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Jamillah Knowles | 11:34 UK time, Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hi to everyone!

I've been scooting about the web as usual, picking up tasty morsels to share with you here and of course on the podcast. This week it's you lot that set a lot of the agenda, letting me know about podcasts and websites that rock your socks.

If there is a link that you missed on the radio, or didn't managed to make a note of while listening to the podcast, you should be able to find all of our guests for the week on this page.

solana66.jpgFor openers, you may want to take a look at the Super Power season on the BBC News website. Interestingly, BBC News online is working with Global Voices for a couple of weeks to see how they might pair up news headlines and the work of bloggers. The Super Power season looks at the impact of the web and it's growth, I particularly like the interactive map. Another bonus of this season is that Solana Larsen, managing editor of Global Voices has come to work in the newsroom with the online team, so I naturally had to have a chat with her about the importance of changing news.

66.jpgAs always, I love it when Pods and Blogs listeners get in touch to let me know about what they are up to and what they like on-line. Following our coverage of a few themes in accessibility, Dave Uhlman wrote me an email to let me know about his Hear and There audio magazine. Hear and There takes us on a journey where Dave shows us what is around him in audio form. Initially designed for blind or partially sighted listeners, I think you will agree that this podcast is a revelation to most of us.

Hoxton66.jpgLast but certainly not least, Charminglochie also wrote in to point me at a great podcast. "Knitting and London and the internet!" she enthuses. She's right too - Hoxtonhandmade's podcast, Electric Sheep is a delight for all you crafty people and probably those who are just curious. As the host explained to me - when you are knitting, you have your hands full, so you are more likely to be interested in listening to something, it's not as though you can read a book.

So this week has been brilliant for finding out what you like online. Please do send in more ideas and tips or people you think we should find out more about for the Podcast.

jkavatar.gifYou can email me at Podsandblogs at bbc dot co dot uk, leave a comment here on the blog or come and say hello on Twitter where we are known as Podsandblogs. Everyone is welcome.

Next week I am off to Maker Faire - finding out what the clever bods area creating with their soldering irons, chips and more unexpected materials. The BBC R&D department will be represented there too - so do drop by and say hello if you are nearby.

Until next week!
- Jamillah


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