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Keegan exit turns heat on Ashley

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Phil McNulty | 13:15 GMT, Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Kevin Keegan has left Newcastle for the final time - plunging the club's fervent following into mourning once more.

If his first departure in January 1997 sent shockwaves reverberating well beyond Tyneside, this latest parting comes with little more than a minor tremor.

The shock comes in the timing, only three games into the new Premier League season and 24 hours after the signing of striker Deportivo La Coruna striker Xisco and Valencia midfield man Ignacio Gonzalez.

But it could be that the arrival of those relatively unsung players was a catalyst for a split that leaves Newcastle owner Mike Ashley in a hugely vulnerable position.

Keegan's passionate and all-consuming personality, plus his perfectly understandable desire to control his own destiny, made him an uncomfortable fit inside Ashley's management structure at Newcastle.

And Ashley's appointment of Dennis Wise as executive director of football was a poor decision on the owner's part.

The first cracks appeared in May when Keegan reacted to defeat against Chelsea by claiming he would not be able to break into the top four, adding for good measure: "Maybe the owner thinks we can bridge that gap - but we can't."

It was a clear sign that Keegan and Ashley had difference expectations. A bad sign so early in his tenure.

And there were constant suggestions eminating from Tyneside that Keegan was not exercising full control over transfers.

These were not the only issues that led to Keegan's second coming at Newcastle degenerating into an unsatisfactory affair.

Michael Owen has failed to sign a new contract, Joey Barton's future has been a matter for debate after he was released from prison and Keegan was clearly reluctant to part with James Milner - even though he insisted it was his decision to sell him to Aston Villa.

Keegan never looked fully at ease with his role at Newcastle, where he was tugged back by his heart-strings in January after insisting he would never return to management after leaving Manchester City.

Kevin Keegan

And the presence of Wise in the background was always a source of suspicion among Newcastle fans, who felt he was driving transfer policy as opposed to Keegan.

If Keegan felt he was being undermined it would have been tough for him to take, especially given that he has a pedigree as player and manager that is light years ahead of anything Wise can rustle up.

Owner Ashley traded on his man of the people reputation - sitting with supporters at matches and even wearing his Newcastle shirt emblazoned with "King Kev 1" at what turned out to be his manager's final game at Arsenal on Saturday.

But he has never shown a sure footballing touch. If you appoint Keegan as manager, you must let him dictate transfer policy and allow him to stand and fall by his own decisions.

Ashley is being hasty in parting with Keegan. If anyone was going to change policy and approach it should have been Ashley as opposed to Keegan.

And where Ashley goes for his next manager will be a measure of whether he is up to the task of controlling the footballing monster that is Newcastle United.

He may even be tempted to hand the controls to Wise, but this is a temptation he should resist. The phrase "lead balloon" springs to mind instantly.

It would be a bad choice from both a footballing and political point of view. He has no Premier League track record as a manager and the mere mention of his name brought jeers from fans gathered outside St James' Park awaiting confirmation of Keegan's exit.

For Newcastle, it is another sorry episode for a club that paints itself as a giant of the game and yet has not won a major trophy since the Inter Cities Fairs Cup in 1969.

They are almost terminally unstable, shifting from manager to manager with monotonous regularity, and shipping players in and out in a ludicrous revolving door policy.

At least Keegan would have been given time by Newcastle's fans to try and get the job done, such is their reverence for the former England boss.

Instead he has gone, probably out of football forever, and Newcastle are stranded in familiar crisis territory again.

It is a sorry end for Keegan. Many doubted the wisdom of his decision to return to Newcastle, indeed some might even revel in his downfall.

This would be desperately unfair. He has his failings (don't we all?) but they are far outweighed by his honesty, decency and his desire to play the game in attacking manner.

Keegan has said many times he knows what Newcastle fans want. He has proved it in the past.

He certainly knows more than Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise and it is a genuine shame that he will not be able to give it to them.


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  • 1. At 3:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, bergkamp69 wrote:


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  • 2. At 4:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, King_kev_no1 wrote:

    rotten decision, had Ashley given Keegan the time i.e. 3 years, I think they could have been a top eight side, just look at O'Neill at Villa. But with Wise looking over his shoulder I can't help but think the writing was on the wall a long time ago. Desperate times for the toon.

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  • 3. At 4:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, Hot Butter wrote:

    big sam?

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  • 4. At 4:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, Welsh Born Magpie wrote:

    The day after witnessing Man Citys rocket into the suer league of richness, this is all we need. Like you say a manager we all love at the club and no matter whether he was doing well or bad, you cant help that the fans would be on his side. I for one was waiting up duting deadline day to witness this WOW signing, but sadly was dissapointment with two captures of whom I have never heared of, same old same old.

    If it wasnt fot the financial situation with a fairly good money backing wed be relegated long ago, so now with so much promise at the start for the season, I am gutted to witness the inevitable demise of Newcastle United!

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  • 5. At 4:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, BomberAbe wrote:

    Both Keegan and Ashley should have known that money alone won't get them the best players. It will only get them the likes of Luque...... The club needs stability in which players and manager can settle and build for the future, and in which players with ambition can play a part.

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  • 6. At 4:01pm on 02 Sep 2008, ourcescisgod wrote:

    This "big club" is a complete joke it doesn't seem to matter who's in charge they never get it right. Why anyone would employ dennis wise to do a job for a man the bought anelka to man city, ginola to newcastle and SHEARER to newcastle is beyond me!

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  • 7. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, scholsey1982 wrote:

    I feel so sorry for Newcastle fans, for their loyal support they don't deserve to be messed around like this. Get in a decent manager and give him a chance to get the team somewhere!

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  • 8. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, TheJonsterMonster wrote:

    I can't say I'm shocked by this news, though maybe by it's timing. Whoever comes in will be inheriting a side and unable to add to it for 4 months.

    I seem to remember it being pointed out when Keegan was appointed that he would need to make his own decisions and instead all these random boardroom appointments were made, such as Wise etc. Clearly Keegan's position has been undermined.

    As for the next manager, somebody Spanish perhaps following the club's recent acquisitions? Don't envy whoever it is coming in though. I'm racking my brains trying to think of who might have become available from La Liga.

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  • 9. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, frosty1981 wrote:

    Why? Why? WHY!!!!!!! I'm a lifelong toon fan and I genuinly felt we had something starting here. Ashley - you have interferred too much Sir! Bring back Shepherd - at least he knew his place. These are dark dark days for us indeed, and if he thinks he has a ready made replacement for Kev in Mr.Wise he will be very much mistaken.

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  • 10. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, l00py wrote:

    I find it a bit harsh when bbc articles say that Newcastle have collected 'just' 4 points from 3 games. It makes it sound like Newcastle have had an indifferent start to the season.

    Given that those three games include trips to Arsenal and Man Utd, 4 points is a pretty respectable tally!

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  • 11. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    Who is to say that the appointment of Dennis Wise was a poor decision. Wise has more experience of the modern game wouldn't you say?

    Is it a question of what was agreed in January when Keegan came back. Was he promised there was money and was he told he would have carte blanche with it?

    Keegan may know what Newcastle fans want, but Newcastle fans seem to have a different view of what they think they should have compared to like outside of St James' Park.

    On the other hand, I guess at least Curbishley can say, 'I wasn't first!'.

    Can I ask, again, why are these articles now presented as a blog rather than a 606 thread?

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  • 12. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, global_citizen wrote:

    I have to believe Ashley has someone in mind to replace Keegan other than Wise...

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  • 13. At 4:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, Geordie_McFishcake wrote:

    What gets me is the club can't break the news. They where quite happy to bombard me with texts telling me we have signed Danny Gutherie but when it comes to real news the club fall silent...

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  • 14. At 4:05pm on 02 Sep 2008, Coldcell2008 wrote:

    Why does the BBC article mention only 4 points from the opening three games? We travelled to Emirates and Old Trafford and had 'let's play 10 men behind the ball' Bolton at home. It was a good start to the season. This is ridiculous. Ashley is a joke at the moment. The management set-up will never work - this smacks of Mad Vlad at Hearts. Can we at least get a proven top manager in now please Mr Ashley?

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  • 15. At 4:05pm on 02 Sep 2008, keithirons wrote:

    So un-Wise...

    It's becoming increasingly difficult to be a toon fan, not because of what occurs on the pitch, but within the corridors of power.

    On the pitch, I never had much to complain about where Keegan was concerned. He held the team together (something other managers had struggled with), he knew where the players were best placed and how to get the best out of them. Most of all he liked us to play football.

    The management have more of a fondness for russian roulette - so the consequences are somewhat enevitable.

    The merry-go-round will likely cough up a manager who has one eye on the payoff options before they start. It appears to be the only bit of business a manager can do up here...


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  • 16. At 4:06pm on 02 Sep 2008, paddo44 wrote:

    why dont we just play without a manager?

    everytime we get a decent manager we either sack him or do something to make him leave.

    its just getting pathetic

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  • 17. At 4:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, The end is nigh wrote:

    Alan Shearer anyone? That should keep the toon happy.

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  • 18. At 4:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, David wrote:

    Ashley needs his head examined. I think it would be a sign of rashness if he headed out to the Bigg Market again.

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  • 19. At 4:14pm on 02 Sep 2008, evilgrandmaster wrote:

    I think Ashley should sell up, if I was a mega rich arab Newcastle would be in my top 3 of clubs to buy!

    At least this makes me feel better about spurs!


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  • 20. At 4:14pm on 02 Sep 2008, flymetothenorth wrote:

    As usuall Phil you are spt on with your observations. God only knows what is going on at Newcastle. There used to be a brewery in Newcastle but it's clear nobody at NUFC could organise a p*** up there.
    Everybody in the world of football will be LOL at this debacle.

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  • 21. At 4:15pm on 02 Sep 2008, red-dingo wrote:

    Though i'm a Red, Keegan is a footballing institution in himself. Ashley doesnt know what he is doing and the thought of Dennis Wise being Keegan's Boss is ludicrous in itself. He's not fit to tie Keegan's boots. It'll be interesting to see what happens now!!!

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  • 22. At 4:15pm on 02 Sep 2008, EnglandsCaptain wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 23. At 4:15pm on 02 Sep 2008, DavidBeckhamsBeard wrote:

    I genuinely feel sorry for Kevin and for all those fans.

    Contrary to the money that has been spent and the players that have been sold, it seems without his permission, he has done great work.

    But as you said Phil, the cracks were really there from when Ashley introduced his own board room/ back room team that from the start screamed out that it was undermining Keegan, he never looked comfortable talking about it, even when he was assuring us that it was done with his permission.

    Perhaps Ashley decided to get rid of him after he made those comments, and thats why he was clearing out the squad, offering their top strikers pay cuts, and not funding the manager for the signings like he was promised when he took over the reigns?

    Or even worse, skullduggery on wise's side to push himself into the frame for the top job?

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  • 24. At 4:16pm on 02 Sep 2008, Davinder Sangha wrote:

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  • 25. At 4:17pm on 02 Sep 2008, manutdftw55 wrote:

    Keegan leaving is absolutely ridiculous.

    It seems like another false dawn and that Newcastles only hope is that Ashley gets bored and sells the club.

    Another millionaire backer is not the answer though; they need leadership and continuity.

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  • 26. At 4:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, deadballdispute wrote:

    Not a great decision by a chairman who seems to think that sitting with the fans and wearing a Newscastle shirt is enough to run a football club. Keegan deserved better and I'm afraid that the next person out the door will be Owen in January. He will not want to be involved in a club that is going nowhere.

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  • 27. At 4:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, highthief wrote:

    Madness - I was not overly impressed with how Ashley dealt with Allardyce and brought in Keegan in the first place, but having brought Keegan in it was bizarre how he hamstrung the guy within a couple of weeks by bringing in Wise.

    What player in his right mind will want to play for Newcastle now under the current ownership?

    Bet Ashley won't be sitting amongst the fans at the next home game!

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  • 28. At 4:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, ANFinJakarta wrote:

    This club continues to be stunningly buffoonish. Ashley is in this for the money pure and simple, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I'm sure we'll bring in some has-been or some wanna-be to replace KK, but no one truly solid and capable of getting us to the top four. It's a mute point who we bring in anyway for as long as Ashley is running the club like a sporting goods store, mediocrity is the best we can hope for. Ashley's ego apparently won't allow him to turn football (including acquisitions and divestitures) over to a football man.

    I weep for my fellow Toon fans.

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  • 29. At 4:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ranbir wrote:

    Something tells me Mike won't be sitting as 'one of the fans' anymore, maybe?

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  • 30. At 4:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBenWell wrote:

    Slaven Bilic. Go and get him Ashley. Go now.

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  • 31. At 4:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, Nick wrote:


    after Alan Shearer there will be no more "Messiah" who could come in to keep the fans happy.

    But why would Alan go there?

    I wouldn't. Much easier to keep his feet under that table on MoTD and slag off Newcastle from there.

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  • 32. At 4:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, 4thecaptain wrote:

    Keegan's position was undermined straight away with Wise's appointment. How Ashley has become a succesful businessman I don't know. He clearly knows nothing about owning a football club.

    Having said that, Keegan isn't really up to it and I think his support of Barton hasn't helped.

    Next manager is Wise, obvious.
    No-one else will take it.

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  • 33. At 4:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, risktaker616 wrote:

    i fear for the future of the club after this mess. keegan knew what he was doing, he wasnt going to perform miracles but he would have provided stability and given the club something to build on. now i worry for the next man that is brought in because if keegan isnt given what he wants i.e. control i dont see who will be.

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  • 34. At 4:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, paddo44 wrote:

    Alan Shearer anyone? That should keep the toon happy.


    it would but then someone would find a reason to get rid of him. At this rate everyone in Newcastle will get a shot at managing NUFC

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  • 35. At 4:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, EnglandsCaptain wrote:

    Might as well give Slaven a cheque for 2 mill and tell him not to bother turning up, he'll be canned in a few months anyway!

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  • 36. At 4:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, manutdftw55 wrote:

    If Wise took over it would be a disaster.

    As for Shearer, I still dont think he's ready!
    They need someone with experience and is prepared to, somehow, sort Newcastle out!

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  • 37. At 4:21pm on 02 Sep 2008, DeftonedEvan wrote:

    Two words - typical Newcastle.

    What they have done with Keegan (twice) and Bobby Robson before him is nothing short of scanderlous. Even since Sir John Hall left the club, weve had a set of 'directors' who have ran the club like it's their own little playground. They haven't let the manager do his own job, and have meddled to the point where we've gone from a top 4 side to the laughing stock of the Premier League. As someone else has already said, if it wasn't for the money we'd have been relegated long ago.

    The board should do the honourable thing and resign as soon as possible. I'm waiting with baited breath for a takeover - that's the best thing that can happen at the moment to the soap opera that is Newcastle United.

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  • 38. At 4:21pm on 02 Sep 2008, SheikhinAllOver wrote:

    Newcastle Comedy Club strikes again. What a waste of a passionate fan base. Oh, and by the way, thanks for taking that thug and that inept manger off our hands. Onwards and upwards. Not.

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  • 39. At 4:21pm on 02 Sep 2008, PompeyAmerican wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 40. At 4:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, Smitfire wrote:

    Keegan should get back to playing lots of Golf, nailing nasty little five footers, instead of having one looking over his shoulder called Dennis Wise.

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  • 41. At 4:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, captchris wrote:

    Quite right to those who said that Newcastle have had a good start to the season - excellent draw at Old Trafford, hard-fought win over Bolton, and coming through a tricky cup tie away to Coventry. It's only the Arsenal game that has been poor - and how many teams come away from the Emirates with anything anyway?

    On the Ashley matter, I never thought we could have a worse chairman than FFS, but I guess I was wrong...

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  • 42. At 4:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, BulgarianManc wrote:

    Predictions.....England destroy Croatia and Billic becomes toon manager....can't see either though

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  • 43. At 4:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, bluedave1359 wrote:

    To be honest who wants the job ?

    Certainly not Shearer, he's way too smart to take on the poisoned chalice.

    I think the only half experienced manager who might be tempted would be Paul Jewell.

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  • 44. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, bealog wrote:

    The Premier League is the biggest real-life soap opera. Man City getting Robinho??
    Man Utd paying £30m+ for Berbatov?
    Newcastle and Keegan parting company?

    No surprise when you take into consideration the goings on over the past while, but as a neutral, I am amazed.

    Newcastle started the campaign rather well. I think Keegan had assembled a pretty decent squad of players, and had them playing good football. However, Keegan was backed by a so-called billionaire who loves Newcastle so much that he allows Milner to be sold (for a nice profit), apparently against the wishes of Keegan.

    I feel sorry for Keegan, but I really feel sorry for the Toon faithful. All they want to do is support an attractively playing, attack minded football team, who may win a cup and push the Big Four a bit. Given a bit of time, Keegan would do that.

    Who will they install now??? Shearer? Nah. Gullit? Get a grip. Once again, Newcastle appear to be in disarray. Wise was an unwise choice for director of football, and Ashley??? I think he wanted the kudos of owning a football team...a bit like Michael Knighton.

    For the love of football, I hope Newcastle get sorted out, coz the PL needs them.

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  • 45. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, manutdftw55 wrote:

    One word :

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  • 46. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, Nick wrote:

    The next manager will clearly be Wise.

    Who else would want it?

    Total shambles.

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  • 47. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, michael gaLE wrote:

    I am not a Newcastle fan - but know one and he is devastated - Not by the decision but by the constant changes without purpose. I live in the US and see far fewer changes in management of premier level teams in sports because it is a journey. Newcastle seems to manage it from game to game or day to day and that is not going to make a real title contender. I wonder if the management is really up to making a worldclass organization or just a great local team with incredibly passionate supporters.

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  • 48. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, Kíllìnghölmê_Clᥠ(aka Charlie Cheesecake) wrote:

    Enter Graeme Souness........

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  • 49. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, Steve wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 50. At 4:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, what_didhesay wrote:

    Events at Newcastle make Liverpool look like a well oiled machine.

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  • 51. At 4:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, Calminthestorm wrote:

    Ashley wants to manage the team. he is one of those dangerous owners who think they know about football and has surrounded himself with people who think they know how to run footballs clubs.

    Bringing in Dennis Wise above Keegan was uncalled for and humiliating for a guy of Keegan's stature. Wise wasn't (and isn't) even a big name you coudl understand. His record so far has not been stellar but it looks like ashley favours him over Keegan for some reason.

    And to be fair Keegan had doen OK, apart from the Joey Barton thing, were I profoundly disagree with him, he has stabalised the club on the pitch. Yet he seems to have been undermined in what are little more than power games. Sad really.

    Newcastle fans may have an inflated idea of their club's position in the football order but they deserve better.

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  • 52. At 4:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, DigitalSnapper wrote:

    Mike Ashley is a joke.
    I believe he said Keegan was the only manager he wanted at the club, or something to that effect.
    Then he brings in that other joke, Dennis Wise as Kev's boss. What has he ever or will ever achieve in the sport?

    As has been hinted at earlier a manager like Keegan needs to be in control of all things football. He has always tried to play the game how fans like to see it played. Attacking and with imagination, and to do that he needs the players he wants and not what someone else thinks is best.
    I'm a Man City fan and loved almost every minute of his tenure with us, we lost some but we won some crackers...which brings us back to Mike Ashley.

    If this is the last we see of Kevin Keegan in football...Thanks for the memories.

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  • 53. At 4:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, shivam_mufc wrote:

    disgraceful burn in hell

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  • 54. At 4:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, lazysurfrider wrote:

    I somehow don't think we'll see Ashley sitting in the stands at the next game!

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  • 55. At 4:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, 1957Red wrote:

    It's official! NUFC are now the biggest Joke in British Football.

    I'm not a big fan of Newcastle or "king Kev" but let's not forget that he is the only person since 1969 to get them close to winning anything of substance, in that famous "I'd love it , I'd love it " season where they played spectacular football and Newcastle's long suffering fans almost got the reward they deserved.

    Maybe Ashley was a fan in those days and just wanted to get revenge for the ill timed/conceived purchase of Asprilla which was blamed for the demise of Newcastle at the time. But let's not forget that he also got alan Shearer in the face of Man Utd competition.

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  • 56. At 4:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, gay fish wrote:

    No one is going to want this job now apart from Denis Wise. Feel sorry for the fans. Only thing you can hope for is that Ashley leaves and you can get keegan back before too much damage is done and then get some more players in january to try and save the season maybe the uefa cup or something. Thought newcastle would be at least top 8 this season don't know now.

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  • 57. At 4:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, LeSauxsLeftFootedHandshake wrote:

    Just bizzare news. The day after the close of the transfer window, and after a fairly solid start to the season, the manager heads out. If he was unhappy with the levels and sources of control within the club's hierarchy, then it's understandable, but that shouldn't be an issue anyway. Give a manager a job and he shouldn't have to deal with such meddling. Such arrangements never work.

    I honestly have no idea where Newcastle can go next, and have weakened further with Milner going out the door. Xisco and Gonzalez will have to quickly prove their ability, especially Xisco considering his recent history, while the club have such dire injury problems that the club should have bought twice as many before midnight yesterday evening.

    As mentioned already, the arrival of a Spanish manager looks likely considering the influx of Spanish speaking players, but who is this man and what can he do to solve the conundrum that is Newcastle United?

    Yet another strange chapter in an increasingly melodramatic book.

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  • 58. At 4:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, wac201 wrote:

    Sorry but there's no way that Newcastle can be classed as a Big club - they have a big, loyal following but that is about it.

    They have an owner who may be worth a mint on paper, but when you look at the cash equity at the disposal to so many other premiership club owners these days, Ashley is very much small time by comparison. Newcastle have no hope of even finishing in the top ten while he remains in charge and unfortunately for all the optimists out there, Alan Shearer has far too much sense to kick his managerial career off at the Premiership's most volatile club.

    I do feel sorry for all the toons out there and hope you can finally take a real stand against the man ruining your football club.

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  • 59. At 4:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, keithirons wrote:

    4:26pm and it's still not classed as NEWS on the official website...

    ...kinda sums up how they feel about their managers !

    shocking behaviour

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  • 60. At 4:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, HRDC99 wrote:

    Newcastle get exactly what they deserve.

    Sacking Sam Allardyce after such a short time was ridiculous.

    It takes time to turn around a football club and to dismiss him so quickly was crazy. The impatience of the fans was appalling to behold.

    It was clear that the relationship between owner and manager was not working as it should. after Keegan was taken to task for saying that top 4 was beyond them at the moment - when he was patently correct and simply being honest.

    The appointment of Dennis Wise cannot have been well received by Keegan and who could blame him.

    I'm only surprised that it took Keegan this long to walk.

    It's such a shame how Newcastle have sunk in the affections of most fans. They've gone from being everyone's second team in Keegan's heyday to being a joke. You'll find little sympathy for their plight anywhere now.

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  • 61. At 4:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, BulgarianManc wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 62. At 4:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, Steve wrote:

    Unless Ashley can fix up a management team of something like Shearer and Zidane, I think his time is numbered. He may be a billionaire - but that holds nothing with the passion which us fans have got.

    The tubby fella needs ousting!!!

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  • 63. At 4:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, SpiderpigAfty wrote:

    With 8 mangers in just 11 years [including keegan twice] it is an achievement for Newcastle to still be in the Premiership. Sam Allardyce and Kevin Keegan managed to keep their jobs for 9 months and 8 months respectively. How are managers supposed to build a team in such short amounts of time. Keegan had success in the past and I think if he had the right backing and support, in time he would have been successful again.

    Look at the situation from another managers point of view, who is really going to want to be the next Newcastle manager after what has happened to the last two? Personally I think Dennis Wise will get the job. I cannot imagine someone from outside of the club would be willing to go there now, especially after the transfer window has closed and they cannot bring in any players of their own.

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  • 64. At 4:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, Here_Come_The_Goals!!! wrote:

    re 22

    but he did ok getting Millwall to an FA Cup final!

    no point getting shearer in, how can someone learn managment ropes wen he aint even in charge!

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  • 65. At 4:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, jatrius wrote:

    It's only Newcastle. They do it to themselves, serially. Compulsively. They then demand our sympathy. Nowhere club going nowhere. Just why do the media insist on giving them so much coverage? Oh yeah, there's a Beeb memo floating around somewhere mentioning Regionasl Coverage. Yawn.....

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  • 66. At 4:28pm on 02 Sep 2008, Hughton is my brother - my captain - my king wrote:

    Does anyone else feel betrayed by the club?

    I feel betrayed by the new dawn that was supposed to happen under Ashley and co.

    This is ridiculous.

    I'll only smile again if we get Shearer, Rijkaard or Deschamps...

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  • 67. At 4:28pm on 02 Sep 2008, wewillneverdie wrote:

    Newcastle is really becoming the joke of the premiership.

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  • 68. At 4:28pm on 02 Sep 2008, paddo44 wrote:

    45. At 4:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, manutdftw55 wrote:
    One word :


    My thoughts excalty mate:(

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  • 69. At 4:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, Chrisrhinos87 wrote:

    Yet again, the biggest loser will be the newcastle fans who have a better looking team this season and have 4 points from 9 with two of the three teams played coming from the 'top four'. A shame really but as a leeds fan, I really hope dennis wise does not get the job. Not convincing as a manager at leeds and he will have no chance at Newcastle.

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  • 70. At 4:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, ToonHay wrote:

    Keegan managed to drew with Man Utd, won against Bolton as it has shown that we have started the season well compared to past years! Mike Ashley looks like a grand guy but he aint after sackin the King! Even he wore the King Kev, Mike is putting up a front but in backroom, hes a true cold heart business man who doesnt care about toon fans! Kevin Keegan was the SOLUTION to ease down the turmoil of Newcastle years but now look like the turmoil has carried on and Mike Ashley made sure of that!

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  • 71. At 4:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, 49JONO wrote:


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  • 72. At 4:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, onithor wrote:

    Newcastle should be playing in the Serie A with the frequent turnover rate of their managers. Big Sam has been vindicated and so has all the managers that never had a chance in that post.

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  • 73. At 4:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, 1957Red wrote:

    how about Rafa? - he's spanish and used to dealing with backroom interference :-)

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  • 74. At 4:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, john_siv wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 75. At 4:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, Jonno_79 wrote:

    The decline started with the departure of Sir John Hall.

    NUFC has been run by a succession of muppets since then.

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  • 76. At 4:31pm on 02 Sep 2008, Clifford9158 wrote:

    I'm a Man Utd Fan and I'n deeply shocked at how the management structure of Newcastle continues to stangle hold their managers and continue to undermine them.

    I have a soft spot for newcastle and was surprised in our recent draw. For me this was the first step in challenging the top four by showing that Newcastle was on the right track. Keegan knows what he is doing and to say you can be the face of Newcastle but we make the desicions is insane.

    Manchester United are only as succesful as they are because they gave their manager space and time. I firmly believe that Keegan was the man to make Newcastle a stong side again. It is not fair on the fantastic fans that Newcastle has. they deserve more. The OWNER is to BLAME!!!

    Get it sorted fans or Newcastle will be doomed to be an under achieving mid table team, or worse get relegated.

    Also I believe the premire league has lost a grerat asset

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  • 77. At 4:31pm on 02 Sep 2008, Djbungo wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 78. At 4:31pm on 02 Sep 2008, LukeyFoxtrot wrote:

    I am utterly shocked by this. I'm not a Magpies fan but this is a prime example of the sport taking a turn for the worst. Okay so they came unstuck at Arsenal, but in the first two games they looked decent. And the board was clearly not listening to Keegan when he was (very correctly imo) saying no-one should be sold due to the small squad, and especially not Milner! Worse still they haven't even gotten in extra players! Six in five out isn't it?

    For the cost of a pint at the Emirates Ashley could have bought a half-decent player...

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  • 79. At 4:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, Here_Come_The_Goals!!! wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 80. At 4:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, chi_spur wrote:

    I just feel so sorry for the Newcastle fans. Such passionate supporters do not deserve this and it is a supposed "supporter" in Mike Ashley that has now put this new mess upon the club.

    It seems no lessons of previous regimes have been learnt and yet again the Toon are after a manager's position which no one will touch.

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  • 81. At 4:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, pat_toon wrote:

    I actually feel physically sick

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  • 82. At 4:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, NoddyOwl wrote:

    All seems a bit silly to have this out the day after the transfer window shuts for four months. Keegan was never happy it seemed there under Ashley, especially after Wise came in. That said it is Mike Ashleys club not Keegan's so if Mike wants it running one way thats the way it will happen. Newcastle would be lost without his money and its not as though Keegan had done that good a job. Newcastle need to find a long term manager and stick with him even if things take a bad turn, teams need stability and Newcastle have not had that for far too long.
    The newcastle fans need to face some harsh realities too, there have to be bad times in order to get things right, the squad needs an overhaul and thats not going to happen quickly!

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  • 83. At 4:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, Nickp wrote:

    If this is actually true - and I'm assuming it is because it's on the BBC - then it is disgraceful. For Mike Ashley to wear a King Kev T-shirt in the stands at the weekend, and then for this to happen? That would make him one incredibly shallow hypocrite. I still cling to the hope that this is just rumours gone wild.... but it seems unlikely.
    KK brought life back to NUFC. Now Mike Ashley and his little gang seem to have taken it away again. How incredibly depressing. Where now? Whoever is next will have to be happy with the regime that has just chased away the most passionate, and beloved, NUFC manager who was doing good things and who managed to start the campaign by getting a point at the Premiership and European champions's home ground - a great result, by the way BBC. Who would take the job? Someone who fancies a few months as manager at a big club before getting the boot. Oh dear.

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  • 84. At 4:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, dazzle921 wrote:

    Great article, couldn't agree more. Ashley is way out of his depth...and if he is even thinking about appointing Dennis Wise as manager he's even more stupid than he looked on saturday at the Arsenal game.

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  • 85. At 4:33pm on 02 Sep 2008, Cravingawin wrote:

    Spot on Phil. You've got to feel for the Toon supporters, what's going on up there. Ashley should get back to the Directors box, sack Wise and then leave all football decisions to the new manager. Who's going to want the job now though?

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  • 86. At 4:33pm on 02 Sep 2008, manutdftw55 wrote:

    I really thought that Keegan had the abilities to sort Newcastle out. I cant see how any other manager would be brave enough to step into the firing line at the moment, so it looks like Wise is the next in line.

    Ashley clearly has no idea about football and the Premier League needs to sort itself out to prevent another diabolocal like this happening again.

    Just look at Man City, dont forget how many hundreds of millions of pounds Man Utd are in debt, Liverpool's owners are barely on speaking terms, Abramovich is almost impossible to please and West Ham are now sufferring because of previous owners...surely all this foreign ownership is not a good idea?

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  • 87. At 4:33pm on 02 Sep 2008, dceilar wrote:

    Didn't someone once say that history has a tendency to repeat itself - the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce?

    I do feel sorry for Keegan. Here we have a manager who can't even be allowed to control the players he buys and sells!

    I think NUFC have really done it this time. Who wants to be manager of a shambles of a club like that. Talk about poisoned chalice. I'm not a NUFC fan but they and Keegan deserve better than this.

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  • 88. At 4:34pm on 02 Sep 2008, pat_toon wrote:


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  • 89. At 4:34pm on 02 Sep 2008, Hamyak wrote:

    As a life long Toon fan I have suffered like the rest of our fans with disgraceful board decisions and managers coming and going with big ego's but no idea how to run a club like Newcastle. Keegan DOES know what Newcastle fans want, he's PROVED it and DELIVERED it in the past.

    The Chairman MUST go, this is NOT a TOY and he has his chance, whatever the amount of money he has or doesnt have.

    This same chairman downed a pint straight in seconds in front of millions of tv viewers at the weekend. Responsible drinking eh!!!
    At a time when this country is battling against binge drinking this man has to me shown millions just how responible an individual he is.

    If this sounds a bitter taste from a jealous Toon is because it IS!! GET OUT ASHLEY!!

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  • 90. At 4:35pm on 02 Sep 2008, Calminthestorm wrote:

    Keegan in this instance looks like he stuck around to make it work but it was just too hard putting up with interference.

    I'm sure Shearer will be mentioned but would have to be made to take the job. If he does then Wise would have to go and why could that not have happened under keegan. All very stupid if you ask me.

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  • 91. At 4:35pm on 02 Sep 2008, Heedlad wrote:

    Ha ha!! What a fiasco. good job there is one stable club on Tyneside!!

    Will they ever learn?

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  • 92. At 4:35pm on 02 Sep 2008, bealog wrote:

    Jonno_79 wrote:
    The decline started with the departure of Sir John Hall.

    NUFC has been run by a succession of muppets since then.


    Nicely summed up. What can Ashley do to appease the Toon Army? Well, nothing. The way he has run the club, tell me which 'big named boss' would come there, with one eye on Wise and another on their job security.

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  • 93. At 4:35pm on 02 Sep 2008, Bargingon wrote:

    Not a "wise" move.

    It is not Kev's fault that the club doesn't achieve, he is a good manager who is more than capable of managing the team and transfers.
    Newcastle must learn that funds used to pay off managers are not available to bring talented players to the club. The top clubs have stable management... Arsenal, Man Utd etc...

    Maybe this concept hasn't arrived in the North East yet.

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  • 94. At 4:36pm on 02 Sep 2008, David Jenkins wrote:

    Great article. One written with knowledge and a basic understanding of the business of football. Shame though its always Newcastle United in this situation. Shame its the Messiah whos fallen foul of rich boys playing Championship Manager - but with real Clubs (Simon Jordon is the worst - I know, Ive worked at Palace). The sooner that these guys invest and leave the running to others who know, the better. Not only for Newcastle, but other clubs and the game of football in general.

    Who is going to be stupid enough to take on the role at NUFC now? Ashley out!

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  • 95. At 4:36pm on 02 Sep 2008, Nick wrote:

    "The newcastle fans need to face some harsh realities too, there have to be bad times in order to get things right, the squad needs an overhaul and thats not going to happen quickly!"

    We've had nothing BUT bad times!!!!!!

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  • 96. At 4:36pm on 02 Sep 2008, Here_Come_The_Goals!!! wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 97. At 4:36pm on 02 Sep 2008, manutdftw55 wrote:

    In reply to "Pat-toon"-


    Not Now, Not Ever! He wont be the Messiah and will probably leave you in even more of a mess than you are now!

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  • 98. At 4:36pm on 02 Sep 2008, madeiraman57 wrote:

    This might be the ONLY time Shearer will step into the job at Newcastle as he will have a Wise ...... head in the background and an owner who thinks the MODERN standard business model will work !! when he fails from lack of experience, he will have a way out !!??

    I for one feel very sorry for the Newcastle faithful and hope that they can get better value for their legendary support.

    In truth , I can't think of anyone who is a
    ' real ' football manager accepting this poison chalice. ( unless he is looking for a big pay - out ! )

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  • 99. At 4:37pm on 02 Sep 2008, telemonster wrote:

    man u fan in peace.

    gutted for the toon army-amazing fans! deserve better, as does kevin keegan!

    next manager? not shearer-he might dither for a bit, but he'll never take it!

    best of luck, guys-i think you're gonna need it!

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  • 100. At 4:37pm on 02 Sep 2008, Wasted77 wrote:

    I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan and have some idea what Newcastle fans must be going through right now.

    How a club, with the fanbase Newcastle have, has been in such termoil for so long is beyond me. Hate to say it but they are becoming a joke!

    Ashley is supposed to be a billionaire bringing stability and great players to the club. All he has done is buy mediocre players or trouble makers.

    He should sell up and let someone who knows what he's doing take charge. He's a disgrace and should been ashamed of himself and whichever idiots (Wise) he has advising him.

    What a shambles....

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  • 101. At 4:37pm on 02 Sep 2008, cokniodicanio wrote:

    Thanks Toon. You've actually made my club -West Ham - look like a world class well-run club with a sensible owner.

    I've already posted a comment on 606 saying that the West Ham chairman must sack Curbishley now before you lot nick Bilic from under our nose.

    See how that works well for everybody ? We get a good manager and you can have Curbs instead.

    He'd be great for you. Remember he worked wonders at Charlton ......another club with no budget for players

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  • 102. At 4:37pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBenWell wrote:

    as quoted by Bilic prior to Modric signing for that steaming pile of Hotspur -

    Newcastle is a great team and as such is an excellent choice for Luka. They are the first next team under the great four, on the level of Tottenham, but are also financially better standing. They are capable of much greater things.......

    I hope he still thinks so....

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  • 103. At 4:38pm on 02 Sep 2008, gebeeze wrote:

    It isn't on the Newcastle website yet. Is it official then? Gutted. Don't care much for Newcastle but I adore Keegan. I would rather of had the ups and downs of his management style for England these past years than the borefest they have become now. I wouldn't even care if we qualified- we're never going to win anything but at least I enjoyed it. And he'd just started to stamp his mark on the Newcastle team; for the first time since Bobby Robson's champions league qualifying team they were entertaining to watch. I know many Newcastle fans crave success, but Kevin Keegan should have been given time. A truly great man, I don't care what anyone says (I was quite critical of him after the Arsenal game, but he was under pressure apparently so all is forgiven for him forgiving Barton!) If it is being tactically naiive to understand that football is meant to entertain just as much as to fill the trophy cabinets of a select few each season then I for one wish there were more tactically naiive managers out there (and by the sounds of it so do most Liverpool fans). On a side note, Berbatove has just signed for what would be an English tranfer record (Robinho has taken that one) but he was evidently a massive Newcastle fan during his younger days. There are many English and European footballers who fell in love with the Keegan style- and even more fans. I hope he returns to management, as I wished that at Newcastle he would rebuild his unfairly tarnished reputation. Sadly, the backstabbers that now run the Toon haven't let him- please Kev take over one of your old clubs like Scunthorpe, Hamburg or Southampton. Then take them forwards as you did with Newcastle, Fulham and Manchester City.

    To an absolute legend,

    best of wishes, Dave.

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  • 104. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, sure_star wrote:

    Quote///11. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    Who is to say that the appointment of Dennis Wise was a poor decision. Wise has more experience of the modern game wouldn't you say?

    Can I ask, again, why are these articles now presented as a blog rather than a 606 thread? ///Quote

    1. Are you Mike Ashley in disguise?
    2. Because McNulty can write better than you.

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  • 105. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, hankshanklin wrote:

    I feel sorry for Newcastle fans - you are one of the most passionate about your club in the Premier League, and you had a manager in KK that also showed that - wasn't afraid to say what he thought, and obviously not a 'yes' man that Ashley likely desires. I'm sorry, but Dennis Wise is more a football 'character' than a 'legend' and for KK to answer to him was pathetic.

    Sorry to say, i'm not sure if any big name managers are gonna take this job on - it's gonna be Wise or maybe someone from a lower or foreign league.

    Big shout out to you Toon Army

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  • 106. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, pilgrimm549 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 107. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, tarquin wrote:

    you've been a busy boy mcnutty - 3 blogs in 24hours

    it's such a shame keegan has left - newcastle were looking promising, i don't know why the BBC site decided to put 'he has just accumulated 4 points from his first 3 games' - considering those three games involved trips to old trafford and the emirates, the performances were promising, far better than last year under allardyce

    this is the newcastle way, or rather ashley's way, managers just can't settle - and this isn't healthy, the fans were happy, the players seemed happy, why bother upsetting the manager by interfering - it never works out, and ashley isn't some foreign billionaire playboy who wants a toy, he's a geordie! he should know better

    i feel sorry for newcastle, its players and its fans - and for keegan, he's clearly still a good manager and it'll be a real shame if he leaves football again

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  • 108. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, Djbungo wrote:

    It's a bit harsh blaming the fans for the board and owners beig so short sighted. No fans wanted Sir Bobby out the door but Shepherd had another agenda, then the fan were served up tripe in the replacements until Keegan was appointed. And pleas don't give me the time not enough factor for Allardyce, he had the team playing the worst football St James has ever seen when it was his chance to show he was more than just what he showed at Bolton, but set about building an identical copy. The manager can only do what he is allowed to do and the fans can only support the team they are given.....somthing has to give, I think a sale is on the cards soon, the books are almost balanced, the club is making a tidy turnover now and the debt has gone, making it prime for a takeover again. But don't expect anything too dramatic, it won't be some huge consortium, it will be a lowly sale to someone else looking to cash in on the support and revenue!

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  • 109. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, AndrejNkv wrote:

    I've never understood the model of having a director of football sitting behind a manager - it always seems to undermine the manager's position only to make them unhappy and eventually leave - just look at how Mourinho's tenure ended at Chelsea.

    And there of course the director took over as manager, as will probably happen here. But I can't imagine for a minute that the fans would accept Wise.

    Some outsiders may like the fact that Kev's gone, but amongst Newcastle fans I can't imagine for a minute that they'd blame Kev over Ashley. If Kev was the toon messiah, surely that makes Ashley their Pontius Pilate...

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  • 110. At 4:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, Jhnbnntt9 wrote:

    I used to think Freddy Shepherd was bad but Mike Ashley is following in his foot steps and killing this football club (maybe Freedy has had a facelift and coloured his hair, who know's!?!). We are a complete joke and no manager in the right mind will want to come to this club.

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  • 111. At 4:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, Stuntdrummer wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 112. At 4:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, Afromatic Oba wrote:

    Pathetic tbh, and it's not even on the nufc site yet.

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  • 113. At 4:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, Yif wrote:

    Urgh bloody hell...

    At this rate, Newcastle will have had about every manager you can think of.

    Ashley needs to learn to play his part - fund the money and then leave the rest to the PROPER professional i.e. the manager!

    Urgh.... not pleased at all.

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  • 114. At 4:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, comedy_of_errors wrote:

    I feel sorry for the toon fans because I really admire their passionate support for a newcastle team that I like and feel are very much a part of the premiership.

    The main source of my sorriness lies with thier joke of an owner....MIKE ASHLEY! get him out of your club, boycott matches. do whatever it takes because he is wrecking a great football club. the instability which he brings is awful and no football side can be run in that way.

    lastly....anyone who thinks that downing a pint makes him more of a MAN/football supporter shouldn't be allowed to run the turn styles let alone the club

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  • 115. At 4:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, olddocrob wrote:

    Awful, absolutely awful.
    Shepherd, lack of class the pair of them. Neither knows the meaniing of 'long term'. First Robson, now Keegan.
    Wise was always going to be the worm in the bud : he left Leeds in the lurch and has now undermined Newcastle. Wonderful bloke, but cannot see him taking a walk down Grey Street in the near future.

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  • 116. At 4:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, Edu Gomez wrote:

    Typical stuff from that gong show of a football club! Why the fans keep showing up is beyond me. It's a sad state. The club will always be attractive to possible owners because of the bling loyalty of the supporters. I wonder when those supporters will realize they're continually being taken for a ride, not matter who owns the club. How long before we start hearing the Shearer for manager comments. Ridiculous, though. He'll never take the job of manager of that club. What person of any repute in football would want to be linked with NUFC. Owen clearly wants out. The way the club is run deserves relegation, but somehow every year they manage to scrape enough points together to survive.

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  • 117. At 4:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, amazingtaffytoon wrote:

    Newcastle United is no longer a football club, it is a sick joke, and the way it is being run is a betrayal of all those who hold it dear.
    To fans of other clubs, whether you rated Keegan or not, whether you think Newcastle suffers from delusions of grandeur or not, just ask yourself how would you feel if your beloved club was being run in this way?
    I sometimes think we only exist to make Man City look sensible.

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  • 118. At 4:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, numpers wrote:

    Newcastle are not a big club.

    They have a big support, and big pretensions, but that's it.

    They need a couple of seasons in the Championship to focus matters (or a great big Sheikh to give it the Why-Aye")

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  • 119. At 4:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, rchrdav wrote:

    If they do appoint Wise they will go down. Last season in League one Leeds went off like a rocket and looked good. Poyet left leaving Wise on his own and they couldnt buy a point. ONce he left and Mcallister came in they got back to winning, what chance in the premier league

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  • 120. At 4:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, vamos2000 wrote:

    "Newcastle are 11th in the Premier League having picked up just four points from their opening three games."

    Haha, that's one of the most stupid things I've ever heard on the bbc. They played Man United and Arsenal away in those 3 games, 4 points is a fantastic start to the season, it's not bloody rocket science to realise that.

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  • 121. At 4:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, davethebestaround wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 122. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, OlympiqueDijonnaise wrote:

    I'm not a toon fan. But I am appalled by Ashley's conduct.

    Even if he did hire Keegan as a publicity stunt he should have done a bit of research.

    Keegan's main strengths were his attack minded attitude to the game and his personality/rep.

    He has the ability to get the players he wants to sign for him. Look at all the transfer coups he made last time he was there. Yes he had money but so did ton's of clubs with much bigger names than the toon.

    Ashley realised that Keegan had been out of the game for a while so had little knowledge of players that he could transfer in so he brought in Wise. who has NEVER at any poit in his career been scouting for players of the calibre that Newcastle would want to sign and would have no experience of what to look for.

    Surely this is a scouts job anyway?

    Good on Keegan for quitting. Yes he's done it before, but he does it for the right reasons

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  • 123. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, bionicDeano wrote:

    Ashley is an fool, who goes to all the trouble he went to to get Keegan to then deny him the opportunity to do what he's good at by appointing Dennis Wise? and company to laud it up around Spain, Italy, France etc looking for transfer targets - unheard of, sub standard players who will not improve on what we had.

    Whilst all this is happening Villa are starting to pull away from us, Man City will no doubt be light years ahead come the end of the next transfer window.

    You can't run a club like this.

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  • 124. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, brilliantsvensson wrote:

    Can't agree more with your column. Have always been a Keegan fan, despite his 'perceived', weaknesses and for a majority of the Geordie faithful this must be a desparate blow.

    However, as a long suffering but now elated Hull City fan, despite our latest setback, the timing could not have been better and will look forward to taking something from the Newcastle game in a couple of weeks.

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  • 125. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, kingkevforever wrote:

    After a succession of self-interested managers, (Bobby Robson excepted), massaging their over-inflated egos and filling their already fat wallets; we finally re-hired a man who cared passionately about the club and it's fans.. AND just like the first time around, he has been knifed in the back by the money men who think that Dennis Wise is the new Arsène Wenger!

    Unfortunately NUFC don't deserve Kevin Keegan - nor do they deserve life-long fans like ourselves.

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  • 126. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, DDRamone wrote:

    I suppose expecting anything approaching class and decency from the Chairman is to invite only disappointment.

    Ever been in any of his so called "Sports Shops" lately?

    For anyone familiar with London, what he's doing to Newcastle is akin to what he has done to Lillywhite's in Piccadilly Circus since buying it.

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  • 127. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, whufchooligan wrote:

    Totally Gutted for all you NUFC Fans. Gutting.

    Thier is no Manager available who could of done better im sure of that. Ashley should sell up because if he doesnt im sure the nufc faithfull will make him or at least I hope they do.

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  • 128. At 4:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, mofgimmers wrote:

    I don't see why people are saying Newcastle are suddenly a 'joke' when, from the outside looking in, they've always been a bit of a farce. The news of KK's departure is neither a shock nor particularly bad news for football. Keegan is a man who has only ever been consistent in one facet - notably his bad timing when leaving a job.

    All the Newcastle fans are squaring the blame at Mike Ashley, when personally I think you should be looking at the flaky 'prodigal son'.

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  • 129. At 4:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, BigGreenBoat wrote:

    Does this mean that we are now in for a painful (and predictable) courting ritual for Alan Shearer once more - the best messiah in the North East since, er, well the last one........

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  • 130. At 4:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, Oxfordfox wrote:

    Sad for the Geordies, but Ashley is reaping what he's sowing. Wonder if he'll dare to show his face in the crowd now?

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  • 131. At 4:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, seantc wrote:

    One name stands out as a possible successor to KK. Martin Jol. Underrated in Spurs and trested very badly in departure, it doesn't look like Spurs have achieved much in the meantime.

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  • 132. At 4:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, Shimmyshamarama wrote:

    A truly sad day for Tyneside. I never anticipated the club's imminent "wow signing" would need to be in the form of a new manager. While it could be argued that Keegan was not the world's best manager, I believe he was the best manager for Newcastle at the moment. He was the glue that held that team together last season, and he could have been the compass to better times had he been given the latitude to do so. Who dare's to drink from the poisoned chalice now. This team needs it's fans' loyalty and vocal support more than ever to weather this storm.

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  • 133. At 4:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, betweenthesticks wrote:

    I'm absolutely gutted. No matter what happens next, today will go down as one of the darkest days in Newcastle's history.

    KK joins Sir Bobby Robson as a football legend who has been treated with utter contempt by the club that he loves and has worked so hard for.

    Mr Ashley, you have a very steep mountain to climb.

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  • 134. At 4:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, oilersfc wrote:

    The problem at Newcastle is ashley, i was watching the game on saturday as a neutral. I was appauled to see images of a chairman downing a pint on national television. is this really the man you want running your club. When it boils down to it a football club is a buisness and thats how it should be run. and after seeing his behaviour on the weekend im not suprised keagan left.

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  • 135. At 4:44pm on 02 Sep 2008, juggler59 wrote:

    This Northeast bastion of style over substance of a football club needs a new chairperson.

    Laura Ashley?

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  • 136. At 4:44pm on 02 Sep 2008, Geoff Berry wrote:

    After 'bottling out' 3/4 times already I thought Keegan would have been grateful for another high profile appointment to prove himself.

    He hasn't got it, good luck to NUFC fans you deserve better.

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  • 137. At 4:45pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    All this 'feel sorry for the fans' and 'sack the board' is absolute codswallop.

    They go along, down the Geordie juice, buy the t-shirt, which they then take off cause they is 'ard, and treat what goes on like it is one of their family that has personally got something wrong with them.

    Yeah, go on, call it passion.

    Once again, it's funny how all the people that 'know' how to run clubs are on here rather than earning their fortune and then putting their money where their mouth is.

    Talk is cheap my friends, bet they'll all be there for the next home game though.

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  • 138. At 4:45pm on 02 Sep 2008, whufchooligan wrote:

    I Think Shearer is to intelligent to take on the Job.

    Sad to say but think its true.

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  • 139. At 4:45pm on 02 Sep 2008, perham041 wrote:

    Ashley sell up we don't want you long live king kev

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  • 140. At 4:45pm on 02 Sep 2008, stuzroz wrote:

    As an Arsenal fan I see myself as blessed when it comes to the board room, our guys leave the manager to manage and let the coaches coach. Ashley and anyone else at Newcastle over the last number of years seems to be clueless and it appears they are not willing to TRUST a manager to run their football club.
    I feel sorry for the Geordies, they will bring in a new manager and all the right things will be said but how long will the next guy last?
    They don't deserve the great supporters they have that's for sure. See ya Kev, it's been fun :)

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  • 141. At 4:46pm on 02 Sep 2008, ILoveTheNHS wrote:

    Astonishing news. If there's one thing Newcastle have been crying out for over the years that's stability.

    Shepherd herded managers in and out of the club constantly and now the new owners are taking power away from the manager which is going to unsettle any manager who goes there.

    Could you imagine Ferguson or Wenger being told who they can and can not buy? Joe Bloggs on the street knows that a manager has to have total control of the playing side, so why don't the owners of the club?

    Newcastle United is a great club with some of the most passionate fans, not just in England, but in world football and I feel sorry for them.

    I also feel sorry for Kevin Keegan who wanted to turn things around at Newcastle but has clearly come up against a board making life difficult.

    It should have been Dennis Wise to go, not Keegan.

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  • 142. At 4:46pm on 02 Sep 2008, alantan84 wrote:

    I seriously wonder what are Ashley's ambitions for Newcastle. Top 4? Top 8? If this is so, show us the money do a Chelsea or Man City.

    If not, given his businessman experiences, he should know better than anybody that the manager (whether its a football club or an organisation) has to be given all the authorities and power to run the club from bottom to top.

    Seriously, all that he have done to Newcastle is not justified. And we should deserve more than Mike Ashley.

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  • 143. At 4:46pm on 02 Sep 2008, bealog wrote:

    mofgimmers wrote:
    I don't see why people are saying Newcastle are suddenly a 'joke' when, from the outside looking in, they've always been a bit of a farce. The news of KK's departure is neither a shock nor particularly bad news for football. Keegan is a man who has only ever been consistent in one facet - notably his bad timing when leaving a job.

    All the Newcastle fans are squaring the blame at Mike Ashley, when personally I think you should be looking at the flaky 'prodigal son'.


    Ridiculous. If you're going to post a comment, think it through before doing so. Everyone has an opinion, but when the facts are there to be seen, only one conclusion is there to be seen...

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  • 144. At 4:46pm on 02 Sep 2008, Steve Fishman wrote:

    Recent Premier league club history is littered with failed 'Director of Football' appointments. Harry Redknapp had one at Portsmouth and Jose had one at Chelsea and neither arrangement lasted. Dennis at the Toon was destined to result in a fall-out.
    Continental style football club structures don't work with British managers. In fact, it's been hit and miss in european football even when the owner spends big. Real Madrid anyone?
    Not that Ashley has put any money into Newcastle. Newcastle fans just need to hope that he sells out to someone with more of a passion for success. Doesn't even have to be from the UAE; a Lerner, Levy or Gaydamak will do.
    I'm not a Newcastle supporter but as a football fan would wish them well. Even Man City look to have jumped off the roller coaster. Looks like they're riding alone now.

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  • 145. At 4:47pm on 02 Sep 2008, waynepunkdude wrote:

    Good blog puts it all into perspective

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  • 146. At 4:47pm on 02 Sep 2008, Here_Come_The_Goals!!! wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 147. At 4:47pm on 02 Sep 2008, morrell1988 wrote:

    i think this is probally the worst decision i have either heard we should all protest get rid of ashley get kk back it doesnt take money to run a club it about passion i wud give my right arm for nufc as i no many toon fans would ashley is jus a big kid who sees nufc as a shiny christmas present give it few more months he will get bored and he will sell up and i must say i cant wait its absolutely pathetic and if he is in the stands ill surely tel lhim wat i think of him i love my club and i was so optimistic of the future but same old same old

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  • 148. At 4:48pm on 02 Sep 2008, aka_bluepeter wrote:

    This is Keegan we are talking about. Famous for jumping before being pushed or throwing his toys out of the pram on a whim.
    Newcastle need someone a tad less selfish and hungry to succeed and to be honest someone more intelligent and better able to carry out all aspects of the managers job, tactics, transfers, talking with respect to his bosses and paymasters.
    He's always has been touted as a good motivator but scratch the surface and you'll find a shallow self interested person with no real depth.
    A side issue is Barton. He should have been banned from any type of football. He epitomises a type of thuggery that is frankly killing innocent teenagers.

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  • 149. At 4:48pm on 02 Sep 2008, SWardLUFC wrote:

    For once the misery is on another club, at least your not in the third division! like Leeds.

    That ashley bloke doesnt seem to have a clue what hes doing, think hes more of an embarasment than Barton could ever be. I am a Leeds fan but have a liking for Newcastle, maybe because of the players that have left Leeds and gone there over the years. Wobbly Eyes would be a bad appointment, he did well at Leeds to start but as soon as Poyet left it went to.....well it didnt go well.

    Oh well, its only football!!!!

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  • 150. At 4:49pm on 02 Sep 2008, Douglas Lee wrote:

    These are dark days for the Toon. Perhaps a Jarrow-style march on Downing Street might raise national consciousness to a level where justice would be done at last. Owengate, Bartongate and now Keegangate - Ashley's gates are piling up thick and fast. At this rate he'll have more gates for the fans than fans through the gates!

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  • 151. At 4:49pm on 02 Sep 2008, Richard Johnson wrote:

    Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant could not write this....................priceless. NUFC, the football version of Spinal Tap.

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  • 152. At 4:49pm on 02 Sep 2008, laughingmaxi21 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 153. At 4:49pm on 02 Sep 2008, Calminthestorm wrote:

    Quote///11. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    Who is to say that the appointment of Dennis Wise was a poor decision. Wise has more experience of the modern game wouldn't you say?

    Can I ask, again, why are these articles now presented as a blog rather than a 606 thread? ///Quote

    1. No. He has experiecce of average management in the lower leagues. he has been a "yes man" status to unpopular chairmen who rip off fans of once proud clubs. Wise has no profile in football and does not attract any players, as witnessed by the transer window's inactivity. His appointment in transfers is a failure, his appointment undermined Keegan. His appointment has led (or at least contributed) to Keegan leaving. I'd call that a poor decision.

    2. Because it is a blob and not a 606 thread, they are more or less the same thing but without the glory hunter at teh beginning saying something mental.

    3. Does anyone think Wise and Barton will end up in a ruck?

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  • 154. At 4:50pm on 02 Sep 2008, randalthor1812 wrote:

    Shameful from Ashley , a Shame for Newcastle and the Premiership losing Keegan .BAD BAD decision making sack the board.

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  • 155. At 4:50pm on 02 Sep 2008, uniquities wrote:

    Appalling. Get fat boy out - NOW. If Shearer won't manage, then maybe him and a few other well-off "legends" (Les Ferdinand, for example) could set up a consortium and buy us. Then sack Wise and never let him back, beg with King Kev to come back or try to get Sir Bobby. At least Shearer and Sir Les would actually care about us fans and know football - which our current joke of an owner clearly doesn't. Ashley out.

    If Wise does take over, then you won't see me pay as much as a penny to the club until him and Ashley leave. Vote with your feet, fellow Toon fans. Don't go 'til he leaves. I'd love it, just love it if Ashley decides to go in with the fans next game, haha. Then he'd see what we think of him.

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  • 156. At 4:50pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:


    Come on then, what are the facts. Without an official post on their website, do you know what they are?

    For all we know, Keegan might be going back on something that he said when he was appointed.

    It is not necessarily something that the board have done. Afterall, Keegan has more of a record of bottling than Ashley.

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  • 157. At 4:52pm on 02 Sep 2008, chrisgreencouk wrote:

    Keegan leaving Newcastle is an obvious blow for the fans.

    While he might not have had it in him emotionally, tactically or financially to win the leage or a major trophy, last season's recovery was outstanding, while the start to this season was ok - certainly nothing to panic about.

    Appointing Dennis Wise would be a huge mistake, simply because he will always be considered the one who dethrowned King Kev if he takes up the job straight after him. Keegan's shows are hard to fill, and impossible for Wise to wear.

    On the plus side, with Keegan at a loose end, I would welcome his arrival at Loftus Road with open arms and Flavio's open chequebook should things not improve for Ian Dowie.

    Chris - QPR fan.

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  • 158. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, william harper wrote:

    paul jewel would be an ideal manager for newcastle providing he would be allowed to bring his camera with him,

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  • 159. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, drcloud wrote:

    Wow, could this possibly be timed any more poorly?

    The transfer window just closed so whoever comes in can't bring in any players, although it sounds like they might not have much say in that anyway.

    It's also the start of the season. A couple of poor results can see a team lodged squarely at the foot of the table, and I doubt this is going to make confidence and form soar sky-high so that could very well happen.

    And then there's the small matter of who on earth is available as a replacement, on top of the fact that Newcastle isn't exactly doing a stellar job in making itself look particularly appealing.

    I sincerely doubt that anyone will be given the time and opportunity to turn things around properly.

    Joy :(

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  • 160. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, bullardffc08 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 161. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, welshdwarf wrote:

    Well the bookmakers got that one wrong!
    Curbishley must be happy now!!

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  • 162. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, Here_Come_The_Goals!!! wrote:

    re 156
    oi muppet, how do u explain wise being appointed then? or the fact that keegan has been given ZERO freedom in the transfer market

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  • 163. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, wartek wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 164. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, kwekusam wrote:

    Mike Ashley doesn't know what he's about. I fear for Newcastle United. God help us the supporters.

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  • 165. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, ** DoctorLester wrote:

    Mr Ashley should surely sell up now after the damage he has caused over the last year. Anyone on the board backing him should also resign.

    Keegan is an excellent manager who had passion for NUFC. With backing from those that mattered he would have gone on to do great things. Unfortunately, when your hands are tied behind your back, it leaves very little room to manouver.

    Many fans will be disappointed, as I am, with this departure and who can blame KK. Owen will now leave as well which is a shame for all concerned. The demise of NUFC will continue and I for one wont be following them in the future. I expect the odds for relegation must now be very small as they must be favourites.

    If Ashley thinks Wise can step into Keegan's shoes, he is very much mistaken. He would probably be the only one stupid enough to take it on but he should remember that it's a position for a man and that would exclude Wise from the outset.

    If only the arabs had bought this club instead of Man City.

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  • 166. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, gasheroo wrote:

    Mike Ashley gets what he deserves and what he deserves at the meoment is exactly what he'll get - an average team deliverimng average results and achieving mid to low table placings if not relegation from the Premiership. A man who is clearly more interested in "impressing" the clubs fans as demonstrated by last weekends antics is clearly not the man to take such a massive club forward. I'm no Newcastle fan and can't say that I sympathise with the club but the Toon fans deserve better than this. Rather than pretending to be a man of the people perhaps it's time for Mr Ashley to start acting like a Director and leave footballing matters to footballing people like KK. I would go as far as to say that it's time for him to leave!

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  • 167. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, nobody00 wrote:

    I heard that Kevin Bond is being lined up as Ashley's lap dog.

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  • 168. At 4:53pm on 02 Sep 2008, vee_sign wrote:

    In an age when money is increasingly sullying and spoiling the true spirit and meaning of the game (and I should know, I'm a Chelsea fan), football needs passion more than ever. There are few people in football who can out-passion Kevin Keegan.

    Newcastle will be poorer without KK, and so will football in general. The fans must be feeling sick tonight, at the thought of losing their manager, at losing all the positive things that he represented, and at the prospect of maybe being given Dennis Wise as his replacement. Wise was a great player at Chelsea, but I wouldn't want him as manager. I wouldn't wish him on anyone else either.

    Here's hoping someone steps in and buys out Ashley, and soon. Newcastle deserves better.

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  • 169. At 4:54pm on 02 Sep 2008, Bellypork wrote:

    It's a bloody shambles as someone once said. I can't see Alan Shearer touching this position with a bargepole. I think most football fans want Newcastle to achieve something but at this rate it's years of underachievement and relegation that are on the cards if Ashley stays in charge. We'll miss Keegan, a real football man and a gent.

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  • 170. At 4:54pm on 02 Sep 2008, RichieG2911 wrote:

    Something's got to give with Newcastle:

    Either Mike Ashley and the board of directors give any manager they appoint the chance to prove themselves in at least the space of two-three years


    Mike Ashley and his board of directors should sell their assets and leave Tyneside for good.

    Newcastle claim that they should be in the big leagues even though they haven't won a major trophy since 1969, and even though I seriously think that that is a big statement with no concrete reasons as to why, this is an absolute joke.

    In the space of four years Newcastle have gone through four managers, that equivelates to each manager having only had 1 year in the seat, and even that is longer than some of them have actually been in!

    Kev saved Newcastle last season by taking the helm in January this year, but if this continues there is no doubt Newcastle are going to drop out of the Premier League, and it's getting harder and harder to get staright back up there now.

    Plus who would want to play for a club in such turmoil? The answer is very few.

    I personally like Newcastle and want to go to Tyneside at some point when my team plays up there, and I'm worried that I might never get that opportunity.

    Come on Ashley! Get your act together and stop destroying such a great club!

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  • 171. At 4:54pm on 02 Sep 2008, The Shelf Side pillar wrote:

    Despite not being Newcastle's biggest fan, it's a shame to see KK leave.

    He mastermided Newcastle's 4-1 drubbing of Spurs at White Hart Lane, and it was one of the few instances where a side came and played us off the park for almost the whole 90 minutes.

    I hope you find a decent replacement who can get a grip of the club. Not another Souness or Roeder, a top class manager.

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  • 172. At 4:55pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    Calminthestorm wrote:
    Quote///11. At 4:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    Who is to say that the appointment of Dennis Wise was a poor decision. Wise has more experience of the modern game wouldn't you say?

    Can I ask, again, why are these articles now presented as a blog rather than a 606 thread? ///Quote

    1. No. He has experiecce of average management in the lower leagues. he has been a "yes man" status to unpopular chairmen who rip off fans of once proud clubs. Wise has no profile in football and does not attract any players, as witnessed by the transer window's inactivity. His appointment in transfers is a failure, his appointment undermined Keegan. His appointment has led (or at least contributed) to Keegan leaving. I'd call that a poor decision.

    2. Because it is a blob and not a 606 thread, they are more or less the same thing but without the glory hunter at teh beginning saying something mental.

    3. Does anyone think Wise and Barton will end up in a ruck?
    Is it Wise's fault that he was appointed? For all we know, Keegan could have known that this was the intended structure all along. Perhaps it is him with the problem, not the board.

    Who is to say that Keegan was the right appointment in the first place, given his track record?

    What is wrong with Wise's record. Similar to Ince at Blackburn yet would you question him, or give him a chance?

    In respect of point 3, what was it you said at point 2?

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  • 173. At 4:55pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ian_the_chopper wrote:

    I think Ashley wants out and I feel that maybe him getting rid of Keegan was just part of the deal to sell. If he sells to an outsider who got rid of Kevin Keegan it would be even worse.

    Expect a deal to sell to an outsider within a week and a new manager within a few days of that.

    Maybe Dubai Investments are sick of waiting for the Scousers and will come in with the money?

    I have to agree with a few of the posts though that Martin Jol wouldn't be a bad choice as next Manager.

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  • 174. At 4:55pm on 02 Sep 2008, JWHTOONARMY wrote:

    Ashley has got this so wrong - whoever is advising him has no understanding of what football in the North East means . Keegan has been a dead man walking since Wise was appointed and has been backed into a corner . 47,000 at home match corporate sales down this is not the answer
    DO NOT APPOINT WISE it would be UNWISE to do so

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  • 175. At 4:55pm on 02 Sep 2008, Acetaline wrote:

    Fair summary, i'm so dissolusioned - there is nothing of the old Newcastle left to hang on to.

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  • 176. At 4:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, U11846789 wrote:


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  • 177. At 4:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, bobbieflowers wrote:

    gotta just get a quick comment in before i leave at 5!

    sad, but not unexpected. Kevin keegan is far too nicer person to be involved in the seedy, disloyal, corrupt world that football has become.

    The newcastle chairman seems to me to be less than astute, there really doesn't seem to be much of a plan and if he thinks dennis wise is going to rescue this from the fire then he's sadly mistaken.

    but whatever happens to newcastle one thing is sure, your better off out of it kev mate

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  • 178. At 4:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, Brummerdickens wrote:

    I will never argue that Newcastle aren't a big club, but that isn't whats important. What's important is how successful you are, and Newcastle are anything but that.

    Keegan was meant to be the catalyst to overhaul Newcastles long overdue success, but the club doesn't deserve any success at all. They're just your average Wigan or Middlesborough with a full stadium.

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  • 179. At 4:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, GuruBhoy wrote:

    It's not the manager that needs to change it's the board.

    Get rid of Mike Ashley as he's making your club and even bigger laughing stock than the last time you sacked your manager - err... 8 months ago.

    NUFC need continuity if they want to build a successful club.

    No manager worth their salt would take on the NUFC job now.

    There is no new Messiah coming to save NUFC. Keegan's second reign was a false dawn - one of many.

    Shearer? Not experienced enough - and that's just as a pundit.

    Who else? No one of any class will touch the job with a bargepole until you get your club sorted out.

    Recommendation? Get Mike Ashley out now via a fans revolt.

    NUFC has the potential to be a big club but you keep shooting yourselves in the foot, again and again and again again and again again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again and again again... ad infinitum

    Comprende? Revolt now. Ashley out.

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  • 180. At 4:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, AlricDark wrote:

    Another Man Utd fan, but not come to gloat, just to express sympathy for the long suffering fans of NUFC. Your passion and loyalty deserves to be rewarded by more than this.

    Take heart though. As I'm sure even the most die-hard Man City fan would admit, their fortunes have not been too dissimilar from Newcastle's on and off the pitch over a number of years and look where they are today. Ok, they've not done anything yet, but the point is that it is possible for a club's fortunes to be changed literally overnight and the same can happen for you.

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  • 181. At 4:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, PhilSandifer wrote:

    For me, clubs need to be realistic. With Everton and Man City already making credible bids for the top four, and Villa and Tottenham in a similar position to Newcastle, where does Ashley see breaking the top four as a credible goal? There are only four positions in the top four, and you've gotta figure the Big Four have a strong hold on them - that's why they're the big four. At best you'll see Arsenal or Liverpool drop out for a season or two, at which point ONE of Man City, Everton, Villa, Tottenham, and Newcastle will get in.

    The other four can't respond by sacking their managers any more than you can reasonably sack a manager for failing to win the Champion's League when, in any given season, there are a dozen or so clubs that can plausibly walk away with the trophy, and only one trophy.


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  • 182. At 4:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, MrBlueBurns wrote:

    oi 162, because that might be the basis on which he was appointed.

    He might of thought he could work with it, but decided as he is the manager and therefore in the firing line, perhaps he didn't fancy it afterall.

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  • 183. At 4:58pm on 02 Sep 2008, Bobby M's Barmy Army wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 184. At 4:58pm on 02 Sep 2008, ArgieWizard wrote:

    I would LOVE it if Ashley leaves in disgrace, LOVE IT.

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  • 185. At 4:59pm on 02 Sep 2008, johnnickolls wrote:

    Newcastle United need to start again from the ground up... New Owners, new management and new players. Don't worry the support will be there. A very sad day for football.

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  • 186. At 4:59pm on 02 Sep 2008, mag-pars wrote:

    this is mad!! keegan was doing great (for the games we have had this season) "just" four points is a shocking way of putting it.

    for the new appointment i am hoping it is not shearer as i think he would crack under the pressure from what the fans want and the owner. also hes inexperienced (i know ince was given a chance but he wont last long) he would be fine as a striking coach or something but this job would be out of his level.

    this sounds very like the hearts way of treating managers and i hope that we do not turn out like the mess they are in about their staff and so on. also the football we played against man united was great when you think about who we where playing lets be honest. keegan was true about the top 4 thing as we dont have the money that the likes of arsenal, man utd, chelsea, liverpool and now city.

    i hope ashley comes to his senses and realises what a big mistake he has made about the future of this club and how we could in years to come we could at leat try to get into the top 6 or 7. what an **** ashley is.

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  • 187. At 4:59pm on 02 Sep 2008, aka_bluepeter wrote:

    What surprises me is that anyone would call him King Kevin unless he's doing a Robert the Bruce trick, if at first you don't succeed try and try again.
    What he has done is desert you loyal Newcastle fans without so much as a backwards glance.
    Mike Ashley on the other hand shows more passion for the club than any Chairman I know, pumps millions of his personal cash in to the club..... and gets lambasted for it.
    Sorry you Geordie lads and lasses but it's a puzzle to me.

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  • 188. At 5:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, cheeky_nffc wrote:

    this was inevitable from the moment he was appointed,

    keegan always cracks under some pressure or other and if he hadn't walked over this, it would have been something else

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  • 189. At 5:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, Y-I-1892man wrote:

    the USA has suffered another hurricane-Gustav.NUFC has suffered another-Ashley!!when will it ever end.KK was right with his comment about never reaching the top 4 in his time the club!!!he wasn´t given the chance!Potent stuff,that non-alcoholic drink-Ashley should stick to Newkie Broon.Am very dispondent-should have seen the writing on the wall when Mort walked out on Ashley.Flash in the pan,pining for the City-what a load of bull....Question is:where do we go from here?

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  • 190. At 5:01pm on 02 Sep 2008, Scottishscouser wrote:

    To my mind it's always dodgy when a chairman or club owner wants to be a 'man of the people.' He looks ridiculous sitting in a footy shirt trying to be all things to all people. I doubt he will have the nerve to sit among the fans for the next game. It's difficult not to feel sorry for Toon fans even though they do bring many of the problems onto themsels.

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  • 191. At 5:01pm on 02 Sep 2008, A Geordie Jedi wrote:

    this is insane, what is ashley doing to us!?! im a die hard fan and im ,gutted about this. Cant believe it, wrong decision !

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  • 192. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, SmoggieDunk wrote:

    I have been a long boro fan and has respected the likes of Kevin Keegan at Newcastle United Football Club. I thought it was a good decision and a great time to bring the Geordie Messiah back to the club, but the fact that Kevin has walked away from the club for the last time makes me wonder if newcastle united will be able to this rate Barton will leave the club, owen will leave the club leaving two if not 3 up front and will mean a HUGE crisis in terms of scoring goals.

    Ashley i believe is a buffoon for letting keegan go. if he had given keegan the freedom to make his own decisions NUFC wouldnt be in this situation, and this seems to bring me towards another great manager that i respected as a football player, Roy Keane of Sunderland.

    the fact that keane said that if he doesnt have control over the club and all that it does...basically everything he would walk away...this seems to be the case with king kev.

    so all in all i can say is good luck to NUFC and Kevin Keegan. NUFC when they're playing in the premiership, but i hope they do something about Ashley,
    he's making the club a joke...
    whats the bets that
    a. Ashley wont be at any games
    b. Wise will be sacked in 7 months....

    Big Sam 9 mnths
    King Kev 8 Mnths

    not looking good at newcastle now...
    even if they were to bring in Shearer he'd probably be in the same situation as King Kev.

    Good luck for the rest of the this might need it...

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  • 193. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, redcarrob wrote:

    Hopeless.Just a joke.As one of the loyal,vaguely sensible fans who don`t jump in front of a TV camera at the drop of a hat,its pathetic how the club is continually dragged through the mud by owners/directors who lose any leadership sense the minute they leave the business boardroom and enter a football one.5 managers in 4 years.Two different regimes in charge.Not one iota of football sense between them.You don`t write long term football plans on the back of a beer mat before you down the pint of TV.

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  • 194. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, TrueBlue wrote:

    What an absolute disgrace !

    As a Scot who's never really had a team in the Premier League - I've always had a soft spot for teams with fans that live for the club - West Ham, Man City (hope that remains after recent events) and Newcastle, spring to mind - but no disrespect intended to any others !

    Mike Ashley/Dennis Wise vs. Kevin Keegan/The Newcastle Public.

    It's a no brainer - and I think Mr. Ashley has made a deliberate and calculated move having seen what kind of money ADUG have just paid for Man. City. He's forcing himself into a situation where he has to be bought out - oh and by the way - at a tidy profit based on current football club evaluations.

    The losers in all this are the Newcastle fans and KK who is one of the most genuine ppl in British football.

    Sad and disgraceful......

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  • 195. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, Dom2007 wrote:

    Phil, I enjoyed your blog on the Capello/Pietersen comparision very much today but know I feel I have no choice but to say that I object to you, your opinion, your blog....and most of all your profession!

    Why is that the press feel the need to hound Kevin Keegan? He has always been loved by every Geordie fan the world over and it is nothing short of soul-destroying that this has happened.

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  • 196. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, spurs4everr wrote:

    im a spurs fan, and i feel pretty gutted for the newcastle fans. newcastle arnt going to be a 'big 4' team in a while, however, they could still play for the uefa cup spot etc. they could of still been very succesful. Im very sad to hear keegan has gone. i, for one, thought he was a good manager, and given time, would have made newcastle a very good team. its not like at spurs when jol went, cause we had a very poor start to the season, 4 points in 3 games for newcastle is good and shows that they are having a good start. i hope ashley knows he will be facing a revolt from the fans, bad move on his part getting rid of Keegan.

    Best wishes to Keegan and im sorry that, probably, his last participation in football ended on a sour note =[

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  • 197. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, reebu67 wrote:

    Keegan is a serial bottler. When thigns get tough, he walks. This is a sympton of how much money is in the game - Keegan doesn't need the hassle for the money he's on, cos the money doesn't matter.

    Newcastle are serial hirerer/firers. Whether this is pressure or inflated expectations from the management or fans for a club which has won nothing in years. Newcastle is a big club only in its fanbase and stadium capacity. In terms of trophies, it remains a small club, with the likes of Blackburn, Spurs, Boro and Portsmouth all bigger than Newcastle cos they've all won top silverware in recent times.

    When Keegan was appointed I said he'd be away in the summer. Well I was nearly right. He lasted three games of the new season. This was on the wall when they didnt give Big Sam the time a new manager needs to stabilise. Keegan was never going to be anything other than an emotional stop gap to helps heal the developing rifts between club and fans since Ashley took over. Ashley cant have it all ways. He can't sit comfortably with both fans and board - it just doesnt work.

    Good luck to the next dead man walking. He'll last as long as Ashley lasts, as I suspect he'll be selling out too very shortly.

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  • 198. At 5:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, BARCASPUR wrote:

    I don't rate Mcnulty as a writer, but Spurs are as unstable as Newcastle and more or less as successful.

    All I can add to a poorly written (as usual) article.

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  • 199. At 5:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, BARCASPUR wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 200. At 5:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, Dom2007 wrote:

    When are the press going to grow up and just report facts rather than creating scandal and sensation by hounding one the most likeable Englishmen ever to walk the earth out of his livelihood. I am truly disgusted and you Mr McNulty are not fit to breath the same wonderful Tyne air as the King of St James'.

    I do not want anyone else to manage our football club - I want KK, have always wanted KK and always will want KK to be our talisman. He loves the beautiful game and understands exactly what it means to people in the North who have to put up with our one passion in life being destroyed by the likes of you.

    Hang your head in eternal shame for belonging to a profession that may not be the "oldest in the world" but is a lot, lot grubbier.

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  • 201. At 5:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, Extranjeros wrote:

    So sorry for Newcastle fans, although I´m sure they´ll recover from this kick in the .... . If it´s any consolation Ian Holloway is available and would provide a different perspective for the `Toon´.

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  • 202. At 5:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, cilurnum wrote:

    Can't say I'm altogether surprised this time, and even as a fan, I think this means the end of the club. You could see Keegan was squirming in that press conference, hiding his discomfort.

    I doubt whether any manager, Alan Shearer or whoever, will make any difference at all until they sort out the mess of that appointment of Dennis Wise. I simply don't know why he was brought in, and he had no real credentials. If Wise then becomes manager I simply don't want to know Newcastle United any more.

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  • 203. At 5:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, threshold7 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 204. At 5:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, welshsteve wrote:

    He should never have gone back there. It was clear from the start, with the Dennis Wise situation, that something wasn't right about all this.

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  • 205. At 5:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, big_nod wrote:

    Mike Ashley hasnt a clue, what a loser! He does know how to make money but that is it. Get rid of this idiot before you get relegated...

    Look at arsenal, stable manager/board, new stadium, small wage bill, young attacking top 4 side. Everything the toon wants, all it takes is time and the right people to make it happen, Kev was the man for the job, now you will be stuck with dennis and the fat controller, haha.

    Sorry toon but you are the laughing stocks of the football world, and at this rate always will be, you deserve better!

    We will all miss you kev!!!

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  • 206. At 5:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, whatbill wrote:

    What a shambles. Does anyone think they could go down this season?

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  • 207. At 5:06pm on 02 Sep 2008, last_final_word wrote:

    A total disgrace! Keegen had a pretty good start to the season given the teams they started against. Why do clubs bring in this "director of football" position anyway? The manager is there to do a job and should be left to do it. As a Villa fan i am delighted Milner came to us but I feel sorry for Keegen. I kind of adopted Newcastle as my second team last year when Keegan was in charge. Not many managers in the came today shows the passion and commitment to a club. Now I hope Ashley faces the music.

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  • 208. At 5:06pm on 02 Sep 2008, Spurs59er wrote:

    Huge shame. Feel very sorry for the Toon Army, who have been badly let down again by Mike Ashley.

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  • 209. At 5:06pm on 02 Sep 2008, joll111 wrote:

    There's an awful lot of sympathy towards Big Kev doing the rounds- but I'm not convinced.

    Sure things may not have been going exactly as he wanted at Newcastle but if I was a magpies fan I'd be more than a little miffed that a man who supposedly loves the club has once again left it in the lurch.

    Lets face it Keegan has flaked out of every job he's ever had and while there may be mitigating circumstances this time the end result is exactly the same.

    I may be being unfair but it seems to me that when the going gets tough, Keegan gets going!

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  • 210. At 5:07pm on 02 Sep 2008, scfc_premiership wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 211. At 5:07pm on 02 Sep 2008, NoddyOwl wrote:

    Are people not reading whats happened properly. Keegan left he wasn't sacked this was his choice. If Ashley goes then Newcastle will hit rock bottom, be careful what you wish for....

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  • 212. At 5:07pm on 02 Sep 2008, scfc_premiership wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 213. At 5:07pm on 02 Sep 2008, Arctic wrote:

    Championship football beckons, and that saddens me.

    I'm a Liverpool supporter, but of course the links between my heroes of the 70s and 80s and Newcastle is clear and has been for over a decade.

    Ashley's position is clearly untenable in my view. He certainly better bring body guards with him if he returns to the stands. I'm not suggesting he'll be seriously hurt, but an egging or a bloody nose isn't a stretch of the imagination.

    What I don't get is what Phil has said. If you appoint Keegan as manager, why do that if you don't intend to let him make the transfer decisions. Keegan has never stayed with a club that operated in this way, and almost certainly his last departure was in similar circumstances. He felt undermined then as now.

    What people forget is that Keegan is actually quite a good manager. He challenged for the title against a Man Utd side that won the treble for 3 years.

    He kept Man City in the Premiership, did well with Fulham and steadied a sinking ship last season. No manager except Wenger runs a top team without spending money. Even the much vaunted Ferguson spends as much as Keegan ever did. And the difference in their records is as much the fault of the Newcastle board as it is the flaws of Keegan. No Keegan isn't close to being as good a manager, but he is still quality. I certainly rate him above our current manager at Liverpool, or indeed anyone we've had since Dalglish left.

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  • 214. At 5:08pm on 02 Sep 2008, Telloth wrote:

    Mike Ashley needs to go after this. As someone said before he is a complete and utter hypocrite, wearing a King Kev shirt at Saturday's game and now this.

    We as Newcastle fans deserve better than this. We have been loyal and all the board is doing is bringing managers in and not giving them the time or resources to take the club forward, something they claim to be trying to do.

    I seriously think that Keegan could have taken us places with more time, but evidently the owner was too much of a selfish idiot to let him do so. I hope Ashley realises what he has done.

    Thing is, I now don't see how Newcastle can do well under the current owner and board. It seems like if the manager doesn't do well in the first 6 months with limited resources, he will go. And I don't think any manager is that good.

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  • 215. At 5:08pm on 02 Sep 2008, Mark Gleeson wrote:

    I can't see Mike Ashley sitting with the fans or drinking beer from a plastic cup now -- he might get lynched.

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  • 216. At 5:09pm on 02 Sep 2008, cyberdaveSIM wrote:

    Adios Newcastle. Lifetime supporter but enough is enough. I will never pay money again to see this joke of a football club.
    I wish keegan well. a gentleman and an honest man.
    Wise, ashley et al........youre a joke

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  • 217. At 5:09pm on 02 Sep 2008, King_Shearer_Legend wrote:

    What on earth is Mike Ashely doing? It should be the manager making the transfers not Dennis Wise. Ashely should spend less time with the fans and more on writing transfer cheques for the manager. Since Newcastle got rid of Robson and got Souness we have gone downhill. We used to be a big club in the top 4. I can't see us returning there for a long time. Ashely was the one who should have gone not King Kev

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  • 218. At 5:09pm on 02 Sep 2008, whoscoredallthegoals wrote:

    Keegan only got the job to keep dupporters happy. Ashley was on a win / win. Now that KK has once again done a runner Ashley has total control and the Supporters have sold their right to dictate to him. Good Chairmanship and the only way Newcastle will ever get a true manager in the job. The treatment Allardyce got was a disgrace and now Ashley has paid them back. Why do supporters want to romanticise a business?

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  • 219. At 5:10pm on 02 Sep 2008, TrueBlue wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 220. At 5:10pm on 02 Sep 2008, mozroz wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 221. At 5:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, slidingheckle wrote:

    Something about Newcastle... I team I always want to love but they can't seem to get out of their own way. You see the owner in kit downing a pint at the game and you think - surely he will get it like the fans - but in the end the Magpies would be better off if some Saudi consortium bought them who, from a thousand miles away, appreciate the qualities the fans love, and want to see it become a world class side.

    Ah, you know, the fans should forgo their pints for a week and spend the saved coin to buy the team.

    As for a new manager, whom of quality and sound mind would want that job now, and under the current management? I guess Wise is in (his plan all along?)

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  • 222. At 5:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, ronrafferty wrote:

    When we all saw NUFCs owner downing his pint last week dressed in a Newcastle shirt it kind of summed up the problem with the club.That approach may work for the Sunday League but not for the top of the professional game.Added to that if you have Dennis Wise as the brains of the operation you know you have problems.
    You Geordie fans deserve better than what you have got for many years.
    I am a Man U fan but am still amazed at what goes on at your club.
    Until you have a real professional back room team your on-field team will always fail.

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  • 223. At 5:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, fear_my_googly wrote:

    Only Ashley really knows how much he's put into the club already. Despite being tight with the money recently, he's put in an awful lot of cash to write off the previous debt.

    Perhaps that debt was created for honest reasons, perhaps Shepherd was trying his hardest to buy us success. But surely as a businessman you can't just be expected to invest hundreds of millions and forget about any returns?

    What Ashley is done seems terrible at face value, I agree. But you can't expect him to pour money into the club without any forethought, or plan, or preference to the running of the club.

    If, for whatever reason, he feels that Keegan has had his time, it is prerogative to choose his people and move the club forward. After all, as a businessman it is in his best interests to advance the clubs status, which would ultimately make his business more successful.

    Let's see who he appoints, what he lets that appointment do, and how that appointment fares before trying to kill him. For all his endearing, human qualities I don't think Keegan was going to get Newcastle where Ashley wanted.

    Personally I think Keegan is fantastic. Honest, enthusiastic, genuine, all the things that are missing from most other top flight managers. But perhaps that's just not enough to keep your job now.

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  • 224. At 5:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, extrafineleg wrote:

    Ashley knows nothing about soccer management, Wise knows nothing about soccer, not surprising Keegan left, the team manager needs to have control over what he does and how he structures the team and its contents. When the team goes down to the championship the Geordies will rightly get their revenge.

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  • 225. At 5:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, SmoggieDunk wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 226. At 5:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, eirebilly wrote:

    There was an excellent 606 thread on here a while ago but i lost it. Can anyone re-link me to it?

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  • 227. At 5:17pm on 02 Sep 2008, RubberNutz wrote:

    Ridiculous - Not a toon fan, but always had a softspot for Newcastle - presumably because its a club supported by decent folk who've had to put up with being led by imbeciles for far to long...

    Hopefully this will be a watershed and you get a decent manager who will be given the time he needs... The only question is, who would take the job?

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  • 228. At 5:17pm on 02 Sep 2008, Sam wrote:

    It does seem like a transitional time for the Premier League with Man City joining the big spenders' elite.

    Newcastle are often compared to Spurs for being underachievers (mind you Spurs have one a fair amount of trophies since 1969, so maybe that is being unfair to Spurs!).

    Spurs spent £70 million this summer on new signings and I think King Kev would have liked to have a bit more freedom on the transfer market.

    Shearer would be a popular replacement, but I think he would go the same way as Keegan because the backroom staff will not allow anyone to do there job fully.

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  • 229. At 5:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, cbf1950 wrote:

    The departure of Keegan is a sad day for football and an even sadder one for Newcastle.

    What is clear for all to see - and sadly Keegan is the latest victim to demonstrate this - is that Mike Ashley hasn't got the vision or skill to own and run a football club as special and unique as Newcastle.

    It doesn't matter how much money Ashley has, or how much passion he thinks he has, if he can't run Newcastle in keeping with the spirit and tradition that its great supporter base deserves, then he shouldn't be in the business of club ownership.

    Owning a football club isn't a game, its a serious business that requires the right management structure. Like him or hate him, Roman Abramovich has got it right at Chelsea, and Newcastle deserve the same from Mr Ashley.

    Mr Ashley, you will be doing football in general, and Newcastle in particular, a huge favour if you would let Kevin Keegan's successor run the club as it needs to be run. Otherwise, perhaps it is time for you to find a suitable consortium to buy the club.

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  • 230. At 5:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, Y-I-1892man wrote:

    aka_bluepeter wrote:
    Mike Ashley on the other hand shows more passion for the club than any Chairman I know, pumps millions of his personal cash in to the club..... and gets lambasted for it.
    So why did he?Cocky cockney flashing his brass!!anyone who had any faith in him,Ashley-hasn´t now.KK,if nothing else has passion for the game/club.Money talks!

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  • 231. At 5:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, toonblogger wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 232. At 5:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, SeanyK wrote:

    I am devastated by this.

    Kevin Keegan was what the club needed, he was Newcastle through and through.

    The only people who could have saved us after the pathetic managerial appointments (Roeder, Souness, Allardyce) were;

    Sir Bobby Robson
    Kevin Keegan

    Sir Bobby was too old to return, but Keegan was willing to come back to help us, and improve us and get us near where we used to be.

    We didn't expect top 4 in a year or two, we were happy to see the improvement in our play, which was clear with Keegan at the helm.
    And who knows, maybe we could have took a top 8 place this season?

    Instead, we now have the most ridiculous news since SBR was sacked by Freddy Shephard.

    Sorry, but Mike Ashley HAS to go, Dennis Wise is not the answer, and I will never go to a game nor watch one if he is in charge.

    Manchester City are taken over by an owner who wants to spend, we get taken over by an owner who prefers to drink beer like a lout, and to gamble his money away in the casino's instead of providing the manager with transfer money or backing his judgement with players.

    When we sold Milner, I honestly thought we would have a replacement lined up, even Jermaine Pennant for £5M would have done, instead, we have signed nobody to replace him!

    Time to go Mike Ashley, and take your no-knowledge cockney friends with you.

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  • 233. At 5:21pm on 02 Sep 2008, AWAYTHENOCK wrote:

    Sacking Keegan is an absolute joke. No wonder he was cheesed off at the board buying and selling above his head, and thier unrealistic expectations about finishing in the top four. Thought Keegan was doing a decent job. Ashley should just install HIMSELF as manager and be done with it. What right minded manager is going to want the job now anyway? I feel sorry for newcastle fans, thier club seems to take one step forward then two steps back time and time again.

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  • 234. At 5:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, Joey wrote:

    As a toon fan since a kid I'm absolutley gutted about the departure of king kev. He was one of the only positive things left at the club and now no one will have faith in ashley or wise. Keegan was a real toon fan aswell and obviously annoyed at the harsh treatment given to milner.

    Last time the toon fans were this upset was the fa cup final defeat and there were riots in the streets. Football means so much to us up here and ashley doesn't seem to get it, he should sell as quickly as possible otherwise he'll be an enemy of the most feared fans in the world!!!!

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  • 235. At 5:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, Plastic_Red wrote:

    "He has no Premier League track record as a manager" ...

    Neither has Paul Ince (with whom he draws comparison)...Or any of the promoted teams managers...


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  • 236. At 5:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, bubblegummandroid wrote:

    Well its official then. Newcastle United are the most turbulent club in the premier league, if not the football league itself. Again Mike Ashley has made the club a laughing stock and i for one feel sorry for the fans. As a City fan i know all too well of the ups and downs of clubs like ourselves and Newcastle, but while were celbrating our highest high for some time the magpies have hit yet another low. Newcastle fans are prehaps the most passionate in the premier league and yet are made to suffer the most. King Kev was one of them and now it looks like we have to wave goodbye to him forever. Now we have to listen to all the ridiculous rumours of Shearer becoming manager untill a sub-standard boss is appointed and then we find ourselves in the same prediciment now in 8 months time. Ashley out!

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  • 237. At 5:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, Saintsforever wrote:

    What a nightmare for the Newcastle fans. Does nobody ever learn up there that only expereinced, settled sides win things in ANY sport? This is a far greater issue than the lack of funds compared to the big four.

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  • 238. At 5:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, AreYouRob'n wrote:

    A little too sympathetic to Keegan I think. Ashley bought Newcastle then found out just how bad the finances were - sponsorship money spent in advance, installments owed on lots of players etc. Newcastle are like the UK economy, an appearance of wealth funded by cheap debt. Ashley cut back. I am not really sure Keegan ever got how serious the money situation was and was still living in his "big club" daydream. As for the structure of the club it's not unique to have a director of football and some clubs seem to do much better with it - Spurs may not be top 4 but they are not nearly bust either. No idea whether Keegan knew a man was coming or that it would be Wise but I suspect even if he was told he wouldn't have heard.

    ps: I have a slip with rather good odds on a Newcastle relegation this season. Bet I wouldn't get such a deal today!

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  • 239. At 5:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ilicipolero wrote:

    "He has his failings (don't we all?) but they are far outweighed by his honesty, decency and his desire to play the game in attacking manner"

    Well said Phil McNulty, spot on.

    Clearly in this Premiership day and age, with it's relentless pursuit of TV money and pathological dread of relegation, there is no longer a place for people who, like Keegan, wear their heart on the sleeve.

    Whether he was pushed or jumped rudderless ship is irrelevant, Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise should be ashamed. The next incumbent of the St James' Park management hot seat faces an impossibly difficult task avoiding the Coca Cola Championship rocks.

    Sleeping giant or not other similar clubs, for example Aston Villa, Everton, Manchester City and Tottenham appear to have most of the components in place to make strides within the next few seasons. To bridge that gap from the middle tier to the top four Premiership clubs, a strong board, first class manager, a healthy squad and a fanbase are prerequisites. Presently NUFC possess only one of the above and have done for quite some while.

    50,000 Geordies every fortnight will be forced to watch as the incompetent Ashley and out of his depth Wise inexorably run the good ship Newcastle aground.

    Another season gone to waste!!

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  • 240. At 5:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, GaryHowe wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 241. At 5:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, woodsy1977 wrote:

    This is another appaling decision. Made even worse because he waited until the transfer deadline had passed. If you were going to part company with him, a couple of months ago was the time to do it and then at least a new man would have had a chance to build his own team, now they have no manager and a team they can't change.

    Unfortunately premiership teams are fast becoming play things for the seriously rich. Some of them have done okay, like at Aston Villa and even, dare I say it the Glazers at Old Trafford. But rumours persist about Abramovich interferring with the team selection even when the special needs one was there. Then you have my team, Liverpool, who have been messed about my two Americans who can't decide whether they even like each other anymore. Sadly, people like Ashley are even worse, because he is basically just a rich fan and wants to make all the decisions. I mean why bother with a manager Mike, why not just pick the team yourself and be done with it.

    the soul is being ripped out of teams up and down the land and a word to the wise for Mark Hughes and Man City. it might seem like all peaches and cream just now with the millions coming in from Abu Dhabi, but don't be all that surprised if it all ends in tears in 3 or 4 years time when it turns out money isn't the only thing required to win trophies.

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  • 242. At 5:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, bjorkiii wrote:

    Theres only one man to finally put the toon were use belong and that is Steve Mclaren sign him Mike you know it makes sense , Come on the Boro , its like the Toon are being run as a comic side in VIZ

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  • 243. At 5:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, GaryHowe wrote:

    I agree with nearly all of this astute and well written piece.

    He has largely missed out Keegans tendency towards having a hissyfit, which never helps.

    But the basic message of 'The egotism of Ashley and the incompetence of Wise should have gone, not Keegan' is exactly right. If Keegan had tried to make it clear that it was him or Ashley to go the fans would have demanded Ashley to sling his hook.

    And they'll probably demand that anyway at the next home match with Hull.

    Newcastle could have been massive again under keegan, but he had to work with an impossibly fat headed self obsessed fool, and understandably couldn't stand it any more

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  • 244. At 5:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, Eastender wrote:

    The sacking is obviously wrong but the real crime was KK's appointment.

    Forget all the romance about history, passion et al, the reality is that the successful modern day (some would say of any day?) manager is a hard nosed, arrogant, intelligent individual with a brutal streak. KK lacks on all four fronts. A first class decent guy, nice to have as your best mate but for christ sake don't go into business with him!

    Ashley has no class no matter how much money he has. He never has and never will. The Toon are in very dangerous hands and the long term damage could be far greater than the Hicks/Gillette or Glazier fiascos.

    Toon fans, stop giving him your money!

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  • 245. At 5:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, bjorkiii wrote:

    Theres only one man to finally put the toon were use belong and that is Steve Mclaren sign him Mike you know it makes sense , Come on the Boro , its like the Toon are being run as a comic side in VIZ .

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  • 246. At 5:31pm on 02 Sep 2008, NickyBlade wrote:

    Ill quote some Arctic Monkeys here

    Presuming that all things are equal who'd want to be men of the people whens theres people like....Mike Ashley!

    Bilic wouldnt go to Newcastle though he deserves better.
    So does Keegan to be fair.

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  • 247. At 5:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ben_Spurs_Fan wrote:

    I don't feel sorry for the fans at all. Newcastle fans are the ones who generally lead to the manager being sacked!!, they never offer proper support!. Bit like Spurs fans to be honest, too quick to get on the players backs. They need support!!

    I don't know why any players would want to sign for Newcastle, apart from playing in front of 65000+ fans, or however many there are, every week, which must be amazing, its a nightmare.

    They wont ever be succesful unless they lower their expectations, give a manager complete trust to build the side over 3-5 years at least and let things develop. There is no development at Newcastle, the identity within the club is dead. It has been since the great Bobby Robson left.

    Its the same at Tottenham, we need to give Ramos complete support for a few years and let him develop the side. But enough of Spurs, this is about the joke that is Newcastle United.

    The irony is that if you had more in your lives to be passionate about than just your football team, they'd probably be more successful coz there'd be less importance on success or failure and consequently less pressure.

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  • 248. At 5:33pm on 02 Sep 2008, ostevo wrote:

    it was widely predicted when keegan took charge that it would end in tears and sadly it has.i am an arsenal fan and have been for 30 years but i think this is a sad day for english football.kevin keegan is one of the nicest,most decent and honest men in football and he deserved better as do the newcastle fans.ashley,with his "king kev 1" shirt is a rich fool.

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  • 249. At 5:33pm on 02 Sep 2008, badgercourage wrote:

    "Well its official then. Newcastle United are the most turbulent club in the premier league"

    Most stupid club, you mean!

    However I can't but help wonder whether this isn't at least in part about Joey Barton and KK's misplaced and mistimed public declaration of support for him??

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  • 250. At 5:35pm on 02 Sep 2008, Joey wrote:

    oh and to add that wise has never had a place at the toon since i saw him square up to shola ameobi on his debut

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  • 251. At 5:37pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ryan_Giggs_Fan wrote:

    I might be a man utd fan but i think this is pathetic. I like Kevin Keegan he brings something good to the game . If i was a newcastle fan i would be going crazy. Mike Ashley needs to sort it out big time. Newcastle used to be one of those teams you were scared to play cause they were class with the likes of shearer , dyer , gary speed and so on. Top 4 used to be there aim. Soon there aim might be to avoid relegation. Keegan has had a good start in. Not many teams are gunner go to Man Utd this season and get a point. Bolton are a hard team but they won that. They won there carling cup match. Losing to Arsenal is not so bad though. Not many people thought Newcatsle would get something from there. So Keegan should have some respect. The right man for Newcastle at this moment would be Slaven Bilic . Poor Keegan though.

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  • 252. At 5:38pm on 02 Sep 2008, barroldinho wrote:

    I have a slightly different feeling about Newcastle, Keegan and their 'wonderful' fans.

    Yes they have pationate support, no question. And yes, Keegan is a good manager. But the fans put too much expectation on their club and seem to expect instant glory from every new manager since the mid-nineties. Allardyce was never given a chance and that's largely why Keegan came in in the first place. The whole thing is a shambles to be fair. I've never seen anything about Wise that makes me think he's that great (player or manager). But King Kev has never liked pressure. He got Newcastle from nowhere to within touching distance of the premiership title with no expectation and plenty of cash. That is his specialty - he makes good signings based on the backing of the board. He's good at finding talent and getting them playing for him. But as soon as the expectation was there, he left Newcastle. He did the same with England and now, though Ashley is certainly mainly to blame, Keegan has chosen the most ridiculous time to leave. At least wait until close to the next transfer window so that any incoming manager can at least argue with Ashley and Co to make the signings they want. As it is, NUFC are truly shafted.

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  • 253. At 5:39pm on 02 Sep 2008, FootballMadAmerican wrote:

    Could we see an about-face with King Kev returning and Dennis Wise being booted by the obviously passionate, but not long-term thinking owner? In other words, who else is in the offing for the manager's position and can cause the Toon Army to rise up in reverence?

    Keegan's the right man working under the wrong circumstances. And, as another poster pointed out, you need a proper backroom before your on-field situation improves and stays (a key point for Newcastle) improved.

    I don’t think there’s a single person in football who would want Dennis Wise as their boss. He needs to be removed and all will be smooth sailing going forward.

    That said, I'm left thinking of the image of Mike Ashley wearing his "King Kev 1" jersey, swilling a beer and then KK making a move for the exit. Newcastle deserve better.

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  • 254. At 5:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, cmt_wright wrote:

    I am not looking forward to the cringe questions on MOTD where Gary asks Alan whether he is taking over as manager!!!

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  • 255. At 5:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, TrueBlue wrote:

    Newcastle fans - even those of you who haven't missed a game since the 50's or 60's - just don't turn up against Hull !

    You're probably gonna win - but this has gone far beyond that. You could turn up and sing songs against Ashley - which I still think is what he wants - or you could just not turn up.

    Best protest is the economic one.

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  • 256. At 5:43pm on 02 Sep 2008, AnalMcAnal wrote:

    Can anybody tell me an example within british football where a 'director of football' or 'technical director' has been succesfull?

    If somebody else other than the manager/head coach recruits a player then surely the blatantly obvious downfall is -what if the manager/coach doesn't rate that player?

    Why not just emply a manager and then let him pick what players he wants to bring into his team? That sounds simple to me - am i missing something?

    If somebody would insist on employing someone in this roll, surely you'd have:
    a) someone with a proven track record of succesfull activity in the transfer market.
    b) someone who has similar footballing ideals to the manager.

    Does Wise fall into either category?

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  • 257. At 5:48pm on 02 Sep 2008, CycloneArmageddon wrote:

    The only surprise is the level of surprise. Seriously: What did Newcastle fans think would happen?

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  • 258. At 5:48pm on 02 Sep 2008, AnalMcAnal wrote:

    Can anybody tell me an example within british football where a 'director of football' or 'technical director' has been succesfull?

    If somebody else other than the manager/head coach recruits a player then surely the blatantly obvious downfall is -what if the manager/coach doesn't rate that player?

    Why not just emply a manager and then let him pick what players he wants to bring into his team? That sounds simple to me - am i missing something?

    If somebody would insist on employing someone in this roll, surely you'd have:
    a) someone with a proven track record of succesfull activity in the transfer market.
    b) someone who has similar footballing ideals to the manager.

    Does Wise fall into either category?

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  • 259. At 5:51pm on 02 Sep 2008, gasheroo wrote:

    What are the chances that the good Mr Ashley is reading this thread and has the guts to make a statement in response? It seems that just about every football fan in the country, Toon or not, thinks he's destroying that fine old club and that he should go, I think we deserve something "from the heart". Come on Mike, post a comment!!

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  • 260. At 5:51pm on 02 Sep 2008, gasheroo wrote:

    What are the chances that the good Mr Ashley is reading this thread and has the guts to make a statement in response? It seems that just about every football fan in the country, Toon or not, thinks he's destroying that fine old club and that he should go. I think we deserve something "from the heart". Come on Mike, post a comment!!

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  • 261. At 5:52pm on 02 Sep 2008, Tmthyhrl wrote:

    It was plain to see to any football supporter that Kevin Keegan was slowly turning things around at Newcastle. They were in freefall when he took over earlier this year and he promised to keep them up and he did and even pushed them up to mid table by the end. By anybody's standards it hasn't been a bad start to the season and Keegan was doing fine I thought.

    So those poor Newcastle fans have to go through it all again and if I was Alan Shearer I wouldn't touch the job with a barge pole. The first thing any new manager must do is to ensure that on the day he starts the job Dennis Wise has gone. He would cause trouble in an empty house and wherever he goes he leaves a mess behind him aka Leeds and Newcastle.

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  • 262. At 5:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, squaremonkee wrote:

    Coming from Leeds where only about 30% of football fans support their home club I'm starting to feel sorry for Newcastle fans.

    This has all happened at the wrong time for Newcastle, they were finally starting to look stable and Keegan had the opportunity to start the season with a team he could truly call his own. It should have been a fresh start for everybody involved with the club. Keegan had sorted out Newcastle's weak defending whislt bringing in an attacking style.
    Four points from nine can be considered a fair start, especially when Tottenham gain nothing against the likes of Boro and Sunderland despite spending £60m!!

    Keegan's statement that Newcastle are not yet ready to break into the top four was completley warranted and realistic.
    Why give supporters false hope? Exactly like in Tottenham 2 or 3 seasons ago. Tottenham and the Spurs fans make me laugh with their delusions of grandeur. The only passion shown at White Hart Lane comes from bitter hatred for everything and anyone associated with Arsenal(whom are in a totally different league to those losers at *hite Hart Lane). Newcastle supporters are a true credit to their club however and have the right to be genuinely riled at what's gone on, I'm certain they would love a top four finish, but I'm even more certain they would trade that finish for stability, loyalty and honesty, all of which Keegan would've bought to the club this season.

    The man was nothing but an asset to the club. He was also an asset to the game, honest, skilled, colourful and interesting and unpretentious- quite rare in football these days.

    Good luck Newcastle.

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  • 263. At 6:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, mjavfc8832 wrote:

    Mike Ashley hasn't got a clue.

    Newcastle United supporters, who are amongst the best in the country, deserve better.

    - Aston Villa season-ticket holder

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  • 264. At 6:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, Rob wrote:

    The loathsome and most inaptly named Wise should follow Keegan out of the club forthwith. A shameful decision by Ashley to dispense with KK.

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  • 265. At 6:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, TheGMen wrote:

    I bet Harry's got a smile as wide The River Tyne right now.
    And Houillier (who was second choice I believe) must be laughing at "the roast beefs".
    Firing Allarydyce was knee-jerk reaction as was appointing Keegan.
    After Harry had come to his senses, appointing Keegan was either going to be a masterstroke or a disaster.
    He had been out of football, admitting that he would never return to football and that he hadn’t even watched a game for months.
    Would Ashley, the businessman, hire an MD for one of his businesses if he had been out of the loop so long and hadn't shown much interest in working in that industry again?
    But Ashely is culpable and deserves the vitriol. He has demonstrated that he is clueless when it comes to football.
    For such a good businessman (?) he sure makes some strange decisions. Mort has gone (who was a good guy) and the hiring of Wise was, at best, misguided.
    So where next?
    1. Ashley will see the cash in his eyes after the Man City dewal and sell up (maybe driven by the way the fans feels about him)
    2. A new manager will be appointed. But who? It seems like a job for a muppet right now. Shearers' too canny to take the poison chalice.
    3. Appoint Wise? This would probably get the nod from Sunderland supporters (who seem to be doing OK thank you!)
    As someone very amusingly pointed out, it makes Liverpool look like an oasis of common sense!

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  • 266. At 6:06pm on 02 Sep 2008, idmon00 wrote:

    The only chance Newcastle United had of success this season has gone with Kevin Keegan. Who would want to take over as manager at the club now?

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  • 267. At 6:09pm on 02 Sep 2008, Kapnag wrote:

    Keegan was a shocking appointment to begin with

    He would have took the club nowhere

    Ashley wants to sell anyway - Newcastle are a joke

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  • 268. At 6:11pm on 02 Sep 2008, nicklhughes07 wrote:

    I thought Keegan was going to fail miserably this season as I didn't think he had the tactical nous to compete at the top level. When his incredibly entertaining Newcastle side of the mid 90's were riding high he had a lot of money to spend and thus a superior squad.

    But as they have had so many problems getting the right caliber of player in, I thought they would struggle badly until his inevitable sacking.

    However, I was impressed with how ready for the new season they were, the signings they had brought in like Guthrie and Gutierrez, but still he has gone.

    For everyone's sake, i hope this WAS Ashle getting rid of him, because then we can all just call him an idiot and blame him. But the timing seems absolutely ludicrous and I just hope that it wasn't a repeat of when Keegan walked out on England after that defeat by Germany at Wembley.

    I suppose we will know when a statement is finally released or someone can talk to Kevin.

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  • 269. At 6:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, In Zola We Trusted - Next Up The Undertaker wrote:

    Absolutely amazed that so many Mags appear to be more bothered by the fact the BBC reported they had "only" gained 4 points from the first three games, rather than the fact their club is being run like the circus that we all know and laugh at.

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  • 270. At 6:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, saga mix wrote:

    I just can't credit this! ... when will people realise that KK is one of the great managers?

    Remember Euro 2000? ... the football he got England to play in the opening match against Portugal? ... 2-0 up in no time at all!

    Okay, so Portugal came back but that was boding very well, wasn't it? If the plank Neville hadn't conceded that last minute penalty in the final group game, there's every chance we would have gone on to lift the trophy.

    If only, if only ... would have been "Sir Kevin" then, rather than all this nonsense, and somehow I hope it still can be.

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  • 271. At 6:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, ruthere909 upfront shola ameobi and 35m wrote:

    Les Reed. Les Reed. Les Reed. Les Reed ;)

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  • 272. At 6:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, James Autar wrote:

    Are we shocked and surprised by this news? No we are not. It was waiting to happen, going to happen and did happen, but perhaps a little sooner than expected. Why? Because the moment they brought that nasty little Dennis Wise in the writing was on the wall from top to bottom. He will take over, and then we will see what his managerial capabilities are for this fine old club which just seems to rock'n'roll from one crisis to another. Best of luck Newcastle.

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  • 273. At 6:16pm on 02 Sep 2008, captainctfc4ever wrote:

    Well I was sad to see Keegan go but not surprised. I have to see though had Big Sam been given more time I think the Toon would have become more stable.

    I think it will be difficult to bring a big name manager in and I think it would be too soon to bring in Shearer. However, I think Wise will assume control short-term anyway.

    If Shearer takes over will he be backed my the owner? Keegan was loved by the fans but was not backed as he should have been. Will Shearer have seen what has gone on and thought I want control but I won't get that at Newcastle unless a new owner is found?

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  • 274. At 6:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, Toe2Toe wrote:

    Newcastle fans are some of the most passionate ones I've ever seen in my life.

    The club management should respect this and bring real stability and backing to the manager and the players.

    Can't see it happening though with the current board.

    Getting rid of Keegan is a disgraceful decision.

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  • 275. At 6:20pm on 02 Sep 2008, hypergooner71 wrote:

    surprised took king bottler so long this time. Lets be honest, Keegan was a good player...but he doesn't cut it as a manager.

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  • 276. At 6:21pm on 02 Sep 2008, FootballMadAmerican wrote:

    NUFC = Not Understanding Football Completely (that is, the management)

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  • 277. At 6:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, andie99uk wrote:

    No one fired king kev, he walked.
    The man has a reputation for running away from problems.
    Toon twice and England.
    with a bit of luck, we have now seen the back of him.
    King Kev?
    'King gone again

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  • 278. At 6:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, Makelele6 wrote:

    Just saw the reaction of the newcastle fans and do not believe any club in the UK has fans dumber than Newcastle United

    'Lets Get Some Oil Money in'

    No wonder most Pro players do not want to go there and players like Milner cannot wait to get out of there.

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  • 279. At 6:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, vertigo_timbo wrote:

    um has to be the most unwanted job in the country as well as football. Just a joke - you wonder who would ever take the job now. Wise is nicely positioned. Newcastle fans better hope he at least has some answers as I can't see anyone else wanting the job with any more expertise or experience

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  • 280. At 6:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, ShearersMentor wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 281. At 6:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, onedragonontheshirt wrote:

    Kevin Keegan quits again and people are surprised?

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  • 282. At 6:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ozzy87 wrote:

    just another normal day in the crazy world of newcastle united

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  • 283. At 6:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, Pippy70 wrote:

    I am a Spurs fan and for a long time now I have felt for The Toon fans because both teams are generally the same in their struggles.

    I feel for Keegan because I believe he is one of those managers that come from a time where there was more sport in football than business and now we are faced with an era where there is no sport left in football, just business and market leaders. Everything else are clubs just trying to convince themselves they can achieve, but truth is without the responsibilty of the team, all a manager can get is the sack!

    All football fans should want to be entertained by the football they pay to watch, I wish Keegan well and Newcastle too. It would not be the same league without Newcastle. I still believe the best games I have ever watched in the premiership were because of Newcastle, all be it against Liverpool so many moons ago!

    I wish I could get the same buzz about football again, but its just about money now.

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  • 284. At 6:28pm on 02 Sep 2008, anfield81 wrote:

    Ridiculous. It is becoming all to apparent that Ashley is suffering financial problems and selling Milner was a clear indication of this. If Newcastle are to head in the right direction Milner was surely a player to keep hold of. Keegan was promised money, free reign over transfers and complete control of the management of the team. 12 months later Wise comes in ( what his job actually is remains to be seen ) there seems to be no money for transfers i.e. selling Milner to Villa without Keegan's approval and Ashley seen downing pints in the crowd whilst his manager is provided with very little support supposidly at the helm of the club he loves (Ashley). You cannot blame Keegan for walking, Ashley seems to havce very little idea as to how to run a football club and Shepherd seemingly just wanted out when he sold it to him. Newcastle in my opinion are now in a worst position that they were prior to Ashley taking over. Don't expect Owen to hang around after January.

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  • 285. At 6:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, The_Toonster wrote:

    Where does all of this come from? I have read nothing anywhere that has confirmed his leaving! This is sounding like speculation en mass!

    What's the source of this information? It certainly isn't the club!!!

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  • 286. At 6:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, badgercourage wrote:

    # 271

    "Les Reed. Les Reed. Les Reed. Les Reed ;)"

    Surely you mean Lou Reed: "Hey baby, take a walk on the wild side..." :))

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  • 287. At 6:33pm on 02 Sep 2008, scruffyspook wrote:

    I feel sorry for the Newcastle fans who surely deserve better than this?

    Good luck to Keegan who is a good manager and honest till the day he dies .... I hope he does come back and does get the deserved backing of a board somewhere

    It is difficult to understand anything Mike Ashley has done since he took charge of Newcastle and he is like the kid who bought the sweet shop....... immature and not re stocking with favourites

    sad to say but the Magpies could be plummet after this

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  • 288. At 6:35pm on 02 Sep 2008, wolvesaregoingup wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 289. At 6:37pm on 02 Sep 2008, gerrard=legend wrote:

    Newcastle just do not know when they're onto something good! Keegan was perfect for them and now they've gone and blown it. Rumours are that Wise is gona take-over; this sorry episode is so similar to when Mourinho got sacked and Grant took over. Wise isn't what Toon fans want, I'm a Pool fan and I can recognise this. Newcastle and Keegan were perfect for each other and they were going great this season. Now they've gone and shot themelves in the foot. Bravo Ashley! You fool.

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  • 290. At 6:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, Charlie Gordon wrote:

    Come on Newcastle fans, you can't seriously lament the departure of this buffoon? I wrote in January that it would end in the 'Messiah' quitting. A little earlier than I thought but correct none the less. I'm not gloating about my foresight - it was easy, a nailed on cert. The man has form all throughout his management career. He's a quitter and a loser and Newcastle will be better off without him. What's he ever won? Nothing and don't start quoting the JPT and Div 4 (I'm being facetious by the way) any idiot can win stuff in the lower leagues including McAllister who's in charge of my team - Even he will win League 1 this season. Never forget the mans own words - 'I've taken them as far as I can.' I''m out of my depth.' Too Damn right you are 'King Kev'!

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  • 291. At 6:42pm on 02 Sep 2008, doom1969 wrote:

    Newcastle are a laughing stock, what is Ashley thinking, Knocking back lager in full view of cameras, it might endear him to the motley crew of fat shirtless fools who seem to follow the team but not to any decent member of society. Then this debarcle, you couldn't make this up. Dennis Wise as director of football, do me a favour, As a Spurs fan i thought David Pleat was the least qualified candidate for that role but hey, i guess i was wrong. Add to that some freudian sponsorship by Northern Rock and you have pure comedy. Last orders Mr Ashley

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  • 292. At 6:44pm on 02 Sep 2008, surv1v0r wrote:

    On Saturday, Ashley is seen by millions downing a pint of "non alcoholic" beverage when Newcastle ignominiously lose to Arsenal.

    On Tuesday, Ashley "allows" Keegan to walk away from Newcastle.

    Mental, absolutely mental!

    Time to move on Michael, there must be some club that can still find a use for a world class striker?

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  • 293. At 6:44pm on 02 Sep 2008, David wrote:

    He;s NOT SACKED !!!!

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  • 294. At 6:45pm on 02 Sep 2008, David wrote:

    IN YOUR FACE Skysports !!

    :D :D :D

    And thats £150 I just got from the bookies :D

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  • 295. At 6:45pm on 02 Sep 2008, Lee wrote:

    Yep just confirmed on Sky Sports, he's staying.

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  • 296. At 6:46pm on 02 Sep 2008, malkay wrote:

    he's still manager.

    the club say they've NOT sacked him!

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  • 297. At 6:46pm on 02 Sep 2008, davethetoon wrote:

    I am a 61 year old disabled person who as followed the fortunes of Newcastle United since a year after the Magpies won the FA Cup in the mid 1950s. I was at the Magpies home 0 - 0 draw with the Busby Babes only months before the Munich disaster.

    It was in the 1988/89 season that I last attended a game at St James' Park - when the Toon drew 2- 2 with Kenny Dalgliesh's

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  • 298. At 6:47pm on 02 Sep 2008, Geordie_for_life wrote:

    i may not be thinking clearly at the moment due to the shock of finding out that our king keegan has gone. He has the passion and love for the club just like any supoorter has. Ashleys really needs to think who he can bring to this club who will be more of a fans favourite than kevin keegan to help people get over the shock and awe of losing a legend. Surely Ashley has a brain in which he has used to make his billions surely he could make a simple observation of what happened at chelsea when the chairman gets involved in transfer. To get the toon fans back on side maybe a possible return of shearer?

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  • 299. At 6:48pm on 02 Sep 2008, shinyAllspark wrote:

    He hasn't been sacked - but the statement didn't say much about him still being manager, just that they wanted him to stay and was important.

    Has he quit then?

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  • 300. At 6:49pm on 02 Sep 2008, ARSHENAL wrote:

    frank rijkaard for newcastle manager...?

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  • 301. At 6:50pm on 02 Sep 2008, hunk4hire wrote:

    Next manager?

    Only another Geordie would be game to take this on.

    Gazza is no longer on this planet (if he ever was), Allan Shearer is in a nice little comfort zone and doesn't need the headache and Bobby Robson is too old.

    "Steve Bruce.....please pick up the white courtesy phone..........."

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  • 302. At 6:50pm on 02 Sep 2008, tunesbyn wrote:

    What is this man ashley thinking of? He seems to enjoy instability and doubt. It seems incredulous to me that he can give kevin the job again for a second time, and treat as though weightless his position. His thinking is desperate. I feel very sorry for all the most loyal fans of this club because they must be spitting black. The plane hasn't even made a thousand feet yet! They will examine the black box amongst the rubble and scratch thier heads for a reason as to why it happened..

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  • 303. At 6:51pm on 02 Sep 2008, Charlie Gordon wrote:

    I told you about ten minutes ago he's quit. He'll release a statement shortly saying 'I've taken them as far as I can.' I'm out of my depth.'

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  • 304. At 6:51pm on 02 Sep 2008, unbeatablePinkFloyd wrote:

    lts have 606 back? this blogg is kinda naff, you cant keep up with most of what is being said but the question is;

    was he pushed ? or did he jump ?

    There is far to much secrecy here, is there a gagging order in place here? as for the toons fans outside the ground, talk about indecision! and in many respects mugs! when asked about wether they will return the resounding reply should have been NO! not this blinkered support rubbish, swept along by a tide of so called loyalty only to be used and abused at everyturn by someone who clearly has no idea on how to run a football club.

    its a disgrace. and i would have thought far more bottle would be shown by the so called " toon army " show the board infact show any club that this treatment of supporters will not be tollerated by these money men.

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  • 305. At 6:54pm on 02 Sep 2008, beNZed wrote:

    A large amount of the sympathy I would have held for Keegan went out the window after the game against Arsenal on Saturday. He brings a repugnant, universally despised thug onto the pitch with three minutes to play, why? So that the thug can jump in and lunge at a player immediately, and make no mistake - the reason he managed to nick the ball and not take out Nasri's leg is because the player saw him coming and no doubt knew his intent. Nasri then barely, vaguely clips the heel of the thug in return some moments later (and all angles indicate it is hard to even confirm there was any contact) and keegan's reaction is to a) claim Nasri should be sent off, b) rants and swears at the player and his captain as the players leave the field c) claim that Barton has been mistreated and victimised, deserves a second (make that a seventh, or is it eighth, ninth, tenth?) chance and generally just rant and carry on like a headless chicken with no basis in thought or logic.

    Acts like this are what have undermined his existence on the managerial plain his whole career. Yes, he plays a pleasing and vibrant attacking style of football, but this amounts to naivety and stupidity when you consider the players at his disposal and the comparative teams at the top end of the Premier League.

    He's past it, and too much of a soppy, emotional past glories trader to be of use to any club at this level any longer.

    That said, Newcastle are run pathetically by a succession of idiots and self serving geriatric feebs, now owned by a lager lout whose public conduct only starts at sinking a pint in an alcohol free seating section at a rate of knots that a teenager in Luton would smile wryly at.

    All in all, club and manager deserve each other. One can only wait for Wise to be appointed and then even the Toon fans will have to start laughing at the joke their sorry club has become. No manager worth his salt would come within a bull's roar of St James' Park, and with good reason.

    As usual, the losers here are the paying fans. And this will continue for the forseeable future, well into the next season and beyond with no sign of improvement.

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  • 306. At 6:55pm on 02 Sep 2008, Time For Heroes wrote:

    Where does it say ANYWHERE he has gone?

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  • 307. At 6:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, RedWristband wrote:

    Shame that when football needs someone like Keegan most, he has to either resign or his forced out by idiots at the top who think that their money can buy them footballing nous

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  • 308. At 6:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, fear_my_googly wrote:

    Eh? What's going on then? The statement says he hasn't been sacked.

    So he's either walked out or been pushed out by terms he deems unacceptable.

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  • 309. At 6:56pm on 02 Sep 2008, sajnufckingkev wrote:

    keegan keegan keegan......
    we love u man!

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  • 310. At 6:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, England1957 wrote:

    ITV news just said Newcastle have not sacked him and he has a job??

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  • 311. At 6:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, gillsfan83 wrote:

    Newcastle have released a statement on their website saying he has not been sacked. So has he resigned or not?

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  • 312. At 6:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, 606 is Best wrote:

    Good decision, Newcastle United deserve to be at BIG four, and the ffirst-class coach, i think they should buy good midfielders, because thats were i saw their biggest weakness, by buying wingers. and top Managers such as Frank Rijkaard or Laurent Blanc will be very good results.

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  • 313. At 6:58pm on 02 Sep 2008, V wrote:

    General rule... don't report that a manager has left/been sacked by a club until the club confirm the manager has left/been sacked!

    I'm all for reporting the top football stories but it seems to me that certain organisations seem more and more intent on engineering situations and doing there level best in making said situations happen by hysteric journalism.

    I'm a Spurs supporter and my opinion, and it's just that, is that Keegan remains Newcastle's best option to take them forward even in, what seems, the difficult circumstances he's working under.

    Patience pays dividends. You hear me Mr Levy.

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  • 314. At 6:59pm on 02 Sep 2008, David wrote:

    If the board have spent all day convincing him to stay, I hope that the fans give them the credit they deserve. True the director of football and selling outside of his control is still pants.... but if they have shown enough nowse to keep KK, then I take it back and will happily let Ashley buy me a pint.

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  • 315. At 6:59pm on 02 Sep 2008, The CFC Quadruple - FA Cup PremYouth Cup CS wrote:






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  • 316. At 7:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, Toony wrote:

    Keegan ..he is still alive!!!!!!!!!

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  • 317. At 7:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, geordieboy wrote:


    Phil, surely you guys know better than to post news before you've confirmed it!!!

    I expect a full apology to be posted to newcastle and all it's fans!

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  • 318. At 7:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, RedWristband wrote:

    Have just read the NUFC statement, apparently he's not been sacked?

    So where have all these rumours come from? Theres rarely smoke without fire when its reported by so mny different sources

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  • 319. At 7:00pm on 02 Sep 2008, davethetoon wrote:

    Sorry, this is davethetoon I hadn't finished my comment. After my last visit to St James' Park when the Magpies drew 2 - 2 with Liverpool, Newcastle fell into a period of huge under achievement. Eventually, they were rescued from dropping into 3rd tier football by Kevin Keegan. Since Keegan got Newcastle United into the newly formed Premier League, in its 2nd season they have not been relagated. Keegan made Newcastle a force to be reckoned with. I am sad to see Kevin Keegan not been given the chance to revive Newcastle who have tried successive managers since his departure in the late 1990s. I sincerely hope this won't make Newcastle United slide into a relagation dog fight again.

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  • 320. At 7:01pm on 02 Sep 2008, boredintheusa wrote:

    I have been living in the US for the last 8 years so follow the "soap opera" from afar.

    For once I thought we were starting a period of relative stability for which the fans seemed to be prepared to forego short-term success and settle for a steady building program to get the club into a sustainable position in the "top-flight".

    This, however, is now getting rediculous - things are even less stable now than ever, at least on the 'front-of-house" side (lets hope they are more stable at least on the business side). I have watched tha fans' raection today and have to agree with them that the "management" need to 'come clean" about what's going on and what's next. This has the feeling of a nasty "self-fulfilling prohpecy" whereby instability just creates more instability as hasty decisions are made to plug gaps in order to placate the fans.

    Someone needs to "get a grip". Ashley should at least ubderstand that if this was a publicly-listed business no-one would invest in it as it's just too unstable. If we follow the doom and gloom scenario it will be (i) a stop-gap manager with no intention of committing to the area (i believe Mr. Wise is still based in London), (ii) a few dodgy signings, (iii) dull football, (iv) do a Leeds Utd, (v) Mr. Wise goes full circle.

    Someone please stop this happening!

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  • 321. At 7:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, Fuzzy wrote:

    I am a 61 year old disabled person who as followed the fortunes of Newcastle United since a year after the Magpies won the FA Cup in the mid 1950s. I was at the Magpies home 0 - 0 draw with the Busby Babes only months before the Munich disaster.

    It was in the 1988/89 season that I last attended a game at St James' Park - when the Toon drew 2- 2 with Kenny Dalgliesh's
    What is the relevance of being disabled?

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  • 322. At 7:02pm on 02 Sep 2008, Carior wrote:

    Mike Ashley?? what a... cuts short verbal tirade to ensure house rules are not breached. He is ruining a club with great tradition. How did he get enough money to buy the club in the first place, he clearly has the man managment skills of a fetus. All the chat in january was "we give him our full support, he's got money and time to make his mark and establish security"

    There was all this talk of cash and support for him giving him time, at least a full season and then you bottle it, give a complete lack of support and drive him out, either via kicking him out the door or leaving him the only option to leave the club.

    Always liked Kev, genuine enthusiasm (sometimes gets a bit too excited) and an honest bloke. And that from a United fan.

    To Mike Ashley, why dont you sell the club and use the money to buy yourself some more pies

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  • 323. At 7:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, Fuzzy wrote:

    Newcastle truly are the new Manchester City

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  • 324. At 7:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, einfal wrote:

    Unbelievable, First Keegan Returns, and we have the Messiah's second coming,
    Now we have the resurrection of the dead??

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  • 325. At 7:03pm on 02 Sep 2008, mattcymro wrote:

    Simple. The fans club together to buy the name of the Club and the stadium. Ashley can keep the players ( apart from maybe Shay ). Then Kev can run the Club properly on our behalf.

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  • 326. At 7:05pm on 02 Sep 2008, unbeatablePinkFloyd wrote:

    i agree with much of what BenZed has written.

    the owner of the club's behaviour is no better than a lager lout, trying to look as though he " fits in " with a crowd, what crowd? boozers? what an advert that is! what a role model! and is this realy what newcastle is about?

    as for shearer his only claim to fame is he was once the leagues most expensive signing, another over rated over hyped player who believes everything that is said about him and is in love with his own voice and knows absolutely naff all about the game and management in particular. I dont know anything about wise though owls do have wisdom clearly no one at necastle has if this was Arsenal id be ashamed! and yes the shirt would go in the bin!

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  • 327. At 7:06pm on 02 Sep 2008, Claret_and_Barmy wrote:

    Sacked or not, all the hoohah just reaffirms what a circus that club is.

    I went to St. James' a few years back when they beat my team, Villa, 3-0 and to this day, there hasn't been a better atmosphere at a game I've gone to. So, to an extent, I feel sorry for the fans but at the moment I just can't help but laugh at how the management repeatedly shoots itself in the foot. When WILL they learn?!

    Complain about this comment

  • 328. At 7:08pm on 02 Sep 2008, Ninnuendo wrote:

    Mike Ashley is finished at SJP. Not even the appointment of Alan Shearer can save him now.

    Complain about this comment

  • 329. At 7:09pm on 02 Sep 2008, CDC wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 330. At 7:09pm on 02 Sep 2008, Why won't ferguson stop moaning? wrote:

    Newcastle United values the effort and commitment shown by Kevin since his return to St. James' Park and wants him to continue to play an instrumental role as manager of the Club.

    For the avoidance of doubt the Club has not sacked Kevin Keegan as manager.

    from the newcastle fc website...

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  • 331. At 7:10pm on 02 Sep 2008, scottydog50 wrote:

    Whether Keegan's been sacked or not, Mike Ashley has got to go. I only hope, like Frank Shinawatra at City, that he realises he is not up to the job and that he cannot deliver, and that he gives the opportunity to a real billionaire to do the job.

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  • 332. At 7:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, TinmanX wrote:

    I think the reasons for departure are obvious...


    He's refusing to sign a contract and yet isn't sold despite being available for a free in 6 months.

    Why is he refusing? Why wasn't he cashed in?

    All of a sudden, KK is out. Watch now as that contract is signed.

    The universal statement that no one player is more important than the club doesn't apply to MA it seems.

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  • 333. At 7:12pm on 02 Sep 2008, Chizzle wrote:

    I think this blog, and all of the reactions, along with the main BBC sport website today, highlights the problems with a 24-hour instant media. What happened to reporting the facts? We haven't even had an official confirmation from Newcastle, or Keegan, that he has left the club, yet people are already posing questions as to how it was allowed to happen. Nobody knows what has happened yet, apart from Keegan and the Newcastle board of directors. Until we have official facts on the table I think blogs like this and the BBC News 24 team are being highly irresponsible. We're still only speculating, but because you're using the sentence "BBC Sport understands," it becomes as good as fact.

    It reminds me very much of the situation whereby some remains were found on Saddleworth Moor, and the 24-hour media brigade jumped on it, rushed to the scene and reported that possibly the remains of the Moors murderer's last victim had been found, with interviews with the victim's family and the whole works. It turns out the remains were those of a goat.

    Complain about this comment

  • 334. At 7:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, shinyAllspark wrote:

    Yeah but the statement doesn't say he is still the manager. Its a very carefully worded statement

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  • 335. At 7:13pm on 02 Sep 2008, Parish87 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 336. At 7:16pm on 02 Sep 2008, cilurnum wrote:

    Well, it's not just the BBC saying it. Everyone has been saying he's gone since 10 this morning, and there has been no statement whatsoever from the club denying anything before now.

    Now the club say that he hasn't been sacked and he is still manager. This is downright bizarre, and if he's still there I'll just laugh my head off. What might have shocked the club into not responding was the response of the fans, particularly towards Dennis Wise and the 'other' management there, and especially the response from a lot of long-term season ticket holders and corporate guests spending a lot of money.

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  • 337. At 7:17pm on 02 Sep 2008, jackchesterutd wrote:

    Mike Ashley is ruining one of if not THE best supported club in England.

    As for his "man of the people" act - sitting with the fans and downing pints - I have never seen such a shameful and pathetic attempt at a PR stunt in my life! (Plus I thought you weren't allowed to drink in view of the pitch)

    Newcastle, despite their lack of trophies, IS a large club pulling in a huge number of very loud, very passionate fans week on week and it is a tribute to those fans that despite not winning any silverware in the last 40 years they still stick by their team.

    If Mr Ashley is a true fan and a "man of the people" he should step down immediately and hand over control of the club to someone that knows what they're doing.

    Altogether now - "Ashley out, Ashley out, Ashley out."

    PS for the record I am not an angry Newcastle fan blinded by rage - I am a Man Utd fan who hates seeing useless chairmen making football decisions which they are not qualified to make while talented managers and bona fide legends like Keegan get scapegoated and have their careers ruined.

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  • 338. At 7:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, unbeatablePinkFloyd wrote:

    wow the plot thickens!

    so as i said before just what is the truth here? who's fooling who? dangerous games being played here for sure. i must say i do find it odd the pre match interview prior to Arsenal game showed kk in bouyant mood talking of a good squad etc etc and erm that rather nauseating mantra about jb etc deserving " another chance " then post match, slightly miffed at loseing but again seemed very upbeat. and now this?

    if i was a toon fan id be asking for a refund with interest and i dont abou the new teir being empty for the game against Bolton perhaps the whole stadium should be for the next home match i wonder, would that get the message across? its not rocket science is it.

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  • 339. At 7:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, NLondon wrote:

    I think this shows that the new billionaire owners of EPL clubs think this is a game of Football Manager.

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  • 340. At 7:18pm on 02 Sep 2008, Yo Momma wrote:

    The whole word is going mad.

    At least it will give the boring old whingers something other than Chelsea to moan about eh?

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  • 341. At 7:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, ownworstenemy wrote:

    Why did the Newcastle board not release this statement earlier? Why can't they confirm who the manager of NUFC is? It's not like the BBC, Sky and other media outlets decided to make the story up this morning. Something has happened at that club.

    Don't portray the media as the bad guy in all this.

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  • 342. At 7:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, cilurnum wrote:

    "Yeah but the statement doesn't say he is still the manager."

    It does say he is still the manager, which is what makes the whole thing so bizarre. It's carefully worded, but not that carefully worded:

    "Newcastle United values the effort and commitment shown by Kevin since his return to St. James' Park and wants him to continue to play an instrumental role as manager of the Club...........For the avoidance of doubt the Club has not sacked Kevin Keegan as manager."

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  • 343. At 7:19pm on 02 Sep 2008, Censori wrote:

    Apologies in advance, but poor spelling from journalists always grates a bit.

    The verb is to 'emanate', not 'eminate' (which would be more likely to imply making your bed badly as a method of artistic profiteering).

    Can't believe Kev's got the flick. Foolish decision from Ashley who so desperately wants to be loved by the fans but seems to let his ego get in the way of making the right decision.

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  • 344. At 7:22pm on 02 Sep 2008, Giles wrote:

    It sounds to me like he's still there. In fact if anything it sounds like the board are trying to keep him - be HE wants to leave.
    It looks like there's been some serious gun-jumping from the media.

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  • 345. At 7:23pm on 02 Sep 2008, shinyAllspark wrote:

    It does say he is still the manager, which is what makes the whole thing so bizarre. It's carefully worded, but not that carefully worded:"Newcastle United values the effort and commitment shown by Kevin since his return to St. James' Park and wants him to continue to play an instrumental role as manager of the Club...........For the avoidance of doubt the Club has not sacked Kevin Keegan as manager."
    Please point where it says that Kevin Keegan is still manager.

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  • 346. At 7:24pm on 02 Sep 2008, Chizzle wrote:

    I'm sorry, but I do blame the media, for being far too quick off the mark. Decisions aren't made in a few minutes like the press make it look, and in their desperation to keep their 24-hour news channels filled with something they'll jump on whatever they find newsworthy. There was even a report on how we are apparently suffering a wheelie-bin shortage. That's how bad the media can be. Yes, Newcastle should release a statement, but why should they do it before they have a resolved situation? That surely would smell of panic, and being forced into it by, you guessed it, the media.

    Until all the facts are known, and there is a resolution one way or another, then the media has a duty to keep its noses out, after all they wouldn't want to be seen in the same light as low-down dirty paps, would they? In my view, responsible newscasting involves facts, not speculation or opinion.

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  • 347. At 7:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, shinyAllspark wrote:

    Also, if Newcastle want to avoid doubt, why not say "Kevin Keegan is still manager"

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  • 348. At 7:26pm on 02 Sep 2008, Chizzle wrote:

    Because, shinyAllspark (comment 347), they did not want to release anything at all until the situation was resolved.

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  • 349. At 7:27pm on 02 Sep 2008, sajnufckingkev wrote:

    shame on the BBC!
    what a disgrace.

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  • 350. At 7:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, unbeatablePinkFloyd wrote:

    astonishing! absolutely astounding! talk about hyjacking City's latest triumphs, either way no matter what the statement implys or says. newcastle it seems is run by muppets of the highest order! no wonder evryone is laughing at them. as for kk if this is a case of over zealous media hounds then he also has a lot of explaining to do as who leaked the story? mind blowing events for sure total lack of professionalism on all sides.

    as for the media? well is there such a thing as confirmation of sourse prior to print anymore, or do you all just charge in gun-ho now. the whole thing is a farce! but then its typical of the UK.

    Ps: ive just heard Tony Blair wants a job

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  • 351. At 7:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, Chizzle wrote:

    It's good to see the BBC has removed this blog from its front page and football page. If it turns out Kevin is going to stay, then this could be a highly embarrassing day for all at the Beeb. Common sense will hopefully prevail next time, but somehow I doubt it.

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  • 352. At 7:30pm on 02 Sep 2008, MorpethTown wrote:

    Typical, obviously there have been some major commotions within the Newcastle board-room today. And the blogs, some with 'legitimate' links to big sites, like this one, and other smaller ones have taken on numerous different angles on the same, incorrect, story. Be it 'pity the fans', 'Keegan does it again' 'Yob owner sacks manager for no reason'.... As much as there may be truth in reports that there was heated debate going on between board and manager over the past few days, debate which may or may not at some point could have lead to the dismissal or resignation of Keegan being very close to reality, there is no truth whatsoever in the rumours being peddled as fact that this took place. Well done McNulty, like the pundits on Jimmy Hill's southern (Man Utd fall under this umbrella) soccer love-in on sunday, on presenting your views founded on half-truth and presumption about our 'pantomime' of a club.
    And to the Arsenal fan slating Shearer as a player, over-rated? The most successful striker in Premiership history, by some way, often playing in fairly poor teams with awful managers? Good one, I'll wait to see Adebayor mimic his success, maybe in Serie A though.

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  • 353. At 7:40pm on 02 Sep 2008, joyousjo wrote:

    Newcastle United has a false perception of itself as an organization and football club that leads it to make emotional decisions regarding choices of manager and player selections.

    In the background of any new manager always looms the shadow of Alan Shearer and his name is bound to resurface in the discussions on who will replace Kevin Keegan.

    Unless and until Shearer is appointed as manager and allowed to fail, as he is bound to, Newcastle United will never be able to move on as a Football Club.

    The revolving door of managers and players will continue as apart from the fantasies within the minds of the fanatical supporters, there is nothing up in the north of England that can attract world class players.

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  • 354. At 7:41pm on 02 Sep 2008, unbeatablePinkFloyd wrote:

    " fairly poor teams and managers "

    i take from that you mean newcastle? laugh

    slateing shearer, erm yes perhpas so, as im basing his crendentials on management material, not some adhoc glorified past or his ventriloquist performances on motd as a pundit.

    get real shearer would never make a manager of a top club ( im now being slightly wary about newcastle's inclusion ) all the time he has a hole in his ***E

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  • 355. At 8:16pm on 02 Sep 2008, Gideonthegeordie wrote:

    I'm from Belfast and I never followed football until I was in my thirties.... then I saw Newcastle under Keegan and I was hooked.

    Since then I'v had to watch two of the most decent, honest and passionate men in football, who also happened to love the club, getting treated in the most shabby and despicable manner.

    To compare the departure of Keegan or Robson to that of Allardice is to totally misunderstand what Toon fans everywhere want.

    Allardice tried to recreate the drab anti-football at Newcastle he had perfected at Bolton. Given enough time, he might even have brought a minor trophy but it would have been a bitter success for me as it would have been won at the cost of what attracted me to football (the beautiful game)

    Ferguson knows how to grind out a result when it is necessary but United in full flow is a pleasure to behold (did I say that?).

    We may never have won anything under Keegan (especially not with the money Ashley was spending) but we would have enjoyed the experience.

    I have only followed the Toon for just over a decade, making it to matches when I can afford to. I'm gutted but I can't imagine how it must feel for someone who has followed the club, season ticket after season ticket, all their life (but the club has always treated the fans as shabbily as their best managers).

    I now have little hope. I fell in love with the club and I fell in love with the Geordies so I won't stop putting my emotions through the mincer every time we play.

    The sooner Ashley makes the quick buck he set out to make and sells up the better, but I fear that the next owner will also talk about "the global brand" and not the club. It's one thing to run the club as a business (the club SHOULD be run as a business) but no business ever did well with such instability.

    Well done Ashley, the landlords in Sunderland will love you with all the toasts which will be drank to you tonight.

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  • 356. At 8:25pm on 02 Sep 2008, philmcnultybbcsport wrote:

    Obviously since this blog was written, Newcastle have issued a statement saying Kevin Keegan has not been sacked - although it does not clarify whether he is still at the club working as the manager.

    I hear all your criticisms about not reporting news until it is actual fact confirmed in a statement, but every major news outlet was reporting Keegan had gone from his post - all with information from good sources I have no doubt.

    Rest assured all those outlets, BBC included, were working with reliable sources - the media en masse would not indulge in wild and uninformed speculation.

    Newcastle took several hours to issue their statement, despite being bombarded with requests and also being fully aware of what was being said and reported.

    What is clear is that there have been major problems behind the scenes at Newcastle and we are now waiting to hear the ramifications of those.

    It is a matter of real concern to Newcastle fans whether those key relationships at the heart of the club have been irreparably fractured.

    If Keegan does come back, how can the club go forward?

    And did the statement from Newcastle go far enough to ease the fears of the fans?

    Complain about this comment

  • 357. At 8:32pm on 02 Sep 2008, Alex Gubbay - BBC News wrote:

    As sports news editor on the BBC Sport website, let me try to explain our approach to this story today so far:

    We have been careful, all day, to be as sure as we can be about what we have been reporting on the story before publishing.

    And earlier today, we had very good reason to believe that Keegan had left the club. So produced our coverage accordingly, including this blog from Phil.

    Given Newcastle's statement, we have now changed our story to reflect that they deny sacking him.
    And we have also - for now - removed the link to this blog from the Keegan story page, our front page and football page, until we know more.

    But at this stage, the exact situation still remains unclear.

    And to clarify, we have never actually claimed he was or has been sacked.

    The story may well continue to evolve and change, given Newcastle have - as of 8:30pm - also chosen not to confirm he is still at the club.

    All I can reiterate is that as the BBC, we do at all times strive to report what we believe to be fact, or the correct information on stories, even if they are fast-moving and constantly changing.

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  • 358. At 8:51pm on 02 Sep 2008, amadkiwi0 wrote:

    Stop blaming the bbc, because sky sports and CNN reported him as sacked as well. There is some truth to this, but we will have to wait to see what it is

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  • 359. At 8:52pm on 02 Sep 2008, Hookers_armpit wrote:

    Stop covering your backs lads there is clearly a story here.

    Complain about this comment

  • 360. At 8:52pm on 02 Sep 2008, shivam_mufc wrote:

    All the news sports stations said that he was sacked, but knowone really knows appart from Keegan himself and NUFC.

    Complain about this comment

  • 361. At 9:29pm on 02 Sep 2008, The Dickler wrote:

    Ashley is a complete clown!! As a neutral observer, he has turned Newcastle from a bit of light entertainment into an absolute joke!!

    He may be a successful businessman but he doesn't know the first thing about running a football club. All that rubbish about being one of the fans...what the fans want is someone to run the club properly and provide some stability not make facile gestures by pretending to be one of them!

    He brought Keegan in to buy himself time with the fans but then couldn't resist tinkering with the management structure and sticking his nose into all the major footballing decisions.

    I feel sorry for the 'Toon' fans and I fear it won't get better until Ashley's takes his money and runs...which hopefully will be soon!!

    Complain about this comment

  • 362. At 9:57pm on 02 Sep 2008, davidlennonster wrote:

    As a Villa fan , i think the contrast between both of our clubs and how they are run are stark.

    Both are highly ambitous clubs with well supported fan-bases yet the ownership styles of Randy Lerner and Mike Ashley appear to differ greatly.

    Untill the latter realizes that the manager must and should always be responsible for all transfer matters ,than i can see both clubs continuing to head in opposite directions.

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  • 363. At 11:04pm on 02 Sep 2008, TS1904 wrote:

    Comment for Alex G - BBC Sports Editor

    You state that you good reason to believe Keegan had left the club, if this is more than just the widespread hearsay that was going round in the media this morning why not give us more details to prove that your stories are based on fact, we don't need names of your siurces just how you came to learn that Keegan had left the club and what you exactly had been told, to prove to us once and for all that you were not just jumping on the bandwagon.

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  • 364. At 01:52am on 03 Sep 2008, drienzie wrote:

    My biggest regret was , why didnt this happen before Man Utd play Newcastle, then Man Utd would have managed to get their 3 points. Newcastle's board has always been the downfall of the team. As a manager if you are pushed to part with your top players and if you are unable to push forward with you signings in this ultra competitive and instant success driven market, you will leave. If Keegan wants to control his own destiny then he needs to own the business.. that's my only advise for him...

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  • 365. At 02:25am on 03 Sep 2008, redforever wrote:

    When is this inaccurate blog going to be pulled. Once again Phil McNumpty has posted a load of nonsense. He may prove to be right about Keegan, but for the moment the club are clearly saying he has not been sacked, and Keegan has said nothing. How can you get away with this Phil?
    You are like some kind of dimwit, mistakenly given the opportunity to talk about a subject which you are passionate about, but have little knowledge!!
    Its you that should be walked out of the could be replaced easily, because 95% of the commentors on your blogs, know more about soccer than you.

    And please use spell check next time you post...eminating is not a word. Your supposedly to be a journalist, you dont even know the English language

    Complain about this comment

  • 366. At 08:55am on 03 Sep 2008, rjecnik wrote:

    It's OK, it's OK. Kevin is in the shower at Maine Road and it was all just a bad dream. Actually, the antics of these club owners remind me of mafia bosses in a Scorcese movie: `Stop busting my balls Kev or you're gonna get wacked one day'.

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