how good will it be to have this type of role model for the kids coming thru the YTS to look up to and learn from....

    btw im a united fan saying all this...

    City bring it on.

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  • 87. At 2:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, Sunny wrote:

    I am surprised Abu Dhabi United Group bought Man City and prepared to spend £100m on Kaka and many more on players. It sounds cheaper for me if they buy AC Milam for £500m.

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  • 88. At 2:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ashcadrealisticblue wrote:

    I'm a Manchester City fan and i have to admit im scared about the situation. The thought of having Kaka (thats right Kaka!!!) at the blue camp is an amazing thought. Allot of people are saying "well what happens when the owners get bord of the club and want to sell" I admit this could happen but to be honest i can't see this.
    The owners want to be in the champions league and fighting for the league title within 2 years. A huge amount of money is needed to get us there.
    Along with Santa Cruz, Nigel De Jong and a replacment for Mr Richards in the heart of defence, i feel that city will be movinging along the road to where us blues all want to be!

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  • 89. At 2:24pm on 16 Jan 2009, kevthered83 wrote:

    there is 1 point being overlooked.

    When Utd spent millions on Veron, he was a massive flop. Since then Ferguson has only spent big bucks on players that are proven quality in the premier league (rio, rooney, berba)

    As good a player as Kaka is, there is no guarantee he will rise to the premier league challenge. look at veron, Crespo, Shevchenko, Deco, Morientes etc, all established names in other leagues, but couldnt hack the physical and pacy nature of the premiership.

    I could see Kaka going down the same route of Reyes, starting brightly, but fading out with a whimper when players start using force to stop him.

    Personally I hope they do sign Kaka, and that he cant hack the league, city get relegated and the relegation release cause see's Kaka swan off for 30 mil

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  • 90. At 2:24pm on 16 Jan 2009, asnac1 wrote:

    There are three separate issues here:
    1) Is it a good financial investment?
    2) Is it the right footballing decision?
    3) Is it 'morally' right?

    1) No. TV revenues will plummet in the next few years - we have already seen the high point of the finances of the EPL. There is no way that City would ever get their money back.

    2) No. They need half a defence and a world-class holding midfielder if they are to have any chance of reaching the top four in the next few years. Even Chelski bought players in defensive positions - building a strong TEAM is why they won the league. Yes, United have spent absurd sums on attackers but only after setting up a really strong defence and midfield.

    3) Tricky. The 'moral' problem is really about how any individuals ever amass this much money, not about how they spend it. The amounts of money in top flight football (and pop music, finance, oil etc) have all been absurd and unreal for the past decade. Hopefully the current recession will hit those with cash rather than those without it. Then we will all see what world of dreamworld we've all been living in.

    But, given that these guys have billions of pounds, its unsurprising that they want to spend it in stupid ways. There is no way of spending that sort of money sensibly (apart from giving to charity).

    The practical problems will be two-fold:

    a) Kaka will block a British player from gaining EPL first team experience, which will further weaken the national teams. He will also probably suck funds away from youth investment and other projects to fund his ridiculous wages.

    b) How will football fans feel about the salaries paid (in part by their ticket purchases) when they all start losing their jobs and can barely afford to feed their families.

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  • 91. At 2:24pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kapnag wrote:

    Phil McNulty, like all other football writers seem more desperate to see the bigger clubs fail than the long term stability of the game

    Is it cos you're bored of seeing the same clubs win everything, you want a new club to win something? Well guess what, after 3-5 years you'll get bored of City winning everything for the same reasons you're bored of Chelsea.

    The English Premier League is not a sport. Unrecognisable from 15 years ago. The money men have already stolen its soul, now they will bleed it dry until the public are no longer interested in £1m a week "superstars" they have no connection with

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  • 92. At 2:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, confounder wrote:

    "My own reservations about the deal are purely footballing ones, while at the same time stressing City supporters should be allowed to bask in the new ambition of their club without being lampooned for it."

    Why should Man City be excluded from being lampooned. They have done it to others for years. All is fair...

    Kaka will be playing in the Championship. He isn't even as good as Ronaldo, the world player of the year.

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  • 93. At 2:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, TheAndyEFC wrote:

    To me, the so far 'attempted' signing of Kaka is an extremely risky one.

    For a club like City, whose money pit seems to be bottomless surely they should be strengthening the areas the areas of their team which they need to in order to climb the table (as many others have said).

    However, the risky part comes if a player like Kaka was to turn down the offer in terms of 'morality' (like in the reference his agent made about Robinho being money hungry). I think this would seriously damage City's chances of signing other big-names who wouldn't want to be seen as being a money grabber.

    Good knowledge of the footballing world should have prompted the club to make some other 'above average' fortifying signings (like Wayne Bridge) before trying for something as large sale as this.

    Just my opinion...

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  • 94. At 2:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, contemplativedokus wrote:

    Its a good thing, even if the reported amount seems inflated and is not verified to be actually true. Same was the case with beckham, lot of strings attached. For Man City it becomes an attraction for other players to get involved; the tricky thing is to balance top paid players with other talent and create football and commercial success in long run. From business makes sense, some flag, top players; merchandizing, tv contracts go up, and hopefully in time also sport results, converging into one.

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  • 95. At 2:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ruairi wrote:

    I'm a United fan.
    The more I look at this and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. This could be very good business for City.
    They clearly wnat to establish themselves on the world stage asap and (no disrespect to Roninho), they are firmly laying down a marker with Kaka. Other big time players will follow suit when they see someone like him in their ranks. Yes, they need a decent centre half and an enforcer in midfield - but these are a lot easier to find than someone like Kaka. Secondly, now is the time to bring him in as he'll need time to gel with the rets of the team. They're clearly targeting next season.
    So, though the sums are crazy (so are the TV contract rights), if it's tp be done by City - this is the only way they can do it.

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  • 96. At 2:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, phil wrote:

    This is the next stage of the madness that started with Abramovitch (or arguably Jack Walker) As has been previously posted Man U, Liverpool and to a degree Arsenal's buying power and ability to attract top class players has come about over decades by their build up of a large fan base willing to invest in tickets, merchandise and TV subsriptions to watch their team. Their success became self perpetuating (and therefore to some boring) The sudden influx of vast sums of cash from external sources to clubs upsets that apple-cart much to some peoples delight, but it also takes the finances of football into alice-in-wonderland. Do other clubs risk debt,administration and obvliion trying to compete? As a United fan I a fine with Kaka at City - lets see how he fares on a cold midwinter game against Wigan! (We had one the other night and our star "world-player-of-the-year" was conspicious in his absence as an influence on the game ) I dont think Kaka will take City into the PL top 4 alone and I believe the non-footballing issues will ultimately mean City will Look back one day and wish the Arab money men had put their money elsewhere...

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  • 97. At 2:32pm on 16 Jan 2009, englandcomeon wrote:

    I am surprised Abu Dhabi United Group bought Man City and prepared to spend ?100m on Kaka and many more on players. It sounds cheaper for me if they buy AC Milam for ?500m.

    How true!

    Trouble being of course that attendences in Italy are often poor and there is still a lot of trouble with right wing groups

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  • 98. At 2:33pm on 16 Jan 2009, matchboxmaster wrote:

    Right, this may sound a little crazy but here goes.

    Man City can spend 100 mil on Kaka and another 100 mil on a striker and a couple of defenders in the summer and they will still not finish in the top 4 next season. Even with Kaka they will struggle to finish in the top 8 this season, their team has no balance.

    If Kaka in not motivated by money then he will stay at Milan and continiue to earn millions a year for the club he says he loves.

    I know this is all crazy talk but they have so much money to throw around that they could potentially put a bid in for Ronaldo. If United were offered 150 million could the club turn it down? This is all so mental.

    The best outcome would be for Kaka to join City, City to puchase no decent defenders, City to get relegated on the last day of the season, and Kaka and Robihno to be playing Championship football next season. That is my dream.

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  • 99. At 2:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    I do get the sense that City's new-found wealth is causing a certainty amount of jealousy, especially with complaints from posters about the origin of the money.

    Manchester City have been taken over by incredibly wealthy owners and want to sign the world's best players. Simple fact.

    I recall Tom Hicks and George Gillett being feted when they first arrived at Liverpool, mainly on the basis that they would build a new ground and finance a succession of huge signings.

    Over at Stanley Park, Everton fans would love to find an investor with just a fraction of the Abu Dhabi United Group's riches. It has not happened and I would not bet a single penny on it happening any time soon.

    The same applies at Newcastle United and West Ham are also reportedly looking for a buyer. I suspect they would have loved to have been the subject of interest from the Abu Dhabi United Group.

    City have been fortunate enough, or should that be wise enough, to do the deal to bring in these mega-investors. The rest of the Premier League will have to get on with it.

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  • 100. At 2:35pm on 16 Jan 2009, neova2 wrote:

    One difference between City and United is that United wasn't successful overnight. They built their success slowly on the pitch over the century and when they became a top club they're simply re-inforcing their position by spending big on the big players to stay at the top.

    City owners may say they're patient for success on the pitch but looking at their recent transfers suggest otherwise.

    I'm by no means a United fan, but at least they money they spend is offset by their revenue worldwide (even if they are now heavily leveraged).

    I can't see city in the top 6 by the end of this season, which is probably what they'll need to do to keep KaKa (assuming they sign him) because a player of that class whould not want to be without European football for too long.

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  • 101. At 2:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, livercol wrote:

    Off subject but needs saying:

    Robbie Keane - 5 Prem goals
    Berbatov - 4 prem goals.

    Why is Keane considered the waste of money at £20M?

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  • 102. At 2:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, Plato wrote:

    I disagree with Phil's assertions because City's expenditure (unlike Man Utd's, Real Madrid's etc) is not the result of a solid revenue stream. So potentially in the future they could be in financial trouble if their owner decide to leave them. Same applies to Chelsea. But I don't care about that, I'm a Man United fan!

    Despite that I'm definitely not bitter and would in some ways love for the transfer to go through.

    It's more tax money in the government coffers, about £12m p/a (woohoo). Only dissappointment is £100m of oil money going to Italy and not UK. Can City not make a £100m offer for a UK based player like Ronaldo instead? If those sheikhs keep spending like that they might save us from recession

    And I wouldn't begrudge City entering the top 4/5... whatever. It'll make our games against them trully special! They could also decide titles instead of just be a matter of pride.

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  • 103. At 2:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kapnag wrote:

    It's not City anymore, it is Abu Dhabi Athletic trading under a different name

    It's nothing to do with jealousy. Can you not see where this is going to end up? You're bored of the current "product" so you're happy to see it spiced up a bit. But you're waving goodbye to over 100 years of tradition

    Is this the future of the game you demand? Attract loads of billionaires to import over-hyped footballers

    People have been OK with City's buyout until now, when they see just what impact these figures are going to have. So much money, leaving the game - mostly to faceless agents. Phil McNulty - Blissful ignorance

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  • 104. At 2:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, spurs4everr wrote:

    As alot of posts have already said, the thing that worries me is that 500k a week is an obsene amount of money, and 100m for a player, again, is obsene. But as Phil pointed out, if Hughes only had 100m, he would splash it on 1 player, its the fact he has that 100m for that 1 player, and he can have another 100m for 5 or 6 players.

    But do tell me Phil, we all know that Man City need defenders and Defending Midfielders, as thats where their frailties are. They made a good deal getting Wayne Bridge, but thats not enough.

    Phil, who would you try and get if you were managing Man C?

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  • 105. At 2:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, RefMinor wrote:

    It is fun seeing all the fans of the "big" clubs being torn apart by the voice in their head that whispers to them "Must support the richest club with the best players"

    I must say the Manc Man U fans and the Scouse Liverpool fans I know are reasonably sanguine about it. Its the Surrey glory hunters who have the little voice in their head who are getting the most worked up and are spitting out the jealousy.

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  • 106. At 2:42pm on 16 Jan 2009, prads46 wrote:

    No doubt that Kaka' is a very special player but city have to be real and another question with the world class players how long before Mark Hughes is out and another world class manager is in ?

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  • 107. At 2:42pm on 16 Jan 2009, englandcomeon wrote:

    I most certainly don't care to about the origin of the the money, but Man City's last owner was far from "above board" this sort of thing needs to be altered, so that this sort of thing doesn't keep happening.

    Chelsea also have paper debt, what happens if Abramovitch walks away?
    Theoretically they could be bankrupted, this is what I mean about a train set.

    If these owners leave at the drop of a hat (see NUFC) then it could mean the end for clubs LFC and the rest.

    This sort of thing needs regulation, i.e. either buyers have to set up a fund to prevent clubs going bust (f like WHU your chairman goes bust) or spending rules are brought in, to prevent any more than 6 months income being built up as a debt.

    This would be fine for most EPL clubs at least 30-40 millions.

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  • 108. At 2:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, lawros_kit_bag wrote:

    It's naive to think that the Abu Dhabi Group will endlessly pump money into the club for no return.

    Eventually, if Man City start making the champions league, expect to see the ticket prices increase, and the club to become somewhat more prudent in the transfer market- exactly how Chelsea have done.

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  • 109. At 2:46pm on 16 Jan 2009, clovisguy wrote:

    Transfers like this and the wages involved will kill English football with a biy of luck. There is NO incentive for a young kid in Britain to try and improve their skills when they now know the major clubs would rather buy expensive foreign imports. The sooner Fifa put a world wide cap on transfer fees and salaries the better. Also, this transfer will only widen the gap between the have and have nots in football. And as for the future of the England international team, the least said the better.

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  • 110. At 2:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, chivalrousMatthewJ wrote:

    This is it, pack up your season tickets, cancel your fancards and head home - when a person who kicks a ball for a living costs almost the same as a state of the art 80,000 stadium (the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff cost £121m according to Wikipedia) then football has taken that final step beyond the edge of the bubble.

    Football players are obviously over-paid already, but whilst the confines of that wealth remained within the bubble our acceptance and dedication to football remained unmoved. Doubts and questions were raised even then about £30m+ footballers and £100k+ a week wages, but whilst the dignity of football was wobbling under the strains of commercialism and undoubted financial success it could still hold - and therefore we would as well.

    Yet there is a bubble, which I would define as the unwritten acceptance of what football means to us as fans, the loyalty that we give to the game means more than the figures involved, it is supposed to be an escape and a dream of success beyond the confines of the four walls we occupy each day; more than this it is a community in which each can take part and take strength from our fellow supporters without the need to justify our position within the whole. If this deal goes through football will for the moment move beyond dream, beyond the reach of the fans, and the bubble will burst because of these facts - in essence we will all wake up to find that football has been moving away from its roots for so long, it can barely remember having them.

    This game is worth more than the wealth of all the club owners combined for those of us who have grown up with football since before the Premiership started, but this is forgotten gradually over the last decade, to the point where it is as though football didn't exist before 1992. Seventeen years has brought us to this point, the ultimate test of the football and the fans of all the clubs - if we the fans can be convinced that this deal for Kaka is right and just then we will be convinced of anything that is put in front of us; if this happens we will all be like children clinging to stories and dreams that don't exist anymore but which we feel can't die if in only we can believe hard enough.

    However, if we feel as a group that this trend is not the way that we think football should be going then we have one duty, for the sake of this game that we love we must vote with our feet - we must stay away from football until it has become something we can respect again.

    Personally I don't know which way it will go, all I know is that football can't survive like this, it will have to change - if so then it may be that my love for the game will be the only thing that ends whilst football remains in some other form beyond my reach.

    Whether you agree with me or not the saddest thing for me is that I am not the only one who feels this way.

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  • 111. At 2:48pm on 16 Jan 2009, Anthony in Rugby wrote:

    I think what a lot us are struggling with here is that the Man City project is just different to what's happened before. It's not about making money from a club directly, or having a personal plaything, or football ambition: it's part of a very big marketing effort for Abu Dhabi.

    The funds are effectively unlimited (this is small beer compared to the other projects). Success is important (for the coverage it will bring) but so are big names for the very same reason. Just look at the media time that Abu Dhabi is getting without even having a decent football team yet.

    Man City may win something in the next few years. In fact if they don't, given what the expectations are, it will be a major blow to the owners. But they may decide that it's not creating the right profile for the emirate (and who knows what a few clearly sung, derogatory anti-Abu Dhabi songs on worldwide tv coverage will do for it's image, never mind what the tabloids will dig up. English football fans on the streets of Abu Dhabi city isn't a big selling point either).

    Anyhow, they may then sell up. There won't be debt, but the purchase price will be enormous. So along comes another oil state and their tourism team to give it another go. Or all the players get sold to reduce the asking price to sell it on to normal mortals.

    Whatever happens, the club is a promotional vehicle first and a sporting outfit second. It's that that feels uncomfortable, I think. The Abu Dhabi Globetrotters are playing in the Premier League and we're just going to have to get used to it.

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  • 112. At 2:52pm on 16 Jan 2009, lespickers wrote:

    This will not be a life changing amount of money for Kaka, so the only reason he'll go to City will be if he really believes in their plans for World domination.

    Milan don't want to sell hence the high transfer fee, and his wages would be in line with many of the world's best entertainers.

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  • 113. At 2:53pm on 16 Jan 2009, ianwarncken wrote:

    I think that if this transfer goes through, like Wenger said it is going to have a significant knock-on effect of further inflating the already over-priced transfer fees and bloated player wages. This is going to further alienate us fans as it's going to increase the associated costs to us, i.e. at the turnstile and for TV subscriptions. I love the game, but I have my financial limits above which I can not and will not go. Football is not more important than life and death. A man needs to eat first and support his family. Greed dear football is not good.

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  • 114. At 2:53pm on 16 Jan 2009, kevthered83 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 115. At 2:54pm on 16 Jan 2009, dandolinho wrote:

    well, i kno a few man city fans, n they understandably overjoyed at the prospect of kaka at eastlands.. i for 1 cant c that ever happeneing... i think he will just humor them

    robinho went to city coz he burnt his bridges, chelsea wouldnt pay that sum n he had a wobbler at madrid n so he just couldnt go bk there... kaka has no such problems.

    wirght-phillips went bk coz its his childhood club, n he wasnt getting chances to play at chelsea, but wen they did come knockin he went in a flash

    players like these wont stay at city for long enough anyway, at the end of the day if they dont wanna b there after so long they just wont... they will have earned enough money to just leave it, mercinaries is wot we'd call it (kaka aside btw) i look at robinho n i think he is a wonderful talent, n i think chelsea are looking at him n thinking, well 30 odd million quid was too steep for a player that may not work, but he does (in english footie) so maybe in a btter team he will flourish some more, n chelsea can look at it as a sound investment.. n if chelsea do pop along... he'll do wot he did at santos n he'll do wot he did at madrid n throw a wobbler n engineer a move away

    im a liverpool fan n im not squawking at city doing this, i like, i hope they fall flat on their face with it, but even with that money i honestly cant c them breaking a hold on the top 4 for the forseeable future

    city should b lookin at defensive options, they have shown wot they are capable of doing infront of goal, and besides, ireland would b the man to miss out if kaka turns up... n he has been outstanding for city this year... mind u saying that, kaka in n ill b quite content to have ireland in the liverpool team (ireland instead of lucas?)

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  • 116. At 2:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, Jaqqzorr wrote:

    Well said.

    Totally agree with everything you say.
    Wish my club (Peterborough Utd) had this much money to spend.

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  • 117. At 2:56pm on 16 Jan 2009, jackylof wrote:

    I think people seem to be missing the point that as far as the owners are concerned, this has nothing to do with money but more about bringing the former World Players of the Year (and still one of the best) to Manchester City.

    We can all stand back and be staggered by the hundreds of millions being quoted, but City's agenda is plain to see. What's more, if you can afford it, then the you're not the ones complaining.

    My worry, particularly as a Man United fan, is that the biggest starts of the games, at the biggest clubs in the game, are all on the radar now. If a club like City, with nearly 30 years of trophyless seasons and precarious relegation fight ahead, can swoop for the best players from Real Madrid and AC Milan, then surely there's a chance they can go for the best players at United, Liverpool and Chelsea too.

    I look at the current situations with Tevez and the unsettled Ronaldo and just wonder what the summer might bring, particularly when money aside, City will boast a playing squad with talents like Kaka and Robinho.

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  • 118. At 2:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, Stomalomalus wrote:

    Kaka would be a perfect match for Man City - global icon, clean living, amazing hard working footballer... and I can see why he would want to go if the manager and the owners of City gave him their dreams and ambitions for where they were going to take the club. Kaka joined Milan after they won the CL, so he hasn't really experienced what European football has to offer. For half a million a week though, no chance. That could fund the salaries for 6 top class footballers who would walk into all of the top European teams save probably United. The money would be better spent on, say, Senna, Santa Cruz, etc, etc.

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  • 119. At 2:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, karl_C wrote:

    It's mostly seen as a ridiculous transfer bid because it's a club staving off relegation; I didn't hear many people saying that £30m for Berba was crazy, or £30m for Rio.

    Admittedly, there's always a cut-off point where a product (as footballers are in the transfer market) seems just too expensive for what it is (£6 for a pint of Leffe in W1!).

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  • 120. At 2:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, GeorgetownBhoy wrote:

    I am seriously concerned about what appears to be a modicum of racism coming from some posters.
    Why do you think that Man City's investors wont hang around? Why not allow them to spend their money as they wish?
    Man City is a minor part of their day-to-day dealings and investments. There is no suggestion that just because they did not build their riches by selling fruit out of a car boot in Moss Side that they are not serious about the club.
    In fact, the mere idea that they are considering spending this amount of money within months of ownership suggests the very opposite.
    How many smaller clubs have been ravaged by greedy chairmen and owners looking to line their own pockets at the expense of the club (Luton Town, for instance) and their loyal fans by selling the clubs assets only for the money to never be seen again?
    This romantic idea that everything gets more honest and down-to-earth the lower down the leagues you go is a fallacy. There is corruption and greed at all levels of football, it is just the Premier League is more headline-grabbing.
    I get worried about the attitude of some people and the phrasing they use. The 'good old days' prior to 'all these foreign investors' were not actually that good.

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  • 121. At 3:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    Poster 85...SA-Red.

    You say "Uefa should only allow clubs to spend money in proportion to the revenue that the clubs make."

    Maybe I am being naive, but would this not simply result in the rich getting richer and the strong getting stronger?

    Give me a massive investor coming in and giving a club like Manchester City the chance to break into the cartel, especially the Champions League, any day.

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  • 122. At 3:01pm on 16 Jan 2009, skywalker1 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 123. At 3:01pm on 16 Jan 2009, skywalker1 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 124. At 3:02pm on 16 Jan 2009, fase69 wrote:

    I think man city are walking dangerously, the most important thing they need at the momemnt is someone to sure up their defence and a link man between defence and attack. they scoring plenty of goals but lettiing way to many in.

    Now they've started splashing these sums of money about they are not gonna get anyone worth having for a reasonable price they are just over inflating every purchase they make for years to come. madness

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  • 125. At 3:03pm on 16 Jan 2009, uptoeleven wrote:

    The problem City have right now is lack of profile. The big players don't want to play there til it's big (as in champions league, not as in supporters, we already know it has the support). But it won't get "big" til it has the players.

    HUghes knows the value of the Academy and so do ADUG - it was one of the reasons they bought the club.

    The Kaka deal is designed to make a big splash, quickly. It is designed to catapult MCFC up to the "big boys" level, so that players and agents and the like will see it as a "big" club and start treating it accordingly. That will enable the club to progress quicker than is currently possible.

    Strurridge and SWP and Ireland and the rest will still get to play because they are still really good players. But right now we lack strength in depth across the park and bringing in Kaka will strengthen the whole squad, as well as hopefully inspiring them. Imagine signing for City - or growing up in the Academy - and suddenly the club you have grown to love is turning in to a football mega-power... but it's still the same club. Suddenly you are playing for a club as big as Real or whoever - but you're still at City. Imagine what that does for you as a player, as an individual - to think "I was worth £5m or £7m or whatever and I'm picked to be in a team with a player worth £100m+ so I must be almost that good to be in that team".

    It can only be good for City.

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  • 126. At 3:04pm on 16 Jan 2009, almanuman wrote:

    As a United fan, I wonder what Real Madrid 's thoughts are if this transfer goes ahead. After all, if they believe they are geting Ronaldo next summer surely United will now quite freely quote a price in excess of the Kaka fee. After all, Kaka isn't even the number one or two player in the world right now.....On a personal note I actually think Kaka will stay where he is, and show again what a class act he is as a person and not just as a fooballer.

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  • 127. At 3:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, footy_analysis - play beautifully - wrote:

    This new wealth in football is killing the game as a genuine competition.

    Clubs with mega wealthy owners are now simply buying success, buying titles, buying cups and that can't be good for the game.

    Clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal have built their wealth from success on the field and deserve to be where they are now.

    Effectively, someone with huge wealth could go and buy Luton Town, for example, and turn them into Premiership winners by throwing at clubs and at the worlds best players.

    I agree with Wenger and think clubs should only be allowed to spend money from natural resources because this money comes from success on the field.

    If clubs continue to spend big money belonging to the owners, the whole balance of football as a genuinely competitive sport will be ruined - if it isn't already.

    I believe you should earn the right to spend big money, not be given it because that is surely what sport is all about.

    Regarding Man City and Kaka, Man City's priority should be avoiding relegation.

    They're hugely inconsistent and are only four points off the bottom of the table and no one will join them if they go down.

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  • 128. At 3:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, tosmag wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 129. At 3:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, jamm1n wrote:

    i think a distinction needs to be pointed out here. People do not carp on about Manchester United signing Berbatov for 30million, as this sum of money (although inflated) was a reflection of his market value, and more importantly that said 30 million was a product of a successful season in which the better part of 50-100million was earned through winning trophies. The same, most definitely cannot be said for Manchester City. I suspect a good deal of City fans (although excited) are internally as uncomfortable about such ridiculous ongoings in the transfer market. It's dangerous. Not necessarily the transfer fee, but 500grand a week?!?!

    A successful team like Arsenal, that is completely self-financing can most definitely hold the moral high ground and consequently the hearts of it's players and fans. Would Kaka die for City, in the way Fabregas lives and breathes Arsenal. I think not.

    I wish City well, but they are making a laughing stock of not only the Barclays 'Premium' League, but more importantly, the Blue side of Manchester.

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  • 130. At 3:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, HopefulStan wrote:

    I think I would be a bit gutted if I was a Man City.

    Man City fans have always seemed like true supporters - sticking with their side through everything, swallowing the glamour, big money and success of the "other team" with in the knowledge that a lot of Man Utd fans have arrived because of success, not before it.

    Now they've got the equivalent of someone entering the cheat code on Championship Manager.

    Instead of building a quality squad, spending what they can on the back of good gates and increasing success, investing in the academy, recruiting well and working their way into the top clubs like Everton or Villa, they now have a billionaire oil baron that wants a European play thing to show off to the rest of the middle-eastern oil oligarchy.

    Comparisons with Chelsea are pretty obvious. I've got 2 mates that are supporters of 20 years and they've had to bury a lot of reservations to enjoy recent success. They couldn't help feeling like their club had become the next step after a 60 foot yacht for a bored billionaire. This is their team, their club and a big part of their salary every year - not the equivalent of a new x box game for the super rich.

    Its easy to come back with the accusation that all major clubs have to have big investment from wealthy people to have success. Just cos it's more money, why is it the difference?

    Well, I'd say the difference is massive. One is a business investment, certainly one that plays with big bucks and a lack of security, but an investment nevertheless. The money coming into clubs from people like Randy Lerner, George Gillett and Tom Hicks is a set within a business model - that demands returns. Behind Mansour bin Zayed and Roman Abramovich there are bottomless pits of money and egos that need a new stage to show off just how deep they go.

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  • 131. At 3:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, ourmaninbucharest wrote:

    Number 87

    Good point and Abu Dhabi United Group could have bought e.g. Newcastle United for the money they want to lavish on Kaka. Although given the choice the average punter would choose Kaka.

    Its great for kaka to be on his way to the EPL, but the fallout from the outrageous salary package is likely to be severe.

    And the 100 million price tag is not the problem - a simple questrion of supply and demand - its the obscene amount of money in the salary package.

    I wonder how Ronaldo will react when Kaka comes in with 5 times his salary package. You can argue that Kaka is more gifted, more complete, but they are both in the same category of the top 3 players in the world, and their rewards packages bear no comparison.

    And why 500k£? Would 200k or 300k (an additional 5 to 10 million £ per year) not have been enough? Did City keep increasing their bid until he became interested?

    And what if Kaka flops in the EPL like Shevchenko did?

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  • 132. At 3:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, dandolinho wrote:

    101, someone had to post that, really was off subject completely... onto the man u boards for u i think with that 1.. u'll get some sweet replies to that 1 :P

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  • 133. At 3:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, hortas wrote:

    Quote 99

    "City have been fortunate enough, or should that be wise enough, to do the deal to bring in these mega-investors. The rest of the Premier League will have to get on with it."

    No they won't - the Premier League will not survive the money men due to at least 12 teams not being able to compete.

    You will be in a European League. Good luck.

    The rest of us small clubs will be able to again enjoy affordable matches domestically.

    Enjoy your flights.

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  • 134. At 3:17pm on 16 Jan 2009, Pablo The Stranger wrote:

    As a season ticket holder at Arsenal for over 20 years I have been becoming increasingly disillusioned with football, not due to the lack of silverware or Wenger's polarised view of football, but because of the overall state of the game. Increasing foreign ownership is a real problem, I've already told many people I would probably ditch my ticket if we are bought out by any of those currently sniffing around, but my biggest concern over things like the Kaka affair is the sheer obscenity of it.

    Phil McNulty, judge me not by your own social ethics, I tell no lies that I would not want any player at Arsenal to be offered anything like the deal that is being reported for Kaka. It is sickening. His (reported) wage offer of £500k per week would employ over 0.5% of unemployed people in this country on a wage of £25k per annum (over 1000 people in case you want clarifying). I'm sure many Man City fans would feel this way too, because I'm sure they would be over the moon to see him pulling on their shirt, kicking the ball around for £500k whilst their home or that of a neighbour or relative is repossessed.

    Deals like this are quite simply offensive and indefensible on moral grounds.

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  • 135. At 3:17pm on 16 Jan 2009, roger-byrne wrote:

    Phil. Check out:

    I think its a good read and insightful on why Kaka could well join Citeh (money).

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  • 136. At 3:19pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    To is difficult to pick specific targets, but it is clear that Roque Santa Cruz is a player Hughes wants.

    It also appears a bid has gone in for Hamburg's Nigel de Jong to stiffen up midfield.

    And it is also reported in the Liverpool Echo tonight that a bid is imminent for Everton's Joleon Lescott, who would be an outstanding signing.

    What a test of nerve that would be for Everton chairman Bill Kenwright if that happened - and probably one he dare not fail.

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  • 137. At 3:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kapnag wrote:

    Why is it you think the only way to get success is to spend big money? Is it because you can't be bothered to wait 10-20 years to watch a football club grow (with correct management) - you'd rather rash decisions and short term plans, forget the Leeds of this world - short term excitement is what it's all about

    But getting back to the point, look at Wigan, if they keep this up maybe in 5-10 years they can hold on to their players instead of moving them on

    Sevilla were hardly big spenders in Spain, but they upset the established order by playing fantastic attacking football

    We shouldn't be giving £500k a week to one player, we should be investing in grass roots football, making better players so that we don't have to spend £50m on a player

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  • 138. At 3:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, RedBeelzebub wrote:

    are city going to do this everytime a player dosn't want to join them? throw 500k a week at them? how will the rest of the squad feel knowing he earns as much at the rest combined? is robinho gonna be happy being paid 20% of what his team mate earns? this is just typical city tho. An as much as i dont like em i can see it all going wrong for them. no more derbies for 5 years again soon methinks

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  • 139. At 3:25pm on 16 Jan 2009, SCBrazil wrote:

    As a Man City ex-pat fan living in Brazil for fifteen years, I have only ever seen the Brazilian press get REALLY excited about three young players coming up through the ranks. The first was a young kid, long haired and toothy, coming through the Gremio academy. Being much younger than his namesake, they nicknamed him 'the little Ronaldo', or Ronaldinho.
    The other two players were a pair, same age, great friends since their days as academy toddlers at Santos. They made their first team debut together, were interviewed together many times and there was even a documentary made about the pair of them. Their names - Kaka and Robinho. For a few years, you would never hear the name of one without the other.
    Okay, the money is silly but I suspect the reason Man C have gone staight for Kaka is more than just the 2007 ballon d'or or the fact that he's just another big name to delight the fans. The telepathy between these two players helped lead Santos back to the top of the Brazilian league.
    I don't know how good Robinho's English is but I'm sure the club can afford a translator for him to communicate. To those who criticise him saying you can't build a great team buying stars alone, I say Hughes knows much more about who Kaka is and how he would slot perfectly into the team, than you can possibly imagine.

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  • 140. At 3:27pm on 16 Jan 2009, Irish_Super_Ram wrote:

    The only valid reason that Kaka could have for making this move to City is if he geuinely believes his presence (with others) can make a long term impact to taking City to another level and I mean for more than 3-5 years. I'm talking about a real legacy to last decades. If Kaka really feels that he was there at the start of a true destiny then I can understand him moving. If that is not his reason then it is about money solely and that novelty will go quickly because he has enough money already. Seedorf said as much on Sky last night.
    Accordingly, if it's only about the money then this will kill his passion and ergo that will mean he will not be the same player that he is Milan.

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  • 141. At 3:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, chocl8rain wrote:

    Phil I'm not sure what makes Man City so 'special' in your eyes, aside from the endless cash stream, they have a good academy, and they are a well supported and an established club, but so are teams like West Ham and Tottenham. I'm sure every club in the world dreams of having Kaka in their team, it is silly to assume otherwise, but there is no doubting that the money involved is absurd, even if you can afford it. You cannot compare £30 million sales to £100 million+, and im sure Rio isn't getting paid anywhere near half a million a week. We are in the middle of economic decline and people are suffering all over the world, and there is absolutely no justification in football living in the 'unreal' world as you put it. Imagine the benefits of this money going towards cancer research or tackling poverty, instead of giving it to a man kicking a ball around, no matter how well he does it.

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  • 142. At 3:29pm on 16 Jan 2009, welshbluebiker wrote:

    Do we detect a note of jealousour or heven forbid,cynicism?

    Being a blue for not far off 50 years we have had more downs than ups, personally I couldn't care less what is involved as long as we are entertained, hopefully the project, as it presently looks, is far reaching and will create a sport of voyeurism into Eastlands and its links for many years to come, seems strange that you mostly cannot accept (including Mr Wenger) that it now seems to have added a dimension to sport that Abramovich has been trying to do for the last few years, - with limited success. All the true supporter hopes is that it is at least more successful than not, however in the meantime, enjoy your whinging, watch and wait, I'm booking for the palace xmas party at Sheikies, free booze for the proper supporters

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  • 143. At 3:32pm on 16 Jan 2009, bergkamp69 wrote:

    You don't need oil to start fires in the top 4 - Look at Villa

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  • 144. At 3:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, StJohn_Red_Legend wrote:

    The bid for Nigel De Jong is a sensible one, considering City's defensive problems.

    If Kaka was their only serious bid, then I'd suggest that maybe they're going to be looking for 5-4 wins - great to watch for the neutral, but as a City fan, your fingernails'd be chewed down to your elbows!!!

    Looking at the other proposed signings, however, shows that Hughes feels (if indeed he is the one drawing up the Fantasy Football list) that creation and scoring of goals is his main problem, which is odd, since last season, they were quite free-scoring, on occasions handing out some humblings.

    If the signing of Lescott goes through, then I fear for Everton, however. They've been stable and their defence is one of the keystones to that stability. Loosing a key man like Lescott would weaken them at the back and also remove a potent threat at set pieces.

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  • 145. At 3:38pm on 16 Jan 2009, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    To Redbeelzebub...I have stressed dressing room unity as one of my reservations about the deal.

    How will a player on £20,000-a-week (hardly a pittance I should stress) feel looking across at a player earning so much more?

    I agree it's a tough one. How City handle these issues will play a large part in whether their strategy works or not.

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  • 146. At 3:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, theyoungun wrote:

    One point that alot of people are missing at the moment is that although to the English this seems like a quantum leap in terms of transfer fees, we have to consider the weak pound in this too.

    The Zidane transfer was £47m when it went through but given the exchange rate at the time this would probably have worked out close to 75m euros.

    £100m still seems a lot to us BUT now we're practically at a 1 - 1 exchange rate.

    If the transfer was conducted this time last year £66m would have been worth the same as £100m is now.

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  • 147. At 3:41pm on 16 Jan 2009, matchboxmaster wrote:

    Theoretical question people. Man City put in the following bids during the summer. Which clubs would turn down the money?

    Man Utd - Ronaldo - 100 mil
    Chelsea - Terry - 100 mil
    Liverpool - Gerrard - 100 mil
    Barcelona - Messi - 100 mil
    Inter - Ibrahimovic - 100 mil
    Real Madrid - Casillas - 50 mil

    Each player offered at least 3 times their current wage.

    Remember, money is no object. If they really wanted to they could add another 50 mil on top if they were feeling cheeky.

    Would every club eventually crumble if the bids kept getting higher?

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  • 148. At 3:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, SaintOne wrote:

    The problem I see with this is that other clubs know Man City have near unlimited funds, and so will inflate the prices of any of their players that City may perhaps show an interest in. I don't think that should happen to be honest! I would think the money would be better spent on 5 players for 20 million!

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  • 149. At 3:45pm on 16 Jan 2009, andythetoonfan wrote:

    ill get shot down in flames for this but here it goes.

    why do man city need kaka?? they have robinho who the team dictates around and arguably if robinho doesnt get to be the main man because of kaka he may ask for a move and then so would kaka.

    they should do what chelsea did and build a backbone first im sure theyre attacking talent will more than get them through this season.

    man city should have gone for frings,podolski,drogba(if they want a big name), de jong,lucio,pepe

    then next year gone for david villa and kaka, why the rush for marquee names why dont they build a team then get marquee names to go on top of that and improve it considerably

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  • 150. At 3:45pm on 16 Jan 2009, The Wenger Way wrote:

    I agree to a point, a man's concept of reality is different to another's. Given the economical climate I would have to agree with Wenger, taken within context however, it is clear they live in a world beyond most. It is a person's prerogative to buy what they want and for what ever they wish to pay. Regardless of where that money has come from or what the repurcussions of that purchase may be.

    The sums of money being floated about are ludicrous, to me however not to them.That is the difference but you must ask where does it end?
    If Kaka is worth 100 mill then surely the asking price for Fabregas must be 80 and for Ronaldo if not more. A complete dream world but one in which these men live and I do not begrudge them that.

    My only concern is the fact it has been brought by a group of people not, as in Chelsea's case, a single owner. What happens if one get's bored or there is a disagreement? A very feasible possibility.
    The club will get itself into a position where it is no longer self sufficient, if not there already. The clubs infrastructure is no way near solid enough or big enough to cope if they were to leave.

    I would say to City fan's enjoy it and as a Arsenal fan I pray Hughes will take a liking for Senderos. The price has quadrupled by the way Sparky my man.

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  • 151. At 3:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, SuperstarTevez wrote:

    A league with Kaka or a league without Kaka? I know which one I'd prefer. I'm a Man Utd fan and yes, we've spent our fair share of money over years, on more than one occasion raising a few eyebrows as to the amounts etc. But what you have to remember is that it's very easy to say a player's worth a certain value and then lambast a club for paying, what you perceive to be, way over the odds. How much is Kaka worth? He's worth as much as it takes to turn both Milans and Kakas heads. It's about supply and demand, City want Kaka, Milan don't want to sell, therefore it vastly inflates the selling price. If they can get him, which I'll admit I don't expect to happen, then fair play and good luck to them.

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  • 152. At 3:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, Matt wrote:

    This is an absolute disaster for football.

    There can be only two possible reasons for the City owners doing what they are doing

    1) City is a "plaything" and they have no intention of making money from it

    2) They seriously plan to recoup their investment from revenue streams. I.e. The punter's pockets.

    Both these possiblities should scare real City fans and the rest of football.

    We have now fully entered into a world, which we got our first taste of with Chelsea, where the winner of the league will be decided by one thing and one thing only: Which billionare team owner happens to feel like digging deepest into his pockets.


    Players will switch clubs more often than you can change your underwear, and 95% of the pleasure of following "your team" will simply go out the window

    Gone will be the days of a manager crafting a wonderful team over several years, like Fergie's fledglings of the 90s, or Wenger's arsenal team of a few seasons back.

    This is not sustainable. It's not sustainable, because, in the long run, it will not sustain fans interest.

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  • 153. At 3:48pm on 16 Jan 2009, Djbungo wrote:

    If you were on £30k a week and Kaka comes in on a rediculous amount more than you but you're expected to still do all the hard graft to win the ball back and tackle and put your body on the line for him to get the glory woudl you be happy?? This is a dnager of such signings really, not whether it is financially viable. Dressing room harmony and team balance are much more important concerns for the team adn fans then if their owners can afford the wages? Yes they can or they would not be payign for it...

    All I hope is that City fans as a whole do not become the arrogant fans rubbing all the other fans noses in it as Chelsea fans did when Abramovich came to them. City fans have always been great to see the support of, and have the banter with and while basking in the current situation is great for them it is too far to go to start beign arrogant with it. After all this is an investment for publicity on the global market for the the bubble could easily burst as quick as it came - if they keep some humility then people will feel sorryfor them if anything bad should happen....get too cocky and everyone will be wishign for a huge fall.

    But enjoy it while it's going on City fans....I know I would be if it was my own team who had been subject to such actions and dreams!

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  • 154. At 3:51pm on 16 Jan 2009, ironhursty wrote:

    Kaka 107M yes you say man u have been spending millions for years

    Rio ferdinand 30M
    Veron 28M
    Rooney 27
    Carrick 18.6
    nani 17M
    Anderson 18M

    all big purchases But bought of the back of winning trophies!

    one thing the man u boys have in common is premier league winners medals, KAKA will never get one of those at city, a uefa cup winners medal in about 5 years if he's lucky

    Man united buy players which are needed, torsic for example, ryan giggs is ageing and moving in to the middle of the park, united will need a new left winger in place for next season, torsic has been purchased, young and bought over to get used to the united way and to learn from players with experience of winning medals in england

    man city have a good academy which every premier club would be envoius of, which is going to disapear!

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  • 155. At 4:02pm on 16 Jan 2009, bushfighter wrote:

    i don't really have an issue with the kaka sale. its a lot of money but won't really harm the transfer market just in the same way that the large fee for zidane didn't really push up prices.

    what will affect the prem though is the silly money for average players. iut's been a bit loco since chelski started flogging the millions but you can already see that city will try and pslash the cash to land bellamy and santa cruz as well. the price for bellamy is absurd. he's a journeyman striker who creates a bit with his pace and will probably leave west ham for around 15m. it's this type of transfer activity which pushes up the porice of averag eplayers and then clubs like wigan just won't compete.

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  • 156. At 4:03pm on 16 Jan 2009, Parish87 wrote:

    At 3:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, Phil McNulty - BBC Sport wrote:

    Give me a massive investor coming in and giving a club like Manchester City the chance to break into the cartel, especially the Champions League, any day.


    I'm sorry Phil, but this is not the way it should happen. Being a Liverpool fan, even I can see the tremendous job Alex Ferguson did at Utd. It took time, it was a slow process but they never really relied on heavy backing to the extent City are getting.

    Teams like Arsenal and Liverpool didn't break the banks to get their success. Liverpool in particular has been a work in progress ever since Souness ruined the team in the early 90's, and we all know about Arsene Wenger.

    In my opinion it's much, much more refreshing seeing a team like Aston Villa or Everton (even as a Liverpool fan) working their way up slowly and knocking on the door of the top 4.

    You could even look at Wigan and see the progress that has been made there without breaking the bank.

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  • 157. At 4:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, alanisdead wrote:

    I think the point here is that club owners are realising that medals are only one way - and probably not the most lucrative at that - to make a profit. Kaka's name on Man City shirts will sell millions and guaruntee huge TV revenue around the world. Man City aren't the only ones: Becks going to LA, Shev and Ballack to Chelsea, Ronaldo's every move probably since Real were most likely for the same reason.

    It's boring and undermines football. Wenger's right to register his disapproval. Let's see how many of these clubs are still financially solvent when we come out the other end of this crisis.

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  • 158. At 4:05pm on 16 Jan 2009, whufc_66 wrote:

    the death of football if this transfer goes through

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  • 159. At 4:08pm on 16 Jan 2009, BlueRoyal798 wrote:

    To be honest im happy with John Madjski, we dont need millions and millions to be successul. Let Man City waste there money, it will not do them any good wasting that kind of money. ok yes we (reading) went down last season and perhaps needed to sign a couple of players, but we also have a squad of unknown players to premiership. for example Kevin Doyle who has done exceptional since joing from Cork City for something like under £80K and yet he is top goal scorer in the champ, put alot of these high flying prem clubs in the shame with there money.

    If this Kaka deal goes ahead, It wont buy them success, it will bring bigger disappointment and will find Kaka in the championship which will be something quite extraordinary. People can talk about £30M for Berbatov or Ferdinand etc etc. But the fact is £100M is outrageous and disrespectful to the english league which used to be about football before these high wages and owners joined the game. Its disgusting the way footballers get paid when there are ppl out there that make the difference to the world putting there lives on the line even.

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  • 160. At 4:09pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ilicipolero wrote:

    Not many months ago, we were all chewing the fat in response to Phil's then blog about the possibility of Thaksin Shinawatra squandering an unfeasibly large transfer fee to bring Ronaldinho to Eastlands. Opinion then appeared to be split into two distinct camps, yes and no. How different to that scenario is this one? One hundred millions pounds plus is a ridiculous sum of money for one player, sufficient for most normally financed clubs to build a decent spine for their team. I wonder how the rest of the mere mortals in the Manchester City dressing room, making do with a mere 20,000 +/- a week, will view their proposed new playing colleague. If the move comes off I'd hate to see the player crocked with a serious injury. I cannot abide Arsene Wenger but for once his words have a ring of truth about them, especially alluding to the current economic climate and the possible adverse affect on future transfer markets.

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  • 161. At 4:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, mike2205 wrote:

    I enjoyed this article.

    The point that stuck out though was the mention of Wigan as a by-word for 'sound and sensible financial management'. Does anybody remember where Wigan where before David Whelan took control? They where a 4th league club dreaming of one day playing in the premier league. Then Whelan bought the club and invested huge amounts of money and the rest is history.

    Football is all about money - the more you spend the higher you finish Blackburn and Chelsea have both proven that.

    So as a Man City fan I am delighted that we can now finally compete to sign the best players and maybe finally win a trophy.

    I agree the money is obscene and not based on any reality - but then to the average fan isn’t even paying 1 million also obscene?

    A lot of people have made the comment that they will get bored and walk etc etc.... to be honest I don't care if they do. All I want is to city to win one trophy and for me to be able to watch them win it... Ive been dreaming this since 1983-84 season when as a young boy I first went to Maine Road.

    The next few years are going to be fun indeed!

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  • 162. At 4:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, Matt Bellingham wrote:

    Why wouldn't Kaka like a relegation battle? It's probably the only thing in footbal he hasn't achieved!!

    Sure 500k a week is a ludicrous amount of money, but think what good you could do in the world with that money. It I was Kaka i'd snap it up, give 475k a week to charity and still have a ridiculous wage!

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  • 163. At 4:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, mike2205 wrote:

    I enjoyed this article.

    The point that stuck out though was the mention of Wigan as a by-word for 'sound and sensible financial management'. Does anybody remember where Wigan where before David Whelan took control? They where a 4th league club dreaming of one day playing in the premier league. Then Whelan bought the club and invested huge amounts of money and the rest is history.

    Football is all about money - the more you spend the higher you finish Blackburn and Chelsea have both proven that.

    So as a Man City fan I am delighted that we can now finally compete to sign the best players and maybe finally win a trophy.

    I agree though the money is obscene and not based on any reality - but then to the average fan isn’t even paying 1 million pounds also obscene?

    A lot of people have made the comment that they will get bored and walk etc etc.... to be honest I don't care if they do. All I want is to city to win one trophy and for me to be able to watch them win it... Ive been dreaming this since 1983-84 season when as a young boy I first went to Maine Road.

    Whatever happens the next few years are definitely going to be very interesting for all city fans.

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  • 164. At 4:19pm on 16 Jan 2009, celebcynic wrote:

    Has no-one else noticed the correlation between Milan's sudden willingness to entertain the possibility of a transfer that would have been unimagineable a few months back with the recent arrival of a different kind of footballing superstar at the San Siro?

    With big football club policy increasingly dictated by Marketing Directors and replica shirt sale revenues outstripping those from tournament victories, are we to expect an imminent announcement that Mr Beckham will not be returning to LA?

    Beckham will never deliver as much on the pitch, but have Milan decided that his off-pitch worth makes him more valuable than Kaka?

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  • 165. At 4:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, Simon wrote:

    I only hope that this deal happens so that the whole Premier League can benefit from such a great player gracing it. If City can afford te player then money has nothing do with anything. If you won the lottery and attempted to buy a sportscar, you wouldn't want the rest of your street protesting that you should have bought a Mondeo as it makes more economical sense.

    As a City fan I agree we need to strengthen both the defence and the midfield but if this means we don't have to put up with Vassell anymore, then that will be even better!

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  • 166. At 4:25pm on 16 Jan 2009, Zulu Warrior wrote:

    It is great for City and the PREM if it comes off. Kaka unlike this years 'best' footballer seems to be the type to promote harmony among his team-mates, and his personal popularity undoubted as WELL as his football skills. But you may well be right about team priorities in defence and midfield. Until then we may be able to look forward to a few 4-4 draws! Great news to have another great player on show each week This can only raise the bar of performance. Perhaps it will rub off on our diminishing band of Brit players. Good article Phil, but please accentuate the positives

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  • 167. At 4:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, reality-sport wrote:

    Management skills is the worrying thing Man City want to be Big 4, and its in their own right to be one, but surely 4 players each of 25 million each can buy you considerable world class for the same value of 100 million, and surely this gives Man City a greater chance of breaking it into the top 4. With the same money, Man City could revamp their whole defence with world class players which will give (which is what the owner wants right?) a greater chance of success.

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  • 168. At 4:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, chips_in_the_queue wrote:

    I disagree Phil.

    The main person this would benefit is Sheikh what's-his-name (instevens?). City is his new toy - like fantasy football for the rest of us - and this bid just proves his money talks. It's his statement to the rest of the world. It's stupid money, but that's the whole point.

    I think Kaka's integrity as a player will suffer - going from a great club like Milan to City for money. Part of the reason that the rumoured price is so over-inflated is that his earnings from sponsorship will undoubtedly suffer from not being in the Champions League, or even challenging at the top of the table.

    But i also think City will suffer in the long run too. When someone is earning as much in a week as the rest of the team put together, it's going to cause resentment and division. Especially when he's not playing well. Team spirit is crucial. Could Ireland for example, be justified in storming in to the managers office and demanding quarter a million a week too? He wouldn't get it because the Sheikh's wouldn't regard him as glamorous enough.

    Plus, City have a really productive, talented youth programme, but they will be squeezed out of first team action as the 'stars' begin to arrive. Hungry young players will always outshine unmotivated 'stars'.

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  • 169. At 4:27pm on 16 Jan 2009, secretSuperbopper wrote:

    Would the English media please stop portraying Wenger as a white night? He's not. He's the worst of all. I don't mind one zillionaire club praying on the player of another. Wenger however preys on our children on the mainland, lures them and their with giant monetary awards, and massively disposes of them when not good enough. In the meantime he left the robbed club with nothing. Wenger can do that because of the yearly gift of tv money. Then he goes on and accuses the likes of Man City. Make the child abductor from hell stop!

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  • 170. At 4:30pm on 16 Jan 2009, TightTartTame wrote:

    1979 £1m for Trevor Francis

    30 years later...

    2009 £100m for Kaka


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  • 171. At 4:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, Blue Steve wrote:

    There are still two weeks left for City to sign four or more players to fit around Kaka,Robinho,Stephen Ireland,Kompany,Sean Wright Phillips,Zabaleta and Bridge.

    We've also got Bojinov , Petrov and Johnston to return from injury and Sturridge , Weiss, Mee and others developing from last years cup winning youth team.

    City will progress quickly this season and with more players signed in the summer we will certainly we will be challenging the top four next season.

    Who wouldnt want to join City with this quality of player to play alongside ?

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  • 172. At 4:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, mape_ventura wrote:

    Good article Phil,

    Managed to capture both camps quite well, as most of us sit firmly in one, or the other...

    Seemingly Citizens, or not.

    From my perspective, one of my City fan friends, nearly got Gerry Creaney on the back of his shirt 15 years ago, so why shouldn't they have a Kaka!!

    As a United fan, i think it is another case of trying to buy the title, i.e. Chelsea MK II, and a detriment to football.

    However as you point out, haven't United done this? well my argument is two of the four transfers you've mentioned were for England's finest. Where as City seem to be paying little regard to the good work of Stephen Ireland (who is Irish i know), Michael Johnson, Daniel Sturridge et al, it's a shame the Arabs had to pick the FA youth cup holders, stifling the talent.

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  • 173. At 4:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, Ginola4president wrote:

    He is quite a good player but not a good as Darren Anderton

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  • 174. At 4:37pm on 16 Jan 2009, yossarian63 wrote:

    my objection to this proposed deal and the sort of deals Chelsea have made over the last few years is that they haven't earned the right to afford these players. Man Utd have in the past been able to outbid others because their fan base, built up over years of success, has given them the revenue necessary. I am an Arsenal fan and would love to see Kaka playing for us but realise that we could never afford him, nevertheless I would rather support a club that lives within its means rather than support a club which has become nothing more than a billionaire's plaything!

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  • 175. At 4:37pm on 16 Jan 2009, reality-sport wrote:

    Simple, how does the dressing room react when a player earning 500K a week walks in? An average city player earns about 40K a week, this therefore creates a social-economic tension, in the dressing room. Simple

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  • 176. At 4:37pm on 16 Jan 2009, Glasg0wblue wrote:

    I am a City fan and agree the fee is too high but how can you say it is wrong to pay this amount for a player if we have the money.

    Too me what is immoral is a Champions League Final last season with the two clubs on the planet with the biggest debts in the final.

    If you are talking about FIFA looking at caps then surely clubs should have to manage their debts also?????

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  • 177. At 4:38pm on 16 Jan 2009, ashnal24 wrote:

    yes, over 100mil in sterling is madness for a single player. who is worth that? but it is city's money in the end and shouldn't bug any other person other than the city board and their fans. it will be brilliant to see Kaka playing in the league. but aren't the fans asking- why not spend 100 million on a few players that will strengthen the spine of the playing field. why not chase defenders and defensive midfielders paying 100 million on them in total. they have a great front line, scoring over 30 goals already this season. but they have conceded a similar amount of goals also. im sure its visible where city's problem lies.

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  • 178. At 4:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, south_eastern_ram wrote:

    The Premiership = The death of football

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  • 179. At 4:54pm on 16 Jan 2009, KingArthuronice wrote:

    Kaka or not Manchester City will not win the EPL in the next five years - guaranteed.
    I feel a little sorry for the player, being offered such a ridiculous wage to join such an average side. I only hope all this nonsense will encourage future generations to support their local team and ignore the "glory hunting" that pervades in the modern game. Stupid money will kill football just like it has for banking.

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  • 180. At 5:01pm on 16 Jan 2009, Kapnag wrote:

    #176, thanks for the laugh

    You realise Kaka is being paid for by the Sheikh, and City are effectively taking a loan out of £250m?? Just like Chelsea

    So when you talk about debts, City are very much a part of that

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  • 181. At 5:11pm on 16 Jan 2009, Pancho_Nets wrote:

    *News Flash*
    Following Manchester Citys failed bid to sign Kaka for £135million it has been anounced that The FA Pemier league have struck a £500million deal and agreed to award City the premier league title at the end of the season. The team that finishes top will officialy be crowned 'runners up' and City will be presented with the official Premier League trophy in a 39th Game in Dubai at the end of May.

    A spokesman for City said " to be crowned champions again after all these years is a a superb achievent. We will be parading the trophy in front of all our corporate sponsors inside the Dubai stadium on Sunday 31st June at 1.0am to satisfy our global fanbase who can watch the event on pay tv.

    A spokesman for the premier league said' We are very proud to announce this massive financial deal and are confident that football supporters everywhere will recognise it as a wonderful progression and confirmation of the Premier leagues global dominance!

    Pancho! ;-)

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  • 182. At 5:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, RG-Three wrote:

    Phil - You asked why City should be the target of criticism and churlishness for chasing a dream. I'll give you two words to explain why - Leeds United. They chased a dream - lived it for a bit with their Champs League semi-final - and then very nearly went out of existence.

    City can't afford to pay £100m for Kaka. Their current owners can but if these guys left then City could come nowhere near being able to sustain that sort of spending. The income they generate at an operational level would be nowhere near enough to allow them to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds a week to individuals. Let's be under no illusions - the Abu Dhabi group aren't in City for the long haul. They're having a bit of fun just now - throwing their cash around, showing the world what they can do and generally massaging their own egos. Once the fun wears off they'll up sticks and move on to something else and will they shed a tear for City? No, of course they won't.

    This bid for Kaka is about one thing only - it's the mother of all ego trips. It's not about football no matter how much Mark Hughes insults everyone's intelligence by trying to convince us all about football.

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  • 183. At 5:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, Sevenseaman wrote:

    The whole Kaka saga reminds me of Sepp Blatter's prophetic words about footballers being victims of the slave trade. One just doesn't know what to believe. Kaka's articulately professed love for AC Milan (and aspiration to be its captain one day) and vice versa or the the temptaion and undoing of the two by the Satan, also called filthy lucre.
    Where are the Berluconies and Ancelloties of barely a week ago. It stinks.

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  • 184. At 5:19pm on 16 Jan 2009, cartsie wrote:

    100million, 500,000 a week. this is silly money. this will not do city any favours.

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  • 185. At 5:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, Bergysdeftflicks wrote:

    Fair comment Phil from a fans perspective, but from a team perspective ie unity in mind i'm not so sure.

    The sum is just so wild, it has to be lunacy but i suppose bucking markets has always happened and will happen time and again in the crazy world of football. This is Man City though. No disrespect to them but they are the Club of perennial crisis and self harm. KaKa wwould be best advised to do his homework and fully check them out, unlike Robinho did.

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  • 186. At 5:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, Aarfy_Aardvark - bring back 606 wrote:

    1979 ?1m for Trevor Francis

    30 years later...

    2009 ?100m for Kaka



    Hmmm. I think going by that in 2039, Wayne Rooney Jr will be transferred for about £1 billion. But not to Man City, as most of the world's oil will have run out by then and they should be playing in the Conference North.

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  • 187. At 5:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, Arshavin the Genius wrote:

    To be fair to Manchester United, and I'm an Arsenal fan, I think them buying players like Rio Ferdinand, Juan Sebastian Veron and Dimitar Berbatov for fees of around £30million is totally different than Manchester City paying upwards of £100million for Kaka.

    Man Utd are the most successful English side for the past decade at least. They have improved their finances largely through winning countless trophies and investing in increasing their support around the world. Man City on the other hand are purchasing one of the best players in the world thanks to a billionaire business man, when in REALITY they are at the opposite end of the table to Utd.

    I do not criticise their fans for enjoying the premise of Kaka at the club, because who wouldn't want Kaka playing for their team. But, at the end of the day I think it is a sad day for football when a player is bought for such a ludicrous transfer fee and then is paid 500k a week!!

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  • 188. At 5:25pm on 16 Jan 2009, whatbill wrote:

    The trouble is that if Kaka is on £500k a week, all subsequent signings will want big money. Current players such as Robinho and SWP will also want more, it will cascade right the way down and soon they will have a massive wage bill.

    As they're loaded, thats fine for the time being, but it means players won't want to leave their contracts, and it becomes a massive overhead that stops the club from ever breaking even, no matter how much TV cash they bring in.

    The next stage is the owners get bored of paying an annual massive wage bill to ageing players motivated purely by money, especially if they're not winning everything in sight. Due to the wage bill, they have to pump money in just to stand still, which deters them from making any more big money signings.

    This is currently the problem at chelsea, where all those overpaid, aging stars are not winning anything and are too expensive to be bought by anyone else, making it hard to break even or raise funds for new purchases. But City seem to be planning it on an even higher level. If they fall, they will fall hard...

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  • 189. At 5:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, twctopcat wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 190. At 5:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, Arctic wrote:

    Bloody fantastic. As a Liverpool supporter anything that causes misery to the Man Utd is fine by me. I would like nothing more than to see City buy their way to being the best team in Manchester.

    And why not? If they have the backing of an oil billionaire why shouldn't they buy the players they want to buy?

    Notice the clauses he's asking for. If they don't make the Champion's League in 2 years, if they get relegated, if the owners leave he goes too. Which means if the money isn't there from the Champion's League, the Premiership and the owners, Kaka's wage bill won't be either.

    Perfect financial sense in my mind when you have all 3 of those to back it up.

    Kaka is the best player in the world. Damn right if Liverpool could afford him I want him there. All I can say is if City pull this off, congratulations.

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  • 191. At 5:32pm on 16 Jan 2009, jam tomorrow wrote:

    Very good article Phil.

    The idea that City are now some sort of pariah and enemy of football is ridiculous, the days when footballers where just normal blokes who would retire and run a pub are long gone.
    The money involved in the Premiership is obscene and has been for years, I don’t know how you can stop it, people talk about United and how they only spent what they earned which is true, however, because they were prepared to pay massive fees and salaries before they were taken over and fleeced by the Glazers they had nothing left in the bank.
    Arsene Wenger wont play English players, his team play in the Emirates Stadium, he cherry picks the best youngster from their local teams.
    Look at the current Premier League and how many would be there without a sugar daddy,
    Fulham, Boro, Blackburn, Wigan, Portsmouth probably wouldn’t. Villa, Chelsea, West Ham, City have wealthy backers. United are exactly the bubble that was the UK economy, in debt up to their eye balls and a house of cards.
    At least City don’t rip their fans off, my Adult ticket for tomorrows game v Wigan cost me £19.50, not bad to see Robinho and co, kids can get tickets from a fiver.
    Most City fans would prefer steady progress but if the owners want to take a short cut then so be it.

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  • 192. At 5:36pm on 16 Jan 2009, JTOOblue wrote:

    At the end of the day this is going to be a one off. Stop going on about how we're ruining football please, if we do it with every signing then fair enough, but this is ONE player.

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  • 193. At 5:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, TaconazoRedondo wrote:

    I have a strong affiliation for City, but I just can't get my head around the whole Kaka thing if I'm honest. He is a class act certainly, considered by many the best in the world, and so on...

    However, if news came through that City had signed Senna, Yaya Toure, Xavi Alonso... perhaps even Albelda, I'd have none of the concerns I have re: the Kaka bid.


    Regarding other points, any championship-winning side who has spent an exorbitant amount on a player could be accused of 'buying the title'... it's a bit of a dead argument really. And I don't think that by securing Kaka's signature City would be buying the title.

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  • 194. At 5:41pm on 16 Jan 2009, eezy_squeezy wrote:

    If City sign Kaka, It will all end in tears....

    This potential signing is the equivalent of building a penthouse for your new hotel when you haven't even laid the foundations for the place!

    Shows how much your average Arab sheikh knows about football, or indeed reality.

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  • 195. At 5:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, AreYouRob'n wrote:

    A number of people are saying the fee is twice that paid for Zidane. It is for Man City but it isn't for Milan. Zidane was about 70 million Euros and one hundred million quid is about 110 million Euros.

    Might seem pedantic but that is the view on this from Milan. The sum is still massive but it is not as disproportionate as it seems from the UK.

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  • 196. At 5:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, eezy_squeezy wrote:

    Bloody fantastic. As a Liverpool supporter anything that causes misery to the Man Utd is fine by me. I would like nothing more than to see City buy their way to being the best team in Manchester.


    But wouldn't that make them better than your beloved Liverpool? Indeed, if they were better than Man Utd, wouldn't they then be the best team in England, Europe and the world (if we are going on who currently holds all these titles).

    Does that strike you as sensible desire on your behalf?

    Wood, trees and myopia spring to mind...

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  • 197. At 6:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, redJoey wrote:

    Milan bought Kaka' in 2003 just after winning the Champions League and he is now in his sixth year with the club. So he joined an already very successful club with first class players. And yet, what have Milan won during this time? The Italian League once in 2005 and the Champions League in 2007 (OK the UEFA super cup and FIFA Club World Cup for completeness sake). Not bad but neither that impressive. Last season Milan could not even finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League.

    Now take Maradona. When Napoli bought him from Barca in 1984 for a then world record fee (around 7 million pounds), the club had never won the Italian League. Within 5 years they had won the League twice, finished runners-up twice, won the UEFA Cup and the Coppa Italia. There were other top players of course but Maradona's influence was decisive. After his departure Napoli could only top the third and second divisions.

    I just can't see Kaka doing for City what Maradona did for Napoli. And with Robinho and Kaka in the team City will still struggle to beat the likes of Stoke City and Bolton Wanderers when they play them away.

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  • 198. At 6:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, SCBrazil wrote:

    Re: #139
    Here in Brazil, the talk and excitement is much less down to the fact Kaka may be joining City or indeed the sum that would entice him there. The buzz here is the fact that he may be joining Robinho once again and that promises some truly magical football for fans to watch. As always, the Brazilians look first to 'football art' and second to money, business and national pride.
    If you think Robinho is good to watch on his own, wait 'til you see the two together.

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  • 199. At 6:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, Bluetish wrote:

    Whats all the fuss about?
    The money that is being spent is not english money, its never even been in this country and in the end it is going to the italians (if successfull)
    The money it would generate is approx £8m in tax payments (if the rumors of his wage are true) as Kaka would have to reside here.
    Add to that all the fuel, food, cars, £100 haircuts etc that he would purchase and any mechandise sold with his name on it that is good business for the UK economy.

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  • 200. At 6:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, bluenosed_bear wrote:

    OMG this is football! it may mean a lot to a lot of people, myself included, but i can clearly see that over 100million is an absurd amount to pay for a player when we're all in this financial crisis.
    Step back, realise its just a sport and think if its all really worth it.

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  • 201. At 6:40pm on 16 Jan 2009, manufan_India wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 202. At 6:48pm on 16 Jan 2009, 1978 Shoot league ladders wrote:

    MASSIVE transfer fee.
    Personally I'd rather sign Ronaldo, I believe that the club that own that particular player has something of a debt.

    Football sold its' soul years ago.

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  • 203. At 6:52pm on 16 Jan 2009, Lucas Coe wrote:

    One of the worst blogs I've read.

    One hundred and seven million pounds... I'm a fanatic football fan and this amount of money makes me cringe for one player. More fool the bloke who is spending it.

    There's so many things wrong with the whole scenario it's crazy!:

    Firstly, City need to sign some world class defenders and holding midfield players. That's where their problems are on the pitch.

    Secondly, I would like to know what effect this £500,000 a week wage for Kaka would have on the other City players. If your telling me that no one within the camp would feel any sort of resentment because of that money, your deluded.

    Thirdly, why would any manager want a player who clearly play passionately for the club because of it's legacy and history? I've read that Kaka will have all sort of clauses in his contract, saying Man City must do this and that. Also he's said he wants to stay at Milan.

    Lost all respect for Mark Hughes who is a decent manager, easy for me to say I know but... £107 million it's just wrong!

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  • 204. At 6:56pm on 16 Jan 2009, Rickymeister wrote:

    I think that to any decent person the sums involved here are ridiculous and totally immoral. I do not blame Man City as a club, and I totally respect their loyal fans who have followed their team with little recent success.
    However, even the most blinkered City fan must realise that this is all wrong.
    The City owners do not care about Man City. It just happened that City were available at the right time. They do not care about City fans, English football or football in general.
    What Abramovich did was, in my opinion, immoral, but this is taking things to a new level.
    The City owners are just on a selfish ego fuelled power trip to show what big men they are.
    Football should be about the genuine fans (that does not include glory hunters!) but most fans now go into each season knowing they have essentially zero chance of winning anything worthwhile as the rich clubs just buy up all the talent.
    Football has been heading for the gutter since the Premiership started but City's owners are taking it into the sewers.
    As a Villa fan I can say hand on heart that I never want such owners at Villa as winning just because you have more money would give me zero satisfaction.
    It is obvious that football is now neither competitive, nor a sport. The authorities have to act to impose a spending and salary cap or there will be even less integrity in the game than there is now. I won't be holding my breath though as the top men in the Premier League/UEFA/FIFA are already in the back pockets of the rich clubs.
    What a pity that a few greedy egomaniacs like City's owners are ruining the supposedly beautiful game to satisfy their own power trip. Shame on them!

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  • 205. At 6:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, bala00alad wrote:

    Great article Phil, someone talking with a bit of sense finally.

    Wengers comments about how Arsenal are in the real world and City are not makes me laugh out loud, we've been saying that about the top 4 for a decade...illustrious history, global fan base, huge stadiums all allowing you to attract the worlds best players....that didn't seem like the real world to us when at the time we were watching City lose to Macclesfield Town in the 2nd division on a cold winters afternoon!!

    Is Kaka worth £100 mil, of course he isn't?? If he came to City and scored 10 goals in 5 games and we put him on the transfer list, we would be hard pressed to get half that amount back. Prices fluctuate depending on supply and demand, AC Milan are not going to sell their prize asset for anything other than a 'silly' offer.

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  • 206. At 6:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, roryssports wrote:

    Considering Kaka can juggle with 2 balls then one may have to pay £100 mill. Check the link

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  • 207. At 6:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, manufan_India wrote:

    I am extremely surprised to see my last comment being removed because it broke the house rules...I tried going through the house rules but i just can't figure out why my comment was removed.....

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  • 208. At 6:58pm on 16 Jan 2009, Canadiancharles wrote:

    What is missed in this blog is what this kind of nonsense is doing to football as a whole. because more and more it's becoming a game where success is bought not earned and the team with the largest bank account will always win, for the simple reason, no matter how many times the manager makes a mistake with a buy, there will always be more money to put it right.
    Kind of like the weather forecast, if you forecast sun, or rain enough times, sooner or later you will be right, and, of course, a wealthy club can always buy another manager, as they will be lining up to get on the gravy train.

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  • 209. At 7:02pm on 16 Jan 2009, dallew wrote:

    I'm not sure if I'd be disappointed with Kaka or just bemused. His salary at Milan is not exactly paltry. I want the money he is earning, certainly, but I want money for what it can bring, not money in itself. Swapping his salary at Milan and Champions League football, the apex of modern football, for Man City, potential relegation candidates, and a long way off Champions League, even if they sign a quality defensive midfielder tomorrow, seems to defeat the whole point of earning a boatload of cash.

    It's also easy enough to cite Chelsea as an example of money bringing instant success. Chelsea were an excellent team to begin with, the backbone of their team for years to come was arguably already there. There's also the small matter of Mourinho, who won the Champions League with relatively beggarly FC Porto.

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  • 210. At 7:03pm on 16 Jan 2009, Jupiter wrote:

    #139, Kaka never played for Santos, he played for Sao Paulo. I think you are thinking about Diego & Robinho.

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  • 211. At 7:06pm on 16 Jan 2009, Paul Newton wrote:

    If you put together the bit of a door you turn to open it, and what's on someone's shoulders, you've got Phil Mcnulty for writing this drivvle.

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  • 212. At 7:07pm on 16 Jan 2009, steelyouknighted wrote:

    money is killing the game ruled by the media ................

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  • 213. At 7:12pm on 16 Jan 2009, Yossarian wrote:

    I'm tired of people saying it's all doom when the billionaires get bored with their toys.
    If a club has the finest starting 11 in the world, why would they be short of cash?
    If they need a little ready money, sell someone. Investing in the playing staff is NEVER a bad thing. EVER.

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  • 214. At 7:14pm on 16 Jan 2009, Arctic wrote:

    "But wouldn't that make them better than your beloved Liverpool? Indeed, if they were better than Man Utd, wouldn't they then be the best team in England, Europe and the world (if we are going on who currently holds all these titles)."

    Last time I watched the two teams play, Liverpool beat Utd with ease. Better than Utd doesn't necessarily mean better than Liverpool.

    Liverpool hold my European Cups than any other British team. Does that alone make them the best team in the country? No of course it doesn't.

    Current form is the only thing that matters, not what we or anyone else did in the past.

    If City buy the best players and do manage to gel that into a cohesive team, do manage to become a better team than Liverpool, good luck to them.

    Of course I want my own team to win, but in terms of a healthy Premier League, the more genuine challengers to the title the better.

    When Liverpool won all their league titles there were far more than 3 or 4 teams capable of doing it. Which meant that there were far more than 3 or 4 teams capable of beating our competitors.

    It actually made winning the title easier, so teams like Forest, Villa and Everton could do it too.

    This is artificial for sure, but I'd like to see less emphasis on my team coming 3rd or 4th and more emphasis on winning trophies. In the 80s the FA Cup was at least as important as the League or the European Cup.

    If there was anything that made competing in the Champion's League less important, such as get more money from playing in your own league than you do playing in Europe, then perhaps that would take us back to a time when winning trophies became more important than finishing 4th.

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  • 215. At 7:15pm on 16 Jan 2009, henry144 wrote:

    I think Kaka will sign for Man City because he wants to play in the Premiership and he realises only Man City can afford the transfer fee for him. Milan have never sold a star player before, and only Man City have the money to get Kaka out of his 5 year deal there.
    AC Milan are way behind the top 4 english teams at the moment and I don't think they will be able to win the Champions League next season. Arsenal proved the gap last year when they completely embarrased Milan on their own turf.
    So Kaka will be joining a Man City side that will go out and sign more star players and will look to be the best team in Europe. It's ambitious, but by signing Kaka, Man City are signalling their intentions to sign more top quality players and they will be unrecognisable this time next year.
    I think it's a good thig to add more competition to the league. Especially when this time next year there wil be around 6 teams that will be capeble of winning the league.

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  • 216. At 7:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, randalthor1812 wrote:

    Anybody want to tell me that a good defender wouldn't be interested in joining a team with Kaka in it?

    Whats the difference between Di Caprio who gets 25million dollars a film for 90 mins of entertainment does two films a year which equates to what City have alledgely offered in wages and Kaka playing 30-50 games of 90 mins a season .Don't see a huge storm about the money Leonardo earns which is payed by people going into the cinema and buying dvd's.Havent seen the pickets at the cinema yet , protesting that he's obscene and has sold his soul.

    Ok may be a big insurance premium but it wouldn't cost City 125 mill if he played one game and got crocked like Petrov or Bojinov.

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  • 217. At 7:16pm on 16 Jan 2009, Mandryang wrote:

    Is not good for Kaka to leave Milan for City,a mistake made by Robinho.After all City is a little club.I know money talks,but Kaka merits to play for a great club and should stay at Milan.
    CRonaldo is the right player for City.

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  • 218. At 7:20pm on 16 Jan 2009, bballchris wrote:

    First things first, city arent in the relegation battle. Although we are 14th we have shown with great displays from Ireland, robbie and SWP that we are capable of winning anyone when our players are up for it.

    I thoroughly believe we are too good for relegation and if we had a defence as good as last seasons we would easily be challenging arsenal at the moment. I dont neccessarily think we may need a lot of big money signings this window. We need to work with players like sturridge, ireland, richards, onuaha, SWP and make them better to get the balance sorted.

    Complain about this comment

  • 219. At 7:21pm on 16 Jan 2009, daveastevens wrote:

    I've been reading today that Ferrari are paying Raikkonen $50 million dollars a year to drive a car round and round in circles. Compared to that Kaka's wages are a bargain.
    Everyone also has to remember that the £47 million that Real paid for Zadine was over 7 years ago so with inflation it's not that much more expensive.

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  • 220. At 7:23pm on 16 Jan 2009, Paul Newton wrote:

    What are you doing, writing to your mummys to ask if the naughty mans comment is okay? GET ON WITH IT!

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  • 221. At 7:23pm on 16 Jan 2009, NEARPOSTHEADER wrote:

    No matter what super-dooper transfer has happened before ( I remember the fuss over Tony Hateley's!) I think you have to say that the proposed Kaka shift will be making a few managers/directors squirm and it can't be compared to Shearer, Ferdinand, etc.
    One has to remember that Man City were also taken over by a billionaire only two seasons ago, brought in a new manager and players and did absolutely nothing (apart from a good start). And the addition of Robinho has done...well, absolutely nothing.
    Obviously, Kaka will not be the only addition, but how many players will Man City need/buy in order to push them up the dizzy heights of a Champs League spot? Bringing in superstars like this must be demoralising for the existing players, making them feel inferior and unwanted, yet at least some of these players will have to ensure that the club is still in the Prem next season.

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  • 222. At 7:26pm on 16 Jan 2009, AlanHandsome wrote:

    Probably the worst article I have read from you. You completely disregard the important issues of common sense, 'value' (which is different to price) and footballing culture. To join the fanfare and suggest that we would all rejoice in the recruitment of one of the world's best players to the Premier League, if he were to wear our colours, overlooks the fundamental question about what football is and what we want it to be. To infer that fans of any club would rescind their skepticism about a £107,000,000 transfer fee just to be dazzled by a couple of years of a great player in his prime is nonsense. That is enough to bring 1,000,000 people out of absolute poverty. To imply that this could, would or should be forgotten shows how far out of touch that you yourself, and the modern game, is with reality.

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  • 223. At 7:27pm on 16 Jan 2009, wiredsc wrote:

    I completely agree with Phil, why shouldn't City fans celebrate this? Everybody else would. The only reason other fans (especially fans of the big 4) are commenting on this is because it's a threat.

    Yes the money is obscene and as a City fan, I didn't like the fact that we had to be bought out to get 'potential' success but thanks to the domination of the big 4, it is the only way. I felt wage caps and salary caps should have been brought in as soon as Keane and Ferdinand demanded wage increases and got them.

    This situation has been coming for a long time, and I feel it will benefit other clubs as time goes on as money is fed through other clubs, but it wont make it harder for other clubs to buy players, it will only make it harder for City to buy players. Now we are going to have to put in silly bids for Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Toure and whoever else we are in for. But what the heck, we can afford it!

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  • 224. At 7:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, The_Tru_Red_Devil wrote:

    Kaka great player but 100mil and 500k a week nah
    everyone in africa could be saved with this wot is the world coming to these days

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  • 225. At 7:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, ilokid wrote:

    They spent big time in August (including some £35 million for Robinho), and are sitting six from the bottom, and losing 3-0 to Nottingham Forest. Seemingly not a series of wise investments! Now the owners want to waste more money bringing in Kaka. As evidenced by Robinho, one player cannot provide instant success. Better to go for a balanced team, rather than to try to buy (at obscene prices) 'star' names. In any event, the bigger issue at Manchester City is as much with the inadequecy of the Manager as it is with the players.
    i understand that if the deal goes through, Kaka's agents will pocket £28 million, including £9 million for his dad. Nice job if you can get it!

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  • 226. At 7:29pm on 16 Jan 2009, laughingdevil wrote:

    City would have more chance of staying up if they bought 4 world class defenders. And could probably get them for the same price!

    As was pointed out in a broadsheet yesterday.

    Every league match City have won this season has been by 3 goals or more, and their goal difference (considering their position) is impressive, so there is no problem scoring.
    Their problem is their 10 league losses, and for Hughes to think Kaka will fix all that shows why he should be sacked! Sven would be doing a far better job!

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  • 227. At 7:57pm on 16 Jan 2009, stevecrickmore wrote:

    If money is no object, it might be easier for the owner just to buy the whole Brazilian starting eleven players from their national team?

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  • 228. At 8:00pm on 16 Jan 2009, stivanty wrote:

    It would be good for the business side of football if he does sign for Man C. There have been very few bulls in this kraal. Now that Man C have grown up into a bid bull, the old ones are crying as if there will be no tomorrow... Let's see how the likes of Man u, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liv'pool etc, will respong in the summer. They have been basking in the sun for too long. Enjoying having the muscle to buy every good player. Records have been made before, and City would not be first to hold this record....they will just be breaking what has been set before.

    I'm not a City fan, but I know some teams will start reviewing their players' contracts if the Kaka move does go through. Football is a "short career", and having won every cup that is on offer, what else does Kaka need? Money!! And City are ready to offer exactly that. So why are people crying as if Man C are taking many from their accounts. And most of the crying are City's rivals like myself...

    Move on Kaka...and change the football landscape. Remember you will be making history, which is also important.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with Hughes either. He is aware of his team's soft belly. That's why he is pursuing De Jong. That's a defensive midfielder! I think the bulid up is on the right track. By the end of the season Man C will be among the top 10...Next season?????????

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  • 229. At 8:04pm on 16 Jan 2009, Born_Again wrote:

    I'm a United fan and here are my thoughts on this blog and the Kaka saga.

    It is a preposterous sum of money by anyone's standards. You mention the Rio transfer to United, but the difference in that is United needed a CB, and already being a title challenging club needed one of the best so had to pay through the nose. With money earned, not given. For the Kaka money City could offer half each for Cannavaro and Nesta and improve the chances of City challenging the top half of the table much more than having Kaka will. All Kaka will do to the current City line up is push out some of the better players, and still force them to play loose and get punished by sides with better balanced sides.

    You say City fans shouldn't complain, but I know if I was supporting the richest club in the world, i'd be happier with some of that money coming my way through a price reduction as a token of my loyalty rather than being given to mercenaries, out purely for a retirement fund. Flipping it around, if you had asked Robinho or Kaka a year ago if they would have considered joining City, you wouldn't have gotten a laugh or cry, you would have gotten the Portuguese for "Who?"

    As a United Fan i wouldn't necessarily welcome Kaka to the club if it meant disrupting what we already had going on, and whilst he would improve any squad in the world it doesn't mean he would improve every side and no-one, not even City, can afford to not play him after spending the national debt of some African countries on him.

    And finally, why less than a month since the World Player of The Year Awards were announced has Kaka become "the world's finest footballer"? He wasn't even top 3.

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  • 230. At 8:06pm on 16 Jan 2009, TheBigMalteser wrote:

    What is it with half the people on this blog? Do they not understand that City haven't just got £100m to spend and all this on one player? They will buy Kaka and then will go ahead and buy all the defensive players they want! Kaka seems level headed and even though the amount of cash involved will certainly be an attraction I am sure that the overall reason will be purely football, the opportunity to be part of a new era etc.

    I'm a Villa fan however seeing Kaka possibly coming to Man City and the excitement it would generate would be superb for the Premiership. Most of the fans moaning on this blog are definitely from the big 4 and are upset that their team could be the fall guy of another team competing for the Champions League spots....well now it seems they are about to get a taste of their own medicine.

    I for one welcome the fact that arguably the best player in the world could be playing in the EPL and that surely 5 or 6 teams and yes this includes Villa :) competing for the title is better than just a couple. Lets hope these type of players will attract the likes of Ronaldo to stay and bring Messi et al to these shores. Yes the money is obscene but it has been obscene in football for years and hopefully some of the Sheikh's money will stay in this country...bring on Kaka!!!

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  • 231. At 8:10pm on 16 Jan 2009, BenG wrote:

    This is a ridiculous article.

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  • 232. At 8:11pm on 16 Jan 2009, A wet windy night in Stoke wrote:

    In the early '80 Napoli scrapped together 10m pounds to sign Diego Maradona. North Italian dominated media thought that it was madness. Napoli was rubbish and would be rubbish forever, and to think that one player would change that was foolish. Well, Napoli won serie A twice with him. For Napoli to win the scudetto, that meant to their fans 100 times what winning the PL would mean to city fans.. Now, Kaka is no Maradona by any stretch of imagination, but he could attract great players to the club and before you know it, city could win the PL title.

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  • 233. At 8:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, markle11 wrote:

    it amazes me how far other fans jealousy will stretch. We do not comment on what your clubs get up to....or more to the point we do not care.

    Anything you say is purely based on bitterness and jealousy so crack would any of you complain if you suddenly became the richest club.....I think not, and all your arguements would soon evaporate!!!!!

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  • 234. At 8:34pm on 16 Jan 2009, bala00alad wrote:


    As a City fan I laugh at the comments aimed at our defence, ok so we've had our defensive frailites this season but name any club that at one time or another has not had similar problems with the addition of a new manager.

    To suggest we need to sign a world class defence before looking at the likes of Kaka is a quite bizarre statement;

    Joe Hart, only 21 years old and almost made his England debut recently had he not been forced to withdraw through injury.

    Richard Dunne; City's player of the season for the last 4 consecutive seasons playing with the likes of Anelka, SWP, David James etc.

    Pablo Zabaleta; Argentinian international.

    Micah Richards; England international.

    Wayne Bridge; England international.

    We maybe a long way from Champions league success right now and I don't think one City fan has even thought that far ahead, but the players we have (with perhaps one or two more additions) are close to being a top 6 side, once get the formula right, which will come sooner than later.

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  • 235. At 8:37pm on 16 Jan 2009, markle11 wrote:

    By the way....the big are spot on!!!!

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  • 236. At 8:39pm on 16 Jan 2009, wiredsc wrote:

    Right... after spending part of the day looking at peoples comments, I have to intervene again and say; the fact is this.

    City aren't buying Kaka to win titles or score goals, city are buying Kaka to build their profile!

    It's as simple as that, he is a player that every manager and fan wants, no one can say they do not want Kaka, yes the money is preposterous, but he will help us attract not only new fans and global attention but he will help us attract big quality players in a shorter space of time!

    Yes United have bought players out of necessity, but City do not have that luxury, because as the table suggests we are not the best, far from it. People have said since we got taken over that no player will want to move to us because of our status and that's true. The only way players will move to our club is if we sell them Hughe's 5/10yr plan and over them and the clubs 'RIDICULOUS' amounts of money. That is exactly what we are doing.

    If we get or do not get Kaka, we will still go for De Jong, Toure, Bellamy, Santa Cruz etc etc. Hughes has approved this deal, but this is a deal based on business and the sheiks plans of building city as a brand. It's not based on footballing capability. The amount of money City will gain from bringing Kaka in, in the long run is colossal!

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  • 237. At 8:43pm on 16 Jan 2009, andysammons wrote:

    I think its terrible for football, and for man city in a way. It's more important for a club to grow natural, and in no sense is this "natural". I hope this shows that a club cannot do this, and sustain it, and people can harp on about the natural market as much as they like, its ridiculous.

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  • 238. At 8:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, U11846789 wrote:

    Phil, how can it be OK to spend so much on a footballer?

    Sure a few million, fine. Ten or even twenty if needs be.

    But 100 million pounds?? That's obscene no matter how you try and justify it.

    That much money would buy - for example - over 500,000 drinking wells and pumps for Africa. That would save lives, mate. Thousands of lives.

    It's wrong. Plain and simple.

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  • 239. At 8:51pm on 16 Jan 2009, thehatter10 wrote:

    No different to pop stars and ither high populated sports stars . deserves the money , maybe the actaul transfer sum is madness but the wage is what is expected for a top end entertainer , instead of worrying abot were the teams are spending money on wages , and complaning abut how nurses and that do more and earn less , no different to entrepanuers and film stars , and the money that the mp's pocket is just as high in sum cases and that is out of your money intierly , realise that not anybody can become the level of these players ,and if u think its an easy life then maybe you should think about taking it up , as if its so easy then it wont be a problem for u to earn that much money too . . money could go into medical research but then again so could the money spent on fighter jets and roads .

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  • 240. At 8:59pm on 16 Jan 2009, lawros_moustache wrote:

    The more City spend and still don't win anything the funnier it will be for the United fans in Manchester!

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  • 241. At 9:02pm on 16 Jan 2009, CTID71 wrote:

    Hi Phil,
    Just thought the readers out there might want to hear the views of a city fan on this subject.

    While i agree with everyone that £100m is stupid money to spend on 1 player, does that mean united,liverpool, chelsea are doing sensible business spending £25-£30m on 1 player at a time, surely any fee could be classed as stupid when all it really means is they want to employ someone. if a club can affor to spend this money whats the problem.

    As city can't offer the usual trappings of chapions league football and trophies every season (at the moment anyway) we have to spend over the odds to get there.

    My only real concern about the deal would be that Kaka is not proven in the premier league and we've seen to many times "great players" come here to england and proove to be mediocre at best (shevchenko & veron spring to mind).

    after years of watching my team struggle, with no money and nlo real prospects i think i speak for every blue in saying, we finally have somthing to look forward to!!!!

    Come on city!!!!!

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  • 242. At 9:04pm on 16 Jan 2009, billionplus wrote:

    "A local club with English players"... but thats rubbish quality. I prefer watching proper skillfull players!

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  • 243. At 9:17pm on 16 Jan 2009, treeplech wrote:

    if city want kaka then let them pay,if its alright for one person to be the richest man in the world then why is it wrong in football.

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  • 244. At 9:19pm on 16 Jan 2009, MASTER_ELEMENT wrote:

    Obviously people are missing the point here.
    How many new fans will City attract fom signing Kaka from especially Brazil and almost every where in the world? Many. How many kaka shirts will be sold?
    How many neutrals coming to visit Manchester might decide to watch Man City play just for Kaka and Robinho?
    Football fans actually are fans of individual players and follow them and become fans of the team they currently play for.
    Rome wasn't built in a day but if there was a shortcut to that, surely would have been taken and City are in this path and lucky to have the financial power to do so and as much as you talk about the transfer fee, i really cannot see much wrong with it but my only fear is, it doesn't increase the price of players over night.

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  • 245. At 9:24pm on 16 Jan 2009, JDring wrote:

    234) I wonder how many own goals Dunne scored over them years.

    I dont think its good business and they must be paying that just to flash because I think Milan would easily have accepted £50-55Mil.

    I personally think its all a fantasy really, its developed alot over the last two days from nowhere but we'll soon be seeing Kaka reject it. He wont be interested in the money at all and hence wont be interested in joining.

    De Jong and Bellamy are realistic targets.

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  • 246. At 9:42pm on 16 Jan 2009, masterLovejoy wrote:

    As a Manchester City fan, I hope the Kaka deal falls dead in the water. We don't need him - we need to strengthen at the back. This is NOT fantasy football. Hughes is pragmatic and would prefer to make us hard to beat, rather than a commercial wunderkind. £100m+ for one player is bordering on ridiculous.

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  • 247. At 9:44pm on 16 Jan 2009, spiritualwolf wrote:

    Whilst there's truth in a lot of what you say, you do seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room.

    We're talking about £100 million here. Repeat that to yourself. £100 million. £100 million. And a salary of £500k per week. Repeat THAT to yourself as well. Absurd, obscene, out to the real world - those comments don't even do justice to it. Ridiculous is more like it.

    Of course Man City fans can revel in it, but it's still ridiculous, and anyone outside the little football bubble knows it.

    There is one good thing that can come out of it - it is surely a sign that something has to be done, and soon, about how ridiculous the situation has become. Whether it's salary caps, restrictions on club debt, rules about overseas ownership of clubs or some more imaginative solution, something will have to be done and soon, or the whole football bubble will burst, and we'll all suffer the consequences. Maybe lessons need to be learned from US sport, however unpalatable that may seem. Or maybe we just accept the ridiculousness of the situation and turn our beloved sport into even more of a laughing stock than it already is.

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  • 248. At 9:46pm on 16 Jan 2009, wiredsc wrote:

    245) I think if AC would have accepted 50-55mil Kaka would already be a City player.

    The fact is Hughes and the Chairman AND owner have realistic plans over the next 5 years, they hve released statement after statement revealing their intent.

    But I must agree De Jong and Bellamy are realistic targets, and that is why we are still going after those players.

    Hughes was given £100m to spend in Jan and that is still the case, the £107m on Kaka is in addition to that, and is being used to build the profile of the club. Read post 236 & 223, the Kaka bid is not on a wing and a prayer, it's a bid to promote the club.

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  • 249. At 10:13pm on 16 Jan 2009, Red KnIght wrote:

    Total shambles.

    Why not give an antelope a machine gun and promote it to "king of the jungle".

    Utd, the pool, arsenal have built up teams based on their fan base, general support, tradition etc.

    City, long term club that they are have never been anything more than a middling outfit.

    Now they have a bloke with more money than he needs in charge.

    He can spend as much as he likes.

    City will always be bridesmaids.

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  • 250. At 10:25pm on 16 Jan 2009, littlejklc wrote:

    True it was not right for big clubs spent 20-40 Millions on one player and more than once very often. But to spend 100 millions ( even now 200 millions) on one player, it is over the top. Basically, out of order. He earns 500K per week then. Even though he scores 40 goals a season, it will cost 150K per goal.
    Simply crazy and Wenger is right.
    In the end, City fans and youth players will suffer. Fans cannot afford the expensive tickets. Remember nowadays economy. Theri youth players have no chance to play.
    I like Kaka as a player but jus the way Man City buy player is not right. Set up a very bad example to the others.

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  • 251. At 10:43pm on 16 Jan 2009, mfcmcfc wrote:

    This is principally a macho act. There is a new kid on the block, who is out to demonstrate that he is numero uno. Nobody will get in his way. A show of strength to intimidate any potential rivals is the name of the game. This is Darwinian.

    What better way to make a statement than to walk into a club, anywhere in the world, and cherry pick their primary assets, and find them (club and players) powerless to resist. Everybody has their price - eventually.

    Whether Kaka goes to City or not, no club will now feel that their assets are safe. For the time being, there is a new predator on the scene, and everbody else is on their menu.

    This is not about a noble game, fair competition etc, but about becoming the dominant global force, come what may.

    Fittingly 2009 is 150 years after Darwin published the Origin of Species, and the term Survival of the Fittest was born. As long as City are bank rolled so that money is irrelevant, and it's value is immaterial, we will see a lot of carnage in football, blood letting and extinction of clubs. Only the wealthy will survive!

    Noble game - I think not!

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  • 252. At 10:47pm on 16 Jan 2009, multispark wrote:

    this transfer is crazy. For the 100m you could sign 5 or 6 great players for example Arshavin who is valued at 20m and this transfer makes Ashley Young valued at around 25m look like a steal .

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  • 253. At 11:22pm on 16 Jan 2009, Mandryang wrote:

    Milan is never behind any english team.Real Madrid and AC Milan hare the two greatest in the european champions league.They are feared by english top clubs.
    But 100 millons is scandalous.FIFA should intervene and regulate the transfer market and outlaw this transactions.The world of football has became a circus.Clowns playing with big money and footballers like puppets,no pride in the club they are representing.
    Some players are more valuable then others,but no player is worth half that absurd one hundred.

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  • 254. At 11:31pm on 16 Jan 2009, cityfaninexile wrote:

    As a cliched 'long-suffering' City fan, I resent the flak the club is receiving over the pursuit of Kaka - an owner's obligation is to give his/her company all the tools it can afford to succeed. I'm all tingly at the prospect, but that is coupled with nagging concerns about the other 'issues' that could be barriers to success: team unity, shaky defense and longterm effects. Any new players would have to blend in; we have to be effective in midfield; the team has to accept that growing pains are real and can tear a team apart. Come on you piggin' Blues!!!

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  • 255. At 11:45pm on 16 Jan 2009, YorkshireGooey wrote:

    Absurd amount of money? Definitely. Business? No. Stop going on about it. If you have 100m and spend it all on one player, that's bad business. If you have infinite sums of money just spend 100m on each one! This is a hobby to the owners and like a lot of hobbies it isn't intended to make financial sense. Just to give pleasure.

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  • 256. At 11:55pm on 16 Jan 2009, etienne123 wrote:

    fair play to city, they've got the money so spend it how you like. but until they get a proven manager who can inspire great players, they'll always be pretenders

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  • 257. At 00:32am on 17 Jan 2009, McFonz wrote:

    £100million+ in transfer fees
    Rumoured £500k a week in wages

    If this happens then it completely rips away the foundations of Premiership Football.

    Never mind what people say Kaka would not be playing for Man City - he would be playing for the rich men who line his pockets. It wouldn't be the terrific fans, nor the badge - just the sound of coins hitting his account.

    I play footy with friends a couple of evenings a week and after one session we discussed this. Many of us agreed that should this deal go through we would give up on supporting football. It is simply ludicrous - football would have lost all sense of perspective.

    Kaka is good but then I think players like Gerrard can be just as good.

    It's an example of football at it's worse. You take away the rediculous money and Kaka would only ever consider Man City if they were a top three or four team. Otherwise I should imagine he would only leave Milan for a team like Madrid or Barcelona.

    There are teams struggling to stay in existance in this country - a fraction of the money involved would keep them affloat. But it is a sign of the days - if the FA and FIFA do not act quickly I can see English football struggling in the near future. As premiership wages go up as do the wages of the players at lower leagues - it has a knock on effect. The problem is that the clubs in the lower leagues do not have the money thrown at them and have to find other financial sources to get funds from.

    If a team like Newcastly struggles to find a buyer how are teams in lower leagues going to do it in these cash hard times?

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  • 258. At 00:44am on 17 Jan 2009, Simon wrote:

    It has been raised a number of times now on this board now and I'm inclined to agree that more financial regulation needs to be in place in the Premier League.

    Let's make sure that these players are being bought on the debit card and not on the credit card. Oh no wait, because then our traditional top 4 clubs who give each other big G14 hugs won't then be allowed to buy the players that they want as they make signings against future revenues.

    At present we may as well roll a 4 sided dice to see who takes the title. I'm delighted Aston Villa have created a side capable of challenging this regime and am even happier that there will be another team outside of this self presevation society that has the potential to break the mould.

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  • 259. At 01:45am on 17 Jan 2009, Wot Kuyt 'e did wrote:

    "applying the icing before the cake has even been mixed"
    Wow! A simile! Strident progress, Phil.

    Otherwise, what you're saying, basically, is Kaka may go to Man City (or might not) in which case City fans have a right to feel happy.

    There, that was economical, don't you think?

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  • 260. At 02:24am on 17 Jan 2009, cityfaninexile wrote:

    McFonz, it is really fascinating tha u and some friends discussed this matter - I have been waiting for a long time for your whiney opinion. Players flocking to the money isn't new, your whingeing about it is like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. UR all envious that your clubs are shopping at Woolworths, while Man City is at Harrods. If your contention is that good managers don't need star players, let's see United get rid of Air Ronaldo, Rooney McLooney, Tevez and the rest of their run-of-the-mill players and let's see how good Sir Alex, The-Rules-Shouldn't-Apply-To-Me, Ferguson does then. Let him prove how good he is by taking over a Cahmpionship side and making that work - start with Watford, a team dear to my heart that could use a genius, such him. We all know he couldn't hack it.

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  • 261. At 03:05am on 17 Jan 2009, el-nino84 wrote:

    In responce to TBAF How much for Dossena and Degen?

    Well degen was on a bosman free and we payed 7 million for dossena.

    United have always spent loads of money on players... The combined fee of almost 40 million for anderson and nani, 18 million pounds for carrick, 18 million pounds for Owen Hargreaves, 30 million for ferdinand, 30 million for rooney, 30 million for berbertov let alone the money ye spent on others such as van nistleroy and veron.

    So Phil has a good point mentioning Uniteds spending. He hasnt mentioned Liverpool simply because we have only spend 20 million pounds twice on keane and torres and 18 million for mascerano. We have come no were near spending 30 million on a player like United have on many times.

    As for Man City spending 100million on a player and givin him 500k a week is just mental. You might love it now but remember your club is now someones play thing and people always get bored of there toys and who will be left to pick up the pieces aye?

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  • 262. At 04:06am on 17 Jan 2009, PremiershipBias wrote:

    As a sidenote that is not strictly related to this blog, the selection choices on the 'dream 11' are a farce.

    Where, for example, is Douglas Maicon? Not only is Maicon undoubtably the best right back in the world, he plays right back for Brazil and forces Daniel Alves to be played out of position. There is a certain amount of irony in that British commentators regularly speak, often misguidedly, about the defensive nature of Italian teams, yet no Italian defenders are included within this 'dream 11'.

    Equally, the inclusion of Pirlo, a man who has struggled with his form for close to 18 months, is very strange. Wesley Sneijder should not be included in such illustrious company, especially when Arjen Robben, who has been in sparkling form of late, is not included. Andres Iniesta is also not included, who has been in great form for Barca.

    It would seem to me that this selection is based on outdated repuatations and shows a lack of knowledge of current world football.

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  • 263. At 04:33am on 17 Jan 2009, PNE-09 wrote:

    As a supporter of a championship club this money is truly out of this world to me. When I watched Preston play liverpool the other week I saw 20million pound signings (Keane, Torres, Mascherano) and thought, well preston have probably not spent 20million on players throughout their entire history, which showed the gulf between the 2 sides.

    Now, seeing after seeing this story, the gulf has just widened further and I wonder if any of the clubs outside the top four (and now Man City) will ever compete in the premiership again. Whats the point in the other teams being there? They won't make Europe as 5 of the 6 places will be automatically taken by the big money clubs and probably won't win a cup. From now on 15 Premiership clubs will just be there to make up the numbers and hope to avoid relegation. Only to do the same thing next season.

    As a supporter of a club with possible premiership ambitions I find this a bit of disappointment as I know that if PNE did go up the only benefit would be the money and parachute payments. As there is no way any of the teams who achieve promotion or the majority of premiership clubs can compete with clubs with bottomless pockets.

    What a sad state of affairs for supposedly the best league in the world and the supporters of great clubs who don't happen to have billionaire owners.

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  • 264. At 04:40am on 17 Jan 2009, rooneysgrannyflap wrote:

    man city fans should celebrate the licence of economic freedom of the shadow-faced insidous backers from the middle east and take an "all we can get" attitude as im sure they are doing.... and maybe the great Hughesy can keep his job and they wont go down......maybe

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  • 265. At 04:44am on 17 Jan 2009, rooneysgrannyflap wrote:

    Man city fans should celebrate....the economic freedom of the shadow-faced insidious backers from the middle east...maybe the great hughesy will keep hiis job and City might stay up..if they sign another 3 quality champions league players..

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  • 266. At 04:52am on 17 Jan 2009, Born_Again wrote:

    Re 262:

    I struggled to pick 6 players from that squad for the world 11. There were 4 dead certs in a 442 - Rio at Cb, Torres up front, Messi on the left and obviously CR at RW.

    But the squad it gives you to pick from looks like some Arabs shopping list rather than something to make a balanced decent side from....

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  • 267. At 06:51am on 17 Jan 2009, Vandal wrote:

    Buying Kaka makes more business sense to the owners than buying 5-6 very good players at £20 million each.
    Part of the reason the billionaires buy into football is the free publicity that comes along with it. How many people in the UK or the rest of the world knew about the likes of Abramovich, Glazers, Randy Lerner, Tom Hicks & George Gillet and Usmanov before they bought into EPL clubs ?
    For all the money that these billionaires might possess, the fame and publicity which they seek, can only come through EPL. The Premier League is followed more or less round the globe and is the most watched league amongst all leagues in all sports. Some of these people like the Glazers and The Liverpool duo are into sports business so it is OK for them to buy into a football club. But for Abramovich and The Arab Sheiks it is the cheapest and best publicity weapon.
    When you buy a Kaka, a Ronaldinho, a Beckham , a Cristiano Ronaldo you don't always seek the on pitch footballer. It is like acquiring a brand with global recognition. So the price paid is not just for the footballing abilities but also for the kind of publicity which they bring along with them to the club and the owners. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan probably finds mention in his local papers but then with Manchester City and Kaka he can get a daily free article about his plans in every goddamn paper across the globe. If you want to know the difference between the impact of self-placed advertisements and article by respected columnists and media agencies just ask all those who are in the publicity business it . At the least, it is still huge!
    Abramovich is in news even if he says that there will be no signings. For the money he invested in Chelsea he had the best possible returns. Free TV time, free publicity in respected magazines, journals and newspapers across the globe , a worldwide recognition for him and his business and more contacts than his money could buy. Not to forget all the Chelsea fans.
    When Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan ends up buying Kaka he will be dreaming of the same!

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  • 268. At 07:30am on 17 Jan 2009, mi_pratik wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 269. At 07:36am on 17 Jan 2009, manucastle wrote:

    190. At 5:28pm on 16 Jan 2009, arcticandy wrote:

    Bloody fantastic. As a Liverpool supporter anything that causes misery to the Man Utd is fine by me. I would like nothing more than to see City buy their way to being the best team in Manchester.

    And why not? If they have the backing of an oil billionaire why shouldn't they buy the players they want to buy?
    If Everton had been in place of city, you would have been crying foul.
    But, fortunately, you are a minority in your own supporters. Many LFC fans acknowledge difference between spending of United & City.

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  • 270. At 07:37am on 17 Jan 2009, moonblue wrote:

    I'm a City fan and I think it's wrong. It unbalances the team and the dressing room, and will put paid to all the hard work done by the academy. Give me a local team with players I can relate to any day. It's so easy to buy all the top players but I can't relate to such a team and I just feel uncomfortable about it.

    As for people complaining about obscenity, yes it is in this climate and with so much wrong in the world but isn't there just a little hypocrisy there as well? Football in the EPL sold its soul a few years ago and City are only following what others started. And haven't we put the money into the coffers of Abu Dhabi by our obsession with cars and planes and cheap travel etc? They have the right to spend as they see fit.

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  • 271. At 07:43am on 17 Jan 2009, Bluemoon66 wrote:

    Even as a City fan, when I first heard about our 100m bid for Kaka, I was astonished. Similarly the salary on offer is also verging on the obscene, and way beyond the dreams of us average fans (and footballers) per year, let alone per week.
    But then it started .. the high morals and endless criticism, which is frankly no more than sour grapes and envy - and now I'm a bit sick of it, and I welcome this sensibly written piece by a non-City fan.
    I didn't hear Mr Shearer complaining or moralising when Jack Walker bought a Premiership title which included himself in the plans (for a huge fee and wages at time) but now it appears his opinion differs.
    Mark Lawrenson wondered whether it was time for fans to protest by packing in their season tickets - what?!? Why would a season ticket holder paying £500 a year not think that he wasn't getting better value for his money by watching Robinho and Kaka? Why would fans of any other club not think the same? When I go to watch City play Chelsea, it's exciting because we are watching all their expensive talent, and I don't begrudge Chelsea fans the rare opportunity of having a benefactor which allows then to bring the likes of Deco and Drogba to their club, but like most footy fans I wished it could have been us - well now it is. Similarly, the bitter posts by most of the Utd fans seem to forget the vast sums of money they have spent in the past, especially the 30m for Ferdinand - a huge sum at the time. But would they say it was worth it now, considering the silverware in the cabinet? Probably.
    Yes, we are in a recession, and the Sheikh knows this (he lost 440m yesterday). But why does this deal affect any of us mere mortals? It doesn't increase our mortgages or gas bills, so why is it such an issue? He is fabulously wealthy and can afford to buy Kaka at 100m, and why not spread a little of his wealth around?
    And regarding the toy / play thing argument? Well what if the Glasers dropped Man Utd, leaving them with the huge debt of the club purchase around their necks? I'm sure they would survive. If the Arabs do get bored in 5 years time, at least they will have left us in a much better financial position than when they arrived, with a fabulous squad of talent, and I, for one, will have thoroughly enjoyed our few years of hope and glamour.

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  • 272. At 07:57am on 17 Jan 2009, rogwin wrote:

    Everyone who is criticising this offer is forgetting that City are pursuing a team building strategy of which this deal is only the start. Other signings will follow, and if City can sign Kaka, arguably the best player in the world, it will make it that much easier to persuade other world class players to join.

    City are not an attractive proposition for any player at the moment, let alone Kaka, so they have to offer mind-blowing earnings to entice him. But money is not a limiting factor for them. The deal is only folly if they can't afford it.

    It all makes perfect sense to me

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  • 273. At 07:58am on 17 Jan 2009, mcfcworldsrichest wrote:

    I truly believe that the vast majority of negative comments are pure jealousy.

    Sure £100m (or whatever the final figure) is a lot of money, but we are only following in the footsteps of a trend started by Blackburn Rovers. Alan Shearer was one of their big money purchases when they "bought" the title and then went onto a record transfer to Newcastle. I'm sure I'm correct in recalling Shearer kicking Ronaldo in a match soon after Ronaldo had become the world most expensive transfer! Interesting to read his comments about the whole affair.

    The fact of the matter is that this is the way the game has moved. For the first time since the 1970s we are now in a position to assemble a squad that might stand a chance of winning something and I for one am delighted. It is only with the money of a rich owner that we could possibly do this. Without the cash injection we would find it impossible to break into the "big 4".

    In response to some of the moaning and intellectualising about the potential Kaka move:

    1) The money is obscene. If our owners can afford it and AC Milan will accept then it is going rate we need to pay to enlist his services.

    2) What will happen if our owners leave? The bankrolling may stop, but there should have been clauses built into the contract when purchasing the club that they couldn't just leave us high and dry with a massive wage bill and nothing to cover it. If they do go, we'll still be City and the fans will still be their, we'll survive whatever comes along.

    The big signing we really need to concentrate on is getting the Special One. I feel Sparky's position may already have become a little precarious.

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  • 274. At 08:02am on 17 Jan 2009, mcfcworldsrichest wrote:

    I hadn't read the comment by Bluemoon66 who made the point a lot better than I!!!

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  • 275. At 08:29am on 17 Jan 2009, excellentcatblogger wrote:

    To be frank the figures are astounding for a footballer. But on the other hand if you do have that amount of spare dosh where would you put it. After all thanks to the incompetence of western governments regarding the financial crisis every other part of the economy has turned to rat s**t!

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  • 276. At 08:32am on 17 Jan 2009, eirebilly wrote:

    So much money for Kaka is well and good but what damage will it cause?

    107k would only afford Milan to spend even bigger on the transfer market themselves which in turn will lead to them getting some excellent player's and form the basis of a tema that will dominate their league and Europe.

    If Milan sell Kaka to MC then i forsee Milan dominating for several years to come. The reason why Milan get these players (and develope them) is down to their scouting policy.

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  • 277. At 09:14am on 17 Jan 2009, madeiraman57 wrote:

    I put in my sixpennyworth a day or so ago also with Robbo, stating I believe this bid by MC ( if the price is correct ) is absolutely stupid and will be very bad indeed for football and also MC. As as you state later yourself Phil, they will forever be held to ransom for even average players, if they show any interest at all the other clubs will really up the ante !!
    One things for sure Kaka , like Ronaldo will hate Manchester and it's weather - culture ..!?
    It doesn't fit with Latino's especially those who don't habitually chase birds, booze and gamble their 'hard earned'.... wages away at 2 am on the tables.
    IF he joins, he will be off in less than 1 year no matter if MC qualify for the Intertoto !

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  • 278. At 09:15am on 17 Jan 2009, deynadance wrote:

    With all the nonsense being spouted at the moment (Lawrensons nonsense in the Mirror today being a classic example) its good to read a well argued and sensible piece of reporting. It nicely sums up all the arguments.

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  • 279. At 10:10am on 17 Jan 2009, Carior wrote:

    Phil, with all due respect to compare the Manchester City situation this season with ANY of the United deals and season you talk about is LUDICROUS and gives no credit to the article. Aside from that fact that none of the deals you mention involve insane or the world record figure NONE of these deals came in the same season as other big deals.
    This Kaka deal buts things into another league altogether, it's over 3x what United have EVER paid for a player and is over twice the World Record transfer fee. If it goes through this season (and City stop spending there) then City will have spent a colossal £150m on transfers. Pray do tell when United spent that in a season? The biggest spending i can remember is 55-60 odd million when we bought Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves the summer before last.

    Aside from that do i think its a good piece of business? Well Kaka is a quality player no doubt and is a threat to any defence... but then again the same could be said (although to a slightly lesser degree) about Robinho and we have seen how he and city have struggled for consistency this season. Personally if City want to spend that kind of money they are far better spending it on a player with some stones to boss the middle of the park, a Mahmadou Diarra or Essien type hard as nails box to box midfielder.

    Personally i think that if the only other addition this window is Kaka it wont solve any of City's problems and there is a reasonable chance that Kaka could find himself in the second flight of English Football (presumably with a get out clause that will allow him to hop ship to a grateful United :D)

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  • 280. At 10:11am on 17 Jan 2009, el-nino84 wrote:

    Reina 6 Million
    Arbeloa 2.6 Million
    Carragher Free (youth system)
    Agger 5.8 Million
    Skrtel 6 Million
    Hyppia 3 Million
    Degen Bosman Free
    Dossena 7 Million
    Aurelio Bosman Free
    Insua Free (Youth System)
    Gerrard Free (youth System)
    Alonso 10.5 Million
    Mascherano 17 Million
    Lucas 2 Million
    Riera 8 Million
    Babel 11.5 Million
    Benayoun 5 Million
    Pennant 6.7 Million
    Kuyt 9 Million
    Keane 20.3 Million
    Torres 26.5 Million

    This list of 21 members of the Liverpool Team who are currently top of the league cost a total of 146.9 Million pounds and thats for 21 players.

    If Man City get Kaka for 107 Million and after spending 32 Million On Robinho it would mean city had spend almost the same money on 2 PLAYERS as it has cost Liverpool to put together 21 players to Challenge for the league and Champions league.

    Says it all really!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 281. At 10:14am on 17 Jan 2009, bala00alad wrote:


    If you are going to leave a comment at least make it constructive backed up with substance, just wasted 8 seconds of my life reading your drivel!

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  • 282. At 10:15am on 17 Jan 2009, joebloggins wrote:

    Seedorf doesn't think he will sign in January. Would have thought tho that they are just adding players to the wrong end of the team. They would do better bidding £100m for S Gerard but we all know that Gerard wouldn't go there. All the Arab money in the world cannot turn Man C into a fashionable club that attracts top names (Bellamy doesn't wanna go there it seems).

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  • 283. At 10:16am on 17 Jan 2009, boblinc wrote:

    I was disappointed by Wenger's comments on the matter, whinging on about living within their means.

    I don't see how he was whingeing at all. It sounded like pure common sense to me. Had our government acted with the same commonsense the country wouldn't be in nearly as much trouble as it is.

    I accept that given their relatively short working life skilled sportsman need to be paid very high wages. However, the sort of figures are little short of obscene when weighed against the income of the average family here. Even more so in his home country.

    He may be brilliant, but much of that could be down to the quality of those around him. Afterall Robhino came in great fanfares but he has generally looked pretty ordinary whenever I've seen him on TV and certainly doesn't show as a grafter for the cause. Of course, with the exception of Ireland, he is surrounded by mostly less than ordinary players.

    In the possibly cold wet months of Feb. and March to come, how keen do you think Kaka will be when push comes to shove. Even if he brightens up Robhino do you think that three men can get them off the ground.

    I always had respect for Mark Hughes but I'm beginning to have my doubts, especially with him having bought Bridge.

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  • 284. At 10:22am on 17 Jan 2009, johan- welcomes the pigs to L1 wrote:

    He'll be a flop. Like Shevchenko. Will he be able to handle the pace and ferosity of the Premiership? Will he be up for a battle at Stoke on a freezing cold Tuesday night?

    I think not.

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  • 285. At 10:25am on 17 Jan 2009, Aladin wrote:

    i had a dream last night, a horrible dream.... that after this XXXLLL deal in the first play poor Kaka got a badly injured and would be out for about one year!!!!
    i don't think that anybody can laugh at it??!

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  • 286. At 10:28am on 17 Jan 2009, TimperleyGooner wrote:

    This will surely be the most






    football team to grace the Coca Cola Championship league for years to come!

    seriously folks

    talk about money down a hole!

    symptomatic of the same disease that graces so many areas of society

    'all style no substance'
    Just like the 'Credit bubble' burst so will Man City's and it'll go into freefall

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  • 287. At 10:31am on 17 Jan 2009, Stuart wrote:

    EXTREME Fantasy Football 2009 - OUT NOW

    The new game being played in the Premier League!

    Billionaires lavishing £100's millions buying the best football players in the world.

    Build a team over a matter of weeks, not years.

    Why waste all that time and effort on British youths, when you can have instant gratification.

    Buy the most talented foreign footballers on the planet and leave the English players in the lower and reserve leagues.

    Who needs a successful English National team, when you can have the best International players playing at your home ground week in and week out.

    Gutted that your nearest footballing neighbours have had more success that your team? Then worry no more!

    And if your team aren't performing a couple of months into the season, after appointing a brand new manager for the 12th time in 8 years, then we'll sack him too!

    Nothings going to stop this steamroller!

    All you need to play this game is a Billionaire owner. Any Billionaire will do!
    They don't have to have a clue about English football, culture or history of the club. In fact, the less they understand the better, as all they will want is instant gratification and to get their picture in the paper once and a while.

    Enjoy the rollercoaster ride while you can, because when the money (oil) runs out and the players are getting too old to compete at the highest level, then you'll be back to square one (Championship).


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  • 288. At 11:04am on 17 Jan 2009, aries22 wrote:

    Fernando Torres has said that Kaka won't be joining Manchester City until they've actually won something, and I think he's right.

    I would think the minimum that would make Kaka sit up and take notice of Manchester City is their winning the PL or the European Cup.

    To those saying let City live the dream and pay the £100 million to get Kaka, I say (a) he's simply not worth it in terms of what he can help Man City win (b) it's simply the sheikh just saying to the world, "I can buy anything I want - look!" He has lost touch with the value of money, and advocates of City living the dream aren't thinking straight.

    This fiasco really is a demonstration of how unintelligent some people involved in football can be.

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  • 289. At 11:13am on 17 Jan 2009, BJH wrote:

    Transcript of the conversation between City and Kaka – at least the City end of it:

    Hello, is that Kaka? How do you fancy becoming the supply line to Craig Bellamy and Darius Vassell this winter?

    No, your fellow countryman doesn't like the cold and will be out until mid-April - but you will play alongside Stephen Ireland

    No, Kaka, Ireland is a person not a country

    Yes, I fully appreciate that he is not Ronaldinho, Pirlo or even Beckham but many fans have him in their fantasy football teams

    I know you are currently the richest man in Italy but we can double it!"

    Erm, well, we have had a bit of a slide recently and we are currently 15th

    Erm, out of 20...... but Mark Hughes once won the double for our neighbours


    Ex Blackburn boss

    Blackburn, Blackburn Rovers

    No, Blackburn. Black.....Burn

    HUGHES, man, HUGHES!!!

    He once scored a good goal against Spain

    No, that’s Gerry Armstrong..... anyway, are you coming or not?

    Usually about two thirds full but if we play a big team it really rocks

    Yes I know, but we don’t even have a car park cos all the fans walk to the stadium they are so local

    Relevance? Well, I suppose it’s all they have to brag about whether it’s true or not

    Only the one to be fair but its called 'blue moon' - you will love it


    Yes, definitely blue - always has been

    No, no, no, they are in Trafford

    Yes they are, steeped in it in fact but what good is history to you my ambitious friend?

    Erm, 1976 I think

    It was the er, the er League Cup if memory serves me right

    Well, the plan was to get in the top 4 this season and then.....

    Yes, I realise that but.....

    Aston Villa? What’s it got to do with them?

    Yes, I know but we have been down this history route already

    How the heck does a Brazilian playing in Italy know about Nottingham Forest?"

    Yes, yes, and Leeds United also made a final but you are missing my point. This is all about the future

    Give me strength......HUGHES!!!!

    Yes I know he did, and he was a legend there but he is a changed man

    Forget them, they are falling apart

    But all those trophies were won last year! They have won nothing in 2009

    I have told you.... 1976!!!!

    How the heck does a Brazilian playing in Italy know that Virginia Wade has won Wimbledon since then?"

    Yes she probably is in her 60's

    I don’t know, probably about 10 league titles, 2 European cups and countless domestic cups what has that got to do with it?

    76,000 - why?

    Yes, every game, even minor cups I suppose, but where is this getting us?

    Yes, the League Cup is considered a minor cup over here why?

    I know, I know, I know, ok perhaps they won the FA Cup in 1970 or something but does it really matter?

    Look, Kaka, we will treble whatever you are on now, buy you a mansion in Alderley Edge and give you a helicopter for your front lawn....are you joining us?

    NO! it’s owned by the council - what has the ground got to do with anything

    Well, officially it’s the city of Manchester stadium but most people call it Eastlands"

    EAST! not Waste

    You will be adored there

    No, not there, here I meant

    No, that’s Old Trafford; I meant adored here at Waste....erm, Eastlands

    Anderson??? What does he know?

    Ok I hear what you say, but other than pride, ambition, achievement, history, passion, and a large car park - what can they offer you?

    What do you mean, no credit left in your phone.....I phoned you!

    Hello, Mr Kaka,...... Mr Kaka are you there

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  • 290. At 11:22am on 17 Jan 2009, JDring wrote:

    Reina 6 Million
    Arbeloa 2.6 Million
    Carragher Free (youth system)
    Agger 5.8 Million
    Skrtel 6 Million
    Hyppia 3 Million
    Degen Bosman Free
    Dossena 7 Million
    Aurelio Bosman Free
    Insua Free (Youth System)
    Gerrard Free (youth System)
    Alonso 10.5 Million
    Mascherano 17 Million
    Lucas 2 Million
    Riera 8 Million
    Babel 11.5 Million
    Benayoun 5 Million
    Pennant 6.7 Million
    Kuyt 9 Million
    Keane 20.3 Million
    Torres 26.5 Million

    This list of 21 members of the Liverpool Team who are currently top of the league cost a total of 146.9 Million pounds and thats for 21 players.


    Thats not alot of success from that.

    No trophies except a lucky CL, and your not top for long.

    Pool will come 3rd by the end of the season and everyone who isnt a pool fan knows it.

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  • 291. At 11:25am on 17 Jan 2009, tljordan wrote:

    I don't see the problem. Yes it's a huge sum, but who is anybody to tell somebody else how to spend their money?

    At least it is their money, not a series of loans and debts as in the case of Liverpool or Man U!

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  • 292. At 11:32am on 17 Jan 2009, VoiceofJoe wrote:

    Mark Hughes failled in his approach to get Fabian Delph, so in desperation has implemented plan B.
    When discussing players for this transfer window Ken Bates turned down the option to bring Kaka to Elland Rd, plumping for Lee Trundle on loan instead. Bates commented 'Kaka hasn't got Lee's awareness in the box'

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  • 293. At 11:33am on 17 Jan 2009, panchopuskas wrote:

    Man City are just sending out a message that says: "We're big players and we're serious". If they can get Kaka to complement Robinho, then they will be able to attract more top players.
    Anybody can play the money game, IF you have the money.
    In today's game, you can't win unless you have the best players, and the best players cost money.
    In the big 4, only Arsenal have a low-spend policy. And how many of the present squads of the big clubs have junior team players who've come up through the ranks? There's nobody to replace Terry, Lampard, Scholes, Giggs, Gerrard and Carragher. They are the last of the few. In future, everybody will be bought in.

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  • 294. At 11:40am on 17 Jan 2009, Paul Newton wrote:

    Thebigmalteser; my God, how naive are you lad? Do work in the 'City' so worship capitalism and money or something? THE GAMES BEEN RUINED, YOU BLURT! It's over as the game of the people, except at grass roots level and the likes of fc Wimbledon and Fc United. The only club worth it's salt in the top flight in terms of not relying on money, the way all the others do, is Everton, and that's 'cos somehow got none, but do have a brilliant manager. Get real lad and get the £ signs off your lids!

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  • 295. At 11:42am on 17 Jan 2009, alpeshcgujjar wrote:

    It will take a very long time to make MANCITY like MANUTD,Liverpool or Arsenal.
    KAKA will want to move to MANUTD or Arsenal instead of MANCITY.
    But Money talks and when you have Money you can do anything.
    KAKA will go to City but i dont think City will make profite very soon,they will suffer loses but if they build a new bigger stadium they will manage and fine profites,and big names will attract fans as well..i guess there is a chance but it is going to take very long.
    I would like to see KAKA at CITy,because i know,this move will make them suffer,they will take time to settle.

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  • 296. At 11:44am on 17 Jan 2009, jack halford wrote:

    Kaka, Ronaldo, Rooney, And a host of World class players are having very mediocre seasons by their high standards.
    That is why there has NOT been a lot to report about Kaka this season, until the Transfer saga reared its ugly head.
    Why would any sane person fork out 100 million for a mediocre performance that is NOT guaranteed.
    Its very conceivable that Man.City may get relegated even with KAKA !!
    Only one player in recent years has been a one man show and that is Ronaldo and he will NOT emulate again this season anything like that same standard.
    The World of Football has gone bonkers and no wonder the truly great Jimmy Greaves NO longer watches or takes an active interest in what was once our National Pride and Joy. (Football).

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  • 297. At 11:51am on 17 Jan 2009, McTadgit wrote:

    My fifteen year old son, who along with his mates, is besotted with the Premiership, came back from school yesterday.

    They'd been discussing the Kaka issue (of course). Their take on it was words to the effect of 'how can this kind of money be spent on a footballer when it costs such a tiny amount to save a human life in so many different global contexts. What else could be done with that money?'.

    I concur with this. Your viewpoint - if it is indeed your viewpoint and not some cheap journalistic devils advocacy - is repugnant.

    It's time football woke up to this and the bubble that insulates it from the real world is burst.

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  • 298. At 12:01pm on 17 Jan 2009, James wrote:

    Typical from McNulty, utter rubbish. The reason people are carping about this transfer is that it creates an inflated transfer market - which is no good for anyone. On top of that, this transfer, for what is an obscene amount of money takes the game itself further and further away from average fans - how can a fan relate to a man who may earn upwards of £1/4Million per week, in the middle of a very painful recession for the rest of us?

    I think there are too many people in football who just do not realise how wide the chasm between the fans of bigger clubs and the clubs themselves is becoming - and Phil McNulty is one of them. Have you even thought about what might happen to Kaka if city were relegated? No, of course you haven't.

    Nice one Phil - much like your criticism of Capello a couple of days before beating Croatia or your recent blog about United's under-performing strikers just before they demolished Chelsea.

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  • 299. At 12:08pm on 17 Jan 2009, Paul Newton wrote:

    The big question to ask, is where will it all end? Comparisons to F1 are indeed relevant if you're talking moralistically, as £50 million to drive a danny is obviously obscene. We, however are talking specifically about football and one must always remember, 'two wrongs don't make a right', so what goes on in the mind-numbingly boring world of scalextric, should be irrelevant to us, except as an ethical yardstick. In a world where a Nazi look-a-like state is blowing women and children up, and there's yet another humanitarian crisis brewing, (and this being one such example of plenty more), to talk years ago of taking fees up to and above the £million mark was wrong, in my view, but this has just brought a new perverted angle on the whole sordid thing. living in the West doesn't give you the right to ignore what people in the rest of the world are suffering and if you think it does, then you're just another one of the Masses of brain-washed 'I'm alright Jack(s)', out there that allow this injustice to go on. I mentioned morals at the start; how many of you really have any? Anarchy, peace and Sunday league football, to you all.

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  • 300. At 12:09pm on 17 Jan 2009, jack halford wrote:

    What,s sad and obvious is that, this is the real World we live in !!

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  • 301. At 12:14pm on 17 Jan 2009, Random Caterpillars wrote:

    As a irish Liverpool fan, and primarily a footie fan, i'd have to say i'd welcome Kaka to the Premiership. I wouldn't whine on about City living in the imaginary world of fantasy football. We'd all love to live there- wouldn't we?

    I know we have a global recession and people are losing their jobs left, right and centre- but football is there to distract us from such things! Well, try to anyway.

    I just wish we had the money to splash on players of that class. I would agree with Phil in that City need a couple more, shall we say, battle-hardened players to back up their defence before they need a flair-encumbered football genius- but hey, get the icing in first- the cake will be baked soon enough I guess. Anyway, i'm sure there's a lot of City fans out there who enjoy the icing more than the cake itself.....

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  • 302. At 12:20pm on 17 Jan 2009, john_fashanu_43 wrote:

    I don't think he'll go; why would he want to play in the Championship next season?

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  • 303. At 12:29pm on 17 Jan 2009, el-nino84 wrote:


    I said 146 million was for a team that was challengeing for the league and champions league.

    And as for Liverpools so called LUCKY champions league win have you not forgot YOUR LUCKY champions league win when you scores 2 goals in the last couple of minutes to rob bayren of the Champions league?

    Funny how Utd fans forget that one when they bring up Liverpools win aint it!!!!!!!!

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  • 304. At 12:32pm on 17 Jan 2009, Huttonhammer wrote:


    Do you remeber what you wrote when Lucas Neill signed for west ham?


    Try and get yourself out of that then!

    You being the chief sports writer and all!!

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  • 305. At 12:44pm on 17 Jan 2009, Bring_back_Gus wrote:

    The football bubble is bursting.

    Tottenham and Kaka apart where is there a major transfer breaking Europe wide?

    Chelsea, the serial big spenders are having their purse strings tightened. Villa and Everton will be dealing in single rather than double figure millions if they get anyone. Arsenal cannot and will not pay anywhere near £20m for Arshavin.

    Real are too busy recounting voting forms, Barca are not inthe market right now and only AC will go seriously shopping in Italy if the Kaka deal comes off. If it does, he should consider changing his name to Gaga!

    This vibrant market sits in the imagination of the press hacks and Sky, whose job it is to create business so they can hang onto their own.

    Mike Wedderburn from Sky claimed yesterday that £500k a week was not obscene given that £150k pw is already being paid to players like Ronaldo, Terry, Lampard etc etc.

    Mr Wedderburn is obviously, as he is wont to do, missing the point. £150k is obscene full stop and £500k is really unspeakable. None of this can or should be justified because, as Abramovich has found out - it is not viable to do so.

    Football is not a standalone viable business - ask Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, all of whom are sitting on large debt leveraged by precious little other than the property they 'own' and the large pockets of the owners themselves (Glazers excepted).

    Kaka will not inflate prices generally because no other club can go there. It just means City will win any auction it enters and there will be a second market for the rest. And, like Abramovich, the Arab owners interest will wilt when the trophies and glitz disappear.

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  • 306. At 12:48pm on 17 Jan 2009, baddebt wrote:

    the money in football bubble will burst with dramatic consequences.

    From an AC Milan point of view , I would force Kaka to Man city for £100. They could do with the money .

    From a Man City point of view , Kaka is not the answer.
    He may sign , but unless you sort out your Defence and Goalkeeper you will be relelgated with or without Kaka, and that "man city fans" would be an extremely bad position to be in.

    Your owner may have nags of money but that facts are there for all to see , you r in a regelation dog fight

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  • 307. At 12:50pm on 17 Jan 2009, john wrote:

    We have had the hype and now we have the bid. Modern football really is a differant ball game.

    When I look at this deal, its clear you have to seperate the player and fans from the finances.

    From a fans point of view, City fans must ofcourse be loving it. (providing they can stay up, which they should!)

    From Kaka's pointof view, there is a lot of risk in going to City. Depending on what else City do, he may never play or challenge for a trophy in his club career ever again. The CL may never be graced by his skills again until he is 30 or 31 - atleast.

    The finances are scary. According to the reports that is, £100million in a fee, £500,000 per week. Its no wonder people are saying this is ridiculous and City live in their own world.

    My fear is that this one deal may push UEFA and FIFA towards not just a players salary cap but a club transfer cap as well. No doubt the likes of Blatter, Platini et all are looking at this as very scary for the future of the game.

    The other question is, what happens to City if he says no? With so much said about the offer, its all down to whether City can convince him of their ambition and at the moment thats hard to justify when you lie so close to the bottom of the table.

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  • 308. At 12:51pm on 17 Jan 2009, Scottishscouser wrote:

    "Manchester United were not accused by all and sundry of sliving in football' madhouse when they paid ?30m to Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand, almost the same for Juan Sebastian Veron from Lazio, ?27m to Everton for Wayne Rooney and ?30m to Spurs for Dimitar Berbatov."

    20m for robbie keane?

    How much for Dossena and Degen?

    16.5m for DARREN BENT!

    21m for SWP

    Any amount of money for marlon marewood?

    The list is endless, and yet you focus on Utd.

    And, you must have a short memory, as we was accused of "sliving in football' madhouse " when we paid that much for Veron.

    Another pro liverpool beeb blog.

    Dear me, have a read of the blog. The reason he mentioned Utd was due to the number of £30million players. It wasn't a pop at transfer mistakes. Have a word with yourself and stop being so paranoind.

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  • 309. At 12:54pm on 17 Jan 2009, thewelshboycott wrote:

    City need to realise that money alone does not buy success.

    In the right hands £100 million would buy a whole team, capable of delivering top 10 finishes. Just look at Villa, Everton, Portsmouth etc.

    Mark Hughes' position is also threatened by these big money moves, even if results pick up.

    You assemble the richest squad in the league. It won't be long the owners start hankering after a top ranking manager from the continent to go with that.

    The Leeds fiasco shows what happens when a club gambles all on success and doesn't get it.

    Their collapse followed narrow failure to make it into the Champions League.

    If things go wrong at City, there will only be a smouldering crater left where the stadium used to be...

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  • 310. At 1:03pm on 17 Jan 2009, TheBigMalteser wrote:

    Ha lancyblue, it seems to me you are the blurt on here. You talked earlier about the only club in the EPL not relying on money is Everton and that you have none...well maybe that is because you spent 15m on Fellaini on deadline day. I'm sure that 15m could have been better spent on many other better causes as well!

    I agree that the 100m is ridicoulous and so much good could be done with it but I'm sure when you spend money on a better car or house that money could be as well.

    If that is what the Man City owners want to spend their wealth on then so be it, just enjoy the fact that the usual impenetrable top4 are now quaking that someone else can challenge and if you want to discuss humanitarian and political injustices of the world there is a perfectly good orange box for you to stand on in Hyde Park.

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  • 311. At 1:09pm on 17 Jan 2009, linrt6 wrote:

    It is Arsene Wenger and the Football Focus pundits who are not living in the real world. Football is an entertainment industry and deflation and recession aren't going to affect the salaries of Hollywood's A-list movie stars. During the 1930s depression, big-money spectacular musicals were what people wanted and every studio made them, even gritty urban realists like Warner Brothers. Football is like the movie industry; global and a form of show business. The Football Focus team have too parochial a view as befitting retired professionals. If you've got the money, you put on the biggest and greatest show you can. And people will come to see it. Man City now is not what Man City is going to be. When Jose Mourinho arrives at Maine Road it will be like China getting the H bomb in the 1950s. A new footballing superpower will be born. And I'm not even a Man City fan. As a Chelsea supporter I've seen what success is possible when money is allied to total commitment. You need both; total commitment is not enough and never has been (the dominance of Liverpool and Man Utd in the 80s and 90s was also a financial dominance, as Brian Clough once complained, lest Lawro and others forget), but money will only get you so far. However once you marry the two you become unstoppable, and Man City have that potential. Chelsea had it and lost it - Abramovitch cut off the money supply like gas in a Ukrainian pipeline and it killed Mourinho and it will kill Scolari. But Abramovitch's wealth rises and falls with Putin and the Russian economy, unlike Saudi oil. I believe Abramovitch will walk from Chelsea soon and the dream will then be over for them. At Man City, however, it has only just begun.

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  • 312. At 1:10pm on 17 Jan 2009, Kubali wrote:

    'Manchester United were not accused by all and sundry of living in football's madhouse when they paid £30m to Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand'

    Well actually at the time they were. Short memories, but then again the boundary seems to be constantly shifting on how much a player is worth.

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  • 313. At 1:13pm on 17 Jan 2009, Westhamjock wrote:

    Like City fans, we Hammers are also longsuffering but with our Iceman supposedly looking to sell, I would NOT like us to be bought by some super rich gulf arabs or any other multibillionaires, to treat us as a plaything and an ego boost. I agree with Wenger - the inequality between clubs is becoming so vast, that we are not competing fairly. Sure I'd like to see top quality players like Kaka, but there must be a lesser sense of achievement if your success is mainly bought rather than earned through good youth development and shrewd purchasing and management. Most of us are rather fond of City [loved the view from the Kippax] but we'll start to hate them if they become like moneybags Chelsea.

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  • 314. At 1:19pm on 17 Jan 2009, dionme wrote:

    Kaka to City, well look at it this way will he put his head on the block week in week out for a team that is notorious for its feble heart. Will he give his all on a wet Wednesday night in Boro or Bolton, its not only the big games he will be asked to perform in but at 250,000 a week he will be expected to perform every time. How do you think Richard Dunne will feel now and the other consistant performers at City, some of them on 60,000 weekly, I know if it was me I would not be to happy if the guy beside on the field was on 5 times more than me.

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  • 315. At 1:25pm on 17 Jan 2009, Mandryang wrote:

    That makes me rememember the great mistake MUtd. made not selling CRonaldo to Real in the Summer. They can't sell him to City.
    What a pity.

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  • 316. At 1:31pm on 17 Jan 2009, dionme wrote:

    Its very easy to have strong religious beliefs on his money, if he feels that strongly he can always give it away to the people in the slums of rio

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  • 317. At 1:33pm on 17 Jan 2009, baddebt wrote:

    Kaka does not want to sign for Man city .
    AC Milan want him to sign , so as they can get their £100m to help them challenge in next seasons Champions league while Kaka and man city will be sitting be-wildered in mid table obsecurity next season ( assuming they avoid relegation that is )

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  • 318. At 1:43pm on 17 Jan 2009, Kubali wrote:

    'It is Arsene Wenger and the Football Focus pundits who are not living in the real world. Football is an entertainment industry and deflation and recession aren't going to affect the salaries of Hollywood's A-list movie stars.'

    Well perhaps not movie stars because movie sales probably increase in a recession due to escapism... however if it were not for their new owner, Manchester City would be in huge financial trouble.

    Away from the bubble that is city, attendances are falling and the Premiership bubble will burst. The number of clubs in ifinancial trouble is growing. So when they have no money the players salaries will be affected, the recession is affecting football. You just have not seen it yet. Away from the city bubble, football in England has some serious money problems - even Abramovich is selling players, he lost a few billion recently.

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  • 319. At 1:48pm on 17 Jan 2009, syamalmukherjee wrote:

    I think it is unrealistic to have superstar without a good team members. First you arrange your team the try to seal the week points with good players. It is ridiculous to spend so much money for one player !

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  • 320. At 1:49pm on 17 Jan 2009, Paul Newton wrote:

    Thebigmalteser; you may have a point re fellaini except that sums up our spending, pretty much full=stop. It's still too much, but Everton can't be judged beside the mega-buck clubs. As for your orange box comment, you've just underlined my whole point soft lad! Nice one.

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  • 321. At 1:57pm on 17 Jan 2009, adam-o wrote:


    Can someone please explain to me if this deal will ever make financial sense. They will pay an initial £100m for Kaka and then pay him £26m a year. Surely they cant make this money (his wages) up in sales and merchandising?

    Are city just paying this ridiculous money to flex the muscle and announce themselves as one of the big boys?

    Once the financial outlay of £500m for a team and an eventual £300m a year wage bill, will city make any money or even stay afloat? Or will they just be bankrolled by Sheiky boy until he decides hes had enough?

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  • 322. At 2:11pm on 17 Jan 2009, patrickomcc wrote:

    If Kaka has any football ambition he will stay at Milan and play Champions League next season. If he moves to Man C he will make a lot of money. The question is how much does money matter to a religous man who gives so muchg away. The more he earns the more he can give away.
    I see a contrast with Beckman's move to Real. Beckman had to go and his main motivation seems to have been money - it did not matter that he hardly figured in Real's football plans until they were struck with injuries and they had to play him.

    I see a risk of a parallel with Schevchenko leaving Milan for Chelsea - a player leaving a club in which he was very happy for Premier League money, non-integration. No-one won - bad investment by Chelsea, player who destroyed his career and "home club" who bought him back cheap relaising the player was no longer what he was. That said Milan now is not as strong as then.

    Milan is different - they are a business that makes money. rich as Berlusconi is Milan is a business not a plaything. They spend on young talented palyers and usually make them better and most stay. When they buy an established player they get a deal because he is in dispute they got Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho for practically nothing - albeit the first two were at the end of their careers

    In this light Kaka should only move if he buys the idea that Milan are in decline.
    Berlusconi has not put money into the club for awhile and the joke going the rounds is that Beckman (another gimme - they pay him only per appearance) at 34 has rejuvenated the squad.

    So if he sees little chance of Milan rebuilding, he should go but where to? Juventus who also need to rebuild and prepare for Del Piero's retirement, Real who are always rebuilding, Barcelona but would he fit in with Messi? Chelsea or Inter would be interesting with both having intelligent Portuguese speaking managers and a few other portuguese speakers. The real sucker for Man C would be for him to go to Man U for half the price - iamgine Kaka and Ronaldo together in the same team!

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  • 323. At 2:12pm on 17 Jan 2009, bangramonkey wrote:

    £500k a week? Well at least that's £10m worth of tax coming in every year that we would never have gotten before.

    Of course the government will probably just give it all to benefit cheats...

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  • 324. At 2:12pm on 17 Jan 2009, Grecian_Jeff wrote:

    There would probably been much less fuss if MC or the ADG had come in an offered £40 million first (which would still have been 'eyebrow raising') then upping it to £50m or £70m etc before peaking at the £100m+ offer - Making the first offer such a big one shows a great disregard for the transfer system, football traditions and sensibilities - particularly given the current economic climate - regardless of the fact that they can clearly afford it

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  • 325. At 2:27pm on 17 Jan 2009, Sonofthedesert wrote:

    I do not wish to be rude, but alas, the situation demands it.

    Sir, you are a fool and a blackguard.

    A dose of unreality is one thing, a step into the limelight, a flavour of fantasy football. That, for a club in City's position, was Robinho.

    The Kaka deal, on the other hand, is not fantasy football. It's not even football, which, last time I checked, was a game played by a team of eleven.

    For the mathematically challenged, that's ten more than Kaka by himself. And there, I'm afraid, is the rub - the City team, as a team rather than a group of individuals, need anything other than yet another forward; they need an undermotivated, ludicrously overpaid star marginally less than a hole in their collective head.

    As I said, it isn't football. Remember when you were a lad, and you collected those Panini stickers? Ever compare them with your mates? One year, all I wanted in the world was an Ian Rush, yet the little packages kept lumbering me with a slew of Gary Gillespies. The lad who got the Ian Rush that ought had have belonged to me, now, he went on an on about it. Showed his complete Liverpool squad to anyone who looked in his direction.

    And there you have the Kaka transfer. It has nothing whatsoever to do with building a team to play football, and everything to do with Sheikh Mansour showing his mates. And, in time, when the Abu Dhabi group find something more interesting to occupy their time, the financial implications of this deal (and the many that will undoubtedly follow) will shatter a once proud club. Not that the Sheikh will care, of course.

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  • 326. At 2:32pm on 17 Jan 2009, BlueMoonVue23 wrote:

    As a City fan I'm not sure what I think.....

    Kaka signing would be awesome - as long as its followed up with a couple of defensive purhcases.....

    Kaka not signing - well - We'd look a bit silly really....

    One point to those saying Kaka would be giving up Champs League football......actually he wouldn't.....For those of you that didn't notice - He was playing at Fratton Park only a few weeks ago

    Facts are AC Milan are not the paower they once were, but an ageing side at a crossroads. He's won all he can there and maybe he could see this as a new challenge...

    Im not crazy enough to kid myself that City is a club he'd automatically choose - But who else has the facilities available to afford him.

    If he ever wants a chance away from AC Milan.....this may be his only opportunity.....

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  • 327. At 2:40pm on 17 Jan 2009, mightystags wrote:

    Personally, I'd have been happier if the owners would give the £100 million to Hamas.

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  • 328. At 3:10pm on 17 Jan 2009, jimtolmiesfluffytash wrote:

    This whole episode has really made me chuckle, particularly the "obscene" remarks and the bleating of fans of the so called "big 4".
    Who exactly is it that defines the threshold of obscenity when it comes to money in football? It's as if City have all of a sudden created something new in English football. If I'm not mistaken the money in football (particularly in England, Italy and Spain) has been utterly obscene for years.
    £500k a week is not particularly any more obscene than £150k - £200k a week - all ridiculous for playing football. Let's also not forget that Utd have just splashed out £20m plus for players that, in reality, will barely get a game and several clubs regularly fork out millions of pounds on journeymen and hot prospects that don't even make the grade City included). Risks are made in football all the time but if it's affordable to a club then, hey, that's their prerogative (and City's owners can certainly afford it!).
    The truth is, while there's a market for watching these players in the EPL, and the money's there, it'll continue.
    I particularly like the comments saying that Kaka (or any top player for that matter) should only chosse a club that has an immediate chance to win trophies. That's exactly the kind of attitude that has created the elite closed shop that currently exists. Do other clubs and their fans not have a right to challenge for success? (Comments from people with an affiliation to clubs that currently sit in nthis fortunate position who feel threatened me thinks!).
    Finally, agree with Phil's latest post. Of course City need to strengthen defensively. Are you naive enough to think the owners and manager aren't acutely aware of that. Watch for the rest of the transfer window. I'm certain money will also be spent bringing in that type of player before the month is out. And let's face it, if Kaka does arrive, the chances of attracting good quality defensive players can only increase. Will those players attract over the odds transfer fees? Very probably, but as I've already said, if the owners want to pay those fees and can afford it, that's their choice!
    I for one, as a Blue who has long "enjoyed" the winding and rocky road so far, will be strapping myself in for yet another interesting and eventful ride and if it rocks the "top 4" boat, and the likes of Villa can do the same, then long may it last!!!

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  • 329. At 6:06pm on 17 Jan 2009, ccfoster83 wrote:

    Just a few points i'd like to raise....(i'm not a City fan) from perspectives i don't think have been covered...(although i haven't read every post, too many!)

    The fans may be happy to see Kaka arrive at City but wouldn't they be happier, especially in this current economic climate if they new owners decided to heavily subsidise ticket prices or even give free entry? This would be a far better use of 100mil. or do both if they can afford it!

    Big films stars get amounts like 25mil for making a movie, which is about 4 months work. Kaka earning the same amount over a year for serious hard graft (training sessions) looks fine in comparison. Its not easy to be as fit as these players.

    Perhaps the Oil Baron should look in the mirror and realise there are people in far bigger need of the amount of money being bandied around. There are still starving people in the world, perhaps someone needs to tell him. Or how about the biggest threat to the planets future, deforestisation. The amazon is suffering.

    However i do not believe any person in the world would turn down that wage, they are a liar to say otherwise. People should stop making Kaka to be a villian. Being a religious chap for all we know he might donate a lot to charity.

    Great for UK economy, assuming he pays Tax. approx 10mil a year in our coffers.

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  • 330. At 6:40pm on 17 Jan 2009, whalleystrange wrote:

    "...pits them up against a club that has become, under manager Steve Bruce and chairman Dave Whelan, a by-word for the sound and sensible financial management... "

    A good article overall Phil but didn't Wigan free spend their way through three divisions to get to the PL in the first place?

    City are only trying to spend their way through one division.

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  • 331. At 7:03pm on 17 Jan 2009, Nicky9L wrote:

    Please don't come to Man city, A player of his quality should be seen in the champion's league final, not fighting against relegation

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  • 332. At 7:42pm on 17 Jan 2009, Paul Newton wrote:

    sonofthedesert, you must be a fellow Laurel and Hardy fan with a blog name like that. Well done lad! "Excuse me one moment; my ear is full of milk!"

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  • 333. At 8:58pm on 17 Jan 2009, cityman111 wrote:

    What people are missing when they comment on City is that this is not debt built on the club everyone knows this makes no sense financially for MCFC. City are indirect beneficiaries of Abu Dhabi advertising budget.

    Until they bought City I did not know that they are the largest Emirate or that they were in the same league as Dubai, £100 million is nothing if they can raise there Countries international profile. The people running City are serious business men looking to there own countries future looked at that way this makes perfect sense.

    Just look at the web Abu Dhabi mentioned every where around the world.

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  • 334. At 00:03am on 18 Jan 2009, The Bionic King wrote:

    Reality will hit for City fans when the money men tire of pouring money into the team and start looking for results.

    At some point that time will come, even Abramovich seems to have calmed his spending,and when it does I fear for ticket prices and other merchandising.

    Until City have some real consistant success they will not achieve the global market presence of the likes of ManUSA PLC, Liverpool, Chelski or Woolwich and until they have that presence additional income will be hard to come by.

    I hate what the money represents, they would not spend it if they didn't expect to get it back and it skews the market for other well run clubs who often rely on transfer dealings to keep themselves alive (Wigan). Prices will go up and they won't be able to bring in the future stars as they more and more often get snapped up by the 'academies' of the rich clubs for silly money.

    I hope Kaka stays in Milan for the future of football, a £100M plus transfer could seriously damage the ability of clubs to do business.

    Good luck to City, as a Spurs fan I know how much disapointment and instability can hurt, I just hope it doesn't destroy what is a decent club with great supporters.

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  • 335. At 00:20am on 18 Jan 2009, Natbankofuganda wrote:

    #4 says:

    "If City are successful the major losers are clubs like Villa, Tottenham and Everton. Those are all clubs who havve once harboured thoughts of playing Champions league football. (which applies to Villa this year!) It is hard enough with with the so called big 4 at the moment but throw an even bigger club into the mix and what chance do they have?! "

    Speaking as a Spurs fan, in the short-term, yes (assuming we stay up) - we well be affected by City's wealth. But in the long-term the opposite will happen.

    The Big 4 - as it is - is a convenience, for the simple fact there are four CL spots. But its simple mathematics that 5 into 4 doesn't go.

    Its the Alan Sugar syndrome - 'one of you WILL miss out on the Champions League'. But this splits up the Big 4 between mere CL qualifiers and the front-line title challengers (i.e. the top two). The near guarantees of the current set-up are removed, making it slightly harder for 3rd / 4th place sides to attract top players. Such clubs may also be more cautious on transfer policy, if CL football becomes less certain.

    It is this that opens the door for Tottenham, Villa and Everton, maybe other clubs - to challenge for CL football.

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  • 336. At 01:15am on 18 Jan 2009, allejo wrote:

    Say goodbye to the Champions League, the European Cup. Wasn't it a great competition for heroes? The music, Zidane's volley, Barcelona 99, the Busby Babes...

    If this deal goes through it will prove that trophies and the biggest stage don't mean as much as we'd like to think. A great player, Kaka, a good guy by the looks of things values money more than the top level. the buzz, the compeition, the honour.

    Secondly, if 7 times European cup winners Milan lose their star to MAN CITY, low down in the English league - what hope is there for European competition? The prestige is gone, all English semi finals year after year because of distant foreign inverstors. Why represent clubs like Madrid and Milan and follow in the footsteps of Di Stefano and Maldini when you can pick up extra $$$$ at Chelsea or Man City. Maybe Newcastle soon. Maybe QPR or Barcelona will be a real dilemna for Messi in a few years.
    Ban us Platini - the greed, the horror.

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  • 337. At 01:33am on 18 Jan 2009, magichsd57 wrote:

    Kaka would be a great buy for Man City and finally with some more incoming players become a strong candidates for the Premiership in a couple years. Hughes will not last long and maybe some other brazilian players may be on the cards. I think Ron will be next. The other Ron - Cristiano is a great player but Kaka is better. Next year he will be the best player in the premiership.

    Next team to get some big bucks will be newcastle.

    Premiership will become a hub for classy and skillful players. Fabresga for Man City??

    [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

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  • 338. At 11:10am on 18 Jan 2009, Stuart wrote:

    Does anyone know why the billionaires have flocked to the Premier League? Why not other leagues?

    Is this the Big Boys Billionaires Club? Do you have to own a football club to play?

    It can't be for the money, so is it for the prestige?

    Are they genuine football fans? Has anyone considered that? We all start supporting a club at some age. Maybe for the billionaires they find their 'mecca' later in life.

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  • 339. At 12:07pm on 18 Jan 2009, fair teh middlin wrote:

    It'll be nice to see Kaka playing at Carrow Road next season.

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  • 340. At 12:55pm on 18 Jan 2009, Chelsea logic wrote:

    Fifa should intervene. City are not playing the game for me, they are not keeping in with the principles. To suddenly offer in the region of 100 million plus for a single player and be able to pay the player 500 grand a week wages is bringing the game into disrepute. They are basically making a mockery of the transfer policies and are not acting in business sense or fair play. If Fifa sits back and lets Man City disrupt the game then they can take most of the blame themselves. They have a huge part to play in this circus sideshow. My post is not made in the wake of bitterness either as a Chelsea fan either. I am not against other clubs coming into wealth and spicing up the premiership and making the league more competitive, but I am against bullying and acts of unfair play. Before someone suggests Chelsea did the same thing I would like to point out Chelsea have never payed stupid money for any individual player and have always tried to pay the going rate. Clubs did take advantage of Roman's wealth by over pricing players but Roman never offered sums of ridiculous money on a certain player when he could have done so. There was no stopping Roman offering 100 million on both Kaka and Messi 2 seasons ago was there? He could have afforded it but he chose to operate in sense and fair play. What City are doing is a complete joke and are simply bullying their way into the game. The realistic outcome for me looks simple. City will have a team full of individuals on silly money but will be fighting relegation or mid table every season without champion's league football. They will have a team of moaners, all on different huge salary packets and all wanting to be the highest earner and always playing. The circus show continues.....

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  • 341. At 2:00pm on 18 Jan 2009, iknowwhatilike wrote:

    I really don't what all the fuss is - what if Man City buy Premiership success they wouldn't be the first.

    This is exactly what has happened since the Premiership came into existence.

    Does anyone think Blackburn would have been able to win the Premiership without Jack Walker's money,Leeds would have been able to compete at the top without mortaging themselves to the hilt,Man U would have had the success they have had without the Premiership making them the richest club in the world,Chelsea - need I say more, Villa would be capable of breaking into the top four without Lerner's money, Arsenal would have been able to build a magnificent new ground - finance a world wide scouting system and pay ludricous money on unproven potential without good financial backing , Liverpool are a bit of an odd man out as they hung on under the old system of being a rich man's hobby until they saw the light then picked the wrong backers.
    Then look at all the teams who have tried with wealthy investors backing to break into the top four - they knew the quickest way to do was by spending big money.
    Money is the prime factor in success in Premiership hence the richest club in the world has won the most Premiership titles.
    I would love English football to go the way of the romantics and for clubs to be owned by fans and for the majority of the teams to be local and home produced players but it isn't going to happen.
    The Premiership was the first nail in the coffin of English Football - the game is now out of our hands and fast becoming a global business with little regard for its' roots.
    The only hope is for the Premiership clubs(those that can afford the entry fees)to make their inevitable move onto European and/or World leagues and cups whilst the rest of the English Leagues see the light and move towards fan ownership and properly organised production of home players - Academies don't work ,they are too elitist and exclusive at too young an age.

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  • 342. At 2:02pm on 18 Jan 2009, Mandryang wrote:

    Very good comment from Chelsea logic.
    Fifa should intervene and stop this crazy circus.

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  • 343. At 3:05pm on 18 Jan 2009, kalyabe wrote:

    How I wish Man city learn from the past mistakes Abromovich is nursing recently.
    Just as you said, any team would love to work along side the great personality of kaka. But reality shouldn't be undermined.

    A good defense and a water tight midfield wins trophies,especially in England. The attacking side is always for fans and to ice on a cake.
    Well, that's football...for some of us , it will be joy to see him regularly in the most famous football league.

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  • 344. At 3:22pm on 18 Jan 2009, Chelsea logic wrote:

    I have nothing against City coming into wealth. To have another club challenging eventually at the top is good and makes things interesting, but a big BUT, throwing stupendous money around and acting like bullies I am totally against. Then there is the disrupting and the circus show that comes with it. What we will have is players only interested in the money rather than winning things. Kaka recently went on record saying he misses playing in the champion's league, saying he misses the big occasion and the stage to play on to show his real worth. Then he considers joining Man City. What a hypocrite!!

    We had Robinho on record saying before he left Madrid and when he was being chased by Chelsea, long before City showed any interest that he wanted to play for a big club and wanted to become the best player in the world. He wanted to be seen as Europe's best player in the champion's league. What happened? He chose City in the very last hour of the transfer window before it closed.

    You couldn't make it up.

    These players are not going to city for sporting reasons. They are choosing city for money.

    Then we have a even bigger problem. What if the Arabs decide to quit. City will have players on 500 grand a week wages. How on earth could they pay this wage bill? The players will refuse to leave because they will have years to run on their contracts earning them millions. No other club will match the wages elsewhere.

    Then we have another scenario of player unrest. kaka comes in on 500 grand a week. Robinho suddenly gets the hump because he's on 100 grand a week and now demands parity. Then City sign Messi, putting him on 600 grand a week to get him. Then we have both kaka and Robinho throwing their toys out of the pram. Doesn't Mark Hughes see these potential problems that will destroy his team and dressing room should they happen?

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  • 345. At 5:24pm on 18 Jan 2009, GoonersGonnaGetU wrote:

    The previous comments, especially the last one is so non-sensical. City will not make the same mistakes chelsea have they have been shown the way not to do things. Buying only World class players will have its rewards, The Sheikh's wealth is relative and at the same time seems unreasonable to the regular person. Some players of greatness will see footballing success over money because it is the same thing. Kaka has won everything and must be an intelligent man. Stop speculating and start spectating, i am an Arsenal fan and cannot wait to see Kaka if indeed he does move, then i think City should buy Leo Messi and Franck Ribery. Then John Terry and Nemanja Vidic.

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  • 346. At 5:41pm on 18 Jan 2009, Chelsea logic wrote:

    The previous comments, especially the last one is so non-sensical.

    City will not make the same mistakes chelsea have



    And you're making sense?

    Chelsea won back to back titles, how did they make a mistake?

    Chelsea have stopped with the spending and are now bringing in the kids. How are they making a mistake?

    Roman Abramovich could have done a Man City and offered 100 million transfer fee for either kaka or Messi two seasons ago. Why didn't he? Becuase it's insane! It is not business sense and the club could never, ever be self sufficient splashing out 500 grand a week on wages.

    I wouldn't like to see kaka go for the money like Robinho did. It is certainly not for winning things or for sporting reasons. However, a part of me would like to see it happen, just so that everything will soon go pear shape and the club becomes in turmoil for attempting such a immorral act of spoiling things.

    Imagine City having five or six top players earning 500 grand plus a week wages yet are still struggling to reach the champion's league in five seasons time. Player unrest, squabbling over wage contracts, parity, players all wanting to play, the club not progressing. All the things that Chelsea hadn't put themselves in becuase they chose to stop spending big and ease up on their wage bill. All the things that City are looking to do.

    What makes you think Terry, Vidic and others will join City? Not all players are driven by the lure of money.

    Torres on record as come out and said he wants to be recognised as a player who has won the most trophies and not the player who had won the most money.

    You think City could operate as a business spending 100 million on players and dishing out 500 grand a week on wages?

    I see dark times ahead for City and see the demise of the sport in particular, especially for the so say best players who chose money over sporting reasons.

    fair play to Torres for making his comments and be prepared to see City get snubbed by many others who see them as a laughing stock or circus outfit.

    What happens if a billionaire worth more than the Arabs take over Accrington Stanley? Will that make them the best team in the world in a few seasons? Will players like Kaka jump ship to play for Accrington if offered a few hundred thousand pounds a week more than he will be on with city?

    City will have a team where superstars will be fighting in mid table football and watching their status as players disintegrate along with their egos. If City succeed in luring all the best players in the world to play in a relegation battle then my interest in football will die a quick death. What an absolute joke....the circus has arrived in town.....

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  • 347. At 6:08pm on 18 Jan 2009, yofand wrote:

    Does not make business sense. Yes they will sell loads of shirts but he only has a small name. Now if it was the guy from Celtic...........

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  • 348. At 6:38pm on 18 Jan 2009, captainmadmatt wrote:

    All the talk of this deal runining football is ridiculous. The Premier League has been dominated by a handful of clubs since its inception. The only way to open up the competition under the current rules is to pump money into another club...FACT

    So the way i see it, good on Abu Dhabi United Corp for chosing a fabulous club with a roller-coaster history and one of the most loyal fan bases out there. I for one have dreamed of seeing my club win a major competition in my life time and this is the only way it will happen. Same goes for all other clubs outside of the select few at the top.

    So, if someone heralds a £100m offer for the best player in the world as being "unhealthy" and thinks it is destroying football then he needs to consider the history of the development of this league and the way wages have risen at major clubs to keep hold of thier players and block other clubs competing. I have no doubt United would get Kaka for £50-60m, which automatically means we would not, which is why we have to offer more.

    Where does this end? Simple answer? It doesn't. One day there will be another Abu Dhabi United Corp...and then another...and then another...until such tie as the league puts rules in place to stop it.

    But if and when they do put rules in place then they need to consider how to prevent a handful of clubs dominating the game and open up the competition - not just blocking new entrants.

    So leave City alone and dont point the finger at this latest act blindly as if this act alone is responsible destroying football - if the football is "broken" it developed a slow puncture over the last two decades and collapsed with a deflating sigh, rather than being viciously impaled with a spear today, as all the people spitting out their dummies would have you believe....

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  • 349. At 8:09pm on 18 Jan 2009, diabolical-villain wrote:

    what if kaka comes and cant adapt to the premier league(or maybe even the championship) or gets injured? there are sooooooo many things wrong with the transfer of this player. i think it will destroy a career which promises so much and city cant expect him to automatically guarentee them champions league football as he did not even do that with ac milan last season, who lets face it, are a much more well balanced side. furthermore man citys pursuit of nigel de jong is in many ways an absoloute farce. paying 13m for a player who can be snapped up for just 1.8 in 6 months time is ludacris.

    i think that someday man city will have a team of (underachieveing) superstars and then what for he shieks? bordem will settle in and they'll move on and destroy some other sport.

    hillary for president

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  • 350. At 8:22pm on 18 Jan 2009, EricVonLooney wrote:

    Its about time someone saw things from City's fans' perspective. And thank you for pointing out how much money United etc have paid for players over recent years. People have to realise this is a totally different beast than your average football club owner. They have money to burn which we as fans could never comprehend. It will take City time to develop their squad. Aston Villa are doing really well at the moment and I hope they break into the top 4 this season. Everton are also an extremely good side. Things are hopefully changing now in the Premiership and teams like Villa and I would hope City will give the top 4 a run for their money in the coming seasons.

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  • 351. At 9:12pm on 18 Jan 2009, VillaTone wrote:

    The football bubble will burst this year. With dramatically rising unemployment these wage levels will be objected to and challenged by the masses. Also can we stop expressing wages on a weekly basis so we can all see how much these professionals earn? The average wage in Britain is around £23,000. Your typical premier league player earns £1.5 million per year. It has to stop.

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  • 352. At 00:13am on 19 Jan 2009, Mr_Legend wrote:

    I would be very very surprised if Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan walks out of Eastlands any time soon. This man is worth $1 Trillion dollars, and Man City is a showpiece investment. He'd have to be in pretty dire straights to face the embarrassment of walking out a failure.

    If the worst was to happen, I don't believe that it would be that damaging to city. Those Galacticos are valuable assets, and it wont be hard to find a buyer for them. If Man City's Arab friends packed up and left today, they'd be in better financial shape than they were before them. The Sheikh is rich enough that he does not need to push the club into debt (Like the Glazers at united).

    From my point of view, all this stuff at City is only good for the league. It's bringing top talent into the league, and that transfer money will trickle down through other clubs as city spend the crazy money on players. From my point of view this sort of pantomime just makes the league more exciting. We're lucky that the Sheikh decided on city rather than a club in Italy or Spain, otherwise we might have been seeing alot of our favourite players leaving England.

    Good luck to you city, you've got the big 4 quaking in their boots I'm looking forward to you shaking up the top end of the table (next season that is).

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  • 353. At 03:46am on 19 Jan 2009, goodJohntheblue wrote:

    I really am sick to the back teeth of reading about other football fans and writers taking the moral high ground on Citys new found wealth and their continuing pursuit of Kaka. Let's have a quick reality check here people. If you're a Blue living in the shadow of the most successful British football club of the last 15 years, being offered billions of pounds to buy the worlds best players is going to be met with a resounding 'Yes please!' If any other club was offered the the kind of money the Abu Dhabi Group put on the table, they'd bite their hand off. But still there's talk from sections saying 'they're just going to buy success'. My answer to that would be. 'Yes. And?'
    As Phil McNulty pointed out in his above article people tend to forget the money Manchester United and Chelsea spent on players. Ferdinand, Rooney and Veron were all 20 million pounds plus. Shevchenko and Berbatov were 30 million and over. City have to pay ridiculous amounts of money BECAUSE we're Manchester City. At the moment we're an average top flight football club who haven't won a trophy since '76. But if you can afford the 'big guns', then why shouldn't you go for them? It's a statement of intent from Citys money men to show that we're serious about competing with the best (in the transfer window at least). Let's not kid ourselves here. If Kaka does come it's going to be for the money but it could be the catalyst for signing other world class players. Their thinking being 'well if Kaka's playing for them then why not me?'
    Even if the money men pull out after a few years and we have to sell all the talent we've accumulated, so what? Struggle in the Premier League? Definitely. Get relegated? Possibly. But you're talking about a team that 10 years ago was playing league football two divisions lower to average home gates of 25,000. Relegation holds no fear for a City fan compared to a follower of a club such as Everton. In the longrun, chances are it will all end in tears but ask the average City fan what they think and you'll usually get the same response. 'Sod it, let's get on the roller coaster!'

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  • 354. At 08:24am on 19 Jan 2009, ccfcjayjay wrote:

    Is one player worth £100m+ ? i dont think so, but surely what man city are paying for here is more than a player, its a statement of intent. IF they can get Kaka in, suddenly its going to be a lot more tempting for the rest of europes elite to be joining the Citeh revolution. I think honestly if in this transfer window City only sign Kaka, they will have made a big mistake, as its plain for all to see that they need strengthening at the other end of the pitch, but if they sign Kaka and a solid DM and maybe a couple of class defenders, with the Prem table being so tight, a european place suddenly looks viable again, and with european football and kaka on board for next season, city will be looking a pretty sweet prospect for most players looking for money or silverwear. Fair play to them if you ask me, its a fairly big gamble, but its not like the sheik's can't afford it!

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  • 355. At 08:27am on 19 Jan 2009, Roy of the Rovers wrote:

    Whether you believe this transfer is morally right or wrong, it will now be a massive anti-climax to this transfer window, if it does'nt happen.

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  • 356. At 3:24pm on 19 Jan 2009, Notagain10mins2go wrote:

    Haven't we seen all this HYPE over money being thrown about before.....

    Blackburn ( the money stopped now they are midtable journeymen)

    Leeds ( everyone knows about chairmen living the dream)

    Chelsea ( An owner on the brink, does leeds ring a bell)

    Newcastle ( ?????? Words fail me)

    Real Madrid ( Galactico's)

    Money can't buy happiness but is fun while it lasts, as long as you have your hankies ready when it all comes to an end.

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