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Panorama's week that was - April 27 to May 5

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Lila Allen | 16:38 UK time, Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pakistan has been back in the headlines with news last week of military operations in the north west of the country. The government said the action was taken to push out militants and block routes that linked to Taleban controlled areas.
Panorama's Jane Corbin visited the troubled region late last year for Britain's Terror Heartland. On the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan she met people fighting on both sides - those in the Pakistani army as well as would-be suicide bombers.
On her return Jane blogged about coming face to face with young men willing to give their lives for their cause. She was surprised to find how vehement the hatred could be, but also how easy it was to exploit young minds.

Welcome news last week that Panorama's Britain's Homecare Scandal has resulted in an investigation into the provision of elderly care in Scotland.

MSPs are to look into the practice of reverse e-auctions that the programme revealed were used to award contracts to the lowest bidder.
South Lanarkshire was one council featured in the programme that was using this system. Panorama went on to reveal that the provision of elderly care in the area raised serious concerns which the council is now investigating.


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